The Universal Laws According to Mindbridge

The Universal Laws are as real as the law of gravity, and more real than time. The hype and the enthusiasm is about the Law of Attraction or the Law of Intention and Desire, yet there are other Universal laws that will enhance or diminish our success at manifesting. Some of these will be familiar because they have been mentioned as one of the teachings of the Law of Attraction, and others were probably passed on to you as "good horse sense", Christian values or the principles taught in Alcoholics Anonymous.

There are several different versions of these Universal Laws. Deepak Chopra's, derived from his sacred studies, are the Seven Laws of Spiritual Success. There are 12 Universal Laws used by Brian Tracey and Milanovich and McCune. Bob Proctor recently began to advertise a new set of his own. We will consolidate these three lists and give you the Mindbridge group summary.

Some of you might be interested in a complete listing of

42 laws They have done a very complete listing and description at this web site. Please visit.

1) The Law of the Pure Potentiality of the Divine Oneness

We are made in the image and likeness of the Divinity or the creative source for whom everything is possible. the Buddhists talk about the bliss we experience when we join with our source. Christians talk about the love and sense of safety and well being they feel during prayer. Deepak Chopra and John Grey, James Arthur Ray and Jack Canfield all speak of the importance of daily prayer or meditation, particularly when seeking to use any of the Universal Laws.

For those of you who are more practical than spiritual, this will accomplish two things: First, you will be connecting to an unlimited and eternal source of energy that is far more restorative than a cup of coffee. Second, you will sensitize yourself to the subtle "voice" of Divinity (the Creator, the Universe or God) so that when you are sent instructions or inspiration, you "hear" it. Inspiration will not come with any arguments or explanations. If this is what you are hearing, you are listening to your Ego, not inspiration.

2) The Law of Giving, Correspondance, Cause and Effect, Sacrifice and Vibration

Energy moves and travels in circles. Thus, the more we contribute to the flow of energy by giving, the more quickly energy will flow back into our lives. If we stop the flow as we do when we stop giving (or worse, hold on too tightly to resources we are not using) the energy flow is strangulated. This will prevent resources from flowing into our lives, no matter how perfectly we have practiced our visualization and manifesting. This is a Universal Law, not just good practice.

Giving can be a touch, or a word of appreciation and then "like attracts like" and we reap what we have sown, often in greater abundance! If we sow happiness and generosity, we will reap happiness and generosity. If we sow disharmony and misery, that is what we will reap. If we want joy, learn how to make others joyful. If we want money, help others make money.

3) The Law of Karma, Action and Compensation

Deepak Chopra is clear when he defines karma as action and choice-maker, and is not an effect of your previous actions. At any moment, we have an infinite number of choices and there are an infinite number of possibilities. In that same moment, there is only one choice that will bring joy -- karmically the best choice.

Ask your heart for guidance. You heart is attuned to the Universe, to nature and to the cosmic consciousness. There are only two kinds of messages that come through the body -- comfort and discomfort. This Universal Law indicates that we follow our heart and choose comfort. When we are in tune, when every cell is tuned in our body intelligence will always direct us to the best course of action. If you are confused, John Grey would have you move to a more natural environment or at the least gather some natural plants and flowers around you so that your body can tune to a natural vibration rather than that of fluorescent lights and computers.

Create some quiet space until you feel the gentle nudge. Some people are more clear if they go for a walk. Others wash. Find your way to listen and to let the Universe know that you are available.

4) The Law of Least Effort, Non-Resistance, Forgiveness, Polarity and Relativity

This Universal Law promises that if we harness joy, laughter and love, we will harness success without effort.

Lao Tzu says, "An integral being knows without going, sees without looking and accomplishes without doing."

Three practices will enable us to change the energy of our lives and move from the lower vibrations to ever higher ones.

A) Practice Acceptance. Surrender to this moment. Attend to the present.

B) Responsibility. Each person will receive a series of problems or tests for strengthening the light within. We must rise to the challenge before we can progress. Transform the undesirable ("bad luck") into its opposite ("good luck")by focusing on the good in it.

C) Defenselessness. When you can relinquish the need to defend your point of view, you will be invincible.

5) The Law of Intention and Desire or Attraction

"Desire is part of your karmic software" says Deepak Chopra. "Intent is what puts into process that which we desire."

A) Make a list of all your desires

B) Take the list and surrender it to the womb of Creation, BELIEVE!, and it is done.

All the Universal Laws have an opposite effect caused by oppositional thought or action. In this case, we must let go of control. If we plant a carrot and let it be, it will grow in its time. If we plant a radish, it will grow more quickly, but it will never be a carrot. To have a carrot, you must wait a little longer. If you dig it up too soon, in doubt that anything is happening, you will destroy the fragile embryo and will have neither a radish nor a carrot.

When I was a child, my father planted many crops of radishes for me until I developed enough confidence in sun, soil and rain, and patience for greater miracles. Many of the teachers suggest that you start with something easy. This is a powerful Universal Law, and our ability to use it improves with practice and faith.

6) The Law of Detachment and Rhythm

There are cycles of rain and sun, winter and summer, high tide and low tide. Detach.

Deepak Chopra says from the Upanishads there are two golden birds, the ego and the self, dwelling in the same body. The ego eats the fruits of life and the self watches in detachment. The ego operates out of fear and in time, and plays roles. You are not the role that you are playing. The need for security is based on our past. The self operates outside of time and alertly witnesses. Neale Donald Walsch explains that our business on this plain is to watch and thus to come to know ourselves.

Be involved with passion, yet detachment.

In order to make this Universal Law work to your benefit promise yourself: "Today I will factor in uncertainty and celebrate and experience more joy."

The oppositional position here would be for the ego to take credit for the rain, and then be depressed by the sun, to rejoice for the abundance of gifts of low tide, and then to cry when they are covered by the incoming tide. The ego has trouble with change that it hasn't generated. As you can see, this makes no sense at all.

7) The Law of Dharma (Purpose in Life)

The Universe is perfect. It has no need and no spare parts.

Each person is unique and we know we are contributing according to our gift when we lose track of time -- experiencing joy, harmony, exultation and timelessness. We are here to help each other. When we ask, "How can I give?" we are having a dialogue of the spirit and will receive a response from the creative source. Embrace your experience with your higher self. Enjoy this Universal Law.

Some come to their purpose early in life. Others struggle for years. One we all knew dared to dream the impossible dream.