Some time long ago, when I was learning about my ancestral past, I kept hearing my traditional mentors talk about "THE WAY." What was this "WAY" of which they spoke? I would ask myself this question daily. It was, as I would discover much later on, the Cosmic Law of Attraction in all its splendid manner of sparking, protecting, fulfilling, and moving around each and every one of us, within all that lives, and all that is, was, and ever will be. Fancy that!

My Dad, a Cherokee raised partly in Oklahoma and partly in Texas and New Mexico, spent a lot of time with my family and I, getting us all accustomed to being outdoors in New York's Nature. He loved the outdoors and taught us to also love it even though he didn't know about the Cosmic Law of Attraction. He'd take us to wherever Nature was, whether it was in New York's Central Park, Bronx Botanical Gardens, Orchard Beach, the Bronx Zoo, New Jersey's Palisades, its great beaches on the NJ South Shore, or camps in the Catskills or the Adirondacks. Those are wonderful long stories. As soon as I was old enough to be on my own, I would find opportunities to be outside at different places, and yet be with myself, and remember his lessons to us. These included being silent, observant, and giving the self permission to feeling comfortable and accompanied while in Nature by ourselves, because we really were not alone. I learned to be really still outside, but all the while listening to what was going on inside of myself. (This was a chance to find the quiet that Eckhart Tolle speaks of, if not the Cosmic Law of Attraction.) I learned to watch for and listen to the sounds of Nature, the winged creatures, the four leggeds, the insects, the creepy crawlies, and even other two leggeds. I learned to listen to the wind and watch it interact with the trees, grasses, and "see it" as it moved the clouds and the weather.

I listened to the water, and the peaceful way that it soothed me from inside, even in the most stressful situations, and under the greatest duress. Water always soothes body and soul. I also learned how to listen to the internal inspirations that are gifts from our Divine Creator, as is, our connection to the Cosmic Law of Attraction. These inspired thoughts come into you from outside of you --perhaps from somewhere in the Universe. I began to see the world more clearly, more colorfully, more musically, and suddenly it felt as if I was more at one with all that there is in life around me. This was the Awakening that Tolle speaks of. This is something you can apply to all areas of your life, and at all levels of your awareness, and prepares us for the Cosmic Law of Attraction.

I recall once being at a small gathering of indigenous people in a workshop in the Northeast, that took place in the midst of a wilderness full of God's Creations. In between one of the sessions, I walked into the wilderness and sat on top of a remnant of what once was a split rail fence. It was a beautiful sunny day. I could feel the heat of the summer sun penetrating through my back and the top of my head. I began to wonder if I asked with great silent intensity, would the creatures of the woods make their way toward where I was and stay awhile?

Then I could even hear the sounds of the smallest of critters, what I thought were squirrels or other small furry creatures. In my silence, I also began to see a host of woodland creatures making their way into the area where I was! There were deer, and smaller creatures, e.g., opossums and other small furry brown four leggeds, birds of different colors finding their way onto the tree branches that were just outside of my reach. I remained outwardly silent and meditative -full of gratitude for sharing that moment with all God's creatures. Was this Cosmic Law of Attraction?

There were other "miraculous" events which I experienced, some of greater and lesser intensity, which I believe were indicative of immediate fulfillment of the Cosmic law of attraction and quantum physics. In quantum physics, there is the relativity of dimension, and time. We exist on a "time spindle" or a "circle of time" that contains our past, present, and future, and between which we exist in different possibilities of circumstances. The dialogue between the here and now, and the there and then, can be determined by what we think and manifest.

An example of this was when my friend, family, and I experienced quite an astounding "miracle" while riding in a cab together. My youngest brother had been buried soon after passing away, and just weeks before my first grandson was scheduled to be born. My mother recommended that we not inform my daughter about her uncle's death and burial, since she had already had a couple of prenatal emergencies, and everyone was fearful that she would miscarry her first child. So after the burial, my sister, our close cousin, my best friend, and I visited with my daughter at her house to gently break the news, on a day when she was closer to her delivery day. All women my daughter was close to, we were able to be there for her as she began her journey of grief.

After several hours on the way home, we called for a taxicab. It was one of those with a two-way radio that transmitted from the cab dispatcher to the driver. In the cab, we chatted with each other about the outcome of the visit to my daughter, what we might expect in the next week regarding my first grandson's imminent birth, and our thoughts and feelings about my brother, his death, and how much we still love him.

All at once we heard a lot of loud static on the cab dispatch radio that seemed to last for a minute. The driver, I noticed, was looking puzzled about this. Then in a moment, a voice was heard on the radio. The voice said, "it's good to know that all of you are still thinking of me!" We stopped talking, and looked back and forth at each other in amazement. It was recognizably my brother's voice --to the great puzzlement of all of us, including the cab driver. We just couldn't say another word for the remainder of the trip home, and just contemplated what it was that made that possible. The driver continued to ask if we knew whose voice that was, since it clearly was not his dispatcher. We were each still reeling from the profundity of what just occurred.

