Robert Collier and The Secret of the Ages

Robert Collier, in Secret of the Ages, said that you can do anything you want to do, be anything you want to be or have anything you want to have. You have to know what you want, and you have to attend to your subconscious, your ambition, the Genie-of-your-mind as Robert Collier calls him. He points out that many people had Ambition as their driver when they were young, but when they became men, "He gave up on most of us as being poor, hopeless things."

First, you need desire. What is it that you dream of? What is it that you would work for day and night, because you may be called on to work that hard at first? Is there someone or something you would risk your life for? Make a picture of the successful accomplishment, and feel the feelings of having gotten it. Picture what you would do if you achieved your dream. Picture it as if you have it now.

Then, desire is not enough. As Robert Collier says, there must be BELIEF, too. “What things so ever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them and ye shall have them.” You must realize God’s ability to give you every good thing. You must believe in his readiness to do it.

More recently, in Conversations with God by Neil Donald Walsch, God says that Jesus was given everything he asked for because he never had any doubt that it would be given. He was thanking God as soon as he asked.

Robert Collier compares our trusting in the Universe to a swimmer's trusting in the water to support him. Just as the swimmer can't swim without the bouyancy provided by the sea, we can't manifest without the motivation and belief of our unconscious and the creative spark of the Universe.

And, we are reminded that when we plant a seed one day, we don't go out to the garden 3 days later to dig it up through doubt and worry. We should pray or manifest as we plant. Plant the prayer, and then trust in the Universe to make it grow. We should nourish it with water, or affirmation and gratefulness. "See" it as an accomplished fact.

It is your sincere conviction, Robert Collier assures us, registered upon the subconscious mind, that brings the answer to your prayers. "Once convince the subconscious that you have the thing you visualized, and you can just go on to your next problem" because it will be manifested by your Mind.

Swimming With the Tide

Robert Collier speaks of swimming with the tide. The Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) also speak of going with the stream. One elder explains that his father once asked him to dip a cup of water from the stream next to where they sat. He did so, facing the opening of the cup upstream, towards the current. The water rushed in and out and each time he lifted the cup from the stream, there was half a cup of water. His father suggested that he face the cup the other way, away from the rush of the current. When he did so, he was able to get a full cup to give to his father. His father pointed out that when you are in a rush to fill your cup, you will accumulate less of what you want than when you are willing to go with the current; when you are willing to work with the Mother.

A young man I know, who was a sailor as well as a swimmer, was to race across the English Channel. He realized that the current was running, and would run in the same direction for their entire race from left to right. When the race started, he swam diagonally upstream while the rest of the field headed out straight across. Halfway through the race, they realized the current had carried them downstream and they had to adjust their course to one which was now heading upstream at a time when they were tired. The young man who had headed upstream right away when his energy was strong, was now able to adjust his course downstream with the remaining energy he had. He won the race by over an hour.

Robert Collier puts it this way, "To get ahead—you must swim with the tide. Men prosper and succeed who work in accord with natural forces. A given amount of effort with these forces carries a man faster and farther than much more effort used against the current. Those who work blindly, regardless of these forces, make life difficult for themselves and rarely prosper."

The "thinking stuff from which all things are made and which, in it original state, permeates, penetrates, and fills the interspaces of the universe" as Wallace Wattles says. This, Robert Collier explains is generally static. It is up to us to make it dynamic! He explains that our minds are part of the Universal Mind. The Buddhists agree and tell us that we all are One. We are part of One Mind, One Universal Mind. Yet, even though we are part of this creative source, we must practice every hour of every day, Robert Collier tells us. He compares it to mathematics. Even though we understand the general priciples, we must still practice because our mathematical problems will not always give us the right answers until we have practiced sufficiently. The power is there, and we can learn to use it correctly with practice.

Just as a drop of water from the ocean has the same properties as the ocean from which it came, we have the same abilities as the source from which we came. Just as the spark of electricity has the same characteristics as the thunderbolt, we have only to "realize it and use it to get from life any good we may desire."

Robert Collier continues, "As W. D. Wattles puts it in his “Science of Getting Rich”: “There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made and which, in its original state, permeates, penetrates, and fills the interspaces of the universe. A thought in this substance produces the thing that is imagined by the thought. Man can form things in his thought, and, by impressing his thought upon formless substance, can cause the thing he thinks about to be created.” Collier continues to explain, as does Mike Dooley, that we only need to penetrate the Universal Mind with our visualization, with our manifesting thought, and then leave it to the creative souce, to the Universal Mind to bring about the necessary results. Again, as Robert Collier says and Dooley agrees, there is but one best way to bring about any result. Our human intelligence cannot see the whole picture. Sometimes something will seem at first to be a problem, and then turn out to be just the impetus we needed to go in the right direction. Scientists speak of this all the time, the experiment the seemed to be going wrong, but that changed their thinking and lead them to the right answer.

