More Reality Creation From Thomas Troward's Edinburgh Lectures:

Spirit and Matter

Spirit and matter are both required for reality creation.

The Law of Tendency, must be to bring individual lives into existence and to surround them with a suitable environment. Now a power which has this for its inherent nature must be a kindly power. The Spirit of Life seeking expression in individual lives can have no other intention towards them than "that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly." To suppose the opposite would be a contradiction in terms.
This is certainly, reality creation.

As the spirit has no form, it does not occupy time and space, which will subsequently be called time-space since there is no time without space and no space without time. This is where reality creation happens. It is important to remember that spirit is without time-space, and this is, in contemporary times, a key tenant of quantum physics. A wave can be a particle at the same time, and one particle can be in two places at once.

When we look at matter, we see that all matter has an atomic base. A piece of metal vibrates with life, as does a plant or animal, or human. When a piece of wood has been cut from the tree, the atoms do not stop their movement. So, then, how do we define life and what does this have to do with reality creation?

Troward distinguishes between those that have an ability to move and to think. This, he explains, adds a "livingness of life".

We see, then, that the livingness of Life consists in intelligence—in other words, in the power of Thought; and we may therefore say that the distinctive quality of spirit is Thought, and, as the opposite to this, we may say that the distinctive quality of matter is form.

One of the purposes of Spirit is reality creation. One of the puposes of matter is to be formed or reformed according to the desire and belief of spirit. Since spirit has no time-space burden or restriction, spirit has access to all knowledge, and to the power of the Infinite creative source, or Universal Mind with whom it is shared.

Objective vs. Subjective Mind

Spirit resides in the absolute, and matter resides in the relative which is governed by space-time and both are necessary for reality creation.

Spirit is thus omnipresent in its entirety, and it is accordingly logically (deductively) correct that at every moment of time all spirit is concentrated at any point in space that we may choose to fix our thought upon. This is the fundamental fact of all being, and it is for this reason that I have prepared the way for it by laying down the relation between spirit and matter as that between idea and form,...This great fact is that pure spirit continually subsists in the absolute, whether in a corporeal body or not; and from it all the phenomena of being flow, whether on the mental plane or the physical. The knowledge of this fact regarding spirit is the basis of all conscious spiritual operation.

The subjective mind is the organ of the Absolute. It exists in itself, without relation to anything else. It is not limited by inductive logic since there is no time and no other to compare it too. It can be impressed by the conscious mind, or by hypnosis. In the spirit world, there is only one. In the Course on Miracles it is said that spirit is always whole.

Troward says, "Now the great fact to be recognized about a unity is that, because it is a single unit, wherever it is at all the whole of it must be. "

The Buddha and the dalai Lama in The Universe in a Single Atom, report that all space is coming out of our minds. If the Universe is related to your mind, then the power to walk on water or to shape shift is also in your mind. Matter belongs in the world of the objective. Here, there is space-time and the objective, conscious mind operates inductively.

Einstein said that our individual identity was “an optical delusion of our consciousness” and a “kind of prison.” His philosophical view is what the evidence of his field supports. This prison is where the objective mind lives, in a space-time box, bound by the rules of inductive logic. No reality creation can occur here.

Tom Whitney from suggests that the Universe is like the internet. This is lovely and clear. Indeed, when a new website is added, we don't say, "Oh, no, everything will be so crowded now." We don't say, "Oh, no, traffic will be so bad I will never get to my favorite websites on time." We don't worry about one of our websites moving farther away, or another growing and "crowding out" our own website. We understand that space and time are not relevant when we think about the internet. So too, space-time is irrelevant when we think about soul or spirit.

The Law of Growth:

When considering reality creation, Troward reminds us, "All things whatsoever ye pray and ask for, believe that ye have received them, and ye shall receive them." (Mark XI. 24, R.V.)

This is reality creation. The Universal Law of Growth states that the more vitality we put into the germ, the quicker it will germinate. However, if we seek to hasten it, the very energy we put into fretting and worrying will signal a loss of hope and the germination will stop!

So, plant your dreams, and forget it as the Crock Pot advertiser suggests.


This is little understood and little talked about when we speak of reality creation or manifesting. The makers of the movie, The Secret had a major section on "Recieve" but only showed a boy looking at a picture of his dream bicycle. At first we were led to believe that picturing your dream, with you in it, would do the trick. However, if any part of you is not believing this, it is not going to happen.

This is the reason that the rich get richer. It's not that they have the money, it's that -- They believe! This is the reason that you will become the average of the 5 people you hang out with the most. -- Belief!

