Universal Laws Guide the Flow

Universal Laws determine one's success or failure, one's happiness, health and energy. Glenn Clark wrote a book called The Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Universe about Walter Russell who was an artist, a musician and an author, and friend to many other notable people in his day. It is not widely read today, and was probably of greater interest when it was published in 1946. I only came upon it because is part of a collection called The Absolute Secret (which you can also find below next to the red print next to The Electric Principle). I bring it up because it speaks to the Law of Attraction and other Universal Laws in a simple and direct fashion. (For more on the Universal Laws....) Russell is an artist, and so can create pictures with his words. Russell is a scientist, and so can explain the cause of everything.

Energy Flows from the Universal Source

Experiments with energy such as Hado have changed the way that we look on energy and health or "good" energy. Dr. Masaru Emoto has shown that the tiniest spark of energy from even a word written on a jar of water can create change, either good or bad depending on the word. We should start any thinking about energy and the Universal Laws with a study of Hado.

The Universal Flow of Energy

Fatigue is often a part of the modern man's discourse. Yet, Russell explained to Clark,

The thinking of creative and successful men is never exerted in any direction other than that intended. That is why great men produce a prodigious amount of work, seemingly without effort and without fatigue.

These men did not have TV when Russell was producing his work, and the great men and women of today do not watch a great deal of TV. The Universal Laws don't seem to allow for a lot of TV. When I think of people who accomplish a great deal and have a body of work to show for it, I think of The Beatles, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Robert Kyosaki and Barak Obama.

Fatigue is the evidence that Russell used to know when he was out of the Universal flow. We talk these days of using your internal guidance, and speak of it as if we were playing the "Hot-Cold" game. If one thing makes you happy and the other choice makes you angry, then your internal guidance is telling you that the flow is toward the thing that makes you happy. This is one of the Universal Laws, the Universal Law of Least Resistance. Russell uses his energy. While he has boundless energy, he knows he is with the flow. As soon as he recognizes that he feels a little fatigue, he knows that he is no longer "obeying the Universal laws". And, he always feels a little guilt when he has broken it.

He further explains that in the same way that you recognize the healthy sounds of your car, you should recognize the healthy feelings of joy, happiness and energy in your body. If the sounds of your car change, there is something out of balance. If the feelings in your body change, there is something out of balance.

Your Inner Gasgage

We are all connected to an energy source which does not reside inside our bodies, and is not created inside our bodies. Our bodies are able to convert calories to energy. Yes, we have that chemical system, but this is not our main source of energy.

Russell refers to our human energy system as an electrical system which is interesting today, because we now know that the sun is not a nuclear reactor, but an electrical conduit. Some have learned how to use the pituitary to convert this light form of electrical energy into energy which can be used by the human.

The secrets of Nature are being discovered by scientists, but the secrets of the Universe are only discovered by men or women who are willing to spend time alone quietly seeking to understand their own self, and intently observing the effects in their own life. The first rule of scientific observation is to accept that there is cause for every effect. This requires you to discard any idea you might have that there is such a thing as luck. This would be the Universal Law of Cause and Effect which we, at Mindbridge, have connected to Vibration.

There is No Such Thing as Luck


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I will help you with this if you will stay with me for a moment and not start arguing with me. What if scientists and engineers believed in luck?

Louis Pasteur would not have learned how to sanitize an area or a medical instrument if he had accepted that whether a person operated on gets an infection or not is a matter of luck. (For more Health Information....)

Henry Ford did not wait to win the Irish Lottery, but got his engineers to work to find a way to produce a 6 cylinder engine because he had the idea how a 6 cylinder engine could be mass produced. (Henry Ford was one of the success stories, and a personal friend of Napoleon Hill.)

Barak Obama and Oprah Winfrey did not accept the bad luck of being born black in America. Nor, did Bill Clinton accept the bad luck of being born to a single mother of modest means. In this same way, Russell, the hero of out story, did not consider it bad luck that his family's difficulties required him to go to work at ten years old. He considered it good fortune that he didn't have to waste time memorizing things the teachers thought were important until he was 25 years old. In the same way Bill Gates didn't have the patience to finish college. He and his high school friend had started Microsoft when they were still in high school, and he was too anxious to get it going to finish college.

We would not be able to predict weather if someone had not questioned the cause of rainy versus sunny weather and observed that in a low pressure system, we have rain, and in a high pressure system, we have clear weather. Further observations led to the understanding that a low pressure system has counter clockwise winds, which will help a local sailor to know which way the winds will blow if he only knows which side of the Low he will be on when it arrives. In a long distance race, the sailor who knows about pressure systems and the winds they generate will be able to make his own Luck (Laboring Under Correct Knowledge).

