Reality Creation: Before the Law of Attraction

We have already discussed some New Thought authors in our Historical Theory section. Wallace Wattles and Charles Haanel were covered there, but they should not be left out of any list of New Thought authors.

New Thought is East meets West. It is the involvement of western man in meditation and other spiritual practices which don't involve formal religion. It is the breaking away of men who seek to have their personal, secular, relationship with the spiritual Source, or the One/Divinity/Creator.

And, discoveries were made through meditation and quiet thought that have recently been proven by Quantum Physics scientists. And, other New Thought authors already covered include William Walker Atkinson, who covered the attraction of additional emotional content similar to the emotions one is holding in the present. He sought to help us to understand the importance of controlling our minds and strengthening our will.

Part One: Based on Thomas Troward's THE CREATIVE PROCESS IN THE INDIVIDUAL copyright, 1915

Thomas Troward was the Founder of New Thought, and Reality Creation.

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We are starting this section with Troward because he was a major influence on the works of Ernest Holmes, Frederick Bailes, Joseph Murphy and Emmett Fox, and has been quoted by numerous other writers. His writing is both a little archaic and very, very tight with each sentence building logically on the previous idea. We will do our best to make his thinking on reality creation more palatable for the modern reader.

Reality Creation is exciting because it pushes the limits of spiritual beliefs and quantum physics. This is where the Law of Attraction becomes heart blood and heartbeat. This is why Ho'oponopono is able to teach that we all have 100% responsibility and why one person's prayer of cleansing can change another's life forever.

Reality Creation

Thomas Troward teaches that in the beginning the Spirit had a Thought which created matter for self expression and self recognition. This was the original Reality Creation. At first there was only one intelligent spirit, no time, no motion, no consciousness of self and no matter. This original creation set up an original polarity between Universal Substance and Universal Spirit. Spirit supplied Selection and Motion, the energy, and Substance supplied matter, the material from which everything, all reality is created.

There are four steps in evolution since the Law of Tendency indicates that the Cosmic Mind tends to be active rather than absorbed in an awareness of being. This activity includes the Law of Polarity which maintains a current flow, a motion, and the Law of Reciprocity which demands a similar motion as a balance, so as the stars maintain their circular motion, so do our atoms. Yet, the Cosmic Mind, the Source, wanted more than circles and so evolution produced ever progressive steps:

Step One: Mineral Life in rotation

Step Two: Plant Life

Step Three: Animal Life

Step Four: Human Life. Selection and initiative are the first principles. The third is for an ever increasing Enjoyment of Life.

Step Five: ?

Troward believed there was a Cosmic Mind that insured that the Universal Laws are upheld in all Reality Creation. Euclid's theorem that two things that are equal to another are equal to each other is one of the definitions by which the Cosmic Mind insures that what we see is what our neighbor sees.

Otherwise, he explains, wooden boards would arbitrarily change length, and it would not be possible to build anything. So, once created, matter tends to remain stable. Beyond these laws that maintain the stability of the Universe, we are all free in all other respects to pursue Reality Creation.

Reality Creation begins with the Spirit's conception or statement of something, which necessarily makes it exist! The Law of the Whole, and the Law of the Part insures that we humans are as able to manifest as the original Spirit of which we are a part. We do this every day. Everything in our lives is a creation of our Spirit mind.

Some argue that abuse and disease is not a creation of the victim.

This is the sticking point for many, we understand. Troward allows that there is the possibility of negativity in the spiritual world, which he calls inversions. "An inversion of the Life-principle will transform the energy stream into something poisonous and deadly. The essential condition for receiving the Perfect Fullness of Life is to present ourselves before the Eternal Spirit free from every trace of inversion."

Prior to Reality Creation we must present our selves in the likeness of the Eternal Ideal. "Project into the Eternal Mind the conception of yourself as identical with the Eternal Ideal."

Thomas Troward passionately asserts that qualities of the Substantive Being are Love, Light, Power, Beauty and Joy. The Qualities of Active Power are Initiative and Selection. These two work together to create our reality. We recognize our own beauty, and we initiate an idea of a beautiful garden, and we select that garden to be in our backyard.

When we are clear of inversions, we will not select or initiate any manifestation that does not come from Love, Light, Power, Beauty and Joy. The Buddha said, "To end suffering completely, one must remove desire, ill will and ignorance." This is the way to clear ourselves of inversions to prepare for healthy Reality Creation.

Some say that Force is the ego's preceptual interpretation -- it's inversion -- of Love.

In Conversations with God, God says that we choose the circumstances of our lives. If that sometimes seems harsh, imagine that we are only partly in this physical world, because we are also always connected to the Source. If that is so, then we can step out of this consciousness at any time, as Jesus did. We don't speak of His suffering as victimization, but as sacrifice. Try to imagine that we all have this strength and choice, to choose love over force. Remember that the temptation in the Garden of Gethsemane was to use force; to take control of the world and its riches. Jesus chose love.


Ho'oponopono is an Hawaiian method of clearing and problem solving and is taught by The Foundation of I, Inc.. "I" come forth from the void into light...The undefinable atom of creation. "I" am the "I".

As taught by Dr. Hew Len,

The Void is the foundation of Self Identity, of Mind, of the cosmos. It is the precursor state to the infusion of Inspirations from Divine Intelligence into the Mind.

All that scientists know is that the cosmos was spawned from nothing, and will return to the nothing from whence it came. The universe begins and ends with zero. (Charles Seife, ZERO: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea.)

Memories replaying themselves displace the Void of Self Identity, precluding the manifestation of Inspirations. To remedy this displacement, to re-establish Self Identity, memories need to be transformed back to void through transmutation by Divine Intelligence.

