Slow Guy Chapter 7

Success at Last

1 The secret of time

Sunday morning, before dawn, Georgia and Morgan had picked up Amanda and Jake, and were headed out to Mattituck for a last sail on the boat. It was a beautiful day, warmer than usual for November with a nice, clear Westerly wind. They thought they would head up the Connecticut shore toward Point Judith, turn south to Block Island and spend a little time since Morgan had never been there. The tourist places were closed, but they’d be able to eat and drink with the locals for lunch, and head back to Mattituck for a late dinner.

Georgia had downloaded some MP3 material from talks by James Arthur Ray, and she and Morgan were listening to that in the car. Jake and Amanda were in the back, in each others’ arms and soon fell asleep.

By dawn, they were on the boat with the sails up, headed out of the harbor. Georgia was steering. Morgan and Jake were manning the genoa on port and starboard because they would spend some time tacking toward Connecticut before they could head east on port tack for the lay line to Block Island. They were all wearing watch caps, sun glasses, gloves with the fingers cut out, foul weather gear and Top Sider boots over woolen socks for warmth and dryness on the dew covered boat.

Amanda was down below making coffee, turning freeze dried eggs into scrambled eggs and heating some ham steaks. They had all been up for two hours already and were hungry. Bruce had told Georgia to eat what they could from the stores on the boat because he was going to put it in dry dock during the week. In exchange, they would help to empty it, moving all her gear to the boat shed, when they got back in. The galley was just below and in front of the wheel, so she and Georgia could easily talk with each other.

She and Morgan were filling in Amanda on the James Ray’s lectures.

“We know,” Georgia explained, “that at the quantum level, particles disappear and reappear. No one knows where they go. Some think they go to a parallel universe. It’s anybody’s guess, really.”

“What about the idea that ‘energy is neither created nor destroyed, but only changed in form’?” Amanda queried. “They might have turned into wave energy.”

“Or moved to another time,” Jake proposed.

Amanda appeared with a tray and mugs of hot coffee with a touch of cinnamon and chocolate and steamed milk. They smelled so good they were gone in the wink of an eye. “…Or been consumed by some other need for particles,” Morgan suggested, “like the coffee. Thanks Amanda.”

“Or all three,” Georgia said. “If they can change form and time, they can be both wave and particle as needed.” The crew was distracted from their conversation by two tacks toward Connecticut, and then it was an easy reach along the shore, ENE, toward Rhode Island. The sun was lighting up the eastern sky with all the warm colors of the rainbow but Long Island Sound was too choppy for there to be significant reflection. Jake remembered other mornings where the Sound would seem to be a continuation of the sky. Soon the blue would start to appear in the sky and the water.

Morgan settled his back comfortably against the side of the boat. “I like that idea that the particles flip back and forth, Georgia. That would explain why the observers looking for particles see particles and those looking for waves see waves, like looking at one of those birthday cards that has two images depending on the angle at which it’s held.”

“And, observers have made photographs of particles being in two places at one time, so don’t you think that they can move from one ribbon of time to another?” Georgia asked.

Jake smiled. This was something he had been thinking about. He liked her metaphor of ribbons. “Physicists don’t have any explanation of time except as it relates to movement. And, of course, Einstein theorized that as speed increases, time may change. So, if time isn’t absolute, what is it?”

“It’s part of the water in which we swim,” Amanda added from down below. “Physicists can’t define it because they can’t get out of it to look at it.”

“We think that by our actions we can affect the future,” Morgan posed, “and we think that with our thoughts we can affect the future, but what if we had it wrong? What if the Law of Attraction works backwards as Mike Dooley suggests? And, what if it works, which Dooley doesn’t suggest, into the past?”

“You mean, we have a thought or desire today, and it changes our past?” Georgia asked.

Morgan nodded. “Dooley suggests that the manifestation of the thought is in the future, and the Law works back to the present to arrange things so that it can happen. In the movie Next, Nicolas Cage keeps trying out different activities or responses in the present until he sees the outcome he wants in the future. In our case, the Law of Attraction does that work for us. And, why not?” he thought almost to himself. “Why couldn’t it reach beyond the present into the past if that would provide the most harmonious solution?”

“There’s no reason that we know of, to say that it couldn’t,” Jake mused along with him. “What if our inspired thought was our future self whispering to us?”

Amanda came up with breakfast on plastic plates. Georgia frowned. “You could have used paper, and we wouldn’t have any cleanup….” “I don’t mind doing it, Georgia. The ham had bones and I hate cutting through the paper…. Think of it as inspired by my future self….”

“Okay, I have another question.” Georgia smiled. “Why do you suppose that our inspiration gets quieter when we ignore it? If it was our future self, wouldn’t it get louder? Wouldn’t we be yelling at ourselves?”

“Perhaps we are yelling and when we aren’t heard, that’s when we take a different tact, and use force to sabotage any wrong directions,” Morgan suggested. “We wonder why things go wrong. Perhaps it is our future self trying to make it come out right. If we’re doing something that makes us miserable, and we don’t see that we can find another job, would it really be bad luck to be fired?”

“This is a great breakfast,” Jake said, winking at Amanda. “I feel that we’re going in the right direction.”

Amanda chuckled and smiled. “And, to pick up on Morgan’s thought, if we were not supposed to be here, today, talking together, then the car wouldn’t have started this morning, or traffic would have been too bad, or we would have had a flat tire?”

“I think that might have happened,” Morgan said. “Or, someone might have gotten sick.”

“So,” Jake started, “I’ve just finished reading Napoleon Hill for the umpteenth time. How do we know whether we’re being stopped from going in the wrong direction, or just being asked to hurtle an obstacle to prove our mettle?”

Morgan smiled. “I clean on it. I ask Divinity to remove any programs that might be confusing me and if I am still inspired, as in this case to make the trip, then I go in spite of the delay.”

They were quiet for a while. The dawn was strikingly beautiful, sparkling, crisp and bright like a newly washed crystal hanging in the sun. Jake brought the dishes down and began to clean them so Amanda could enjoy the ride. He felt their direction change as Georgia headed toward Block Island and Morgan eased out the sails.

He daydreamed as he washed. He saw himself on Oprah again. He saw their first module being delivered off a truck with The Slow Guy stenciled on the side. He saw Amanda dressed in evening clothes, at a fancy dinner, and could feel his cummerbund around his waist. His shoes were a little tight, but soft so it wasn’t too bad. Amanda looks spectacular, and not a day older than she looks now. He looked around and Georgia and Morgan were at a nearby table, and Justin and Penny, all dressed in formal wear. He looked up, and a speaker, Chenault, was singing the praises of a man “who doesn’t need any introduction in this crowd….”

And then everyone was clapping, and Amanda was pushing him to go to the podium. He stood up and walked slowly through the crowd, hoping for some clue as to what he was doing here. He felt in his pocket, and in his heart laughed as his hand found some cards. He took them out and walked as slowly as a man might who was walking to the gallows. All he had to do was to talk about the startup of their non profit which seemed to have the name, Veterans for Prosperity. Not bad. Now he noticed that at almost every table, there were Slow Guy veterans, and veterans from the first meeting, and representatives of American Express. The date on the card was February 2009.

Lord knows what’s happened in a year and 3 months…. Just stick to the very first meeting on Veterans Day, 2007 and then turn the podium back to Chenault….

When he climbed onto the stage, and stood at the podium next to Chenault, he put his arm around him to keep him there no matter what their plan might have been. He described the initial idea, and the goals of the first meeting, and then turned the meeting back to Chenault who was certainly surprised, but always poised.

He described a series of meetings with lawyers to write the charter of the, then, nameless non-profit. Apparently, there was more “discussion” (infighting I think, but he’s too polite to say that publicly)) over the purpose, but, in the end mentoring for-profit corporations was abandoned once and for all. This was not to say that those without good business ideas, or without enough of an idea about how to run a business, couldn’t be recruited. This provision was left in and the compromise made Chenault and Forstmann happy, I seem to remember.

Jake looked out into the audience and spotted Forstmann at a corner table with a local politician and a woman who looked familiar but he couldn’t place her at first…. Oh yes, she’s a newscaster at Fox News. And there are the cameras in the balcony that runs around three sides of the room. He would be with Fox News. No real need to be “fair and balanced” in a business environment I suppose.

