The Key to the Law of Attraction: Just in Time

The formula of the Law of Attraction is (Vision + Belief) Passion= Manifestation. The key is sometimes illusive. Albert Einstein gave us a clue when he explained that the most important decision you would ever make is whether you live in a friendly or a hostile universe.

In the Kabbalah it is taught that before you transcend to the next level, it is always preceded by a fall. This might be the explanation for why the world is in such turmoil and no one seems to hold the key. We seem to be preparing for a rise to a higher level. And this is just what is predicted by those who speak about the coming changes of 2012. We are preparing for a shift to a higher level, to the 4th dimension or 5th dimension depending on where you are right now.

When Living in Free Fall

This is where we prove that we have belief or faith in the Universe. When unemployed or employed in a (Just-Over-Broke) job or when you are struggling to get your new baby business from crawling to the walking stage, it's a struggle to remember that the Universe loves you and wants to give you everything you imagine. You might feel as if you have been handed the key, but it doesn't fit the lock.

I can't say, (as Dr. Wayne Dyer can say) that I ever had to shower in hotels by sneaking in during the maid's cleaning time, or that I ever lived on the street as Joe Vitale and Dr. John DeMartini can say. But, I have been unemployed and had to cancel just about every bill other than heat and electricity and rent or mortgage. I have lived as a baby-sitter-nanny. I have had a car repossessed. I have had to move in with friends and to depend on their kindness. I have learned to live on very, very little money but a great deal of kindness.

The kindness comes from friends and it comes from the Universe/Source/God/Creator. Sometimes just before a bill is due, a check comes in. Sometimes I get a call and there is an adjustment to the bill that reduces it. Always, there is the help that I need Just In Time. This is the Key to the Law of Attraction. When you are following your path, help will always be just in time.

So, this is one lesson when you are living in free fall. Kindness or help will arrive Just in Time. It is unlikely that it will come in a form that you expect, but it will come. One business coach I worked with explained that when building a business you will need to jump off the cliff and learn to "build your wings on the way down." This was part of the key, although I didn't find it helpful at the time. This is true of building a business, and it is also true of life. We are all building our wings while in free fall although we aren't usually aware of it.

At that time, I felt as if I had been pushed off the cliff. I had been reading and listening to Robert Kyosaki talk about investing in passive income such as real estate or building a business so that you live off the income from Other People's Time and Other People's Money. I was very excited but at the time I had what I thought was a safe job with a good income. I was hesitant to jump off that cliff, but my vision of life was living as an independent entrepreneur. He had given me part of the key.

One of my first teachers was Centerpointe's Holosync. Bill Harris has provided a wonderful aide to anyone who has not meditated in a long time. This is a binaural beat system that is of graduated strength to keep you growing without the painful resistance that sometimes occurs with other binaural beats.

On the other hand, if you have never meditated or want some new ideas, we found that Gerald O'Donnell was a brilliant teacher. His tapes are simple and inspiring guided meditation. He refers to it as a course in remote viewing or remote influencing, and it is all that. But it is also a high level of guided meditation which will provide another part of the key for you. He will take you to the 4th and 5th dimensions and teach you how to get back there without his help.

The Universe Pushed Me Off

The Universe reads your mind. This is one of the keys to the Law of Attraction. I am sure you have heard the old wives' saying, "Be careful of what you ask for." In this case, I didn't ask out loud but I was envisioning a different life.

This is how the Universe steps in. When you least expect it, you will find yourself on the way to the fulfillment of your dreams. At the time, you might feel as if you have been pushed off a cliff. I certainly did.

I had a management job with a big company. My evaluations were stellar until my boss moved on and a less visionary boss took over. I didn't know that her idea of my job was very different from mine until my end of the year evaluation. I was a team builder and she was a micro-manager. I wasn't worried. I wasn't afraid. I simply made some adjustments. We went through a state audit and a local audit and my department was the only one without any problems. 20% of my staff went on maternity leave at the same time and I re-distributed or covered their cases for three months. We still had the highest income of any department under my boss.

Even after all this, nine months after my evaluation I found myself without a job. The Universe had pushed me off the cliff. It was up to me to learn to build my wings. At that time, I had no idea of The Key to the Law of Attraction. I was trusting, but in the dark. Gerald helped to turn on the light for me.

This was in 2006. I am aware that this has happened to millions of other trusting and adventurous people in the years between then and now. Have courage. This is another Key to the Law of Attraction.

If You Have Never Built Wings Before

Many of the teachers and practitioners of the Law of Attraction will warn you not to manifest too much change or too much abundance. The reason is that by the Law of Attraction, your vision will be manifested as long as you have true belief. As we know from the Kabbalah, there will be an appropriate seasoning time that will precede a major step up in life. This is part of the key to the Law of Attraction. You can think of it like tanning a hide, or hardening iron in the fire to turn it into steel.

Extreme change can be frightening as well as requiring a great belief and a phase change in your way of thinking and ways of doing things. I had asked to go from being a middle manager of a non-profit to being the boss of a successful, profitable corporation. To do this, I hadn't gone to school for an MBA. I simply used the Key to the Law of Attraction as I had discovered it, and prepared for abundance.

In other words, I had no idea how to build these wings, but I had time. The Universe sent me lots of ideas. Some of these ideas came from my Ego where it was trying to guide me to known roads. Others were new and more in tune with my original loves.

Teachers came into my life. Some of the lessons were welcome and others, not so much. But, looking back I see that all were needed.

As coaches warn you, to become a millionaire, you have to become a bigger person. Some say that action is necessary and others call it allowing. Your path to change will not be the same as my path or the same as anybody else's path. However, to change your frequency vibration, some learning or growing or activity or enlightenment will be required. Napoleon Hill asks "What are you willing to pay?"

This is the key to the Law of Attraction that they don't tell you. Something will be required. If it's a big dream, something big will be required but you'll have a higher cliff to jump from so you'll have more time. If you have a little dream, then less will be required and the cliff won't be so high.

Here is the best part of the key to the Law of Attraction: You will find what you need and learn what you need and do what you have to do Just in Time. Don't fight it and it will be an easier trip. Listen to your intuition.

If you have trouble knowing what is intuition and what is your Ego talking to you, Andrea Hess offers much guidance. She has periodic very affordable mini-courses every once in a while. No one knows more about living a spiritual life and attending to intuitive nudges than she does. She knows the key to the Law of Attraction.

We are coming to the end of this journey. For more about the beginning of The Key to the Law of Attraction click here. The Key to the Law of Attraction click here.