This is also the power of Aloha, the Hawaiian greeting of good wishes that brings back to you whatever it is the other has that you are happy for. When you see someone with a car you like (they have it and so you believe), mentally greet them with Aloha. When you see someone with the success you would like, mentally greet them with Aloha. Feel happiness for them, and that signal is sent to your unconscious spirit/soul, that this is something that would make you happy. Your unconscious will send that image to the ether which will begin reality creation.

Thomas Troward also clues us in on another secret or reality creation. This is so powerful an idea, we want you to read it several times.

So it is that when we intelligently realize that the innermost principle of being, must by reason of its universality, have a common nature with our own, then we have solved the paradox of universal knowledge, for we have realized our identity of being with the Universal Mind, which is commensurate with the Universal Law. Thus we arrive at the truth of St. John's statement, "Ye know all things," only this knowledge is primarily on the spiritual plane. It is not brought out into intellectual statement whether needed or not; for it is not in itself the specific knowledge of particular facts, but it is the undifferentiated principle of knowledge which we may differentiate in any direction that we choose.

"Ye know all things." And, this is why all our teachers of reality creation, starting with Wallace Wattles and Charles Haanel, tell us to meditate/focus/concentrate in a quiet space. The course as written by Charles Haanel, suggests daily meditation on your connection with an omnipotent source of power and creativity for six months. Napoleon Hill refers to autosuggestion as his third step to riches. Napoleon Hill defines autosuggestion as an agency of communication between the conscious mind and the unconscious. He describes the unconscious as a fertile garden. Depending on your thoughts, you are planting either weeds or luscious fruits and vegetables, beautiful flowers and trees.

Yet, if we can return to Troward. Troward suggests that for the purpose of reality creation, not only can we imprint our desires onto our subconscious (subjective, absolute mind), but we can access universal knowledge through our spirit/soul/subjective mind. So, our meditation practice is not only for the purpose of "sending" but should be for "receiving" as well. This is where the movie, The Secret failed miserably and absolutely.

We are not simply preparing for "receiving" the dream fulfillment, but we are "receiving" intuition and information and insight. We have an "identity with the Universal Mind." As Wallace Wattles says:

There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made and which, in it original state, permeates, penetrates, and fills the interspaces of the universe.

A thought in this substance, produces the thing that is imaged by the thought.

Man can form things in his thought, and, by impressing his thought upon the formless substance, can cause the thing he thinks about to be created....

That he may receive what he wants when it comes, man must ACT NOW upon the people and things in his present environment, and do all that can be done every day, doing each separate thing in an efficient manner.

And, to return to Troward again, because reality creation cannot be explained more clearly or more powerfully than this:

What the individual does is to give direction to something which is unlimited, to call into action a force infinitely greater than his own, which because it is in itself impersonal though intelligent, will receive the impress of his personality, and can therefore make its influence felt far beyond the limits which bound the individual's objective perception of the circumstances with which he has to deal. It is for this reason that I lay so much stress on the combination of two apparent opposites in the Universal Mind, the union of intelligence with impersonality. The intelligence not only enables it to receive the impress of our thought, but also causes it to devise exactly the right means for bringing it into accomplishment. This is only the logical result of the hypothesis that we are dealing with infinite Intelligence which is also infinite Life. Life means Power, and infinite life therefore means limitless power; and limitless power moved by limitless intelligence cannot be conceived of as ever stopping short of the accomplishment of its object.

The Ego versus Subconscious Rapport with the Universal Mind:

Troward talks further about intuition and healing, which we will talk more about later, but we would like to refer readers to the ideas of Eckart Tolle here. Remember that Eckhart Tolle urged us to let go of our ego (objective mind) so that we could achieve awakened doing, and its characteristic modalities:

1 Acceptance

2 Awareness

3 Enthusiasm

Troward says, the greatest possible rest for the objective mind (ego) is to be obtained by stopping the action of our conscious thought altogether, the more generally advisable method is by changing the direction of the thought and, instead of centering it upon something we intend to do, letting it dwell quietly upon what we are. The subjective mind needs no rest.

This is the principle also expounded upon by Bill Harris. This is the position of the observer, as opposed to the doer. Joe Vitale also came to this idea after working with Ho'oponopono and Dr. Hew Len, that when we stop imposing our objective ideas on our subconscious, there are zero limits to the inspirations that will come.

Our subconscious rapport with the Universal mind.... We come into touch with the absolute exactly in proportion as we withdraw ourselves from the relative: they vary inversely to each other.

For the purpose, then, of getting into touch with our subconscious mind we must endeavor to think of ourselves as pure being, as that entity which interiorly supports the outward manifestation, and doing so we shall realize that the essential quality of pure being must be good.

We are engaged in reality creation all the time. If we can step out of the way, and connect to Infinite Intelligence, we will be inspired to move beyond our former dreams.