Chenault finished with a request for the major donor/funders to stand and be recognized. He was introducing each as they stood. This will be interesting…. Of course, there’s Forstmann. I have to remember to ask Bruce what the connection between those two is. There’s Morgan. Good for you, Morgan, a way to protect your money. . Several of the American Express execs also stood and took a bow. And, the local politician had arranged for a donation from the Federal government. And there were four celebrities, Clint Eastwood, Tom Hanks, Barbra Streisand and Anthony Robbins, who were all on the West Coast and not able to attend. Too bad, I’d like to meet that group….

And, then Jake was with Amanda and the entire Slow Guy team at what looked like a private home. They were being escorted into the dining room. Barbra was standing with James Brolin who was smiling broadly as he shook everyone’s hand. Anthony Robbins was standing with his arm around Morgan, and talking with Georgia who was showing the animation Anthony is famous for. Tom Hanks was talking with Charlie and Jules. Clint Eastwood is heading for Amanda and me; and Vince who is right here looks great. Stardom suits him. And he has his arm around Jules who doesn’t look quite as comfortable. They are walking over to Barbra and James.

Clint said, “Congratulations, and thank you, Jake, for doing this for the vets,” as he held out his hand. Clint said, “Congratulations, and thank you, Jake, for doing this for the vets,” as he held out his hand.

“Thank you, Mr. Eastwood, for helping us. Even with a good idea, and scores of volunteers, some funding is always needed,” Jake answered as well as he could since he didn’t really know what was going on. . I feel as if I’ve been dropped from a mail plane into a time warp. Beam me back Scotty….

“Please, call me Clint,” he answered. “Only my neighbor’s daughter calls me Mr. Eastwood…. And, Ms. Haggerty,” he said, turning to Amanda, “I understand that you have done all the beautiful artwork in such a short time. If you ever want to work on a movie, please let me know. There’s always a job for someone who can do such excellent work on a tight schedule….”

Amanda’s eyes sparkled as she grinned like a school girl, and happily shook his hand. “If I am ever on the West Coast again with a little bit of time, I will let you know. The boss doesn’t often let me go.” I have never seen her so captivated…. Clint must have something going for him that I can’t detect….

And Clint smiled before moving away to talk to Justin who was behind them with Penny. Jake and Amanda moved forward to meet Barbra and James. Jake had grown up on the old Pensacola: Wings of Gold TV series. It was about Navy pilot training, and since his father was career Navy, well, they all fell into it and watched it religiously every week. James Brolin was the commander of the base and the elder, experienced leader of all the young hot shot pilots. He had been one of Jake’s hero’s growing up, so although Barbra is the more famous, he looked forward to meeting Mr. Brolin.

“Ms. Streisand, and Mr. Brolin, thank you for your help and your hospitality,” Amanda was saying and shaking their hands. “This is a stunning home.”

Jake then took their hands as well and blurted out, “Ms. Streisand, my mother had every one of your records and was a collector from High School when she was the first in her class to buy, My Name is Barbra. I could sing ‘I’m Five’ before I was five. You brought us a great deal of pleasure throughout our lives and I’m grateful.” I hope that doesn’t make her feel old….

She laughed. “I loved that album too. It was before I had a reputation to keep and could still have fun…. And, I sometimes forget that simple fact, that my work brings people pleasure. Please pass on my thanks to your Mom, for being an early supporter.” That’s a new idea. My Mom was a supporter of Barbra, and now she’s a supporter of one of my ventures….

He turned to the man beside her. “And, Mr. Brolin, my father was career Navy, and we watched every single episode of your show about Pensacola.”

He grinned and Barbra beamed. She is happier that someone knows her husbands’ work, too. That makes me feel happy for them. I know very well what that feels like.

Mr. Brolin’s voice was every bit as deep as it was in the show. “Thank you too, Mr. Classen, for your work on behalf of veterans. I met some very good men while working on that show and it is only fair that men like them are supported once they are finished with their service…. And, it’s nice to know that some people really did watch that show. There aren’t that many of you.” And, with that, he laughed.

And, then the image changes and Amanda was at his table in his apartment, showing her portfolio to the Slow Guy team, before they even knew they were to be called, Slow Guy, but he was there knowing it. There are those sandals with the strings to hold them on, that crisscross around her beautiful ankles. I know that we are going to be together and that she is the love of my life. I know it already and any promise I made to the guys to be cool about this won’t be kept. But, they won’t ask me to keep it. They will let me pursue her. I just have to give them a chance to tell me, and I have to let her know that she must wait to hear from me again.

And then he was back with Georgia, the night before having breakfast with her the morning he let her know that they didn’t have a future as lovers…. Her friends were just leaving. He was in his body, knowing that they needed to change their relationship to make room for Amanda and Morgan. He knew that he would not make love with her tonight, and that they would talk at a restaurant in the morning, and that everything would be fine.

Was that a memory, or was I there?

And then Amanda was behind him with her hands on his shoulders. He looked up and was in front of the sink on the Serpentine. He turned around and put his arms around Amanda. Am I in the present, or is this another time on the Serpentine with Amanda. I think it’s the present…

She leaned against him and gave him a long, deep kiss. It’s present time. This did not happen the first time we were on this boat!

When she had finished, she said, “Where were you? I was standing here for a long time, and you didn’t notice and you weren’t washing the dishes either.”

He looked into those beautiful green eyes and said, “Whoa. What an experience I just had…. I don’t know if you are going to understand this, but I know how time works. You were right. It’s ribbons of time, and we can go from one to another, back and forth, when we need to. I have been waiting for some inspiration from doing Ho’oponopono, and this is it.”

She looked at him with a vaguely, “That’s nice dear” sort of look that Jake didn’t much like. But, she doesn’t know what I’ve just done, and she didn’t do it with me, what I’ve just done. How can I explain it, or, better yet, control it and take her with me?

“Amanda,” he said, “you’re going to have to trust me on this one, I think. I’ve just seen another part of our future with donors for the non-profit. Barbra Streisand and her husband James Brolin, and Tom Hanks, and Clint Eastwood, and a formal dinner party. That’s something isn’t it?”

Her eyes sparkled at that and she frowned. “I have had a similar dream….”

“You see,” he said with excitement, “that’s when we can do it, when our conscious brain, which won’t believe it, is asleep in some way. This started as a day dream for me. I know it’s not a dream, but our future.”

She was also excited now. “I wonder if we can control this in some way, or if it is always accidental?”

“I don’t know, but we could try. We could try using meditation…. That’s a way of moving the conscious brain out of the way, isn’t it?”

“Yes it is,” she agreed quickly. “And, I know a system that I think can help. I don’t think it’s ever been used this way, but Holosync is a way of speeding changes in the brain to allow you access to your unconscious.”

He nodded. “That sounds helpful. How does it work?”

She raced through her only memory tape on Holosync. “The company is Centerpointe Research Institute, and they are from the West Coast. They have found a way to use sound to stimulate different wave patterns in your brain. The Beta pattern is what we generally use when in a waking, functioning day. The faster the Beta, the more stress, and the slower, the more relaxed. Then there’s Alpha, and that’s probably where you were when doing the dishes. It’s relaxed, and meditative, pre-sleep or pre-wake up state. Serotonin is being produced. Theta is slower yet, with higher wave patterns. This is where a person would be in a REM, or dreaming sleep. You must have slipped into Theta. This is where you have access to your unconscious and where you would be in deep meditation if you were a Zen monk. Aha experiences are associated with bursts of Theta. Holosync will take you to Alpha and Theta each time you meditate. Finally, Delta is associated with dreamless sleep and the pattern is associated with deep trances, and loss of body experience. It is causes growth hormone to be produced and allows greatest contact with the unconscious and the collective unconscious. Holosync will also take you to Delta. It also uses both sides of your brain and increases the flexibility with which we access one or the other. It actually causes the brain to reconfigure and pushes it to increase production of neurons and neural pathways…. I don’t remember anything more on Holosync or Centerpointe.”

Jake was shaking his head and smiling. “Amanda, you are incredible. I don’t know where you keep all your information, or how you access it so readily…. “

“Ho’oponopono keeps me clear,” she said. “But, perhaps Holosync will work well in conjunction with Ho’oponopono. What do you think?”