But, better than this; more powerful than this, is the sailor who knows how to manifest his own winds or his own pressure systems.

The Cooperative Principle

Wallace Wattles and Napoleon Hill both explain that it is necessary to give fair compensation for any work or for any product. This is one of the Universal Laws, of balance between give and take. The Universal Law of Compensation might include a profit, but it does not include usury. This law if related to another of the Universal Laws, the Law of Karma, and you will see in this story that many, many realtors ignored Russell and broke this law to their own demise.

Russell invented studio apartments for artists, and studio duplexes, and then went on to invent the idea of Cooperative Ownership. At first, Realtors and Lawyers told him that this was not possible, and he had trouble procuring his first loan to build a Cooperatively owned building. However, after building 4 or 5 of these buildings, he was able to obtain all the money he wanted and built many buildings on that principle. Many of his buildings are still profitable today even though they are 45 years old.

However, many other buildings put together by Real Estate men who saw only profits violated the principle of fairly sharing the expenses of a building through stock ownership. These businessmen unfairly "milked" every operation and left liabilities for the cooperative owners. These Real Estate operators didn't understand the Universal Law and wreaked a good idea by their short sightedness.

This has to remind you of the Real Estate investment racket of the 1990's- 2009 which caused the boom in real estate, and then the crash of the financial market. Once again, the people who made money (Real Estate mortgage lenders and their salesmen) managed to almost destroy an industry through their greed. The good idea was to provide affordable loans to enterprising would-be homeowners. The greed was to sell "Adjustable Rate Mortgages" where the rate would adjust to something that the home owner would not be able to afford, and then to sell the paper to unsuspecting banks who didn't know they were buying time bombs due to go off in a few years.

This is not following the Universal Law of Compensation or fair exchange, and those people involved are no doubt suffering today. They might be suffering from lack of energy, or depression, or ill health. What we know is that they are not experiencing the joy and energy of Russell or Wattles who follow the Universal Laws.

The Electric Principle

Russell reminds us that the motion of electrons in the various shells of an atom define the substance, or the element. Without the electricity that keeps these electrons in motion, the substance would cease to exist.

So, why is it that we believe in substance? Let's just concentrate on the electricity he suggests. The density, acidity or alkalinity, conductivity, receptivity to heat and cold, light and magnetism are all qualities that will cease to exist if the electricity is removed. Do not spend time studying the effects.

Any sudden removal of the electricity from any substance will result in an explosion. Radioactivity is the very quick return to equilibrium or a state of rest as part of the spiritual universe. A lightning flash is a quick return and a flame is a slower return. Decay is a still slower return to a state of rest. This is one of the thermodynamic laws rather than one of the Universal Laws.

For downloads of the Law of Attraction secrets, click on link to the right. We recommend all these readings!

You are Not the Only One

You are not the only one who has pondered these questions of the Universal Laws, light and dark, good and bad, life and death, or purpose and purposelessness, heroism and cowardice or abundance and lack. We all seek answers. The artist and philosopher is constantly wrestling with such ideas. Plato said that they are trying to remember.

The question, or the thought, is but a memory of a truth as your memory of a dream is not the whole dream, but only the part that your conscious mind managed to wrest from your unconscious mind in its Theta or Delta state. Spend more conscious time in Theta and you'll be ready to spend more conscious time in Delta.

Delta is where you will find the answers. Delta is where you will make the secure connection to the One.

As Anthony Robbins, one who has always been connected to the Universal Laws, says, "Thoughts and feelings have no meaning except the meaning that we give them." Russell goes further and declares that

"Things have no meaning except the meaning that people can give to them by the ability of the creative thinker to transfer his thoughts to other people and by their ability to reflect his light upon their own consciousness."

We live in a world of effect, yet the original thought energy is the cause. Thought energy is what we use to record the thought in form. Russell summarizes, "Your body is a machine made to express the thoughts that flow through you and nothing more."

In order to express thoughts that are conscious and purposeful, many need to spend time alone, in a room, in the woods or on the water. Inspiration is a loud and persistent voice once it knows that you value it.

This is time during which you become One with Him/Source/Divinity and take the opportunity to communicate your desires and questions.

Tools to assist you:

The best meditation tool for getting quickly to Theta and for advancing to Delta, is Holosync which uses binaural beats. This will take you there in peace and quiet, and keep you there for an hour.

The best meditation tools for teaching you what you do when you are there is either Silva or ARVRI, Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing. Both are guided meditations. Silva also has weekend workshops with trainers available. Neither guided meditation includes binaural beats, but ARVRI has Theta and Delta binaural beat CD's included in package for your use. Both these methods teach you how to get to Theta and Delta without binaural beats.