Robert Collier suggests that we think of our minds as a conductor, with thought as the connecting link. When we use the conductor, we improve the conductivity. "Demand much, and you will receive more.... Ask and ye shall receive, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you." Collier assures us that this is the law of life, and that our destiny does not lie in poverty and hardship but in unity with the Universal Mind and the power that governs the Universe.

As does Neil Donald Walsch, Robert Collier assures us that God "never sent us anything but good....God gave us everything in abundance, and he expects us to manifest that abundance." And, once we become conscious of our Oneness with the Universal Mind, and our ability to call upon it at will for anything we want, "makes a different man of you" promises Collier. "Gone are the fears gone are the worries.... You know that your success, your health, your happiness will be measured only by the degree to which you can impress the fruition of your desires upon Mind."

Robert Louis Stevenson called this ability, his little brownies. He claimed that they did at least half the work while he slept and his book, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was dreamt the second night after he decided to write a book about man's dual nature. Robert Collier goes on to explain that these mental brownies are the same energies that wake you when you have an early train to catch, or remind you during the day to look at your watch at just the time when you need to leave for an appointment. Collier reminds us that we all have some way of assigning work to these helpers. Perhaps we study a problem and then turn it over with a statement or thought such "Attend to this for me -- work out the answer!"

Command them, as you would command anyone in your employ, and then let them do the work. Robert Collier says to find a quiet place, and "do as Alladin did. Give the Genie the command and then go to sleep, secure in the belief that he will attend and when you awake, you will have your answer."

See Yourself Doing It

Robert Collier reminds us that the power that lifts man above animal, is the imagination, the ability to visualize. Collier says that imagination pictures the thing you desire and "VISION idealizes it.... Imagination gives you the picture and Vision gives you the impulse to make the picture your own." Joe Vitale emphacizes one's ability to visualize and to see yourself doing whatever it is you want, as the real secret behind the secret. He claims, as does Mike Dooley, that the more spice, the more color, the more sound and feeling that you can put into it, the faster your dream will come true!" Robert Collier calls it daydreaming with a purpose.

You should know Jesse Rittenhouse' poem that is quoted by many classical teachers:

"I bargained life for a penny, And Life would pay no more, however I begged at evening when I counted my scanty store."

"For Life is just employer, He gives you what you ask, but once you have set the wages, why, you must bear the task."

"I worked for a menial's hire, Only to learn, dismayed, That any wage I had asked of Life, Life would have paid."

Robert Collier wants us to aim high. "Demand much! Make a clear, distinct mental image of what it is you want. Hold it in your thought." By doing so we take control of our future and take it out of the hands of fate. Phillip of Macedon, the father of Alexander, perfected the “phalanx—a triangular formation which enabled him to center the whole weight of his attack on one point in the opposing line." In that day it was invincible. Robert Collier wants us to be just as focused and just as invincible. We are told to keep one thought in mind and to see it being carried out step by step.

As a Man Thinketh:

Thackery said, —”The world is a looking-glass, and gives back to every man the reflection of his own thought.” Walt Whitman said, "Nothing external to me has any power over me." We cannot change the past, but tommorrow will reflect what we think today. Thoughts are causes and conditions are effects.

War is not the only place where the best defence is a good offence. The Law of Compensation is always in effect. We are our own past thoughts, with the things that these thoughts have attracted to us. Robert Collier says that all around us is energy. The successful man has no time to think of failure. He is too busy thinking up new ways to succeed. The energy around is is loose, ready to be used and appropriated. "You can turn it into gold or dross, health or sickness." Collier quotes Shakespeare: "There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so."

Robert Collier tells the story of earthly creatures talking about a totally dark place, terrifically dark. The sun overhears their conversation and goes to look for this dark place. He looks everywhere, behind everything and under everything and cannot find the tiniest bit of darkness.

When he came back to the group he told them that he couldn't find any dark place at all. Collier assures us that "when the sun of understanding shines on all the dark spots in our lives, we will realize there is no cause, no power except good." He encourages us to practice every day, breathing out the old thoughts of sickness and breathing in long breaths of happiness and success. Exhale all thoughts of lack, and inhale only what we want to see realized.

The Law of Supply:

We are reminded by Robert Collier that most people don't know how to shift into high gear, but go through life never taking their lives out of second gear. They don't realize that they could be going much faster with less energy. This Law of the Universe is the provision of lavishness.