“I think we need to try it. Anything that will expand our ability is good. When we get back, let’s go online and order it.”

“Should we tell Georgia and Morgan?” she asked.

“Absolutely, since you can affirm the vision with your own dream. I can hardly wait. I do wish that I could give them some additional evidence, but until we can all do this at will, that won’t happen,” he finished with some regret.

They cut their time short on Block Island; they were so excited to get back. However, there was enough time for a short bike ride and a nice lunch with a very comfortable red Beaujolais. All felt satisfied and relaxed on the trip home.

2 Rainbow Ribbons of Success

Georgia and Morgan were both almost as excited as Jake. Once back at Bruce’s in the late afternoon, Georgia ordered enough Holosync for the entire team. Each would get their own introductory CD which would explain it in detail, and their own set of written materials, and their own support membership which would allow them to call for help, and finally, some extra gifts which seemed like a good idea.

Meanwhile, Jake sought out Bruce to talk with him about Chenault and Forstmann. He was in his study and didn’t mind the interruption. Margo sent Jake in with a tea tray for both of them and fresh bread that had been brought by Amanda that morning before they were up.

They set it up on the table and Bruce cut the bread in thick slices. The butter was soft enough to spread easily. Jake felt relaxed and at peace, but he did want to know more about Theodore Forstmann and Kenneth Chenault.

Bruce was accommodating. “I’ve known them both for some time. They are both Long Islanders, and so we have had some business dealings. Theodore occasionally asks me to read a business plan for him and to make a recommendation. Kenneth has called me in on audits when they needed an outsider’s eye.”

“And what kind of men are they?” Jake asked.

“Theodore is a shark, a lobo, a grizzly. He doesn’t believe in anyone but himself. He mentored Kenneth a long time ago, and taught him to be as ruthless as he is. Forstmann has had some ups and downs in business, and he’s always been able to pull himself out of a hole, but there’s never been anyone there to give him a hand because of the way he’s always done business. Other guys just don’t like him, except, perhaps, Kenneth.” Bruce took a bite of bread and sipped some tea. “I just don’t think there is anything better than Amanda’s bread….”

Jake smiled. He agreed with that. “Chenault is involved with our non-profit and it looks as if he is going to ask Forstmann to be involved as well. Chenault doesn’t agree with our goals although we managed to get them passed as we wanted them so far. Can you give me some idea about what to expect? Will they come back at us?”

“Without a doubt. Underneath that polite social exterior, there’s nothing but teeth, claws and grizzle. I would guess he’s just been at the whetstone sharpening his tools.”

Jake felt a cold breeze pass over him. He took a sip of tea, wishing it was more of the Beaujolais they had on the boat, yet its physical warmth was almost as comforting as the chemical warmth he had wished for. “Is there a defense?”

“Absolutely. Go public,” Bruce said. “The only fight they won’t wage is one where the public sympathy is with the other side, and where media scrutiny can be maintained. As soon as interest flags, they’ll be in like flies on a dead carcass.”

Jake nodded. His premonitions, or visions, were making more sense. This was a warning to bring people on board who were always in the media’s scope. He would talk with his master mind group on Monday and find out who has a way to contact those celebrities. Meanwhile, he wanted Amanda to teach him how to do press releases. He would announce the goals and purpose of their new non-profit. He thought someone would pick it up. There was a lot of interest in veterans because of the war.

Jake had one additional hope. “Is there any way to split them up? Chenault doesn’t seem as heartless as you paint Forstmann.” Ho’oponopono. Divinity, please transmute any program I have that might strengthen my enemies or otherwise prevent our success. Send it to the light. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.

“That’s true,” Bruce agreed. “And, if Forstmann’s personal interests were in conflict with Chenault’s goals, I have no doubt but that Forstmann would abandon Chenault’s project. You seem well able to handle Chenault with your team.”

Jake smiled. “They were fabulous. You would have been proud, Bruce. They operated like a well oiled diesel, hot, tireless and powerful; all but unstoppable. Chenault was rocked back on his heels the whole time and never got his balance or a good toe hold.” This is what I want to think about, the strength of our team, not the strength of the enemy.

Bruce laughed. “That’s what I like to see, a functioning team. You guys are going to be fine. I have no worries about The Slow Guy, or any non-profit you spin off. But, please, tell me specifically what this new enterprise will do, and tell me also what Chenault’s preference would be.”

Bruce gave Jake another half hour or so to explain what would become the Veterans for Prosperity. Bruce liked the idea and it was clear that he was pleased that his training, his mentoring, would be passed on to help other veterans. Jake thanked him for his support and left so that he could go back to work.

The Slow Guy team left after a light dinner Margo put together for them. They were tired from the long day, the sail, the bike ride, and cleaning up the boat for winter storage. Jake drove back since he had escaped most of the cleanup which they did while he was talking to Bruce. Morgan and Georgia got to sleep in the back this time. Amanda sat by Jake and they talked about their future.


The next morning, they were all at Jake’s. He had breakfast brought in so they would all sit for a while and he could explain about Chenault and Forstmann, without trying to frighten them. He also wanted to tell them about Holosync.

Jules wasn’t there. He had an early meeting to present their module to HSBC Bank. If all went well here, he’d be off to Singapore to present to the home office. This made Jake a little nervous. He hoped they wouldn’t plant them overseas as offices, and he didn’t know anything about overseas shipping, but they would learn that when they had to as they had learned about everything else.

Vince, Charlie and Justin were delighted to have breakfast. They weren’t as delighted to hear about the connection between Chenault and Forstmann.

“That guy, Forstmann’s a creep,” Justin said with a great deal of energy. “I don’t care if he has the coolest car I’ve seen since the 60s.”

Vince laughed. “They don’t scare me. But tell us boss, what’s your idea?”

Jake explained that with the advice of Bruce, he had an idea to bring on celebrities as supporters and donors so that the media’s eye would stay on the non-profit. He mentioned those he had seen at the dinner party and talked about their connection to veterans. Then, he had the master mind group talk about how they might be reached.

It seemed that Charlie had an aunt, who was married to a car dealer who sold cars to Hollywood actors and actresses. He called them right away and his brother-in-law knew both James Brolin and Clint Eastwood well enough to ask them for a meeting. He would have to call them back, but he would get the earliest possible meeting time.

Meanwhile, Slow Guy had work to do. They were going to go up to the office space that Justin had found. They had to plan office space and decide whether to go with a contractor, or do the renovations themselves.

Charlie had bought two second hand trucks from Toyota, and they were going to paint them as soon as they had artwork. He thought they would hold two modules each and kept his fingers crossed on that. They were not sure about the packing they would come in. That could make them a little too large. But the dealer needed Amanda to provide artwork, and for that she had to come up with a finished logo design. She was going to stay on at Jake’s office/apartment while the rest of the team went uptown. She assured everyone that she trusted their judgment, but that she needed the quiet time for inspiration. Ho’oponopono, Amanda. I love you. Divinity, please transmute any program I have that will limit Amanda’s insight and inspiration. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.

I’m glad that Jules is out. He doesn’t handle stress all that well, and this is one stressful day. We have two enemies who are as powerful as any other two businessmen I can think of. We have a new company that doesn’t even have an office or phones yet and orders are coming in and we don’t have trucks to make delivery in….Not to worry, he reminded himself, because there was no address for the modules to be delivered to until they signed a lease…. He chuckled to himself, and Vince looked at him inquiringly. He shook his head.

The team of Jake, Vince, Justin, Charlie and Georgia left to go to Dyre Avenue. Jules was still on his sales call when they left and Amanda stayed back to finish her artwork and to answer the phone in case Charlie’s brother-in-law called with an appointment date. When he called back, Amanda would call Jake on his cell phone.

………… The uptown team was sitting in The Parrotfish having lunch with Atlantic (the cat) who seemed to like Jake, when Amanda called. Delany had called. They were anxious to send down the first two modules but needed an address for the trucker. The team had decided to take the location that Justin had found, so Vince promised to make the call to Maine.

And, Charlie’s brother-in-law had called. Clint Eastwood was out of the country for the rest of the month, but he would be back in Hollywood mid-December. Fortunately James Brolin was also available at that time. Would it be possible to have dinner with them on Monday, December 17th?