To clear the unconscious of memories that prevent clarity and connection to Spirit, (or Substantive Being and Active Power in Troward's language) we can consciously petition Divine Intelligence to transmute our memories to void. We do this by praying. As Dr. Hew Len explained to Joe Vitale, we start with telling our memories that we love them. We say we're sorry to Divinity, ask for forgiveness and then finish with "thank you, it is done." The final "it is done" is an affirmation that we believe the Divine Source has already heard our prayer and has begun to act on our request even as we utter the last word in the prayer. Awesome, that is truly connection to Divinity in action!

Troward argues for the tension, the polarity, between Spirit and Matter, and does not discuss levels of consciousness or awareness. Ho'oponopono, or The Foundation of "I", describes the higher mind, which communicates directly with Divine Spirit and receives information as inspirations or delivers our petitions to the Divine. The lower or unconscious mind stores the memories and feelings associated with those memories, and runs our day to day bodily functions. The conscious mind is where we reside in awareness.


When we speak of awareness here, we are not alluding to "enlightened" awareness; we are talking about the pictures and the words that represent or that influence the moment to moment thoughts of our conscious brain. Awareness is the holographic movie we produce. Albert Einstein referred to "the optical illusion of consciousness." This is reality creation.

This theory of reality creation asserts that reality is only an idea in our minds. We are spirit beings still connected to Substantive Being and awareness is different. Awareness is our being in the board game that we play with our friends. Awareness is the book we get "lost" in, where we identify with the character we are playing, yet our higher mind is never separate from Spirit.

Awareness of pain, might not be pain that is connected to our physical self. Our lower mind is continually monitoring our body and our location in space and, provided we allow it, is fixing whatever needs to be fixed. Often, if you attend to the pain, standing back just witnessing the pain and accepting it, it goes away as if it just wanted your attention. We have also experienced diving into the pain, and letting the pain fill our awareness to the exclusion of all else. This is like fanning the fire. It increases.

If, in the crowded bus, someone kicks our chair, our lower mind is attentive and may notify our conscious mind if it continues. If, on the highway, someone swerves into our lane, our lower mind will alert our conscious mind which might be "lost" in some thoughts about an upcoming meeting we are planning. Surely you have experienced these moments of attention to something other than "reality?" Reality Creation is a magnification of this. We are always "lost" in our thoughts. The reality that you come back to when you re-attend to your driving, is another created reality.

This is probably a good time to talk about fear. The acronym for this is "false evidence appearing real". All the coaches/trainers/masters of the Law of Attraction warn against fear as one of the most powerful of negative emotions. If you abide in fear, what you don't want will be attracted more quickly than what you do want.

If you sometimes are fearful, Mike Dooley has the most usable methods for conquering fear. Please make use of this in order to salvage your dreams if you sometimes experience fear.

Our conscious mind is full of thoughts, and our unconscious mind is full of our sensory "reality", and our memories. Only our higher mind is free to continually access Divine intelligence and to Create Reality. Yet, on a day to day basis, we are less aware of our higher mind than we are of our conscious, middle mind. Unless there is an accident or trauma ....

In a video of Jill Bolte Taylor for TED (, she explains how she experienced the right side of her brain without the left hemisphere due to a massive stroke in the left hemisphere. The right side was aware of all the energy exterior to her body and the energy exuding from her body and was unclear about the limits of her body. She was aware of being one with all other beings in the Universe. She took in all the sensory data of touch, sound and sight and was in the moment without a thought of past or future. She was connected to all, connected to One, connected to Source and ecstatic while in her right brain. She was living through lower and upper mind without the interference or interpretation of left hemisphere conscious brain.

What she lost when she lost her left brain, was language, time and sequence. She was not aware of that until she tried to converse with a colleague and realized that he sounded "like a golden retriever" and that she did as well when she tried to respond. She lost her ability to decipher numbers and letters in a meaningful way. She lost her sense of past and future. It was her left brain, clicking in and out like a light with a loose wire, that alerted her to seek help.

She did not talk about this, but we suspect that she lost her Reality Creation. The Active Power that selects and initiates seems to be a function of the part of the brain that sees time and progress in a linear, horizontal fashion. This was gone. The right hemisphere seemed connected to Substantive Being and all Love, Light, Power, Beauty and Joy. This was intact, but the polarity was gone.

And so, without polarity, there is no Reality Creation. Without polarity, we are Being.

Conclusion: I am the crane

Yesterday I watched an episode of Sponge Bob where he was teaching Squid Works to operate a crane. He told him to close his eyes, and to become the crane. Squid Works was skeptical, but he did so and it worked.

Just so, we are avatars, or virtual personages of our own creation in our own virtual world. Enlightened beings are aware that we are connected to original Spirit, and thus, to each other and all life, as Jill Bolte Taylor experienced. We are one. "I am you and you are me" as IN'laketch teaches. "I am that, I am" as the original Spirit said to Moses.

In our virtual world, we create our virtual reality. And, this is why, as Substantive Beings, we are able to initiate and select our reality.

Thomas Troward continued with many lectures and writings. His work on spirit and matter will provide another clue to reality creation.

Eckhart Tolle and A New Earth

Thomas Troward left us a little up in the air in his failure to define Stage Five. The closest he came was to say that the creative painter can work without a pallet.

Please take courage and continue on this quest, because Eckhart Tolle has additional light and inspiration for us. He explains the egoic life and how to get past the ego to attain enlightenment and awakened doing.

And, after reading this page from his work, A New Earth, you will want to continue with Eckhart Tolle 2, as he explains just how to become more conscious.