Nature created millions of stars for our night sky, and millions of worlds. There is vegetation th"bountifully" with what they need. She has provided us with coal and oil and all the metals. There is abundance for everyone, and when these resources begin to diminish, no doubt we will find more as we began to use oil after whale blubber became difficult to obtain.

All riches originate in Mind. When you see an abandoned factory, it is because the ideas ran out. "The Kingdom of God is within you. Use it purposefully!" There is no limit to what our mental facilities can provide. "Ask and ye shall receive, seek and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened to you." It is the Law of Supply that you tap into when you close your eyes with the realization that a particular position is waiting and looking for YOU! Your subconscious mind knows where that position is and exactly how to move you into it. Have fixed in your mind the "definite conviction" that it is yours and there is no such thing as lack of opportunity.

Fear of lack is the only thing that brings lack into existance.

"Begin your work," says Ausonius. "To begin is to complete the first half." This is echoed by Joe Vitale and Mike Dooley who emphacize activity even though you might not know exactly where it will take you.


Daydream. Picture yourself with all the riches you can imagine. Picture yourself doing all that you want to do and providing for loved ones the way you would like to provide for them. Drive the expensive car and live in the home you always imagined.

It is the first step in making your dreams come true! You are creating the model in mind. Don't allow fear or anxiety to tear it down and your mind will re-create that model in real life.

Money needs you! Don't think of your needing money. Money is the river that falls off at Niagra. Your mind is the power plant that lines the side of the river. The money needs you to manifest energy and ideas, to turn their power to account.

Robert Collier does not tell us to turn off the TV. He does not tell us, as Charles Haanel and Wallace Wattles and Napoleon Hill did to find a quiet, peaceful room where we can muse. He quotes from Berton Braley who makes it clear that we have to give our all if we want success. A coach and former Olympian once said to me about the children in a wealthy town, "I can't coach them to be anything more than mediocre because not one of them is hungry!"

To that end, Robert Collier tells us: "Get firmly in mind the definite conviction that YOU CAN DO ANYTHING RIGHT THAT YOU MAY WISH TO DO. Then set your goal and let everything you do, all your work, all your study, and all your associations, be a step towards that goal. To quote Berton Braley* again—

“If you want a thing bad enough

To go out and fight for it,

Work day and night for it,

Give up your time and your peace and your sleep for it,

If only desire of it

Makes you quite mad enough

Never to tire of it,

Makes you hold all other things tawdry and cheap for it,

If life seems all empty and useless without it

And all that you scheme and you dream is about it,

If gladly you’ll sweat for it,

Fret for it, plan for it,

Lose all your terror of God or man for it,

If you’ll simply go after that thing that you want,

With all your capacity, strength and sagacity,

Faith, hope and confidence, stern pertinacity,

If neither cold poverty, famished and gaunt,

Nor sickness nor pain of body or brain

Can turn you away from the thing that you want,

If dogged and grim you besiege and beset it,

You’ll get it!”

* From “Things As They Are.” Copyright 1916, George H. Doran Company, New York."

The Formula of Success:

Talismans sometimes provide the courage and confidence that a man needs before going on to do something spectacular. This is not because they have real power, but because the recipient BELIEVES that they have power.

You are entitled to everything good. You can do ANYTHING that you think you can. Expect nothing but good. Jack Canfield's teacher, C. Clement Stone used to say, "The world in conspiring to do me good today!"

Defeat does not have to follow victory, so you don't have to knock on wood everytime you say something about a success. Victory should follow victory! Robert Collier says, "Let this mind be in you that was also in Jesus Christ!" Nourish your mind with a vision of pure, unripened fruit.

Water it with sincere faith. Leave the means to Universal Mind.

The great men were not satisfied with one success. Once they had tapped the river of the Universal Mind and tasted the first olive out of the bottle, they went back for more. William James taught that "the more the mind does, the more it can do." Robert Collier assures us that ideas release energy. You can do more than you have ever done, and you can know more than you know now, and you can do three or four times the amount of work without physical fatigue. Crises not only draw upon the reserve power you have, but they help to create more power.

See Bill Harris and Holosync. Holosync meditation helps to stress the brain, encouraging it to improve, just as any exercise stresses the muscles and pushes them to improve.

It Couldn't be Done:

This is an important section. Henry Ford said, "Whether you believe it can be done or not, either way you are correct."

Robert Collier reminds us that success or failure is merely a state of mind. Those who believe they can't do, can't, whereas those who believe they can, will. And, your best work, if you think back, is always done when you're happy and optimistic. Collier reminds us that no one ever did well while in a negative frame of mind.