Jake started laughing, so delighted and excited at the news. He told the team as Amanda relayed the information to him, and she was asked to call back to confirm the date. Jake didn’t yet know who was going to go, or how they were going to pay for it, but he knew that some of them would go to make the presentation.

Justin had been half looking around the restaurant for Jessica until that news. He was surprised that somehow the good news honed his appetite for food with his colleagues and quenched his appetite for Jessica. Perhaps, he thought, this stress was taking a toll after all….

After lunch, they went back to their new office off Dyre Avenue. With renewed enthusiasm, they planed how the spaces would be divided, and decided to do the renovations themselves to save time. This was something they knew how to do together, and all looked forward to doing some physical work to relieve some of the stress that had been building.

Vince called the boatyard in Maine, and happily gave them their brand new address. The modules would arrive by the end of the week, and they would send down 2 the following week. Jake heard Vince remind them that they would have to step up production to 20/week. Apparently they agreed because he said, “Good then. I’ll talk to you when these arrive.” Vince explained to Jake that they could hit whatever target was needed during the winter. Once the spring and summer season started, they would have other jobs to do which would take up space, so they were planning to exceed the target during the winter and build a storage shed large enough for a summer’s inventory.

He then made a call to a lumberyard in Brooklyn that had very fair prices for structural lumber and delivered when they said they would deliver. Meanwhile, Charlie ordered paint from a wholesaler he knew near the Williamsburg Bridge. Jake was still high on the excitement, but not so high he didn’t appreciate the wherewithal of his team and their ability to multitask.

On Thursday, the day the modules arrived, the lower level was ready for them, and for the trucks. They were still painting the upper level, but the carpentry was finished; the offices were built, and the doors and windows were in.

Also that day, Chenault called Jake, and all but screamed about a news article he had seen in The Economist. Apparently, they had run an article straight from Jake’s Press Release about the new non-profit. Jake had even tentatively named it, which he knew he had no right to do, but since he already knew what the name would be, he didn’t see any harm in it. Jake apologized, but as Chenault said, “What’s done is done….” Chenault asked for another meeting the following week, but Jake insisted on waiting a month. “With a new business, I can’t devote more than once a month to planning the Veterans for Prosperity.

“Don’t do something like that again,” Chenault warned.

He couldn’t see Jake’s smile, but he could hear it as Jake said, “A promise is a promise.” And, if I could expect you to endorse that ethical principle, we could work on this together. As it is, I will continue to keep my cards close to my chest. As my mother used to say about her youngest students, parallel play is a precursor to playing together.


On Thursday, December 13th, 2007, almost a month later, the team learned that Barbra would be back in town for a few days and also wanted to meet with them about Veterans for Prosperity. And, Tom Hanks had heard about the meeting from Spielberg who had been talking with Eastwood. He had asked if he could attend as well. Georgia had booked them a conference room for the meeting at a reputable Hollywood hotel.

Several other publications after The Economist had picked up on Jake’s Press Release, and they were gaining a reputation. Several team members had already been interviewed and they had brought with them several of the Vets from the parade. They had also used the opportunity to talk about The Slow Guy, which was also picking up speed as it gained fame from their non-profit spin-off.

Jules was not alone now as the sales representative. Vince and Justin were also out there every day, making calls and doing follow-up visits to those who originally indicated they would be interested in buying. They now had articles in several major business magazines to carry along with them to add legitimacy to the young organization.

So Slow Guy was going well. They expected to double the number of modules delivered in January over December. Charlie was often on the phones, as the only technical assistance person, sometimes with one of the two truck drivers and sometimes with a customer having trouble with either the solar power or with accessing his company via video. Jake was relieved that the calls were short, an indication to him that the system worked and someone had made a mistake in what to plug in where.

Meanwhile, Jake and the entire team had been working with their Holosync Program to enhance their ability to access their unconscious, and, as they hadn’t at first realized, to build their tolerance for stress and change. As they were to discover over time, Jake, Amanda and Georgia had high tolerances when they started the program. Justin and Charlie had normal tolerances. Vince and Jules had low tolerances, although they all thought that their tolerances had been building anyway through their use of Ho’oponopono. They also realized that part of the strength of a Master Mind Group is that the group can spread out the stress and those who are best able to absorb it can do so for the sake of the group. This had helped Vince and Jules function optimally all along. Perhaps it has also been the reason that Jules had done so well in his training program at Xerox, but not as well once he was on his own.

A measure of the degree of their tolerance was the amount, or lack of, pain associated with the program. As Bill Harris, founder of Centerpointe Research says, pain is caused by resistance. When you can stand back and witness change and resistance as an observer, there is no pain. Vince and Jules were suffering from muscle tightness or headaches fairly often during that first month using Awakening Prologue, and almost felt as if they had a flu several times and both were suffering from more anxiety than usual. Charlie had some odd coughing periodically and Justin was having some bad dreams. They all understood that these were signs of growth and brain development and reminded each other to observe with interest their resistance. Say, “Ah” to these things was Bill Harris’ recommendation; and, when you are having wonderful responses, say, “Ah” to those things.

Jake had also read Jon Kabat-Zinn who works out of the University of Massachusetts Medical School, and founded the Stress Reduction Clinic in 1979. They developed an 8-week mindfulness meditation training without benefit of Holosync, and found that on a standardized assessment tool, chronic pain was reduced by at least 50% in 61% of the participants. Since many of Jon Kabat-Zinn’s patients were referred by various clinics at the Medical School, many had chronic dis-eases. Jake wondered if their pain was also relieved when they began observing and stopped resisting. It was also included in his program to become the observer, or the watcher.

It was in this state of change that the team headed out to Hollywood, California. They weren’t at first going to take everyone, but since it only required losing three days of work with a weekend in the middle, it made sense to go out with everyone. They would leave on Friday, and stay at the hotel Friday night. They would have Saturday and Sunday to adjust to the time change, to do some sightseeing and to plan their presentations. Monday morning, California time, they would present the Veterans for Prosperity to the stars. James Brolin had invited them to dinner Monday evening. Tuesday they would head back.

Since this was not a Slow Guy event, they had each paid for their own tickets and their own hotel room. But, it seemed well worth it to be part of the group. On the plane, they all had time to do their meditation, as well as to fool around a bit. Penny was traveling with Justin, and Jules and Vince were mercilessly asking her questions and telling stories. They were careful not to tell any story from their time in the Navy that would likely upset her trust in Justin, but they told story on story that showed him as a regular guy rather than the Greek hero who seemed to fill her fantasy. It didn’t seem to affect her image of him in the slightest, which annoyed the storytellers a little, but made Justin happy. Justin was reminded why he didn’t often include Penny in their more social travels although she thoroughly enjoyed his friends and colleagues. It amused Amanda and Georgia who hadn’t heard most of the stories, and almost all involved Jake as well.

Jake knew these stories and didn’t need to hear them again, so he put on the Holosync CD and closed his eyes. An hour wasn’t much out of the coast to coast trip, and in that time he pictured their meeting. We are focusing on the stories of the vets we will be helping. This is giving our team something they believe in to talk about, and it is touching the hearts of these celebrities. We won’t have to take away from Chenault and his guys because we won’t be specifically defining Veterans for Prosperity. We can all do that together when we get back. However, we will have started forming particles and shaping the energy for the Veterans for Prosperity that we envision.

One story told while Jake meditated was of the time when Justin had gone off with only Jake and Charlie during their Mediterranean Cruise. After taking a road trip into the Lake Region of Italy, they had to rush back, driving through the harrowing mountains of Northern Italy and Tuscany on narrow roads with teams of bicyclers and trucks that took more than their half of the road. Justin was the last driver, and was beyond exhausted when he finally parked outside the rental office in the rain, waiting for morning when the office would be open. He had parked behind a truck and when he woke at first light, his wipers were still going and his headlights were on the truck. He yelled and slammed on the brake, believing with all his heart that he was about to hit it. This woke up Jake and Charlie who yelled as well, only to discover that the car had been in park for two hours, with the engine running and the headlights and wipers on. The truck had been parked as well, but its driver had managed to turn it off before parking for the night.