Each of us were left with an indelible imprint that there was more to life than what we had grown up being taught; that there were more layers to our existence than just the material plane. We continue to speak of these events even today. This event, as incredible as it may sound, merely led the way toward other more incredible experiences. Taken all together, they are existential manifestations of the Law of Attraction, and other laws, too, that operate in our daily lives. These are continually teaching us about The Way, about the Laws of the Universe, of Divine Creation and Creativity, and the Cosmic Law of Attraction!

The employment I have, I received as a result of the Cosmic Law of Attraction. First, putting out the intention to work with people living with trauma, and then after my intention was placed in the Universe, my daughter asked me to look into an ad she saw on Hotjobs! The Yahoo employment placement service online. Four days later, I was hired. All this occurred just days after a grant driven program I worked for had not been renewed. LOA at work?? I believe so.

At the end of a previous relationship, I was asked to move out. Finding an apartment in NYC is difficult on your own, so I went to a broker who kept sending me to places I did not like nor want. Later, I put my intention on a list of 31 items I wanted in an apartment in NYC, the next day, the broker showed me an apartment that exactly fit the description on my list of apartment "requirements"in less than one month. Thirty items out of thirty one were in place, including the wall sconces that really worked! LOA at work??? I believe so.

How about my current relationship? That too was a product of intentions clarified, needs and wants identified, and the request was placed in the form of a written list. It came to pass that 10 years later, I am still with the person on my list! It's the best relationship (spelling intentional) I ever experienced. Cosmic Law of Attraction? You betcha!

So, back to THE WAY... this is really ancient practice. It's not just for the mundane practical people, places and things we want, but more importantly, it is a way of life -The Way! It can be applied to the state of affairs in the Universe, in the World, in your country, your community, your family, and your life.

Back some scores of years ago, I was intentional about my learning as I am now, only different areas of study. I grew up in New York, so I was not living in the cultural environment or among the cultural types of people my parents grew up around. My school, church, environment, recreation, and other things were different, and of course, even the times were different.

I would hear about an indigenous gathering, and work at finding a way to get myself there. If I was employed, that was secondary to being somewhere where I could learn about my Peoples, and cultures. I would leave and go learn. Then when I got back after a week or so, I would be scurrying to find employment again. Sometimes, I had to take on a lesser paying, less interesting type of work, that would eventually lead to what I actually wanted. Always, though, the Law of Attraction was in force, and soon my intention, my passion for doing something that I chose to be doing would present itself, and life would resume its normalcy. Whatever I would find, was satisfactory, and things I chose would always find their way to me. LOA at work??? I believe so.

Here's another example. Daily, I commute to work by car. It is a long trip, almost three hours each way. It has become second nature now, except that I focus on different things besides the environment my partner and I drive around in. Today we focus on what we are feeling, as we drive along. This is important, because what we want to attract in the course of the day, is totally dependent on how clear we are about what we want. We know that we cannot focus on what we want if we have to be thinking about all of the possible things that can and do go wrong. So, we clear ourselves by using the following steps as we start the day:

1. Gratitude. We individually take notice of all that the Divine Creator has brought into our respective lives, and express our eternal gratitude for each of those things, people, places, and events.

2. Clearing. Then we notice if there are any feelings, which could be residue of the previous day or perhaps earlier that morning. If there is some inside and we can feel it, we use any one of the clearing methods or technologies to open up the emotional blocks, or the psychological step ladders of microagressions that may be piled up inside of ourselves. One of these might be the use of tapping on the meridiens of our body where our bodily electricity gathers when we are stressed. The gathering of electicity in these areas may cause fatigue, depression, pain, and loss of functioning among other possibilities. We have found ways of doing this which do not interfere with driving while holding the steering wheel.

3. Prayer. This is personal. You can pray however, whenever, and where ever it suits you. Divinity hears it all. I prefer to do Ho'oponopono because for me it works. It's Hawai'ian in words, but it's Universal in Meaning. It's about taking 100 percent responsibility for everything that occurs in my environment, inside and out, that causes me to have feelings or have thoughts in the moment. It's about knowing that I have a direct creative relationship, either through myself, my relatives, or my ancestors, from now back to the beginning of time, with what is occurring in the moment to or within me or anyone around me. That being so, I express my love for Divine Energy, and pray to the Divine Source to remove the problem, program, obstacle, or anything that would cause what is occurring and transmute it into the pure light, as only the Divine Source can. I apologize for posessing that program however I got it, and request forgiveness of the Divine Source for the influence it had on what occurred. Then with all my heart and soul, give gratitude to the Divine Source for hearing my request. Finally, with unquestionable belief and knowledge of the power of prayer and the ultimate power within the Divine Source to fulfill my request, I say, "It is Done!" And it is done. I do not worry about how it will happen, or when it will happen. I only know that it will, and it does! Always.

Now, and after that moment, I can observe life and participate in it from a better, clearer place. Now I can observe the Cosmic Law of Attraction, and all of the other Laws of the Universe that I become familiar with in action and interaction with myself, and with those around me! Is this The Way of which my ancestors spoke? You betcha! Is this the Law of Attraction? Your're darn tootin. Is this Quantum Mechanics? MmmHmmm!

What are some of the miracles that you have experienced? What are some of the ways in which you have seen the Law of Attraction, or any other Law of the Universe in motion? If you would like to share some of those stories with us at Mindbridge, and with our readers, do not hesitate one more moment.

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