Who Are We at Mindbridge and Who Are We to be applying the Law of Attraction?

We are spiritual beings applying the Law of Attraction. We are one with you, and with the Universe. That means that you are One with the Universe as well when applying the Law of Attraction. Whooo, hoo!

We believe in inclusion, not exclusion, especially when applying the Law of Attraction. We believe that all beings can live in peace, harmony, abundance and health, and that we can save this planet if we work and visualize together. In other words, we do believe the earth can and will provide abundance when we are applying the Law of Attraction for positive goals, and comfort to us past the year 2012. This will be true if many of us chose this and New Thought, rather than the old religious separatist and punishing thinking that leads us to "the end of days" in four years. God, the Universe, the Creative Source needs nothing; needs nothing from us, and therefore has never placed any restrictions when applying the Law of Attraction, or requirements on our time here in this physical plane. (See Neale Donald Walsch )

We believe that most religions have a piece of the truth, but that no one, (unless, perhaps, the Essenes and the Mayans) has gotten it all right when applying the Law of Attraction. There is too much filtering (interpreting and explaining) by the left brain (conscious, middle brain), even if the right brain (unconscious, lower brain) received perfect enlightenment and inspiration. (See Video of brain anatomist attached.)

We believe that Ho'oponopono is a miraculous clearing tool, and will work for you even while you are still "test driving" it in an attempt toward applying the Law of Attraction. There is nothing that will clear automatic negative thinking (ant's) faster than Ho'oponopono. We love you. We are sorry for whatever program of ours has been holding you back, or confusing you. Divinity, please transmute this program and burn it in the light where it can do no more harm. Thank you. We love you. Please forgive us. (See Joe Vitale )

We believe in Mike Dooley 's single principle of the Universe, "Thoughts become things" and so we are very careful of what we think when applying the Law of Attraction. We wish you well. We wish for you all the joy you are capable of bearing without being overwhelmed. We hope that will increase every day. Allow yourself the time to Feel it!

If we would meet, on this physical plane, you would meet two middle aged licensed social workers. (For our story, see Success.)

Nancy J. Stremmel has worked with children and families, addiction and with members of special groups. She is an author, an artist, a swimmer and an avid sailor, and loves the east coast. Diana Gubiseh-Ayala has focused her professional attention on veterans, trauma, HIV and grief, and couples counseling. Her passions include her family, her garden and music and dance. Her spirit is ever young. Both of us are helping people who are working at applying the Law of Attraction.

If you would like to read more about energy and the Laws of the Universe as we have discovered them for applying the Law of Attraction, read here, Law of Attraction and Energy: To Have, Give All to All

-- Ni elo gada gohusti digwami. (Cherokee --for all my relatives out there in the Universe, somewhere....)

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