William Walker Atkinson and the Law of Attraction Theory

What is Consciousness?

William Walker Atkinson was a New Thought philosopher who wrote in the early 1900's about the Law of Attraction and mind control. Our ability to control either is through our conscious mind.

Rudolf Steiner believed animal consciousness to be the experience of desires, hopes and fears without self-awareness and the ability to view the body and those emotions from the point of view of an inner observer. He thought plants too have a form of consciousness, perhaps resembling human sleep. The German philosopher Friedrich von Schelling (1775-1854) wrote: "Mind sleeps in stone, dreams in the plant, awakes in the animal and becomes conscious in man."

What raises us above other known sentient beings is our ability to be conscious of our own consciousness. But what does this mean, scientifically?

Consciousness, according to western science, has its roots in the mind, which in turn is seated in the brain. The human brain, with its highly developed frontal cortex, is divided into three distinct parts and includes the cerebrum, cerebellum and the medulla oblongata or stem. The latter is a remnant of our reptilian ancestry with the ocean as its original habitat.

William Walker Atkinson will explain the way in which thoughts, feelings and emotions interact to allow us to control the Law of Attraction.

Thought Vibration

By William Walker Atkinson

Thought is a force -- a manifestation of energy that, in William Walker Atkinson's time, was not measurable. (We now have instruments which can register changes due to thought affects.) Thoughts are things.

We have seen evidence as well of "like attracting like". William Walker Atkinson explains that a person in love sees love everywhere, and a person who thinks Fight, gets all the Fight he wants. A man who wakes up grumpy, generally finds the family in the same state before breakfast is over.

William Walker Atkinson gives another example. Just as the Marconi wireless receives only the messages from a sending instrument attuned to the same key, we receive only those messages that correspond to our mental attunement.

During every human interaction, there is an adjustment between the two to see who is higher on the positive-negative scale. The person with the higher vibration gets to be the leader, and the other, the doormat. The higher vibration is the teacher, and the lower, the student. The higher vibration is the talker, and the lower, the listener. Doesn't this make sense? Haven't you experienced this?

This is the reason, William Walker Atkinson explains, for affirmations and auto-suggestions. Positive thoughts tend to shut out negative thoughts.

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Mind Building:

Some of us are consciously mind building. Others are doing so unconsciously.

Atkinson does not preach asceticism, but mastery over the lower parts, mastery (rather than slavery) over the moods, passions, animal appetites and lower faculties. Man cannot assert the "I" until order is established.

You are able to assert the mastery over any emotion, appetite, passion or class of thoughts by the assertion of the Will. You can order Fear to go to the rear; Jealousy to leave your presence; Hate to depart from your sight; Anger to hide itself; Worry to cease troubling you; Uncontrolled Appetite and Passion to bow in submission and to become humble slaves instead of masters - all by the assertion of the "I." You may surround yourself with the glorious company of Courage, Love and Self- Control, by the same means. You may put down the rebellion and secure peace and order in your mental kingdom if you will but utter the mandate and insist upon its execution..... I am asserting the mastery of my real self.

These all sound like feelings. How is this mind control? Gregg Braden explains that the lower Chakras deal with feelings of life, sex or passion, and our personal power. The upper Chakras are those of the mind, the third eye or vision, our voice, and our connection to the infinite, the Source, our Creator. These can be energized by the lower Chakras as they also give direction and focus to them. In between is the Heart Chakra, which is the Chakra through which they communicate with each other, and the Chakra by which we send electromagnetic messages and instructions out into the world. Thus, feelings are modified by thoughts, which result in emotions. Emotions energize the Law of Attraction.

We must, William Walker Atkinson explains, chose Courage over fear and Love over avoidance or dislike or stinginess, and Self Control over wanton hedonism. This often involves the WILL. Learn to connect to the Universal Mind

The Secret of the Will:

The really difficult thing about teaching people the power of their WILL, is that those who have experienced it don't need to be taught, and, like water, those who have not experienced it don't have any idea what you are talking about.

William Walker Atkinson explains that most people have a sense of whether they, or other people they are close to, "have a strong will or not." Atkinson's theory is a little different. He believes that the will current is running along psychic wires, and we each just have to learn to tap into it -- Like raising the mental trolley wire to bring down the power.

How to become Immune to Injurious Thought Attraction:

William Walker Atkinson explains that any strong expectancy is a powerful magnet. Fear shows an expectancy. The best way to overcome Fear is with Courage, just as the best way to get rid of darkness is to turn up the light. Eric Amidi also spends quite a bit of time on controlling negative thoughts because it is so important to successfully control the Law of Attraction.

