Solar Power and Wind Turbine Power Now Affordable Even for Part Time Workers

Have You Been Interested in Powering Your Home for Free?

It's Possible, and Affordable with Solar Power and Wind Turbine Energy

If you have looked into solar power or wind turbine energy, you probably know that commercial building of a solar power grid costs about the equivalent of 25 years of buying electric power for that home. That would be a long time for most home owners to wait before they got their investment back.

But there is another way --

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We have found that a University had a contest for the best designs for both solar power and wind turbine that could be built and assembled at home. High School students were sent off to test the designs.

If you are interested in looking at building the solar power panels for yourself.... Energy 4 Green gives you three instruction books, but no videos, so we will attach videos for your convenience below just below.

However, if you prefer to purchase the package with videos and instructions, you might prefer Earth4Energy below. We have heard that these videos are a little abbreviated, and hard to follow, but it's up to you. We will still attach more detailed videos below. Earth 4 Energy

The best design came in at under $200 built at home!!

Now, is that affordable?

You bet. One mother who had her hours cut at work built a set with her 12 year old son, and they not only saved their entire electric bill in the first month, but got a tiny check from their electric company instead of a bill.

Just take a quick look at the video below and see how this homeowner feels about the new commercial solar power system he had built and installed. Don't be discouraged by the price, because we will give you information about how to save almost all the cost....

See Video below about one homeowner's experience with an installation by professional builders:


Yet, our Solar Panel system or Wind Turbine system cost less than $200!!

If you are ready for this, let us tell you that we have gone through several offerings, and narrowed it down to the two best for your convenience.

Both come with an iron clad 60 day guarantee! So, if you download the materials, and they aren't what you expected, it couldn't be easier to contact Clickbank. I have done this. It's easy. There is no risk! because Clickbank is totally reputable and dependable. I have always found them very responsive to any questions or problems.

But first, take a look at the wind turbine systems that you can build yourself.

Building a Wind Turbine Engine in 3 Parts

with GM Alternator from Junk Yard with Hand Tools:

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Made at Home Wooden Blades

Power Tools are Needed for This Design....

Finished Blades attached to turbine:

Wind Turbine blade DIY # Part 1

Wind Turbine blade DIY # Part 2

Wind Turbine blade DIY # Part 3

Wind Turbine blade DIY # Part 4

Wind Turbine blade DIY # Part 5

Wind Turbine blade DIY # Part 6

Assembled onto Turbine:

Vertical Axis wind turbine Windmill

The first is Energy 4 Green.

They have the instructions for building both solar panels and wind turbines for under $200! They teach you how to connect it to your home grid. They have a pre-construction checklist to ensure that everything goes as planned.

What you get are downloadable EBooks. The first is the easy to follow instruction book, energy 4 Green Manual. They also include 2 bonus books, Planning and Installing Bioenergy Systems, and Renewable Energy Technology.

This price is already discounted, but it may be possible to get an additional discount.... Pay attention to the videos when you visit the website! Click Here

The other site is Earth 4 Energy.

It almost sounds the same, but it's a different company and has slightly different product offerings.

Again, they offer you instructions for building the solar cells and wind turbine for under $200, and the starting discounted offer is almost identical.

The difference is that they offer the manual and two videos teaching you how to tab your cells "just like the pros", how to string them together for maximum power and step by step instructions for making high quality windmill blades -- and since all are up-loadable, as materials or designs change they will offer "updates for life".

If this program suits you best, and click on the appropriate link.

Solar Power in One book, one membership and two videos and surprise gift.

Solar Videos

Tarka trail hut hot water for hikers and bikers

Solar Setup with Mirrors to increase efficiency:

This homeowner is a professional. He understands that "Solar hasn't been made simple and easy.... "

If you are ready to take the plunge, and start a weekend project with your partner, or with a junior high school aged child, Click Here!

As a final word, a simple home made air conditioner....