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1 Home Page

2 Beginners Start Here:

Law of Attraction Quantum Physics guide for Beginners

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<§>Link to the movie, The Secret

<§>Link to Anthony Robbins at the TED Conference, both text and video

<§>Link to Wallace Wattles synopsis of The Science of Getting Rich

<§>Link to Neale Donald Walsch page of the series Conversations with God

<§>Link to Joe Vitale page about Ho'oponopono

<§>Link to Miracles page

<§>Link to video, Thunderbolts of the Gods

<§>Link to the movie, What the Bleep is Going On

3 Historical Theory:

Law of Attraction Theory: Historical Sources

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<§>Link to Gregg Braden and his work in The Isaiah Effect and The Divine Matrix

<§>Link to James Allen and As a Man Thinketh

<§>Link to Robert Collier and The Secret of the Ages

<§>Link to Napoleon Hill summary of Think and Grow Rich

<§>Link to Wallace Wattles summary of The Science of Getting Rich

<§>Link to William Walker Atkinson and his New Thought. We have kept him in this section because his ideas so perfectly synchronize with the Law of Attraction masters.

<§>Link to Mike Dooley page

<§>Link to Charles Haanel summary of his 24 week training, The Master Key System.

4 Manifesting Desires

Manifesting Desires Taught By Master Teachers of the Law of Attraction

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<§>Link to Abraham Hicks website

<§>Link to Jack Canfield summary page of The Aladdin Factor and The Success Principles and the surprise reprint of a Jack Canfield article, Utilizing the Law of Attraction

<§>Link to Mike Dooley page, a summary of his last audio production, Leveraging the Universe and Engaging the Magic which is 7 easy steps. Mike's directions are as unique as his website and he includes helpful tools for undoing any negative thoughts which might otherwise set you off course. This contains a link to Mike Dooley's website and access to all his products.

<§>Link to video of Dr. John DeMartini explaining the connection between your values and your manifesting.

<§>Link to video of John Gray explaining the changes in the world today which allow the training of healers to access the energy of the universe in a fraction of the time it used to take.

<§>Link to James Arthur Ray's summary page of his book, Harmonic Wealth.

<§>Link to Bob Doyle's own page, "I'm Thinking... But I'm not Growing Rich!" with a link to Bob Doyle's website and program, which we wholeheartedly recommend:

Wealth Beyond Reason Premium raise your game level...

5 Science and Spirit

Law of Attraction explained by teachers of Science and Spirit

Click here for Science and Spirit: The Law of Attraction Explained

These pages cover Quantum Physics, Healing, Clearing and New Thought, Ancient Wisdom from teachers of the Spirit. The following links are included among others.

<§>Link to Bruce Lipton on Epigenetics >>, and his ideas on the new biology. Cell have "branes" and they can change according to the environment they are in. A perfect cancer cell can become healthy when removed from the unhealthy body and put in a nutritious petri dish.

<§>Link to Beginner's Page for connection to movie What the Bleep is Going On?

<§>Discussion by Fred Alan Wolf and a link to the movie Leap

<§>Link to Hale Dwoskin Summary for connection to his system of clearing known as The Sedona Method.

Bob Doyle in Wealth Before Reason >> explains that if you’re not “Wealth Conscious”, than all this thinking, and all this affirming isn’t going to bring you wealth. Thinking, and affirming are just PART of the sequence of creating wealth. More inside.

Eckhart Tolle on The New Earth >>. This includes an important discussion on the Egoic Mind and the three parts of an Egoic relationship.

<§>Link to Neale Donald Walsch and a summary of Conversations with God

<§>Link to Bill Harris and a summary of his work developing Holosync sound systems and the research done at Centerpointe Research. This then has a link directly to Centerpointe and Bill Harris' blog and products.

<§>Link to a video of Michael Beckwith talking about The New Thought-Ancient Wisdom movement.

<§>Link to Wayne Dyer >, with a rough transcript of an interview he had with Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield's partner for the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.

<§>Link to Gregg Braden >>, and his ideas as expressed in The Isaiah Effect and The Divine Matrix. We include a link to, a group that organizes world wide meditations for global initiatives.

<§>Link to a video of Marrianne Williamson asking for 11% of the population to commit to helping to heal the world.

6 Finances

Manifesting Money with the Law of Attraction Financial Wizards

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Manifesting Money takes discipline. This is not going to be accomplished if you're going home and sitting on the couch each night watching TV. We explain just how to Manifest Money and give you recommendations to meditation and internet training, goal setting, willingness to take inspired action and The Law of Sowing and Reaping. The following teachers are included and we link to their full pages.

<§>Link to Loral Langemeier >> in Building Your Wealth Cycles explains how to organize yourself and prepare for wealth.

<§>Link to Bob Proctor summary of his article on Decision Making. Proctor tells the story of John Kennedy asking Werner Von Braun what it would take to build a rocket that could take a man to the moon, and the answer was "The will to do it." As Proctor reemphasizes in another tale, "all the money in the world is available to you once you firmly decide to do something."

<§>Link to Joe Vitale summary page of my experience with Ho'oponopono thanks to his book, Zero Limits

<§>Link to David Schirmer page and reprint of his article, "Manifesting Money with David Schirmer" done for Success Magazine and for his blog at
David's information is good but for one flaw. As his mentor Bob Proctor warns, "Love people and use money. Don't ever get this backwards and Love money and use people." It looks as if David messed up. If you are interested, follow the link and see what you think.