Whether your surroundings are simple or worn, and whether your clothes are rich or shabby, the richness of life is within you. Your air castles will be built on foundations of belief and understanding. Ask permission of no man. As Napoleon Hill says, fortune must be courted in the right way. Robert Collier tells you to seize her boldly. "She belongs rightfully to you. But if you cringe to her, if you go up to her doubtfully, timidly, she will pass you by in scorn. For she is a fickle jade who must be mastered, who loves boldness, who admires confidence."

That "the Lord helps those who help themselves" works is because your subconscious mind has all the power you need. However, the watchman at the gate (see Eric Amidi LINK LINK) is your conscious mind. "It has to open the door. It has got to press the spring that releases infinite energy."

Jesus said it another way. He said—”I can of mine own self do nothing. The Father that is within me—He doeth the works.” And then He went on to do the works. This is what we must do, BELIEVE and visualize. Make a mental blueprint and then begin to build. Finally, see yourself possessing it and feel yourself using it! Since psychologists tell us that we are least defended and that our sleepy gatekeeper is most likely to let impressions pass to the unconscious at night, just before bed is the recommended time to do this.

Hill warns us not to talk to anyone about our idea until is has manifested. Robert Collier warns us to ignore those who laugh. They laughed at Henry Ford he reminds us, and when Collier was writing, there were already 15 million Ford engines on the road. Collier says simply, "What if people DO laugh at your idea?" Those of us at Mindbridge hold with Hill. Until you have had enough successes that you can't be disuaded from using the Law of Attraction, keep your dreams to yourself. What is it we tell children when they are making a wish over their birthday candles,

"Don't tell!"

This Freedom!

Jesus said, “Ye shall know the truth And the Truth shall make you free.”

Affirm the good, and the evil will banish. Haanel said that when there is darkness, you only have to turn on the light. Alexander the Great was the only man who could ride his horse, Bucephalus, because he was afraid of his shadow. Alexander jumped on, turned him into the sun, and rode him without trouble.

When we have a disorder of body regulation, this is caused by the mind. Collier talks about dispepsia and heart palpitations and a cold. At Mindbridge, we would talk about cancer. What is cancer but cells that divide too rapidly and don't pay attention to the cell next to them which is usually a signal to stop replicating? Some say that this is an inherited disease. They say that the regulating hormone that would normally tell the cell to stop, is missing. But, wasn't that hormone there through childhood and isn't it there in most of the cells? This is a problem of communication at the cellular level which, as it happens, is a problem in many marriages.

And, diabetes which is becoming so prevalent in the United States, is not caused by some outside agent, but is a failure of the pancreas to regulate the amount of sugar in the system. Collier suggests that when we believe that something will happen, it happens. If we believe that our pancreas will get tired of regulating the sugar we consume, it certainly will!

At Mindbridge, we believe as Neil Donald Walsh heard from God in Conversations with God that our bodies are designed to last forever.

We do not abuse them, and no part of our bodies are going to tire from doing their job. If they do tire, another part, or another enzyme, or another system will kick in and repair or replace the tired part. If a mechanic can do that with a Ford designed by men, certainly Nature can do that in our bodies that were designed by God.

The Law of Attraction:

In the words of Robert Collier:

"For the law of attraction is service. We receive in proportion as we give out. In fact, we usually receive in far greater proportion. Cast thy bread upon the waters and it will return to you an hundred-fold.”

"Back of everything is the immutable law of the Universe—that what you are but the effect. Your thoughts are the causes. The only way you can change the effect is by first changing the cause."

"People live in poverty and want because they are so wrapped up in their sufferings that they give out thoughts only of lack and sorrow. They expect want. They open the door of their mind only to hardship and sickness and poverty. True—they hope for something better—but their hopes are so drowned by their fears that they never have a chance."

"You cannot receive good while expecting evil. You cannot demonstrate plenty while looking for poverty. “Blessed is he that expecteth much, for verily his soul shall be filled.” Solomon outlined the law when he said: “There is that scattereth, and increaseth yet more; And there is that withholdeth more than is meet, but it tendeth only to want. The liberal soul shall be made fat; And he that watereth shall be watered also himself.”

"The Universal Mind expresses itself largely through the individual. It is continually seeking an outlet."

We become the outlet, the channel for the Universal Mind when we are operating out of love rather than fear, and gratitude rather than lack or blame, and we have an idea that we want to manifest. The more this idea will help others, the better, because the Universal Mind wants to create a flow, not a trickle. We get as we give, but Collier and Hill warn us, we must give first. If you would want to be rich, find a way to make others rich, Hill encourages us.

Even if you start as a day laborer, you can still give a little more than you are paid for. Put a little extra skill into your work, Collier suggests. It won't be long before you are out of the laborer's class. Think every minute, "Isn't there some way this could be done faster, easier, better? Read in your spare time.

