Mike Dooley and TUT (Totally Unique Thoughts)

Mike Dooley is one of the most positive and enjoyable teachers of the Law of Attraction and the other principles of the Universe. Mike understands that this is not difficult, but a natural law that we use all the time for manifesting desires and other things.... With a light touch, Mike Dooley explains "it's all good" and he conspires with the Universe to help us to levitate our life.

He leads us to internalize the belief that "we have been given dominion over all things. Thoughts become things. This works for our positive thoughts, (and the other ones too). It is as predictable as gravity and no one can turn it off."

Mike Dooley, himself, had visualized a wonderful life style after his family sold off the tee-shirt business assets. He had time and wasn't sure of his next work effort, so he prepared for the thing that frightened him the most, public speaking. Meanwhile, Mike Dooley had enough resources to last only a few years which frightened him. He realized only after the fact that it had all worked out to match his hopes and dreams, and he had to ask himself, "how did this happen to me?"

Mike Dooley came to realize that he had Leveraged the Universe and Engaged the Magic. In spite of living with poverty consciousness, he turned his ship around and was successfully manifesting desires. "No matter who you are" whether you need to turn your ship around, or whether you are already going in the right direction, "There's no reason you can't go a little faster." Mike Dooley teaches us how to replicate his process in his amazing audio, Leveraging the Universe and Engaging the Magic.

Seven Steps:

1. Understanding your relationship to the Universe and the magic.

2. Giving yourself direction, or charting a course. "What am I going to do when I grow up?"

3. Creating a plan. Business books include this, yet spiritual books often neglect this. Being excited about the truth is not enough to change your life. You must begin to live your new life. There are certain things that you must do.

4. Being vigilant in all that you think, do and say. These are your fulcrums to the Universe and the magic. These enable you to do the least and receive the most. Go on the offensive in order to leverage the Universe and engage the magic.

5. Align your beliefs with the life of your dreams. Our beliefs allow us, enable us and they can also stop us in our tracks. If you don't now have wealth and abundance, it does not mean that there is something wrong with your beliefs.

6. Begin it!!! Look at the momma duck. She does not wait for her ducks to line up before she crosses the road, she just starts out. Once she is going, and once you are going, the duckies that you need will line up.

7. Adjust your sails. When you start out to California, you might have a detour or you might have a flat tire, but you can still get to California if you just adjust your map and time frame.

Mike had many, many helpful tools and suggestions that were absolutely unique in this audio program and included so much of his own life to illustrate his material, we would not do you a service to summarize it for you. To have it in his voice in its entirety is far more valuable than having a tidy summary. We will just give you enough of Step One and Step Two to whet your appetite.

Step One:

For downloads of the Law of Attraction secrets, click on link to the right. We recommend all these readings!

On Mike Dooley's website, you can, and we recommend that you sign up for his daily Notes from the Universe. Many believe that this is one of the most valuable freebies available on the internet for manifesting desires. Each day Mike will send you a short, inspired message, from the Universe which will help you to develop a deep understanding of this relationship that you cannot avoid. Reading Conversations with God will also help you to firmly establish a strong belief in New Thought -- that you are One with all, and that, therefore, God is that, I am, also.

Lost in Space is Mike Dooley's story that explains how Infinity and unending bliss were at the start, and then a new space was developed that dimmed their realizations of Infinity and unending bliss, and manifestation was born -- for manifesting desires! Any thought that existed would bring matter into form. Because they liked Hide and Seek, they developed TIME allowing them to find each other. "They came to forget that they were also, everywhere, always and at once".

We are not here to learn how the make thoughts become things, but to realize that they always did and they always will. Thoughts become things is the be-all and end-all of finding our way through the jungles of space. Mike Dooley explains that like Spider Man, when we are moving through time and have a thought we send out god from our wrists, the creative source, to create the object of our thoughts. Go within. Whether we are thinking poverty or abundance, we are creating our lives. Change comes about from within.

Step Two:

Charting your course.

Mike Dooley explains that our starting place is one of 3 camps:

A. You are in this camp if you are asking, What should I do with my life? What is my purpose? Mike Dooley suggests that you stop asking a question that can't be answered. As Neale Donald Walsch also discovered, there is no pre-destination. This is an adventure that you set out on. You can have whatever you want. There are no should's. They are like the "cursed hows."

