The secret of the ages: Miracles Start Here:

“To he who hath it shall be given; from he who hath not, even what he hath shall be taken away.”

The secret of the ages is a problem, isn't it? This might even be the crux of the problem when using the Law of Attraction in our efforts to manifest our dreams. Yet, how could this really be the words of Jesus? How could Jesus, who was always positive, tell us that the secret of the ages is taking away the little held by the poor? This is the only negative or discouraging statement in the New Testament.

There have been many pieces written on this. One recent blog was by Bill Harris of Centerpointe Research and the movie, The Secret. He points out that the secret of the ages is that those with positive beliefs will develop a positive energy and attract much good to themselves. He adds that this is even true of microbial creatures. Those who have abundance, who are able to manifest their dreams, will attract more abundance and those who have fallen on lean times emit a different frequency which drives away any of their community who might otherwise follow them into the poor area. Those who have found an environment that meets all their needs emit a signal that calls others to them.

"Come. Here is the Garden of Eden!" Bill Harris proposes that as social creatures, humans have similar signals. This is a part of the secret of the ages.

This is not then a warning from Jesus, but a direction to focus on what you "hath" rather than what you "hath not" if you would have access to secret of the ages. As a teacher, He was pointing us in the right direction.

To this effort, when using the Law of Attraction consciously, Mike Dooley suggests to us that no matter where we are in life, that we skip any search for limiting beliefs whether we feel that we have been successful or not. Focus on the positive. Focus on what you want to happen when you manifest your dreams.

Focus on the abundance in your life, and the abundance you "imagine" in your life when your dreams are manifested. The pleasure you feel from these images will imprint on your subconscious mind as fact. This too is the secret of the ages. The pleasure you feel from these images will imprint on your subconscious mind which will then arrange for you to see circumstances and to meet people who will assist you in your endeavors. The pleasure you feel from these images will initiate the production of energizing and rejuvenating hormones, and as Bill Harris explained, these hormones will make you feel better, and will make you more attractive to others who will want to be around you and to work with you.

Do not ever, as Vic Johnson says, do not ever "confess" with your mouth anything that you don't want to happen, unless you want the secret of the ages working against you. And, it is not just what you say out loud that can sabotage your best efforts. It is also what you think and the attitude that you feed when you fail to believe that you are a being capable of manifesting your dreams.

Why would Vic Johnson tell us to monitor what we say and think?

You either believe that life is conspiring to help you today, or you don't. This is intrinsic in the secret of the ages. I promise you, that life is on your side each and every day and that this is truth and the secret of the ages. Life is conspiring, right now, to give you exactly what you have asked for! And, this is the reason Vic warns us not to say out loud any bad news or any worries. The Universe will provide those things for us to which we give energy or focus. Vic does not want us to be given the thing we don't want.

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Mike Dooley says that the Universe will always find the most direct and fastest way to provide for us. Let's ensure that it is the good that we really want; the manifestation we have visualized. This positive manifestation is not always obvious when it is happening and this too is part of the secret of the ages. Sometimes the Universe will need to shut one door to encourage us to open the other, or it might exercise our mettle and provide training by providing impediments for us to overcome. We might think that we have made a mistake, that this is the Universe giving us something that we don't want. Do not take these as signs that you have not asked correctly or that our manifestation has not worked! Take these as signs that our manifestation is working.

Vic Johnson tells us that "The size of your success is determined by the size of your belief." As our belief grows, so does our success. As we gain practice and experience harnessing the Law of Attraction and manifesting our dreams, our success increases. As our success increases, so does our belief, and so it goes. Some teachers suggest that we start with something small when first using the Law of Attraction to manifest our dreams.

In As A Man Thinketh, James Allen tells us, "The will to do springs from the knowledge that we can do....Circumstance does not make the man; it reveals him to himself." In those revelations Allen states one will find all of the barriers to realizing all of the wealth, all of the abundance, all of the dreams for this lifetime, more than they could ever imagine. He writes that man "is the sole author of his condition." This is another aspect of the secret of the ages.

In Above Life's Turmoil he tells us, "Belief always precedes action."

All the masters tell us the same thing. It starts with our belief. Jesus tells us, "Believe and your prayers will be answered." That was His secret and, there is not any catch to it. It is exactly true, as written. We must believe every day, every day, every day. First, there will be hurtles if we have a big dream. This too is the secret of the ages. Do not let the hurtles discourage you, but encourage you because they tell you that it is on it's way. You have successfully entered the quantum world of manifesting and as long as you don't exit, your visualization will become your life. (Even better, Bill Harris would tell you that although sometimes we seem to be swimming against the flow there is no possibility of exiting the stream.)