<§>Link to inspirational video from the makers of The Secret

<§>Link to some Forex Robots we think are good. Perhaps you will find success with them as well.

<§> Continuation of webpage includes a section by us, "The Law of Sowing and Reaping:" which was also printed in and under the title, "The Law of Sowing and Reaping: Tropical Finances".

7 Coaching Articles

Law of Attraction Coaching Articles

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<§> Reprints of articles by Paul J. Meyer, considered by many to be the founder of today's personal development industry. These three articles are"

<§>Attitude is Everything

<§>Who's in Charge of Your Brain?

<§>Making Personal Motivation Work for You

<§> Reprints of articles by Guy Finley, formerly a musician and now an author and self development coach.

8 Universal Laws

The Universal Laws According to Mindbridge

<§>The Law of the Pure Potentiality of the Divine Oneness

<§>The Law of Giving, Correspondence, Cause and Effect, Sacrifice and Vibration

<§>The Law of Karma, Action and Compensation

<§>The Law of Least Effort, Non-Resistance, Forgiveness, Polarity and Relativity

<§>The Law of Intention and Desire or Attraction

<§>The Law of Detachment and Rhythm

<§>The Law of Dharma (Purpose in Life)

9 LOA(Law of Attraction) in Action

Realizing Your Dream, with Coaching Tools

<§>Link to article entitled "THE WAY" IS THE WAY OF THE Cosmic Law Of Attraction AND QUANTUM PHYSICS! This describes the personal experiences of a Cherokee woman growing up in an urban environment.

<§>Link to a summary of Anthony Robbins' 40 minute talk on motivation at the TED (Technology Education Design) annual Conference. This is a rare occurrence as his presentations are normally at least a weekend long (50 hours rather than 40 minutes.) A link to the whole talk on YouTube is also available.

<§>Link to The Secret Law of Attraction Challenges page

<§>Link to Self Identity through Ho'oponopono

<§>Children and the Law of Attraction is a new section that will connect to a series of articles for those who are sometimes (or usually) in the company of children.

<§>Link to "Introduction: The Law of Attraction and Children"

<§>Link to "The Secret Law of Attraction and Children: Part II"

<§>Link to Qigong For Concentration By Keith Shaw, a video that takes you through about 7 minutes of a Qigong demonstration. Charles Haanel and Napoleon Hill both emphasized the importance of being able to concentrate your mind. This is one more way, besides meditation and Holosync to achieve your objective.

10 How to Make Miracles

The secret of the ages: Miracles Start Here:

This is a long article, that includes some whys, hows, and what not to do's, of the Law of Attraction. We include information by Mike Dooley, Bill Harris, Vic Johnson and James Allen. Don't miss the section on Daily Beliefs or Three Countering Techniques to help you indo any worrying or fretting that will sabotage your efforts to manifest goodness in your life.

<§>Link to "The Shift Movie Trailer".

11 New Thought

Reality Creation: Before the Law of Attraction

Based on Thomas Troward's THE CREATIVE PROCESS IN THE INDIVIDUAL copyright, 1915

<§>Link to our Mindbridge page on Self Identity through Ho'oponopono, a problem solving and clearing technique.

<§>Link to Dr. Hew Len's website and article on Ho'oponopono, problem solving and clearing technique.

<§>Link to Mindbridge-LOA page, "Who We Are" and the video by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor which is illustrative and supportive of Thomas Troward's ideas.

<§>Link to Thomas Troward's article on SPIRIT AND MATTER which gives us additional clues to the world outside of time-space, where we are one with Infinite Intelligence.

<§>Link to article on Eckhart Tolle and The New Earth which is the followup to Thomas Troward's Fifth Stage of creation.

<§>Link to Byron Katie video on the difference between our present reality (always kind) and our story, ideas, and thoughts about where we are and what we need.

<§>Link to video of Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, and her description of her experience of her right brain'd connectedness and oneness with Source energy and light.

<§>Link to Eckhart Tolle 2

Our 2nd piece on Eckhart Tolle's work focuses again on reality creation and how to become conscious and to move on without negativity.

12 Perseverance

The Law of Attraction Takes Time

This article explores the reasons the Law of Attraction seldom brings about instant manifestation. It is not that you are doing anything wrong, but that there are some things that need to happen as part of the process.

13 Veterans Matter

Veterans' Pages for US Army veterans, US Navy veterans and All Who Have Served in Combat

<§>Link to Veterans' information pages that list organizations that have been manifested by veterans in the past.

<§>Link to Veterans websites

14 Grandma's Kitchen

Grandmas Country Kitchen

<§>Link to The Story of Three Boys, Part 1 and Part 2, the final part.

15 Legit Work at Home

We Explain Our Legitimate Work at Home Business: Uncovering Pathways

<§>Link to other people who have started successful websites.

<§>Link to Site Build It(SBI) and a written description of CTPM, or their special formula for success.

<§>Link to the SBI video tour that takes you step by step through how SBI will teach you to build a website that is successful.

16 Who Are We?

Who Are We at Mindbridge and Who Are We to be applying the Law of Attraction ?

<§>Link to Neale Donald Walsch pages

<§>Link to TED Conference and talk by Jill Bolte Taylor, a Neuro Anatomist, who explains the function of the left and right hemispheres of the brain from her personal perspective after suffering a massive stroke in the left hemisphere.

<§>Link to Joe Vitale pages

<§>Link to Mike Dooley pages

17 Contact Us

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