Change the question to: "What do I want to do?" This applies to every decision you make during every day. Read the Universal law on Karma. Go with your joy, your loves, whatever appeals to you. If you select what you want, and what makes you feel more fulfilled, the Universe will provide you with more of what you want and what makes you feel more fulfilled.

Mike Dooley says, "The Universe doesn't give a flying Yahoo, what you chose in life... Just being yourself... The Universe just cares that you are you."

Caution: The more you mess with "should's" the more you disconnect from yourself.

If we already know what we want to do, the program will help us to move forward more quickly.

B. In this second camp, people now have something to do and they either hate it or they are not committed and are looking on the horizon for something better.

"Keep doing what you are doing but do it better." Mike Dooley says that if we don't master what we are doing, it will master us. When we master what we are doing, the Universe will give us a better opportunity. Choices multiply. Other people notice us. We will be given opportunities and we will see what we really want to do. Or, we will find that we are living the life of our dreams and will not know how it happened. Because we were finding fulfillment in the journey, we didn't notice the miracles.

When we are doing a half hearted job, the Universe will give us something less.... Particularly in the business world there is a telepathy and when people hate their job or are uncommitted, everybody knows it and will avoid us like a plague. We flounder.

C. The final camp may be the most frightening. You don't have anything to do and you don't know what you want to do. Do anything!!

No matter what path you go down, your ship will find you. The only mistake you can make is to sit at home where the Universe won't be able to find you. Do anything! Get out. One thing will lead to another.

Start turning over stones and exploring. Give yourself a deadline if you want -- two days. The Universe will begin to talk to you, thumbs up and thumbs down by way of your own feelings and by way of what other people are saying to you.

Step Three:

Creating a Plan

When you invite friends on a cruise to Tahiti, they may arrive with food and CD's and cards and games and snorkling equipment and everything else that will make the trip a blast, but you need to cast off the lines from the dock, motor out of the harbor, and finally pull up the sails that will catch the magical winds of the Universe.

People who are spinning their wheels, will be in one of two camps: those who believe you do it by the sweat of your brow and that the early bird will get the worm. The others have just realized that they are able to manifest. They were so excited they picked up all their belongings and ran to the other camp aware of the loving and conspiring Universe. They believe now that they don't have to do anything to live the life of their dreams.

Neither is right. There is a happy medium between schools. You need to be spiritual, and you need to go out into the world to leverage the Universe and to engage the magic.

Mike tells a story that is reminiscent of a Brian Tracey idea. If you believed that on Monday everything would work in your favor, you would get up early and never stop until you couldn't move any longer at midnight.... Well, it is true. Everything will work for you today and tomorrow as long as you believe that it is true, and go out as if you believed it.....

Mike gives a project/exercize that allows you to look at your responsibilities versus that of the Universe. This is worth doing. (Put in link to Mike's site.) Remember that logic and science are now connected to spirituality!

Don't forget to visualize every day. Don't forget to add your self improvement if you enjoy that, or keeping a diary or anything else that helps you to enjoy life and to have a sense of moving forward.

This is NOT getting involved in the "cursed hows" because we are just moving forward yet we are still trusting in the Universe to add what we need and to hone our skills and to prepare us in whatever way we need to be prepared, and to move into our vision those things that we need added. As Mike says, "We must do all we can with what we have from where we are, and then, the Universe will do all that it can to help us with what we have and from where we are.... We are simply bringing the Universe in. We are pitching to the Universe who will hit the home run!"

Take heart if you have messed with the "cursed hows" in the past and failed. In Mike's story, as in many others, the learned skills become useful once you are letting the Universe assist your efforts.

Final Words from Mindbridge:

If you only have the resources for one purchase this year, do yourself a favor and visit Mike Dooley 's website, TUT. Sign up for the free Notes from the Universe. The MP3 download of Leveraging the Universe and Engaging the Magic works well if you can make an investment at this time.

In the meantime, as Mike would say, "Talley Ho, Adventurers!"