They were in a jovial, convivial mood when the plane landed on time, and none of their bags were lost. This seemed a good omen and they reached their hotel in two cabs without any delay or problems.


Once again, armed with overhead projector images prepared by Amanda and Georgia, the team set up to present their idea to a new audience. This time, they were presenting the Veterans for Prosperity (working title), and they were presenting to celebrities, any of whom had far more experience at a microphone and on a stage than did any of the Slow Guy team. However, they had heart, and they believed in what they were doing, and they were not doing it for their own glory or for their own profit but for current and future veterans who needed some help. They were coming from inspiration and belief if not from talent.

They don’t know that these guys are going to love us. They don’t know that Hollywood sees so many phonies, that when we speak from our hearts about what the Vets have told us, they are going to give us more than we need, and, they’re going to make sure we have other invitations to present to other wealthy people who are looking for something good to do with their money.

Jake was relaxed, as were Amanda and Georgia and Charlie. The rest borrowed some calm and a sense of security from them.

They were at the front of the room as the small, but intimate audience started to assemble. Barbra and James were first, followed within minutes by Clint and Tom. These were professionals and didn’t keep people waiting. Their time was valuable, and they assumed that everyone else’s was as well.

Jake opened with the story of his dinner time presentation to Chenault. And, then he introduced Justin to tell the story of the Vet who had been sharing his story at his table.

His vet’s name was Michael. Michael got out of the army after serving in the Middle East, both Iraq and Afghanistan for 5 years. He was released before his unit came home, because he lost an arm and one eye. It took a while before he had a prosthesis that fitted him properly, and that he could work. By, then, he had signed away his benefits because he was told that he wouldn’t qualify 100% and would do better to take the settlement bonus and lifelong medical benefits. His wife had spent the bonus before he had gotten out of the hospital, and disappeared the day before he was due to be sent home.

When he got home, there was nothing but a pile of bills and some few bits of furniture inside. His car was rusting in the driveway, the roof was leaking and she had taken off with a new car she had bought with his cash. He had been raised to take the good with the bad, and remembered that his family had run a popular Italian restaurant and pizza parlor in his home town 20 minutes from New York City. He had a lot of friends in this Texas town, and he figured they needed a good New York pizza parlor, so he made some inquiries about where a Vet could get funding for a new business.

He was sent off to the Small Business Administration, and he filled out all the paperwork and he waited and waited. 2 years had gone by while he worked flipping burgers at a local McDonalds. He had seen all sorts of immigrants get loans and start their businesses, but none of the Veterans he knew had gotten anything approved. He was beginning to wonder whether the SBA really gave out any loans at all.

Jake was watching the audience as well as he could with the lights on their section of the hall. When the pictures on the overhead were light enough, he could make out the faces of their audience. They were already distressed.

Justin introduced Charlie, and Charlie got up to talk about a young woman from Seattle Washington, Gretchen, who had joined the 22nd Airborne after 911. She had been an athlete and an honors student her whole life and wanted to help in the war against terrorism. Instead, she was terrorized in her unit. Her CO had taken an interest in her and had been insinuating himself in her business from her first days. He was a married man and she had continuously avoided him or managed to get away from him with the help of her unit until they were sent to Iraq. Once there, he was able to give her soft, solitary assignments and he would find her, repeatedly raped her and threatened her with repercussions to her career if she told anyone. Since all complaints go through one’s CO, and she had no direct contact with his superior, she had no way to officially report his behavior. Her unit turned against her because they believed she was asking for the easy, safe assignments. She suffered verbal abuse from several of the men in her unit and almost daily sexual assault by her CO until another woman fragged him in a bar. She testified on the other woman’s behalf, and then she was ostracized by all the men in her unit for siding against her CO.

She was eventually sent home with a medical discharge. She was unable to find work, even unpaid work as an apprentice in a corporate setting. Each new rejection pushed against the fragile self she had reclaimed when she had returned to Seattle, and she had a break down. Her parents had sold the seafood business and their home in Seattle and moved to Florida, but they had kept an apartment in the multifamily dwelling she had grown up in so she would have a place to live. They offered to help her start another business, if she could get a matching loan. She had been unable to do this and had been living without electricity, phone or gas for 3 months in Seattle when she had come to NYC and met the Slow Guy team at the Veterans Parade. In NYC, she was living in a shelter and getting therapy at a Vet Center, but she still didn’t know where she was going to find the money to start her own business.

There was one more story, but Jake interrupted to explain that the goals of the new non-profit, Veterans for Prosperity, did not include corporate mentoring. He explained that there were already such programs, but that this group wanted to help the Veterans who did not have the resources, either personal or emotional for the in-fighting and competition necessary to succeed in a corporate environment. He explained that they wanted to help Michael and Gretchen, who weren’t going to get help anywhere else.

Then he introduced Vince, who was to tell the story of Max. Max was a young street artist from the Bronx, who had been busted doing his art on the sides of subway trains. He had been given a choice between Juvenile detention and joining the Marines. He had chosen the Marines because he was gay and knew that he’d be beaten badly at Juvi. With the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, he thought he’d be safe in the Marines. This did work out well for a while. He was fit and able to go through training with no more than the usual discomfort. But, this wasn’t true once he was sent to Iraq. He fell in love with another Marine and the two of them found ways to spend time with each other whenever they could arrange time off at the same time. Otherwise, they were all business and were exemplary soldiers.

But, since their time off had to be spent out of the sight of other soldiers, they were often off the base alone. In their third month, they were spotted embracing by some Iraqis who then gang raped them, beat them and left them for dead. They were found by a member of their unit, and received emergency medical attention before being sent back to the States for recovery. Max’ partner sustained extensive and permanent brain injury and once he was out of the coma he was barely able to learn to talk again. Max is never free of pain after sustaining irreparable nerve damage to legs, hips, back and neck. He would like to pursue his art in a legal venue, and was hoping to be able to attend an on-line Art School for computer, HTML, training and for computer animation. Because he didn’t finish his tour of duty, he is not eligible for any kind of educational reimbursement by the military. Because he is in pain, he can’t work outside his home. He can’t travel except by wheel chair because although he can walk, his pain sometimes causes his legs to crumble. He lives with his father, and cooks for him in exchange for room and board. He tries to do some light cleaning, but more than very light cleaning is too much for him.

They had some photos of Max’s art before he went overseas which was wonderfully happy and intriguing on the projector. He could see the group nodding and laughing, thoroughly enjoying it. They finished with a self portrait of Max after his brutal beating. It was a distorted, dark portrait, evocative of Vincent Van Gogh’s.

Lights back up.

The audience looked stressed. This is good. When they feel this pain, they will want to relieve it and they will relieve it by being supportive both financially and through media attention.

Jake took back the microphone from Vince after giving him a hug. He introduced Amanda as the artist who had put together the slides as the backdrop of the stories. He introduced Georgia as their CPA who would be instrumental in forming the budget and explained that there was a group in NYC who had not joined them this trip, but with whom they would piece together the details of Veterans for Prosperity.

He then enumerated the goals that had been listed at their first meeting. They would provide technical support, help to write the business plan, help the vets find mental or emotional health support if needed, help them find a place to live, and help them find supporters for their idea. If they needed a temporary master mind team to work with, Veterans for Prosperity would find them a team. If they needed ongoing artistic or bookkeeping support, Veterans for Prosperity would provide that assistance until they had the financial ability to provide it for themselves.

He then asked for the support of Hollywood, both financially and through keeping media attention on Veterans for Prosperity. He promised that the group would provide them with stories both of need and of success, and with anything else they could think of. He asked them to join in a partnership to help to heal homecoming veterans.

The audience erupted in applause, as much as 4 people can possibly generate. They stood and joined the Slow Guy group, shaking hands and promising to meet them later at dinner. And then, these very busy people left.

It was still morning, so the Slow Guy team headed upstairs to change into beach clothes for the rest of the day. They would dress in black tie for the formal dinner at Ms. Streisand’s home, and Jake already knew how that would be a success. He was a little curious about how much he would remember of the little things: the rugs, the curtains, the dishes. In the meantime, they would head for the beach for some downtime.

They walked out together toward their 2 rented cars. “Do you think we should learn to play golf?” Justin asked. “A lot of Navy officers play golf, and a few of the SEALS who I’ve met.”

