Manifesting Abundance through Programs for Spiritual Development:

For Manifesting Abundance, we have regularly depended on four programs we use to assist us with spiritual development and we wanted to share them with you because the only way to become a great manifestor of joy and abundance in your life is to rise above the common emotions of fear, resentment, competition, anger and even pride. These will all keep you in the lower, slower, 3rd dimension and it is time for us all to step up to the 4th dimension.

So, if you want to keep up with the changes in the earth, the move back toward our origins, you will probably want to explore some of these programs.

Holosync by Centerpointe:

This is a graduated program of binaural beats originally designed by Bill Harris, set with a nice, easy, meditative background music. The graduated quality starts you at a strength that will not give you headaches, but will increase your intuition and creativity. Over time, the strength and power increases, as your mental strength and tolerance adapts. Mental strength and tolerance is what you need for manifesting abundance as this will require that you become a bigger person.

Holosync reminds you in their initial manual, that the stress of today's world will sink you if you can't find a way to rise above it. Then they explain that a small hole (of stress) will sink a small row boat, but it won't affect an ocean liner. Holosync doesn't propose to eliminate stress in your modern life, but that it will help turn you into a bigger and bigger vessel that, in time, won't be at all bothered by normal life stress. It does this with binaural beats. They are synchronized through your corpus callosum, which enlarges and strengthens this part of your brain which links your analytical brain to your creative brain. This is exactly what you need for manifesting abundance.

It has absolutely been our experience that this strengthening has reduced our emotional reaction to stressors. Neither of us at Mindbridge-LOA, react with the worry or fear, impatience or anger that we used to respond with. This has affected our driving and work habits as well as our personal lives in a way that brings us more of what we want, the ability to manifest abundance, and less of what we don't want, talent at manifesting problems.

So, unless you invest the time and money in learning Transcendental Meditation, Holosync is the fastest and best way to become a master meditator This increases your creative responses to life and restores the damage to your brain and body done by stress in the past. Stress is one of those influences that prevents you from manifesting abundance. You must learn to let go of all stress.

Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing by ARVRI:

Gerald O'Donnell worked for the US government as a remote viewer and trainer, and developed remote influencing as well. His guided meditations are fun, and feel great. Afterwards, you will feel cleaner, clearer and emotionally and spiritually uplifted. These are great, great guided meditations.

After doing Gerald's program, I found that I knew what people were going to say. This was a little wierd in a business situation because I wanted to finish their sentences for them, but once you get used to it, it's actually helpful because you have time for a measured, thoughtful reaction.

I have to admit, that I haven't gone to the track or used it for lotto numbers, but those are possible uses and methods of manifesting abundance. I find it helpful on the highway, where we have a good sense of what people are going to do before they do it. Once, I even stayed back, feeling that a tractor trailer was about to do something dangerous, and he did. He pulled from the far right lane, across 3 lanes of traffic, and back again for no apparent reason. Whether he fell asleep, or lost control while changing a CD, we'll never know, but I did know intuitively that pulling along side of him at that moment was a bad idea. This probably saved our lives, or at the least saved us from a serious crash.
Remote influencing is also useful on the road when a slow driver is ahead of you and you'd like him to get off for a cup of coffee or breakfast. It's rather fun to make those mental suggestions and see them work. We also sometimes just make a request of the driver to move to a different lane, and this also seems to work.

Speaking of intuition, it's important not only to be able to access intuitive nudges, but to know when it's intuition versus your ego speaking because the first will help us with manifesting abundance and everything else we desire in life, whereas the second will only make us afraid of change.

The Ego is like a ship's radar. It will warn you of impediments, but it will not tell you the best way to go and does not keep track of where you want to go. For this, we need access to our spiritual guides and intuition.

Andrea Hess and Her Program for Intuition Building:

The programs above require some time. The Holosync minimal meditation is 1/2 hour, and most of Gerald's lessons take about an hour. Andrea offers short, 15 minute morning and evening meditations that give you quick and dependable spiritual access.

Andrea's simple meditations teach us the difference between our Ego's voice, and our intuition's voice. The first often warns us with a history lesson. For example, "Don't do that. Remember the time...." Our intuition will say, "Don't do that." There will be no explanation, argument or history lesson. These are all the functions of Ego.

These lessons are better taught by Andrea Hess who also offers programs specifically aimed at manifesting abundance. We recommend starting with her training on intuition because this is an excellent root course for all her other courses.
One personal example of intuition after doing Andrea's course, was when I was looking for an inspection station for my car. I was on my way when I heard, as clearly as if from someone sitting next to me, "Go there" and when I looked over across the highway I saw a Mavis station. It was so clear that I knew that I had to pay attention. It required some driving around to find how to get back there, but I made the effort.

It was worth it as Mavis specializes in the systems of tires, breaks, and suspension. They discovered that we had some badly worn bearings, which could result in a wheel falling off, and our back breaks needed replacement. I am always grateful to my intuition and the Universe always for protecting us. After the repairs, which would not have been found in a simple inspection, the car easily passed the State inspection.

Manifesting Abundance and the Law of Attraction:

There is a common confusion that the Law of Attraction will attract the abundance you desire. The Law of Attraction actually brings into your life the tools or the circumstances that you need for manifesting abundance. If you are reading this article, you may have attracted it because you need one or more of the products above to boost your ability to manifest abundance.

If this is the case, we are happy to have been of service.
For more on manifesting abundance, please see our main page: Manifesting Abundance