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Our website has gotten quite large and complicated, so we just wanted to give you some highlights.

The Wallace Wattles pages are not only a summary of his magnificent work, The Science of Getting Rich, but it also includes some videos by Gregg Braden from The Science of Miracles which offer scientific proofs for most of the assertions of the Law of Attraction supporters and teachers.

The Beginner's Start Here page, offers a video called, Thunderbolts of the Gods which may change the way you think about the stars, and energy. The separation that once existed between the Scientific and the Spiritual no longer exists. We are now "discovering" what the philosophers, the mystics, and the seers told us a long, long time ago. For example, Edgar Cayce told us that the core of the sun was cool. We now know that the sun is not nuclear powered, but electrically powered and that the temperature is hotter above the sun than on the surface and it is cooler yet deep inside the sun spots.

There is also, on those pages, a bonus link to the movie, What the Bleep to We Know, in case you haven't seen it. Again, we thank you for your membership.

And, for Eckhart Tolle fans, we have three pages. Eckhart Tolle's Now in which Eckhart teaches us how to be accepting, how to be conscious and how to move on without negativity. These are great skills to be mastered before we can master the Law of Attraction.

And, another Tolle instruction from his book A New Earth where he really teaches us about the ego, and the difficulties it causes us. This also includes a video by Byron Katie teaching a related perspective on money.

We hope you enjoy all these pages. Thank you again for subscribing.