They laughed. Charlie answered. “I think we should take it on, Justin. Who ever heard of a wealthy businessman who didn’t play golf?”

“Did anyone ask directions to the beach?” Georgia asked.

Vince smiled. “Georgia, we’re men, and we’re Navy. We’d be embarrassed to ask directions. The Pacific Ocean is to the west of us. It’s big. We’ll find it.”

Georgia looked at Amanda and she shrugged her shoulders. “Didn’t they ever hear of One-Way Streets, or think that one beach might be different from another, or that there might be parking in one area and not in another?”

“The Slow Guy always wins,” Jake reminded them.

3 Scroon Madness

Everyone who ever uses Holosync starts out with a map of reality that was started in their childhood. These are useful, much as a map of a particular area is useful as an abridged version of possibility, because we don’t want to have to think about how to brush our teeth or how to say goodnight to our parents or how to hold a pen every time we start to do something. We don’t want every decision to be a brand new moral decision. We learn to do our homework, or not, and we learn what the consequences are.

We learn also about interpersonal relationships from family, friends, and teachers and later from colleagues. All along, we develop rules about what is safe and what isn’t. As you can imagine, the maps held by Vince and Jules who were unsafe in their families were quite different from those of Jake and Amanda and Georgia who were totally protected and nurtured in their families.

A Buddhist or a quantum physicist will remind you that although these are developed from our history, these are only maps, and not reality. An editor from Hammond or any map company will tell you that maps are changing all the time. And, when one starts to work with Holosync, this map will need to be changed frequently because one’s view of what is safe and what isn’t will radically and almost continuously change. What they didn’t know at the beginning of the Holosync program was that eventually they would not need a map at all, but would be totally conscious, adaptive and resilient, and able to deal with every circumstance in the most harmonious and efficient manner.

During their first year using Holosync, Jake was having dreams of the future of Slow Guy, and Vince was having dreams of the kind he used to have during his childhood. One dream was delightful and happy, and the other was terrifying, dark and bleak. They just kept bubbling up as his meditation took him to lower and deeper areas of his subconscious. Yet, Vince stayed with Holosync because he believed that he too could get to the wondrous happy place if he didn’t give up. He even spent some time in Maine that first winter, hoping that being there as an adult would help him get over the night terrors that had always plagued him.

The first time Vince went up alone, it was February. They already had the 501(C)3 for Veterans for Prosperity. Slow Guy was selling more than the 20 units they needed to pay their expenses and to repay their investors with interest. Delany Boat Building was having a little trouble meeting the monthly numbers and building the extra modules needed to get them through the summer. It looked as if they would have to continue building at least at a reduced rate through the spring and summer. But, Vince went up to see if he could help find a way to increase production while also having a chance to confront his personal demons.

The first day was wonderful. He got up early, before Bill and his Dad and went for a run along the woods. When he came back, they already had breakfast on the table.

“Hey, you guys don’t eat like this all the time, do you?” Vince looked at the table, and they had sausage, scrambled eggs, English Muffins and orange juice in addition to coffee. Coffee was what he remembered from high school.

“It was always around, but no one ate when you were still home, so I didn’t cook,” Michael said. “Bill and I enjoy our breakfast now, and since we don’t get much chance for lunch, it has to last us.”

“Okay, well, I’m all for it,” Vince said enthusiastically. “Being up here will feel like being on a cruise.”

“A Navy cruise?” Bill asked. “Hardly the weather one would ask for on a luxury ship….”

“I’ve never been on a luxury cruise, but I’d always heard the food was the best part,” Vince said matter of factly.

They laughed. Michael said, “Well, we’ll see what you think after you’ve been up here a few days. You know what they say about Maine weather?”

“I know,” Vince laughed. “If you don’t like it wait a few minutes.”

“It’s grey,” Michael reminded him. “When it’s not snowing, it’s grey. I had to add full spectrum lights in the plant. I’ve never before needed to get productivity out of the guys because we didn’t have much work in the winter. In the last month I’ve noticed that too many guys slowed way down and couldn’t shake it off. Our local bar tender, who knows about everything – you know Curtis? – told me about seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and suggested the new lights. It’s been great. Guys come in early and don’t want to leave. I have to kick them out. But they are saying that they feel better at work than anywhere else.”

Bill laughed. “Dad doesn’t want to tell them about the lights. He is so happy with their coming to work on time…. He’s afraid that if they put them in their homes they’d go right back to being on time Monday and late on Tuesday.”

Vince chuckled. “You won’t have to tell them. I remember Curtis. He will tell them before the winters over.”

They enjoyed their breakfast and headed out to the boatyard. Vince was looking forward to a day doing physical work.


That night, after dinner, Bill and Michael turned on a basketball game and Vince went to his old room. It was in the back of the house, over the porch. With his adult mind, he realized that was why there were so many sounds. He had access to the outside on 4 out of 6 surfaces. The ceiling was protected by the attic and the wall with his door was part of the interior of the house. All other walls, and his floor, had some insulation he assumed, but otherwise was connected to the outside. He listened. He could hear the brittle branches cracking as they swayed in the wind. He could hear someone; a two legged, crunching across the frozen snow. He looked out the window toward the boatyard. He couldn’t see who it was. A big man was walking with a hat and with his head down and his collar turned up against the cold. Perhaps Michael had been checking the locks.

He looked out the window toward the water. The moon was rising. It was about ¾ moon and barely visible through the haze, fog or clouds. Even so, it was reflecting on the water and he could make out the uneven shape of the shoreline from their inlet to the larger bay and finally to the ocean beyond his vision.

Finally, he went to look out the window facing the woods. It was dark on that side. In his memory, it was always dark on that side. And, this was where the cracking sounds were coming from. He heard some distant howling, and recognized it as dog, or perhaps wolf. There was a path through the woods across this peninsula to the next inlet. He used to like to walk across with Vixen after a new snow. There were always different footprints: fox, wolf or dog, rabbit, squirrel, deer, moose, raccoon. Those were the ones he recognized. There was sometimes a large print that his conscious brain told him was bear. After Vixen was lost, he didn’t take that walk without an older brother.

He lowered the blinds, and sat cross legged on his bed with his stereo headphones, his portable CD player, and loaded his Holosync CD, the Dive. In a half hour, this would be followed by Immersion. He closed his eyes and listened. The rain sounds started, with some crystal tones. He immediately relaxed and he focused on his breathing.

His mind wandered around a bit, to the work he had done during the day, and the guys he had worked with who looked older than they used to look. He brought his attention back to his breathing and to the Holosync sounds and kept it there for quite a while.

Almost unnoticed, his mind slipped back to the day of the nor’easter when Vixen disappeared. He was not 7 again, but he was in a 7 year old body walking up to his front door and he felt frightened and remembered that he spent his early life being frightened most of the time. He entered the house and Vixen was there to greet him. What a great dog. She was beautiful and elegant as all Airedales are, but she was majestic in size. She was not the tidy tight Airedale of the dog shows, but an Airedale the size of a Belgian Shepherd with a beautifully chiseled face and deep set eyes. There she was greeting him and his heart leapt for joy. He realized he was in love with her. His 7 year old self loved this dog as a family member, and he still did.

He knew he shouldn’t let her out. But, she had to go out because she had been in since 7am or so that morning. She could probably wait until his mother got home. He went into the kitchen and Vixen followed him, confused, but willing to do something different this day. He looked out the window and couldn’t see much. It was only 3:30pm, but the sky was black. The clouds were thick and ready to let go the rain any minute. He went into the TV room and looked out the window, and there was something out there. There it was. It was large and dark and looming at the edge of the woods. He saw it move, and then couldn’t see it again but he knew it was there.

That was what Vixen had chased that day. It could be a Scroon. His adult self had to know. He looked at his body. He was small, but he was fast. He went to the closet and found his brother’s slicker and hat. This was made for wet Maine weather and would keep him dry. He also felt bigger and stronger in it, as if he was his brother Jim. He also rummaged around in his mother’s pots and pans and found a good, noisy but light aluminum pan with a top that he could bang against it. He wanted to get close enough to see that thing, but if it came after him he wanted to be able to frighten it. He looked over and Vixen was sitting right next to him with her tail wagging. He wondered if he could hold her if she ran after whatever it was. He didn’t think so. Would she stay with him if he called her back? He wasn’t sure. She stayed with him when they were walking, but only after chasing the squirrel up the tree.

