Success and the Law of Attraction:

A Personal Story

Back in January, 2008, it starts:

We were struggling to start/build an income stream that was not related to a JOB ("Just Over Broke") using the Law of Attraction. As any of you know who has tried this, either through writing or entrepreneurship, there is a period of time that is for learning or testing. The Universe, no matter how perfect your manifestation, just does not give out instant success.

We don't know why this is true. It might be totally based on our beliefs which also affect the Law of Attraction. We were not, ever, able to find one case where a start up business clicked big right away. It might start small, doing well, and then take time to grow. But no one we know is able to manifest a great business without jumping through a few hoops.

Because we can't find one, not one case of instant success, we suspect that it is a Law of the Universe. It is probably connected to the Universal Laws and I would guess it is:


4) The Law of Least Effort, Non-Resistance, Forgiveness, Polarity and Relativity

This Universal Law promises that if we harness joy, laughter and love, we will harness success without effort.

Lao Tzu says, "An integral being knows without going, sees without looking and accomplishes without doing."

Three practices will enable us to change the energy of our lives and move from the lower vibrations to ever higher ones.

A) Practice Acceptance. Surrender to this moment. Attend to the present.

B) Responsibility. Each person will receive a series of problems or tests for strengthening the light within. We must rise to the challenge before we can progress. Transform the undesirable ("bad luck") into its opposite ("good luck")by focusing on the good in it.

C) Defenselessness. When you can relinquish the need to defend your point of view, you will be invincible.


Our subconscious does not live in time or space. When we meditate, in Theta or Delta, time and space are not part of our experience. So, Napoleon Hill's premise (about the Law of Attraction, although he never names it) that the Eighth Step to Riches is Persistence, is not a rule based in time. We think that "persistence" in this case is the same as commitment, resolution, determination. So, combine this with the Law of Least Resistance above, and with a dash of joy, everything should move ahead pretty swimingly.

So, back in January, 2008, we started to use Holosync. We had read the material and gotten the demo, and since EVERY SINGLE master teacher of the Law of Attraction meditates, (most use Holosync) we were convinced that 1) it was a necessary element of success, and 2) if we wanted to jump start our business, we needed to jump start our meditation. We had meditated before, but never with the ease we experienced once we started with Holosync.

What does it do? It helps the user to understand and live according to Lao Tzu's recommendations. It helps us to "accept" whatever comes into our lives from day to day, and to take total "responsibility" without blaming anyone or anything outside ourselves.

It helps us to give up any need to "defend our ego", or anything associated with our ego, although we are still working on this. We have the first two practices locked. This last is a little loose, tenuous, in and out, but we usually spot it and get control sooner rather than later these days.

And, this is related to fear, because the opposite of love is fear. Since our true spirit lives perpetually in love, it is only our ego that gets caught up in fear. Fear/stress/doubt will each destroy any budding manifestation you might have successfully started with the Law of Attraction. It is incumbent upon you to find a way to expel fear from your psyche forever. Holosync will successfully raise you above your old fears. Bill Harris goes into great detail to explain how Holosync does this, so I won't bore you with repeating. I just mean this to be an affirmation that Bill has been absolutely honest in his praises of Holosync's ability to increase your tolerance for stress/fear/doubt.

Are We Anesthetized or Drugged?

No. We just move past major hurtles, (hurtles the size of Mount Everest!) without blinking an eye. There is usually some acknowledgment that we actually are not surprised because we saw it coming. Is this acceptance?

I don't think it's only or always acceptance. I think we are now, in Lao Tzu's words, "knowing without going, and seeing without looking."

This is very exciting, because our greatest intention is to "accomplish without doing." This was Rich Dad's teaching. Use "other people's money and other people's time." For a few years, we have been using our own time, money and efforts, but yesterday, we accomplished without doing!!! This is the Law of Attraction, is it not?

Was it ALL Due to Holosync?

Of course not. We have been studying many of the masters, and reading A Course in Miracles. And, we started Gerald O'Donnell's (ARVRI,) Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing course 5 weeks ago. He recommends 6 weeks for completion, and we haven't completed it yet, but we have felt some wonderful changes.

Our vision has improved. Our joy has increased. Our health has improved in spite of our lack of balance. (Currently our schedules don't allow for physical exercise, and we are both sitting for 15 hours each day!)

How has this happened? When a person is in a Delta brain wave pattern, all sorts of rejuvenating hormones are released. This is why we are told that we "repair" at night when we're asleep. An infant lives in Delta almost exclusively and grows at an incredible rate and has the most wonderful skin. Any abrasion is healed almost instantly, in hours rather than days. -- Our bodies know how to do this, but adults spend too little time in Delta, unless you are using Holosync and ARVRI.

Additionally, we are spending a minimum of 2 hours a day meditating, an hour being grateful and responsible, and all day cleaning through Ho'oponopono.

And then, There are the Subliminal Messages:

Holosync and ARVRI both have messages delivered to your unconscious when you are in Theta or Delta. Holosync even allows you to record your own 5 minute subliminal message when you order the second level. This is imbedded in a nice soundtrack of waves washing up on the shore and runs for half an hour. The directions are to listen every night as you fall asleep (low alpha-theta) and this will change your unconscious so that it is in alignment with your conscious manifestations using the Law of Attraction.

The ARVRI messages are Gerald O'Donnell's and given out loud to your awake unconscious brain in Theta or Delta, depending on the training disk. They are clear messages that all is good; that you are connected to the One and to the light and to joy, all of which have a direct effect on the Law of Attraction and your vibrational rate.

All these messages are empowering. We don't watch TV which just re-fills you with doubt, fear and violence. It's sort of a gas pump of stress most of the time isn't it? People come home every night, feeling tired. They plug in to the tube, hoping for some laughs and some energy, and what does it really deliver? I hope that it brings you joy.

We have a simple affirmation from Steve Pavlina from his Law of Attraction blog for you: "In an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way, in its own perfect time, for the highest good of all, I intend ________ to come into my life and into the lives of everyone who holds this intention."


And, the final element was continual study. We have been studying our relationship to the Universe and to the One/Divine Matrix/Creator and the Law of Attraction continually for years. Have we finally internalized enough of the truth?


So, can we give you advice? Judge, on Steve Pavlina's blog on the Law of Attraction, suggests that you decide whether you are god, or you're not. Anything in between he reminds us is just asking for frustration and suffering. we would add, that it is also helpful to decide whether you are going to be joyful, or not. It is, perhaps, the same decision....

Your success stories:

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