Collier states that we write our own advertisements. If we help the man next to us, if we teach a new skill, if we arrive in the morning, early and ready to be of service, then we will be able to fill in the amount on our checks. Moreover, if we help out the man who has been badmouthing us, we are proving that we believe in team work and delivering something better than what the man has been saying about us. Have you noticed how when you give a real smile, from your heart, you always get one back?

Collier says that Jesus calls it the Law of Love, and humanitarians call it the Law of Service and Theosophists call it the Law of Karma. He recommends that we put it to the test.

This would correspond to what Mike Dooley calls, "Doing the best you can with what you have."

The Three Requisites:

“Work out your own salvation” said Paul. And the first requisite in working it out is knowledge of your power. “Every man of us has all the centuries in him.”—Morley. All the ages behind you have bequeathed you stores of abilities, which you are allowing to lie latent. Those abilities are stored up in your subconscious mind. Call upon them. Use them. As Whittier put it—

“All the good the past has had Remains to make our own time glad.”

"Are you an artist? The cunning of a da Vinci, the skill of a Rembrandt, the vision of a Reynolds, is behind those fingers of yours. Use the Genie-of-your-mind to call upon them."

As with a pasture that might contain hidden resources such as copper or oil or granite, a man cannot know what resources he has until he starts to look under the surface. Each man has to use the key of the three requisites:

Faith in your powers


Courage to start

It makes no sense, Collier reminds us, to stand in front of a blackboard with a mathematical problem and pray to the prinsiple of mathematics to solve the problem. However, all knowledge is in the Universal Mind, and it is possible to tap that mind. Use your key of the three requisites.

You have dominion over all things. With that knowledge, it is easy enough to show initiative, to find the courage to start things.

Beware of discouragement. In an old parable this is said to be the devil's favorite tool, for with this he can gain access behind doors that are otherwise shut to him. Once inside, he can use any of his other tools - hatred, and malice, and envy, and despair, and sickness, and sensuality -. Robert Collier tells us to cultivate confidence in ourselves. Edison, Ford, and the other successful men all admit that the space between failure and success is so narrow it often is as small as the word, discouragement. Yet, that chasm can be easily bridged by perserverance and faith.

The Old Witch -- Bad Luck:

Robert Collier reminds us of the time before the financial upheaval of 1920. Before the crash, everything looked rosy. Factories were operating at full capacity, crops were worth tens of billions of dollars. The utilities and railroads were doing well and wages were good. The government

had a surplus. Prosperity was general, and then a wave of fear spread over the country. They feared that prosperity could not last and that people couldn't continue to pay the inflated prices. Almost overnight, Collier tells us, hundreds of thousands were thrown out of work and businesses began to fail, and all because of panic and fear.

Fear is, Collier states, the devil. "The real cause of all sickness is fear. You image some disease in your thought, and your body proceeds to build upon this model that you hold before it. You have seen how fear makes the face pallid, how it first stops the beating of the heart, then sets it going at trip-hammer pace. Fear changes the secretions. Fear halts the digestion. Fear puts lines and wrinkles into the face. Fear turns the hair gray."

"Mind controls every function of the human body. If the thought you hold before your subconscious mind is the fear of disease, of colds or catarrh, of fever or indigestion, those are the images your subconscious mind will work out in your body."

Your mind controls every function of your body from digestion to the secretions of your glands, to the pace of your respiration and heartbeat.

Your mind decides what to do with food based on whether you believe the food is junk but harmless or whether you believe it is junk and harmful.

Never fear disaster, becuase that is simply an invitation to disaster to come upon you. Fear is vivid, and so easily impresses the subconscious.

He Whom a Dream Hath Possessed:

The remedy for fear is to remember that evil has no power. Every ailment that you have, is, like delerium tremens, due to the thoughts in your brain. The indigestion and the colds are only distortions of the mind.

THe Bible contains a long entreaty to cast out fear which Collier echoes: "Think health, power, abundance, and happiness. Drive all thoughts of poverty and disease, of fear and worry, as far from your mind as you drive filth from your homes."

It is interesting that old soldiers would rather work with 18 and 20 year old men, than middle aged men of 30 or 40 years old. The young men are preferable for only one reason, they can sleep and awaken refreshed without worry. They "wipe the slate clean" each night whereas the older men are a wreak at the end of a long campaign.

This is where Ho'oponopono can help. Ho'oponopono clears the memory and returns us to zero, clean slate and no problematic memories!

The Bars of Fate:

Fear results from a belief in both good and evil. We sometimes lose contact with the good as we sometimes lose contact with light, but it is ever there. The sun is still shining somewhere.