He went into his father’s closet and found a long rope. He hooked the leash to the ring in Vixen’s collar, and then tied the rope through the leather handle of the leash and tied the other end of the rope around his waist. He knew how to do a bolland knot. He had known that since he was 5. He made a bolland for the leash end and around his waist. Vixen might run after that thing, but she wasn’t going to go without him this time.

He heard the rain. Was it the rain of the Holosync or the nor’easter he couldn’t tell? He felt ready. He opened the back door. Vixen was with him. She was sitting at attention. She knew better than to run out when her leash was on. They walked out, and he closed the door behind them. He was dry and warm in his brother’s wet gear in spite of the pouring rain. Vixen was walking right next to him, but her ears were at attention. She saw something too or maybe smelled something.

He walked towards the woods, slowly, not wanting to get the attention of whatever it was, but also not wanting to crawl across the wet lawn. Once on his belly, he didn’t think he could make a run for it fast enough to get inside before something that size could get to him. Vixen stayed at his side, attending to the woods, but also staying close to him. He knew in that moment that she wouldn’t leave his side no matter what came out of those woods. She was there to protect him.

He stopped when he was about 6 feet from the edge of the woods. Vixen was growling and her teeth were bared and her noble head was as far forward as she could reach without tugging on the leash. Vince stared into the woods and had the feeling that whatever it was was also looking back at him, deciding. He watched and saw a movement, and then the next thing he knew, something was jumping, lurching, running from the trees onto his lawn. Vixen stood between them and he grabbed the pot and cover and started banging away for his life, and hers. He jumped as high as he could to look as big as he could look and kept jumping and Vixen seemed to understand and also stood on her hind legs and almost screamed. It was a sound he didn’t know a dog could make, partway between a howl and a, well, a banshee and he had no idea how she made that sound, but he thought she must have used howling muscles.

The thing stopped and bent over onto its front legs and now Vince could easily see what it was. It was a bear. It was the largest black bear in the world, Vince was sure. He jumped some more and made even more noise. It backed up three slow steps. He backed up slowly with Vixen. He jumped again and Vixen was still on her hind legs, howling or screaming, and barking now as well. It turned and in two leaps was back hidden in the blackness of the woods, apparently deciding that this prey was too far from the woods, or that these two were too loud and fierce and fearless. And, Vince realized then that he was fearless. His adult courage had infused this little 7 year old and his dog with invincibility. That was why the bear backed off. He didn’t smell the slightest fear or vulnerability. Perhaps the smell of metal from the pot reminded him of guns. Surely this bear has been around hunters once or twice. He was too old and too close to civilization not to have been chased once or twice.

Vince went over to a bush near the back door and waited, letting her urinate behind it, and then they both went back inside. He took off her leash, and untied the rope. He knelt down and wrapped his little 7 year old arms around her and she licked the tears from his face and licked dry his hands and arms once he took off the slicker and hung it on the back of a kitchen chair and he took Vixen up to his room. He turned on the light and patted his bed for her to jump up to be next to him while he read his little children’s books and waited for his mother to come home. But he didn’t pick up a book. Instead, he closed his eyes and rejoined his adult self sitting with his headphones on.

When the rain on the CD stopped, and there was quiet, Vince opened his eyes, half expecting to see Vixen on his bed. She wasn’t there in 2008, but there was the impression of a dog squished in the coverlet, and he smiled. He reached over to feel the warmth that had been there a few moments ago, and it was a little damp, but still warm. He began to cry, and he didn’t try to make himself stop. He simply reached over and turned out the light, letting his tears soak his pillow before he finally fell asleep.


Jules also took advantage of Holosync and his deep meditation to explore his childhood. He wasn’t ready for this until March, when the crocuses were out and the daffodils were starting to bloom. He had a great day. He had met with 4 different buyers and all had bought at least one module. One company had ordered 5. He enjoyed being with them, and had felt that his sense of humor had returned when he had made them laugh. He wished that every day could be like this one.

So, when he slipped on his headphones that evening, he was feeling powerful and in the groove of life. There was nothing in particular that led him back to the horrors of his youth. He just slipped back there while the rain was taking him down to a deep memory. He was in his room doing homework. 217 plus 348 equals 565…. “Hey, MoonHead” he heard. Panic welled in his throat like bile, hot and bitter. His legs went numb and he thought he might wet himself. He ran to the bathroom to let out the urine. He heard himself nervously chanting the mantra, “no, no, no, I didn’t do anything, no, no….”

And then the bathroom door blew open, crashing against the tile wall. “Bam.” And his father stood there in his jockeys with his dick pushing against them and an old tee shirt, with a bottle of beer in his hand. “I was looking for you, MoonHead. Didn’t you hear me? I guess we need to do something about that. I get pretty sick of calling you and getting nothing in response.”

Jules was about 8 he thought from the math problem, but he was not alone. His grown-up self was with him. He was not sure whether this was good or bad. The grown-up Jules was angry, so very angry but he didn’t know what to do either. He had not noticed as a child that his father got excited before hurting him. Little Jules put his penis inside his under drawers and pulled up his jeans. He looked around without lifting his head. The grown-up Jules had been the best in his fleet at hand to hand combat, but the 8 year old would need a weapon. There wasn’t much in the bathroom: toilet cover, towels, soap, safety razor, toothbrushes, plastic cup. However, there was also a radiator, sink, toilet and a loose rug that could be pulled. As his father stepped onto the bath rug, Jules bent over, grabbed it with two hands and pulled as hard and as fast as he could. His father’s feet went out from under him and his head bounced off the door jam hitting the sink hard as he fell. He was knocked out cold and there was very little blood; just a smidgen on the door frame and a little bit showing on the front of his forehead where he hit the bottom of the sink.

Jules turned around and smiled. That was more like it. No more MoonHead or Dipshit. He took some toilet paper and wiped the blood off the door frame. He didn’t want his mother getting into trouble over a dirty bathroom. He felt his father’s neck and found the pulse. Still alive. The luck of the drunk and the feeble minded.

He thought about the other members of the family and wondered if anyone would help him to kill this man who tortured all of them. He could kill him right now. He could step on his neck, crushing his windpipe. Or, he could stuff his mouth with toilet paper while he was unconscious and fill his mouth and nose with water using the shower hose. He would drown before he could clear his mouth. The killing wasn’t the hard part. Getting him out of the house with this 8 year old body would be impossible.

Jules realized that he hated his father more than he thought he could hate. He stuffed his mouth with toilet paper and took piss water from the toilet with the cup from the sink and poured it in his father’s face. His father sputtered but didn’t wake. Jules hoped that he at least got an eye infection or a throat infection as he stepped over the body.

He went to his room, got his other jeans, his 2 sweatshirts and all his clean under pants and socks out of his chest and put them in his school bag. He had on his boots, so he tied his sneakers together and hung them over his shoulder. He was leaving. Grown up Jules knew that it would be better for him to grow up anywhere else. Not here. Not ever again. No one from this family was ever going to lay a hand on him again. He walked out without saying goodbye to anyone. He knew they were hiding. Once his father started calling one of his names, everyone conveniently disappeared. It had always been that way.

He started out in Syracuse in the late afternoon, and by morning he was in lower New York City. There was a place for runaways on Broome Street. He couldn’t think of the name of it, but he would find it. The cops in Port Authority would have to turn him in to the youth authorities, but the agency on Broome would be able to help him as long as he told them that his life was in danger. He didn’t know how he knew that. There it was. He was walking toward the white door when he became aware of the rain from the Holosync and he found himself back in his bedroom.

It took a few minutes for the Holosync to finish, and more than a few minutes for him to return to full consciousness. He was feeling exhausted, but satisfied, and a little elated. Somehow, just dumping his father on his ass and indirectly pissing on his face had been one of the most agreeable experiences he had ever had…. However, as he thought about it, he wasn’t sure he had really had it. What had happened, exactly, he wasn’t sure? The Slow Guy group all knew that it was possible to travel on parallel ribbons of time while meditating. Jake was pretty successful at it. Vince had been able to do it, and Amanda.