Think Courage, act courage and say courage. Courage promotes activity while Fear paralyzes effort.

"I can and I will" is a powerful affirmation. The man who believes this is a mighty magnet. Things come his way because his mental attitude is clean.

The mental attitude of "I'm afraid" or "I can't" will also determine this man's destiny.

Don't fight worry or fear, but replace them with another line of thought that is bright and energizing. NLP tells us to darken and make smaller whatever picture is troubling us, and to replace it with a picture that counters it. Then, make that bigger and brighter.

Your ability to do this is improved by meditation. Atkinson talks about mind control, and Haanel shows us how to do it by meditation.

For a great meditation help, see Bill Harris and Holosync.

Asserting the life force and Training the Habit-Mind:

William Walker Atkinson is aware that much of what people do is without enthusiasm or consciousness. He strongly encourages us to state, as often as necessary during the day, "I am alive!" He wants us to feel alive, and to act alive and to LIVE. If we find, during routine or annoying tasks, that this is difficult, he recommends an exercise. Form a mental picture of yourself as filled with life and energy. State, "I am alive!" and take a few deep breaths. With each exhalation, breathe out the old, dead and negative conditions. With each inhalation, take in Strength and Life.

Along these lines, whenever there is a choice to be made during the day, eat this or eat that, Atkinson asks us to remember William James.

James said,

The great thing in all education is to make our nervous system our ally instead of our enemy. For this we must make automatic and habitual, as early as possible, as many useful actions as we can and as carefully guard against growing into ways that are likely to be disadvantageous. In the acquisition of a new habit, or the leaving off of an old one we must take care to launch ourselves with as strong and decided initiative as possible. Never suffer an exception to occur until the new habit is securely rooted in your life. Seize the very first possible opportunity to act on every resolution you make and on ever emotional prompting you may experience, in the direction of the habits you aspire to gain.

Our subconscious, William Walker Atkinson explains, is a storehouse of memories and suggestions from ourselves. As soon as we say, "It doesn't matter...." then all our efforts toward achieving wealth, or health or happiness are sent to the bin marked, "It doesn't matter."

Be on guard. Do not slip into accepting unhealthy food or filling your day with unimportant tasks because IT DOES MATTER. It all matters. Every decision is a decision about your future. Every decision is a decision about whether or not you care about achieving your goals.

Jeff Olson's book, The Slight Edge clarifies this point beautifully and forcefully. He points out that all we need is a slight edge every day, every day, and then compound interest will take care of the rest.

This is the lesson of Adam and Eve and free will. Adam and Eve knew better. They knew that taking the apple, although a little thing, would make a huge difference in their lives. It might represent the temptation for the GRQ, or Get Rich Quick idea. They had all they could ever want. They knew the secret to all they could ever desire. Just stay in the garden! As spirits, we all started out in the garden, but we wanted to experience ourselves. We wanted to gain knowledge of ourselves in the world of time and space. So we willingly gave up the life of ease and pleasure for a life of struggle and pain, happiness and satisfaction.

So, now that you're here, attend to the slight edge and form good habits if you want a life of abundance and ease.

The Psychology of Emotion:

Emotions grow fat on use William Walker Atkinson explains. Avoid fault finding or nagging as this is one emotion that grows with use. Others are anger and worry.

Professor James says: "Refuse to express a passion, and it dies. Count ten before venting your anger, and its occasion seems ridiculous. Whistling to keep up courage is no mere figure of speech.

Cultivate the emotions you wish.


William Walker Atkinson advises us to get in love with the thing that you want! Not the on again and off again kind of love, he recommends, but the passionate, impossible to sleep kind of love.

William Walker Atkinson says,

Keep in love with the thing you wish to attain - feed your fancy with it - see it as accomplished already, but don't lose your interest. Keep your eye on the main chance, and keep your one ruling passion strong and vigorous. Don't be a mental polygamist - one mental love is all that a man needs - that is, one at a time.....

The Law of Thought Attraction is one name for the law, or rather for one manifestation of it. Again I say, your thoughts are real things. They go forth from you in all directions, combining with thoughts of like kind - opposing thoughts of a different character - forming combinations - going where they are attracted - flying away from thought centers opposing them. And your mind attracts the thought of others, which have been sent out by them conscious or unconsciously. But it attracts only those thoughts which are in harmony with its own. Like attracts like, and opposites repel opposites, in the world of thought.

We have heard this before, but, have we listened? Control your negative emotions by substituting positive ones. Be Courageous. Be loving. Be deliberate and creative and energetic and confident. Those who are in step with you will recognize you and come to partner with you.

Make use of all the assets that are sent your way. Act on inspiration and William Walker Atkinson promises us success.

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