Law of Attraction 123 will help you to create a new reality for you and your family utilizing the Law of Attraction. Whether you believe it or not, LOA is working in your life. And this is the secret of the ages. There is no way to escape it.

Mike Dooley and Chellie Campbell( suggest that we review these helpful beliefs on a daily basis no matter what our former beliefs were: _________________________________________

1. Believe that you are worthy and will manifest your dream!

2. Believe that there is enough for anyone and that more will be produced.

3. Having yours, does not stop anyone else from having theirs.

4. If you have more, it will help you to do more good.

5. You have dominion over all things and can manifest any dream you want.

6. The Universe will provide for you. If you take the step, the landing will be there. Until you take the step, you won't see the ledge.

7. You are getting closer every day to manifesting your dream.

8. My affirmations work for me, whether I believe they will or not. (This is for the skeptics among you.)

9. I am a money magnet!

10. I am in charge of my body. I produce antibodies and youth hormone as needed. My weight will be optimal for my health and well being, allowing me to manifest my dreams and to enjoy them once I have them.

11. Money comes to me easily and effortlessly, waking and sleeping.

12. I am now highly pleasing to myself in other people’s presence.

13. I walk, talk, look, act, think and am rich!

14. I am a winner--I win often, and I win big!

15. Something wonderful is happening to me today—I can feel it!


Arm yourself for the secret of the ages. Arm yourself with the above beliefs when using the Law of Attraction. Arm yourself with the ability to overcome dis-couragement when manifesting your dreams, because it takes courage to become successful. If you find yourself having a fearful or sad or angry or jealous thought, you must counter it as quickly as possible.

Three Countering techniques:

List making. If you are having doubts about your ability to do something that is necessary for the manifestation of your dream, sit down as quickly as possible and make a list of as many reasons as possible of why the task "turned out to be greatly successful." Do the list from the future perspective, looking back on the event or task, as if you are doing a postmortem. Everything on the list should be positive. This is no time to be "reasonable" or "logical", although, do not go so far out that you will mentally be correcting every statement. For example, you might say, "the meeting with the funder was successful because we were all prepared; we know our subject inside and out; the funder was very sympathetic once he heard the truth about ___; our management team is solid; and we are always able to think of the right word at the right time." You might not be able to believe: "We are the best in the world at what we do" so skip that one. Here we are seeking to counter negative thoughts or beliefs with positive ones that come with pictures. This is the secret of the ages.

Ho'oponopono. This is the Hawaiian clearing or self identity affirming, or problem solving method. This is faster. Take 100% responsibility for whatever happens. If a man cuts you off on the highway, say, "I love you, Divinity. I am sorry for whatever I or my ancestors have done to cause this. Please forgive me. Thank you. It is done." Or, an alternative is "I love you, Divinity. I am sorry for whatever I or my ancestors have done to cause this. Please take this program and transmute it to the light where it will burn away. Thank you. It is done." Here we are accepting responsibility for whatever has occurred that has caused a worry, or for any negative thought that has come to mind. Once we accept responsibility, we can ask for help in getting rid of it, and we do so. Finally, we believe that the Universe, Creator, Divinity, has done what we asked and that we are clear of the negativity. We are moving toward a persona that has no old baggage to cause trouble, or a persona that has no ego interfering with the work and inspiration of our spirit. We are moving to regain the clarity we had before, before any negative events and before any sadness or disappointments in our lives affected our spirits. This will open our minds and hearts to ever greater ideas for wealth and abundance. Soon, we will have the object of our dreams, or better. And this too is the secret of the ages.

Aloha. This is another Hawaiian technique and the fastest of all to do. If you have a negative feeling, such as jealousy, you counter it by sending a blessing to the person who has the car that you would like, or the home that you wanted, or is leading a life that you would like. Send them a blessing, and your unconscious will feel the happiness you feel for them, and start the process of providing whatever it is for you. This is probably connected to the fact that we are all part of one reality, one spiritual truth. As the Mayans said, "I am you and you are me." As you point to the other, and wish them well, you are also wishing yourself well. As you feel pleasure for the car or the home or the body or the clothes, you are sending instructions to your subconscious to provide for you, the car or home, or body or clothes. Soon, you will have the same or better.

Miracles start here when manifesting your dream: 1) Visualize your dream. Spend ten minutes each day, visualizing with all the movie theatre color and sound you can muster. Then, feel the excitement and the thrill of the achievement. Feel the pleasure you feel when making good use of your accomplishments.

2) State your affirmative beliefs every day.

3) Counter any negative feelings or thoughts as quickly as you can. Never, never state any such thoughts out loud.

4) Repeat as necessary.

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