Quantum Physics, Jesus and intuition

Jesus had the same tools that we have, quantum physics and intuition. We have known for over one hundred years, thanks to the New Thought philosophers, that we are creators. More recently, Quantum physicists have partially explained just how this works. It has been proven without any doubt that the thinking of the experimenter influences the result of the experiment. And still, we are not able to hold out our hand and manifest an apple. What is going wrong?

The Key to Manifesting or Creation

We are co-manifestors with the Father/Divinity/Source/One and we are also still part of the One. We, and those around us, are but thoughts of the One. We were projected out into the distant, deepest reaches of the Universe so that the Father/Source/One could experience Himself in this distant way.

Our memories work in concert with our Ego (temporal, finite identity) to create our reality. We cannot become conscious manifestors until we accept who we are and recognize the truth of our manifestations. This is free will, and this is the key to creation.

Free will allows us to choose to continue to influence reality with our memories (Ego) or we can choose to accept our identity as projections of the Father and consciously co-create with the Father.

This is the reason the Bible tells us who begat who begat who begat. The lineage shows the connection back to the Father/One/Source.

Quantum physics has proven that the belief of the observer is translated in the test tube. Each energy packet can become particle or remain as energy depending on the expectation of the observer. This is known as the observer effect.

Positive Thinking is Merely Scratching the Surface of Truth: We must be attentive to intuition

As the Quantum physicist has discovered, our beliefs come true. This is the key to the kingdom which we forgot shortly after birth. Our parents probably forgot that we are connected, just as they are connected to the One. In this same way, Herod of Judea forgot that he and Jesus were both born of the Creator/Father/One. Herod attempted to kill Jesus by ordering all the newborn children of Bethlehem to be slain.

But, since Joseph was attentive to his intuition, (for intuitive training go to Andrea Hess...) he was warned by the One/Creator/Father to flee to Egypt. Jesus was safe during His childhood. They only returned to Israel after they were told of the death of Herod.

When Jesus was grown, he fasted for 40 days and 40 nights before beginning His ministry. This is the coming of age ceremony of most indigenous males. It is only after their vision quest that they are considered men. And it is known that a month of fasting will cause an altered state of reality. When Jesus was tempted by His Ego to turn the stones into bread, He reminded the tempter that "man does not live by bread alone." Thus He determined to finish his vision quest.

When Jesus was tempted to jump from the top of a precipice, being told that the Father would send angels to catch Him, Jesus told His Ego to stop tempting Him. The final temptation was to look at all the kingdoms, and to accept the Ego as the one who could give Jesus minion over the world. Jesus told the Ego to get behind Him because it is only the One/Source/Creator who would be served.

To accept our identity as co-Creators with the One, we must put our finite Egos behind us. Our Subconscious mind is connected to our Higher Mind and to the Creator/One/Source. The Ego is only connected to our conscious minds and helps keep us involved in this physical world. But, at the same time, we must learn to influence our Subconscious Minds in order to create our reality.

At low Alpha, Theta and Delta, if we stay awake, we will have direct access to our Subconscious Minds and our conscious minds (Ego) will move out of the way. In Delta, we have a powerful, altered state of awareness. Even 4 days of fasting will do this, or We can do this more quickly in contemporary times with a brainwave generator ( such as Holosync). Once we have done this, we will be able to co-create almost at will.

Connecting to our compassion, as stated by Gerald O'Donnell, Gregg Braden, and the Navy SEAL, Michael Jaco in a recent book, The Intuitive Warrior, will also put us in the 4th dimension, and prepare us for the coming 5th dimension where the manifestation predicted by Quantum physics will be a simple reality.

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