Who’s In Charge of Your Brain?

By Paul J. Meyer

Paul J. Meyer starts his article talking about the "psycho-cybernetic force or goal-seeking mechanism" which tickles me very much because this is very like Fred Alan Wolf's description of our atomic minds (which you will find on our http://www.mindbridge-loa.com/law-of-attraction-explained.html page under the heading, Quantum Physics). Neither one intended their work to be Law of Attraction coaching, but it is directly relevant. Wolf describes the atomic mind as the sum of all our individual atoms, each of of which has a preference to any given choice. And, Deepac Chopra describes karma as a choice maker, and says that in any given moment, there is karmically one choice that will bring joy, "karmically the best choice." Whenever we are talking about choice, we are talking about the Law of Attraction because every choice we make projects out into the ether of Wallace Wattles, for manifestation. This is the Law of Attraction coaching.

This all happens below the level of consciousness, which is why we often speak of making decisions, "at the gut level." This is talked about extensively in Ho'oponopono and is very close to the model that Paul J. Meyer uses. Our sub-conscious stores all our memories from childhood, including the feelings associated with our experiences. For example, many children who learn to read in schools where the children must read aloud during reading time, think that they are poor readers, or learn to dislike reading, not because they are poor readers, but because they had difficulty reading aloud to their whole class. They might be shy, or they might have difficulty with speaking clearly or loudly. So, later in life, when someone says, "it's time to read" they will experience stress or discomfort or worse. Perhaps, logically, they know they can read very well, but "at the gut level" they believe otherwise. You can see how this will affect their future. Paul J. Meyer does a nice job of showing how a child's early messages imprint on the subconscious. This might set up a need for Law of Attraction coaching if the adult is showing loyalty to parents by looking for failure.

Are you careening off course? Falling short of your goals? Your brain literally contains a mind of its own! And its programming determines exactly what you will receive in life.
This is the Law of Attraction coaching.

Most of us walk around without the slightest clue that inside our brains is the equivalent of a heat-seeking missile. It’s called a psycho-cybernetic force or a goal-seeking mechanism. And just like a missile, it is accurate, powerful, and hones its target flawlessly.

Housed deep in your subconscious, residing quietly below the radar of your awareness, this goal-seeking mechanism works similarly to a computer, although its abilities far exceed the sophistication and design of the most complex computer ever built.

In fact, computers can be quite frustrating. You may have attempted to access certain data only to find that the “fool thing” spits out anything but the results you are seeking. Of course, the problem is usually not with the computer. It’s with the programmer! Or as computer geeks are prone to say, “Garbage in, garbage out.”

In computer-like form this goal-seeking mechanism receives and stores data from your environment, thoughts and feelings. This data collection starts from the moment of your birth and is most sensitive to the messages received from those surrounding you in your early childhood years.

Some cultures believe that not only are your memories imprinted on the subconscious, but your ancestral, inherited memories, traumas and successes are also imprinted there as well. Ho'oponopono is an Hawaiian method of clearing these memories, and thus of healing the psyche and body of the residue of any negative memories. Using Ho'oponopono, we take 100% responsibility for whatever memories we are harboring, and for the responses they induce. We then ask that these memories be removed or transmuted, we apologize and ask forgiveness and connect with Divinity's love.

This clears us of "old stuff" which allows us to make decisions with a clear mind. As you will see below, a clear mind is necessary and part of any Law of Attraction coaching.

What happens to this data?

The job of this psycho-cybernetic force is to access what you’ve grown to believe about yourself, what goals you feel you are capable of or not, and to make sure that whatever is programmed into your subconscious is fulfilled.

This is the Law of Attraction coaching.

If during your early years you absorbed data that told you that you were too little, too clumsy, or too dumb (garbage in), you may have accepted this information as true, and may still believe it (garbage out). As a result, the mental picture you have drawn of yourself sets up within your goal-seeking mechanism a negative goal of failure.

Whenever you attempt to set a worthy goal with your conscious mind, your subconscious mind that houses your goal-seeking mechanism will secretly believe you cannot achieve your goal and unerringly move you toward your hidden goal of failure, confirming your belief that you are in fact too little, too clumsy, or too dumb.