Don't worry about any present lack of money, because you have to get your dynamos working to bring it into your life as something usable. The material wealth is in evidence. Go where the money is. Your mind is part of Universal Mind. Use it to do your work in a way it was never done before. Use it to find new outlets for your business, or to reach people in better ways.

Concentrate your thought upon these things, knowing that you are part of Universal mind and that these things are already known to you. The only limits are the limits you put on yourself. This is the Universal Mind that carried Hannibal and Napoleon over the Alps and left Alexander sighing for more worlds to conquer. Once you grasp the idea that Universal Mind is yours to use, there will be no such thing as difficulty or opposition barring your way.

Robert Collier suggests an exercise. He directs us to find a comfortable lounge chair or bed. Relax. After all muscles are relaxed, focus on the Universal Mind. God made us in His image. Our minds are like a drop of water to the ocean, but made of the same stuff nevertheless. "Round about us is the same electronic energy from which the Universal Mind made the heavens and earth."

1) We can form whatever we can visualize in it as long as we can make it clear and distinct.

2) See yourself doing it.

3) Believe that you have this thing.

4) Gratitude for this thing that we have received. Gratitude for the power that enabled you to create it, and gratitude for all the gifts that

Mind has laid at your feet.

Your Needs Are Met:

When parasites, aphids, on a rose discover that the rose has dried and withered, the aphids temporarily grow wings. If Universal Mind, Collier argues, can provide wings for a formerly wingless creature so that he can fly to his next home, isn't it logical to assume that Universal Mind will help us if we but call upon her?

In moments of great peril, if the brave heart has staked his all, Those are the times when miracles are wrought if we but have faith. If a tiny speck of a bug can be given wings, Collier asks, is it too hard to believe that the Sea can be parted, that a burning bush can lead the people through the darkness, or that water can gush from a rock? Sometimes we only need to calmly rest and trust.

Difficulties can be good. Go at it boldly, trusting in the resources that you have. At first you don't see the end, but persevere and there flashes a light that clarifies ideas and shows the logical way.

The Arc of the Covenant:

In the Old Testament, the Covenant with the Lord was that the people would make the Lord their refuge, and in exchange, the Lord would send His angels to keep the people free of plague or other evil. It is necessary for us to remember that our mind is part of Universal Mind which will guard and protect us from harm of any kind.

If there seem to be illness or accidents, remind yourself that they do not come from Universal Mind, and are therefore not there! Seek through Universal Mind for the right condition which shall nullify them. Forget your worries and see instead the vision of what you would like to see.

There is no condition so hopeless or any cause so far gone that this truth shall not save it! The main trouble with many is that they go looking for trouble and can't believe. Yet, the Universal Mind is there to solve our longings just as the father will buy his son the train that he wants rather than the book which might be better for him.

Jesus was able to change the water into wine and raise Lazarus from the dead because He knew that Universal Mind is all power. Jesus said, “To know God aright is life eternal.” The Universal Mind is man's working power, giving us the ability to perform miracles.

The Science of Thought:

Your work is inspired to the extent that you realize the presence of Universal Mind in your work. When you rely entirely on your own conscious mind, your work suffers accordingly. “I can of mine own self do nothing; for the works which the Father hath given me to finish, the same works that I do bear witness of me.” The miracles of Jesus bear witness of the complete recognition of God the Father as his working power.

And mind you, this inspiration, this working of Universal Mind with you, is available for all of your undertakings. Mind could not show Itself in one part of your life and withhold Itself from another, since It is all in all. Every rightly directed task, no matter how insignificant or menial it may appear to you, carries with it the inspiration of Universal Mind, since by the very nature of omnipotence, Its love and bestowals must be universal and impartial, “and whatsoever ye do, do it heartily as to the Lord.”

Robert Collier gives us a story of a genii and a girl. See what you think?

"Too many of us are like the maiden in the old Eastern legend. A Genii sent her into a field of grain, promising her a rare gift if she would pick for him the largest and ripest ear she could find; His gift to be in proportion to the size and perfection of the ear."

"But he made this condition—she must pluck but one ear, and she must walk straight through the field without stopping going back or wandering hither and thither."

"Joyously she started. As she walked through the grain, she saw many large ears, many perfect ones. She passed them by in scorn, thinking to find an extra-large, super-perfect one farther along. Presently, however, the soil became less fertile, the ears small and sparse. She couldn’t pick one of these! Would now that she had been content with an ordinary-sized ear farther back. But it was too late for that. Surely they would grow better again farther on!"

"She walked on—and on—and always they became worse—’till presently she found herself at the end of the field— empty handed as when she set out!

