Mark Victor Hanson interviews Dr. Wayne Dyer

Dr. Wayne Dyer's ideas and language come so fast and are so rich, we will mainly just recite the interview and answers without intervention or discourse from Mindbridge. Enjoy!

Dr. Dyer grew up in foster homes and orphanages. He spent 4 years in the Navy before leaving for college at Wayne State. Your Erroneous Zones was his first book. Mark Victor Hansen asked "What role has passion played in your life?" "My whole life." Wayne Dyer answered. "Enthusiasm is synonymous. Enthios means god and iasm means within so the literal translation means the god within." Now, he is a money magnet.

Dr. Wayne Dyer continues explaining that Jesus said the spirit gives life and quantum physicists call it the zero point field. You must be like what you came from he says. If you take a piece of apple you can correctly assume that the rest of the apple is much like the piece you took. When you take a drop of blood, if the collesterol level is 247, then you might assume that the collesterol level in the being from which it came would be 247.

With his first book, before he became a money magnet, Wayne Dyer bought the first three printings and began to deliver it around the country as he went on lectures. A producer from the Tonight Show read a copy and he was on the show 3 times and then the book took off. He had always felt that he was entitled to prosperity and had always lived that way.

Wayne Dyer explains that Thoreau said -- "If you advance confidently in the direction of your own dreams, and endeavor to live the life which you have imagined, you will meet with a success unimagined in common hours." This was Dyer's way, to advance confidently in the direction of his dreams.

Dr. Wayne Dyer quotes Albert Einstein who once said that the most important decision you'll ever make is whether you live in a friendly or a hostile universe. It is clear from Wayne Dyer's life that he had decided that it was a friendly universe.

This will determine your beliefs he explained, about what will happen to you, whether good things are coming or whether something other is coming Wayne Dyer explains. He once met a woman at an airport who loved photography yet said to him out loud that "I'll never get rich at it." He convinced her that wealth is on its way and taught her to begin to look for the opportunities. He looks at everything that shows up in his life as an opportunity that its on its way. That includes all the obstacles and struggles because these are stepping stones to higher and higher levels. In the Kabbalah it is taught that in order for you to transcend to the next level, it's nearly always preceded by a fall. I found this very helpful because so many of us start out in this process with high hopes, and firm beliefs, and then wonder what is going wrong with our attempt at manifesting desires.

Dr. Wayne Dyer had a track analogy from his high school years. When high jumping, he explained, you get down low before the bar because that helps you to generate the energy to get over the bar. This is what the universe expects just before it lifts you to the next level. First you must get down low to generate the blast of energy to lift you up.

Nikos Kazantzakis said that by passionately believing in what doesn't exist, you create it. When Dwayne was first teaching salaries were very low. He lived in his car at one point and used to shower in hotels without checking in by going in during the maids cleaning time and slipping into an open door.

Wayne Dyer has an absolute desire and belief that everything that he desires is on its way. When you focus on the lack and talk about what you don't have, you shouldn't be at all surprized when more lack is what shows up. Put your thoughts on the fact that it's on it's way and you will begin to attract everything that you have in your intention. Everything that happens and every person you meet will then help you to achieve what it is that you have an intention about. And this is passion. This is what I believe.

Mark Victor Hansen coined the term "synchrodestiny" and believes that our RNA and DNA are destiny and if we allow them to unfold, that's exactly what happens.

Dr. Wayne Dyer was asked to speak about The Power of Intention. Most people think of intention as something that they are going to do. Wayne Dwyer thinks of it, not as a pit-bull intention to do, but as a process to which we surrender. "God writes all the books." We left a place of intention and endless abundance. The faces of intention are love and kindness. It is a place, the formless part, where no one is left out and there is endless well being. If you could put a special binocular back on your source, not your parents, not the particle, but on the original energy source. This is non exclusive. It excludes no one. Every thought that you have that you have that excludes anyone, that is not of love, that is not of beauty, takes you away from your source. Every thought of shortage, every thought of fear is out of vibrational harmony with the field of intention from which you came.