So, he had either really gone back, or not. He didn’t know how to be sure, but whatever had happened, he felt good about it. Whether it was only in his mind, or had happened in reality, it didn’t matter to Jules. He had stopped his father and everyone else in his family from hurting him at least once and had gotten away. He hadn’t been too afraid. He had found the courage he needed.

He wanted to talk with Vince about it. He looked out the window, and the sun was just rising above the buildings to the east. It was almost 7am. He was confused. He had started the Dive in the evening. It and the Immersion only take an hour…. How could it be morning? He had undergone some strange time conversion. He would have to consult with Jake about it. He shrugged and headed for the shower. He planned to have a great day.


The final bit of Scroon dirty business involved Kenneth Chenault and Theodore Forstmann and their attempt to reshape Veterans for Prosperity. It was at the February meeting of Veterans for Prosperity that Chenault hoped to push his agenda on the group. To re-cap, in December Jake and the Slow Guy team got the support of some Hollywood celebrities, and the media. In January they met with the American Express, Chenault team, and they finalized their purpose and goals and sent out their 501(C)3 application. In February, due in large part to all the media hype and support, their application was approved.

Chenault opened the meeting with Jake at his side. He asked for items for the agenda and his team began to suggest such things as recruiting Vets who have college educations or special training, recruiting Vets who have prior corporate experience and so forth. They were prompt with seconding the suggestions and asking for a vote. They seemed to have learned that much from the Slow Guy team, but they missed out on Slow Guys’ compassion for Veterans in dire straits.

Charlie was able to raise his hand with a copy of the new 501(c)3 in his hand which specifically prohibited them from “skimming” or trying to recruit only the best, most able candidates. With that, he made a proposal that all such suggestions be squashed from any future meetings of Veterans for Prosperity.

This was seconded and voted on and won almost unanimously after Jake pointed out that any breech of their 501(c)3 would invalidate it and make their activities fraudulent if not illegal.

Chenault had made his final play, and been suppressed by the Slow Guy team for the last time. He and Forstmann would, in the future, as they say, play nice. Veterans for Prosperity would go on to help over 100 veterans in the 10 months remaining in 2008 and assist in the successful startup of over 45 businesses.

Of those successful businesses, Gretchen got her fish market, although in NYC rather than Seattle, Michael got his pizzeria in Texas, and Max was getting his on-line art school training, and Tom Hanks had arranged for him to meet with Spielberg as soon as he was ready to work in animation.


Wealth Beyond Reason Premium Suite


4 The Slow Guy

It was May, 2008. Slow Guy was getting ready for their weekly mastermind group meeting. The Chinese food had arrived to their boardroom near Dyre Avenue. They were excited because Jake had some special news, as did Georgia, and neither was giving any hints ahead of time.

Georgia went first. “Congratulations to the Slow Guy team! We not only have met our goals and projections every month since January, but we have exceeded them. We were projecting sales revenue of $429 thousand per month, and since February, we have brought in more than $800 thousand in billing!”

The guys slapped hands, and looked appropriately pleased.

“I know you guys haven’t ever been part of a business before,” she continued. “But, this is one of the most exceptional startup companies I have every heard of, much less had anything to do with. I don’t know what to say except, keep up the fabulous work!”

They all cheered happily as Georgia sat down. Indeed, part of the success as they all understood was that they were having so much fun and they so enjoyed working with each other. And, then Jake stood to take the floor to make another announcement.

“I want to ask you a question,” he said cryptically. “Before I make my announcement, I would like to know what you guys imagine as a sign of success”

They looked at each other and shrugged. Justin focused on Amanda, but she didn’t give any indication of having heard anything they hadn’t heard.

“Ideas, please,” he said. “Just throw out some ideas of symbols of having made it.”

“Having a Panoz,” Justin said.

“Whoa,” Jake said. “I wasn’t clear. What would be a sign for Slow Guy? For a company?”

“Being written up in Forbes,” Charlie said.

“Going public and being invited to join the New York Stock Exchange,” Georgia suggested.

“Being invited onto the Oprah show,” Vince said.

“Ding, ding, brrrring,” Jake said. “You win the prize! We’ve been invited onto the Oprah show next month!” It doesn’t seem fair to allow a mind reader to play this game, but since no one is objecting….

“Whoa…. Hot…. Better than Forbes… My Panoz is already in the garage….” And the group made other sounds of excitement for a while as Jake disappeared into the kitchen. He returned with two bottles of champagne and enough glasses for everyone.

“I didn’t think we needed a working meeting tonight,” he said, “but deserved a chance to celebrate with each other. Not only have we blown away our projections, but we have attracted national attention with our success. And, I can’t think of a group I’d rather spend time with,” he said with feeling, “or a group that DESERVES TO BE ON ORRAH MORE THAN YOU GUYS!!” he said shouting with happiness.

He opened the bottles and filled the glasses, and passed them down. They all toasted to their own success and talked about being on the show the next month. And before they left that night, a producer from Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show called and asked them if they could be on that show, also in June.


After waiting in her waiting room with Justin, Jake followed the hostess out to the stage. Oprah was ready and introduced him as the founder and CEO of the fastest growing, most unusual company in America today, Slow Guy, Incorporated. She explained that their product would revolutionize business as we know it. As he walked out, his butterflies put on hiking boots. He prayed that his stomach didn’t start to growl.

She motioned to him to sit down after she shook his hand and looked deep into his eyes, smiling. He instantly felt at home, relaxing with an auntie or the neighbor next door. He looked out at the audience, and his Slow Guy team was there, and some of the veterans who had been part of Veterans for Prosperity. She asked him to describe his process for anyone who might be wanting to start a business.

He thought of Justin as he answered, “Find a mastermind group you trust and enjoy being with, and feed them lots of Chinese Food to keep them coming to the meetings.”

She laughed, as did her audience. He continued, “An old man on our ship told me that he would become rich by doing the same thing that we all do to get from anywhere to where we are. He would decide, and then he would see himself there. Everything else that would need to happen and everything that we would need to do would be obvious. I listened to him and did everything he said and then we did everything we were inspired to do. And, that was how we built Slow Guy.”

Oprah looked delighted. “You know that I have been talking about the Law of Attraction on several of these shows, and it sounds as if you too have used it?”

“Yes,” he said. “It was only afterwards that we became conscious of what we were doing. I believe you’ve also had Joe Vitale on, talking about Ho’oponopono?”

“Yes,” she said, obviously tickled. This guest was good for two of her favorite subjects. “And, if you don’t mind my reminding my audience…. Ho’oponopono is an old Hawaiian method of problem solving by clearing the practitioner of any harmful programs that are affecting anyone around them seeking wellness. It is also used to clear the practitioner of any ideas or ways of thinking that have been ingrained and habitual, thus preventing him from thinking with absolute clarity.” And turning back to face Jake, she said, “And it seems that Slow Guy was thinking with clarity to achieve such success so quickly.”

“Thank you,” he said humbly. “We had some great business advisers and we used Ho’oponopono and the Law of Attraction, and one other thing. We used Holosync meditation by Centerpointe Research. This was something we all did starting in December. I think that gave us the ultimate awareness of what needed cleaning.” He hesitated for a moment before saying, “We ex-Navy guys are CLEAN.”

The audience laughed and Oprah chuckled. She said, “Well, with all that help, I’m sure you could do anything. Do you have any additional plans?”

“One of the guys wants a Panoz, and our fiscal officer thinks that being on the New York Stock Exchange would be good. I, frankly, hadn’t thought past being on your show….”

Oprah smiled. “To tell you the truth, sometimes I wake up amazed that I am on the show…. But, why don’t you ask your team to come up here so we all can see how young you all are….”

And, the rest went according to Jake’s dream. The team came up. Oprah held Amanda’s hand and invited them to have their wedding on the show. Amanda requested September 10th.

Amanda also gave a little lesson on Ho’oponopono – offering the audience a cleansing and Jake got Oprah to talk about her connection to prayer. The only thing he had not dreamed about was that the team led the audience in clapping and clapping for Oprah and for them.

Behind the curtains, off stage, Oprah’s staff was also clapping. And then the show was done and the TV lights were shut off.

Oprah gave them all a hug, and Jake and Amanda thanked her. They would all be back in September.