So it is with life. Every day has its worthwhile rewards for work well done. Every day offers its chance for happiness. But those rewards seem so small, those chances so petty, compared with the big things we see ahead. So we pass them by, never recognizing that the great position we look forward to, the shining prize we see in the distance, is just the sum of all the little tasks, the heaped up result of all the little prizes that we must win as we go along."

"You are not commanded to pick out certain occupations as being more entitled to the Lord’s consideration than others, but “Whatsoever ye do.”

Whether it be in the exalted and idealistic realms of poetry, music and art, whether in the cause of religion or philanthropy, whether in government, in business, in science, or simply in household cares, “whatsoever ye do” you are entitled to and have all of inspiration at your beck and call. If you seem to have less than all, it is because you do not utilize your gift."

Robert Collier reminds us that God has placed the Law of Supply and Demand, and the Law of Attraction within our reach so that we can secure all the health and power that we want and deserve. All we have to do is to give some time, in a quiet room, free from distractions, to utilize the methods outlined in The Secret of the Ages and other books.

In A Course on Miracles we are reminded that we are the sons of God, and He loves us. We are the sons of God and He loves us. We are the sons of God and He loves us.

The Master of Your Fate:

Take 100% responsibility. This is the directive of every single trainer, guru, author and coach on success. You have no one to blame but yourself. You have no one to credit but yourself. Whether you are independent in your retirement years, or living on charity, is totally dependent on your mind. Will you take control and become the master of your fate? It is your choice, and in that choice you decide whether you will be dependent on charity like 5 out of 6 sixty five year olds.

Do not say that you do not believe in anything that cannot be weighed or measured. Radio waves are invisible and weightless. Love, joy and contentment are not measurable, and yet you cannot deny their power.

The Acre of Diamonds:

Perhaps you have heard the story of the poor Boer farmer who struggled for years to glean a harvest out of his rocky soil. After he had given up and moved elsewhere, he came back to his old community and found his old farm buzzing with the activity of mining. His farm was the Kimberly Diamond Mine.

Dig a little deeper. Robert Collier tells us that a magnetized metal bar can lift a hunk of metal ten times its own weight. However, demagnetize that bar and it can't lift anything. The successful man dashes in when he sees an opportunity. The unsuccessful man is like the timid bather, first putting in one foot and then the other. While he frets and considers, the successful man runs right past him to grab the prize.

Nearly every man can remember at least once in his life when he looks back, where he could have moved faster or in a different direction and made a success. The Universal Mind contains nothing but good! It contains everything we need in unlimited supply. The ideas it sends to us are numberless and those ideas will bring us as much power, health and happiness as anyman could imagine. When we doubt her, like a good nanny, she backs off and lets us be independent.

Robert Collier says that we are like wireless operators. We send and pick up thoughts and vibrations from the ether. If we are feeling abundant and courageous, we attract abundant and courageous people around us. If we are thinking poverty and lack, then those are the people who gather around us. Universal Mind does not have favorites. Any man who realizes that he is entitled to win, will win. Any man who realizes that he is entitled to money, will find the money he needs for his project, or a person who has the money will find him.

Robert Collier quotes from an inspired poem, "The Quiet Courage" by D. Appleton:

“I knew his face the moment that he passed Triumphant in the thoughtless, cruel throng— I gently touched his arm—he smiled at me— He was the Man that Once I Meant to Be! “Where I had failed, he’d won from life, Success; Where I had stumbled, with sure feet he stood; Alike—yet unalike—we faced the world, And through the stress he found that life was good. And I? The bitter wormwood in the glass, The shadowed way along which failures pass! Yet as I saw him thus, joy came to me— He was the Man that Once I Meant to Be!

“We did not speak. But in his sapient eyes I saw the spirit that had urged him on, The courage that had held him through the fight Had once been mine. I thought, ‘Can it be gone?’ He felt that unasked question—felt it so His pale lips formed the one-word answer, ‘No!’

“Too late to win? No! Not too late for me— He is the Man that Still I Mean to Be!”

The Secret of Power:

Robert Collier reminds us that we have access to unlimited power, energy and wealth. The door is through your subconscious mind. It is the power to be anything, do anything and to have anything. Take this in, because only then will you find your appropriate place in this world.

This One Thing I do:

Humans, like horses, do better when they focus on one thing at a time until it's done. And, any task, no matter how big, is only a group of little tasks done in the right way and in the right order according to a plan.

Volumes have been written about personal efficiency, and general efficiency, and every other kind of efficiency in business. But boiled down, it all comes to this:

1—Know what you want.

2—Analyze the thing you’ve got to do to get it.

3—Plan your work ahead.

4—Do one thing at a time.