If you want that power, Wayne Dyer explains, you have to be like it and think like it. This reconnects you to your Source. You regain the power of the Source. Other teachers talk about your vibrational rate. It has to match your dreams.

Wayne Dyer and Mark Victor Hanson are both fans of David Hawkins, who says in Power Versus Force that wisdom is avoiding all thoughts that weaken you. This is univeral. Kinesthesiology tells you what thoughts make you strong and what thoughts make you weak. Every thought that you have affects every muscle in your body. The body was created by Source and will always respond with strength to the truth and since you are taken away from source when you are lying, you will be weak. When you light a match in a dark room, you don't have to tell the darkness to scurry, but it is converted. Thus, it is important for all of us to regain this place of higher intention.

Wayne Dyer continues. Intention is the power to heal, to attract unlimited abundance. Patanjali: Intention is not something you do, it is a field of energy from which all things are intended. Stay connected to it.

New book: Inspiration, Your Ultimate Calling

There is a great difference between inspiration and motivation Dyer explains. Patanjali lived 300 years before the birth of Christ and taught people how to levitate and bilocation.

Motivation is where you get a hold of an idea and take it with you and carry it through to its conclusion. Inspiration is where an idea gets a hold of you and it takes you where you were intended to go in the first place.

Rouemy, the Persian poet said, "The morning breeze has secrets to tell you. Do not go back to sleep." Between 3 and 4 in the morning, you are closest to god. This is when you can get the greatest inspiration. This is where you are headed. The quantum physicists will tell you that at the subatomic level, there is only energy. This is where we all came from. As infants, we surrendered into this perfect physical form that knows how to heal itself, how to grow and how to process food without any help from us. All we have to do is to allow and stay in harmony.

Later on, we are convinced that we are what we do, and we are what we collect. Then, when we have a slump and those things go, we aren't who we thought we were. We go from no-where to now-here and we are headed back to no-where. If we can get outside ourselves, get outside our bodies to a place where we are ready to die. Victor Frankl said that "if you can't change the things going on around you, you have to change yourself."

When you find yourself moving into spirit, you become a doer. You can't just sit around and watch TV. You will come to see that for every act of evil, there are scores of acts of kindness. When Jesus walked into a village, just the energy of his presence began to elevate those in the village. Mother Theresa would do this. When she walked into a room, even those who didn't see her would feel better.

Giving back is important. Dyer just gave a million dollar scholarship to Wayne State University where he was admitted after 4 years in the Navy. Buono and Bill Gates just gave billions to Affrican causes.

Belief is a thought that you have repeated over and over again. A habit is a behavior that you have repeated over and over again. You cannot find the light by studying the darkness. Give up your personal history. The wake of a boat is the trail you leave behind. The only thing that makes the boat go forward is the engine or the sail. Can the trail, the wake, drive the boat? NO. Neither can your history move your life forward. It is left behind. To hang on to this is to keep yourself back. As Castenada said, "if you don't have a story, you don't have anything to live up to." Hang on to the energy that moves you forward. Let go of your story. Have a passionate love affair with yourself. Treat yourself as if....

It is in the contemplation of what it is you want to manifest that gives you the energy to bring it forth. Patanjeli says it is in the contemplation that dormant forces come forth.

This is a friendly universe that works with you. Things will come into allignment, and synchronicities will give you what you need. When I write, I see the book finished and know that I only have to put the words down on the paper.

In the genocide in Rawanda, in April 1994, it lasted for 91 days. One million people were killed by machetes. Wayne would like people to buy the book Left to Tell in February when it comes out. It will be published by Hay House. It is the story of one woman who hid for that entire time.

From Inspiration, Your Ultimate Calling "Taking action is how we strengthen our connectedness to spirit...."

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