The Secret Law of Attraction and Fear vs Love


Use of the secret Law of Attraction is dependent on our energy vibrations. Gregg Braden has said that there are only two emotions, that all others are versions of these two. God/Divinity/Source/Creator/Divine Matrix only has one and that is Love. If you are in any other emotion you are not going to be using the secret Law of Attraction for manifesting what you want. There are some techniques that are easily learned that can help you stay there, but first, you might want to know more about the other emotion. This will be necessary for your mastery.

What is FEAR?

Fear was not something invented by God/Divinity/Source/Creator/Divine Matrix. Fear is an anomaly. Ego gave us fear. This sense of vulnerability was probably important when you were 10 because you might not have lived if you had continued to feel invulnerable as you did as a toddler.

Your spirit does not need this caution, this protection, or reminders of when to eat or sleep. It is your body that does, so we were given Ego. God gave us our Ego to keep us connected to Time-Space on Earth. Ego is sometimes like a watch, sometimes a compass and sometimes it is a recording device that records on our unconscious mind. Your ego is not able to manifest using the secret Law of Attraction.

You are not your Ego, although it will try to convince you that you are. Here is the trick. We were given Ego to keep us safe. But, Ego does not know who we are. Ego does not have a spiritual identity and knows nothing about the worlds outside Time-Space-Earth. Ego only knows what it has learned here and it thinks that is all there is.

Ego feels fear when we are adventurous, and let’s us know. Ego remembers pain, and is afraid of pain. Ego warns us to be careful of love if love has brought us pain, or of reaching higher than our station because anything outside of what it already knows is seen as a risk.

Ego is deathly afraid of death, because that is the end of Time-Space-Earth, and the end of itself. And, this is why Ego makes us fear death. Fear is the basis of all the negative emotions. When you understand fear, you will understand the source of all disharmony and pain.

Death is not the end. Death is simply our return to our spiritual life. But, while here in Time-Space-Earth, we can still connect as a spiritual being to all the Infinite and to creative love. It is available to us at any time. We only have to remember who we really are and let go of the Ego identity.

The Secret Law of Attraction and FEAR:

The secret Law of Attraction is a spiritual law and has been around for at least 10,000 years. The movie, The Secret had this right, that it is ancient. The Essene knew about it, and the Mayans knew about it. Native Americans used it. Adam and Eve used it until they embraced FEAR, and this is where you must take notice.

FEAR caused you to be casted out of the Garden of Eden where you could have had anything you desired. And if you cast out FEAR, you can return to the Garden of Eden.

Did you ever notice that when you are in love, everything works well for you? This is the secret Law of Attraction, applied with mastery. When you are deeply imbued with Love, you are unstoppable. When you are deeply in Love, you have identified and linked with God/Divinity/Source/Creator/Divine Matrix. You are in the stream that the Hicks speak of. You are in the flow and can manifest any desire easily.

Do you see that? Cast out fear. What is fear? Fear is the opposite of Love. Love is infinite, eternal, all powerful and all knowing. Fear, its opposite, does not exist and keeps us in the third dimension. Fear cannot exist in a world designed by Love. Embrace love and you return to the infinite, eternal, all powerful and all knowing in the Garden of Eden. This choice is becoming critical as we approach 2012. This is the time when you can make the leap into the 5th dimension.

Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

The Secret Law of Attraction and Love -- Leaping into the Fifth Dimension:

Those courageous identities who railed against any self imposed limits, and embraced their spiritual identities, have found that they are limitless and did not need to use the secret Law of Attraction. These are Jesus, Buddha, Ghandi, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Thomas Merton and to a lesser extent, the inventors and those who have changed their societies for the better. These men and women have learned how to embrace the invulnerability, enthusiasm, simplicity and love of children.

Children arrive, still closely identified with their spirits. They have only two built in fears: heights and loud sounds. But, in all other respects, children are fearless. Children in a loving environment, don't have to use the secret Law of Attraction. Children manifest easily and naturally and directly which is why they are so distressed if they are angry at one or another parent and something bad happens. Luckily, our desires are 100 times less likely to be manifest when we are distressed than when we are joyful.

Jesus told us that if we could be as little children we could enter the Kingdom of Heaven.. We were being told to return to our spiritual identities so that we could create from Love, joy and delight. This will keep us in the fourth dimension, ready to leap into the fifth. From the fifth dimension, we no longer have to use the secret Law of Attraction for bringing into our lives the tools and circumstances we need because we are able to manifest at will.

We are currently either in the third (earth based, mortal and fear based) or the fourth (spiritual, peaceful and loving) dimension. From the Third dimension it is not possible to manifest. If you are in the fourth dimension, we use the secret Law of Attraction,and from here you will be able to make the leap into the fifth dimension when we are close enough to the 2012 shift.

We have seen the fifth dimension expressed on earth. When in the fifth dimension, you will be able to manifest like Jesus, (Let there be wine!) or to shift into your spiritual persona without going through death, and ascending into heaven. Some say that the Mayans did this as a group which explains their disappearance in the 9th Century.

How do we permanently move out of the third dimension? Embrace love. Embrace your spiritual identity. Ghandi meditated for 24 hours once a week. Jesus, according to the stories, meditated near the end of his life for 40 days and 40 nights. Jesus describes his fight with the “devil”. This is similar to the Native American practice of the Vision Quest, where a young man will go off on his own for a month or so. Michael Jaco, the author of The Intuitive Warrior, describes such a vision quest as a fight to keep his ego at bay until it was finally exhausted and quiet. That was many days into his quest. It was only then that he was able to listen to his spirit and to ask questions of Divinity.

Most of us will not be able to spend a month in silence and meditation, but we can learn from those who came before us that some time spent in silence, connecting with our spiritual selves is necessary for enlightenment and for use of the secret Law of Attraction. For more on the tools necessary for using the secret Law of Attraction