5—Finish that one thing and send it on its way before starting the next.

6—Once started, KEEP GOING!

Brian Tracey recommends writing a "to do List" at the end of the day for the following day. He never goes home without preparing his list. He claims that this is one of the success principles that anyone could do. Robert Collier makes the same recommendation!

The Master Mind:

The German scientist Nernst found that the conductivity of a filiment was increased once an electric charge was allowed to flow for longer and longer periods of time. In the same way, the more we use our subconscious, the easier the access becomes and the more inspiration it passes along from Infinite Intelligence. This power will take away all your worries.

Robert Collier all but screams at us to "Start Something" to give our mind something to work on. Initiative he says is the greatest of all success secrets.

And, then Robert Collier and Napoleon Hill conspire when they ask us to conceive of something! Conceive first, and make a pattern in our minds, and then the subconscious will draw us forward and use the plastic substance to make it real.

Initiative plus imagination will take us anywhere! Robert Collier claims that our imagination is our most God-like attribute, the part of our Divinity that we share with the Universal Mind!

He comments on parents who try to discourage imagination in their children and points out that although uncontrolled it is like lightning, that when controlled it is the ship that carries riches from port to port.

When Jesus adjured His disciples— “Whatsoever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye RECEIVE it,” He was not only telling them a great truth, but he was teaching what we moderns would call excellent psychology as well. For this “belief” is what acts upon the subconscious mind. It is through this “belief” that formless energy is compressed into material form.

Don't let a lack of anything stop you from imagining yourself out of whatever rut you might be in! You have a wonderful gift. Make every thought pay you a profit!

What do You Lack?

Robert Collier states that the reasons the Bolsheveks are so against religion is that religion teaches men that God created some men rich and some men poor, that this unequal distribution is natural and right! Napoleon denounced religion for that reason in his early days.

Collier points out that this was not the teaching of Jesus. "The Kingdom of Heaven is within you" meant to him that heaven is here right now and that nothing outside of you is needed. Happiness he says is available today, but if you put it off until tomorrow, it will cost the same and not be as great as it is right now.

Again he and Napoleon Hill are on the same wavelength as is James Arthur Ray, because they all agree that the purpose of life is GROWTH! Collier

claims that without happiness, there is no spiritual or mental growth. And, he is clear, that he doesn't mean resignation, but delight in the

people you meet, and joy and laughter and amusement. Joe Vitale, Jack Canfield, Abraham and Mike Dooley emphacize that we must be happy!

Nature is bountiful, and poverty is unnatural!

It was David Bush, in Applied Psychology and Scientific Living who said,

"Thoughts are things; thoughts are energy; thoughts are magnets which attract to us the very things which we think. Therefore, if a man is in debt, he will, by continually thinking about debt, bring more "to him. For thoughts are causes, and he fastens more debts on to himself and actually creates more obligations by thinking about debts."

“Concentrate and think upon things that you want; not on things which you ought not to have. Think of abundance, of opulence, of plenty, of position, harmony and growth, and if you do not see them manifested today, they will be realized tomorrow. If you must pass through straits of life where you do not outwardly see abundance, know that you have it within, and that in time it will manifest itself."

“I say, if you concentrate on debt, debt is what you will have; if you think about poverty, poverty is what you will receive. It is just as easy, when once the mind becomes trained, to think prosperity and abundance and plenty, as it is to think lack, limitation and poverty.”

Doesn't that sound like Bob Proctor and Michael Beckwith and Mike Dooley?

There is something to learn here. This is all part of the secret of power!

The Sculptor and the Clay:

Robert Collier reminds us of the sculptor Pygmalion who made a statue so beautiful that women were all jealous and all men who saw it, including himself, fell in love with it. The gods took pity and breathed life into the statue. -- And, this is what happens to our creative endeavors.

Once we fall in love with them, life is breathed into them by the gods!

Collier then recites the wisdom of numerous doctors, some advocating meat and others recommending a vegetarian diet. Some advocate exercise and others point to the numbers of athletes who die young from heart ailments. Collier concludes that it is our mind that sets our physical appearance and strength, and health:

For mind is the only creator, and thought is the only energy. All that counts is the image of your body that you are holding in your thought. If heretofore that image has been one of weakness, of ill health, change it now— TODAY. Repeat to yourself, the first thing upon awakening in the morning and the last thing before going to sleep at night—”My body was made in the image and likeness of God. God first imagined it in its entirety, therefore every cell and bone and tissue is perfect, every organ and muscle performing its proper function. That is the only model of me in Universal Mind. That is the only model of me that my Subconscious Mind knows. Therefore, since Mind— God—is the only creator, that is the only model of me that I can have!”