Help! Can I change my programming?

The good news is you can definitely change your programming! In fact, this psycho-cybernetic force is intended as a gift from God. Its main purpose is to give you LIFE, meeting your emotional, physical, and spiritual needs; helping you to solve problems, be creative, and develop your personality to the fullest.

This is the Law of Attraction coaching. All coaches will tell you that your emotional energy is what propels you to the front. Without this connection to the energy provided by your unconscious, you will not have force enough to manifest your dreams.

To realize your potential, you will need to release your inner self of all inhibitions, false beliefs, and artificial limitations that have been imposed and allow your unerring goal-seeking mechanism to operate as it was truly designed to do.

How do I start?

First, you will need to increase the effectiveness of your goal-seeking mechanism by giving it success goals to seek. As you consciously take on this process you will see changes in your personality, habits, attitude, and thought patterns.

And, this is a result of Ho'oponopono clearing as well. The more you clear, the more your attitude and outlook will turn positive, contributing to enlightened thinking and inspired action. The Seldona Method is another form of clearing emotions, and will also help you achieve a sense of being free and clear of emotional ties and blocks.

However, even without the clearing of Ho'oponopono, or the Seldona Method, Paul J. Meyer offers a way forward.

Step #1: Consciously visualize the goal or target you want to achieve.

Crystallize your thinking about what you want to achieve. Visualize it in complete detail. Decide what kind of person you want to be, what type of relationships you want, what type of job you desire, and what type of environment you wish to live in. Believe your goal is already accomplished and see yourself enjoying its benefits.

This is the Law of Attraction coaching. This is in agreement with every single Law of Attraction coach, current and historical.

Think only in terms of RESULTS! Do not worry about how you are going to get there. That is the function of your automatic goal-seeking mechanism. In fact, if you try and force the situation by figuring out what to do, you will interfere with its functioning.

Understand that you will have set backs. Errors merely provide opportunity for your goal-seeking mechanism to collect data to better assist you in the future. Be patient. Don’t struggle; let it be in charge.

This is the Law of Attraction coaching too. As some coaches will tell you, you have charted a course to California, but if there is a road block or construction in your way, it does not mean that you have to turn around and go home. You simply have to find a way around it.

Step #2: Set aside time each day to create a mental picture.

Take at least 30 minutes each day to relax, close your eyes and visualize yourself in possession of your goal. Neither your psychocybernetic force nor your nervous system perceives any difference between actual events or imagined ones! Your mind accepts these pictures without regard to its present reality.

Rehearse in your mind solutions to any possible obstacles. When actual events occur, you’ll be prepared to access new data about how to handle the incident.

For some more Law of Attraction coaching: Centerpointe Research provides Holosync audio technology which, when combined with meditation, will expand and synchronize your brain. The method is sometimes called, brainwave entrainment. This will make your 30 minutes a day enjoyable and far more easy than it would be otherwise because Holosync takes your brain waves from a normally agitated beta, to alpha, delta and theta without any need to be a seasoned or experienced mediator.

These lower brain waves allow you to immediately and consciously impact on your subconscious.

How long will it take?

It may take longer than you had hoped, but it WILL HAPPEN! Concentrate on making incremental, steady process. Don’t be concerned about the time. Each success, each step will leave you more confident, more ready for the next goal, the next challenge.

You are forming an entirely new database within yourgoal-seeking mechanism. Remember the analogy of the heat-seeking missile? Think of its power, the flawless execution of its programming. That power already resides in you! Allow it to take you places you’ve only dreamed of; relish new goals, new accomplishments. Rejoice! Enjoy the ride!

__________________________________________ Paul J. Meyer, best-selling New York Times author and founder of the Success Motivation Institute, has written 24 full-length programs plus numerous books on attitude, motivation, goal setting, management, leadership, and time management. In his dynamic and life-changing CD, Psycho-Cybernetics for Winners, currently available at www.pauljmeyer.com, Paul explains step-by-step how you can access and harness the powerful force that already lies within your subconscious and use it to achieve every goal, desire, and dream.