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David Schirmer is manifesting money, and has been successfully doing this since he partnered with Bob Proctor. For years, he was living in a shelter with his family, and unable to get anything going. Today he is an investment adviser and gets checks in the mail.

This man has claimed to be able to help you to manifest money, so listen up....For years, David was living in a shelter with his family. Now, this is not an uncommon story. (See Persistance) Many of the Law of Attraction teachers were, for a time, either homeless or almost so. They had to learn how to manifest money in order to pull themselves out of the situation they were in.

David describes reading Napoleon Hill many, many times. He believes that this should be an annual reading for everyone. (See Napoleon Hill) He claims that every time he reads it he still gets something new from it, and is able to manifest even more money.

Yet this was not the spark that enabled David Schirmer to go from poverty to manifesting money with so much ease that his problem is now finding enough investments to keep it circulating. David was at a training with Bob Proctor, and he was so impressed with Bob Proctor that he found a way to speak with him afterward.

He asked him what his plans were for transferring his lectures to an audio format, and Bob didn't have any. He hadn't planned to keep them going. David talked with him about it, and was given the rights to put a program together by Bob Proctor, from his accumulated work.

Now, this was manifesting money, because David Schirmer didn't bring anything to the table but a respect and admiration for Bob Proctor, and a belief that there were many others who would benefit from his work who might not live in Australia or Canada. Bob agreed, and the rest was left up to David who was able to put it together.

Unfortunately, David Schirmer has come under some scrutiny because he borrowed the money his investors gave him, and didn't return it. Although his instructions match those of other LOA masters, David seems to have taken a short cut.

The following is a specific instruction for manifesting money, or other things.

We know you are interested in manifesting money and learning to use the Law of Attraction as you now use buttons -- automatically....

Step 1 - Know exactly what you want. Take out a pen and paper and write down what is NOT working in your life how you want it. Could your marriage be better? Do you have the money you need to do and buy the things you want to? Do you have an illness or are you often sick? Are you unhappy? Are you working at a job you hate? Do you live in a home or area you don’t like?

Jack Canfield also recommends using this method to discover what you do want, whether manifesting money, or other dreams....

Step 2 - Now write out on another sheet of paper in present tense exactly how you do want each of those things to be. Don’t just write "I want to be great at manifesting money" or “I want a better relationship.” Write out, in detail exactly what you want to do have and become. For example, “I have a loving fulfilled relationship with my husband. We spend time every day together communicating and falling more in love. We enjoy frequent romantic times together, like walking along the beach hand in hand or sitting enjoying a coffee together.” Describe your life exactly how you want it to be.

When manifesting money, Joe Vitale would also encourage you to use as many of your emotions and feelings as you can muster when thinking of your dream. Smell the coffee, and feel the sand under your feet, and let your heart soar when your partner takes your hand.

Step 3 - Once you have completed that task, throw away or burn the first list you made of what is not working. You don’t want to read or focus on that ever again.

Step 4 - Re-read your new life at least twice a day which includes manifesting money. When you wake up first thing in the morning and just before you go to sleep at night. Just like a child pretend that it already is, add emotion to it as if it has already happened. Re-writing your new life increases clarity, emotion and expectation.

Eric Amidi would explain that when we are close to sleep, the guard at the gate, that keeps commonplace ideas or thoughts from sending a creating thought to the unconscious, is also close to sleep. This then is the best time to influence our unconscious into manifesting money, or whatever else we want.

Step 5 – Only speak to others of how your new life includes manifesting money. Our words create our world so our confessions or what we speak out about our circumstances creates our circumstances. If you continually speak to others about what’s going wrong in your life then that is what you attract. Start speaking with excitement about how your new life looks.

See our Miracles page for confirmation of this point.

Step 6 - Have Faith … only believe!

Many people just want good things to happen, are interested in manifesting money and want abundance and yet doubt about whether it can happen or worry about the worst happening. This is using the law of attraction to create a life that you don’t want as we will always attract what we emotionally focus on. Worry and doubt create the huge emotion of fear. We must LET God, let the power, work through us without being anxious about whether the end result will happen or not!

I think Jesus said it so well when he told us in Mark 11:24 “For this reason I say to you, Whatever you make a request for in prayer, have faith that it has been given to you, and you will have it.”

Note the words “Have faith that it HAS been given to you … and you WILL have it” Some translations say “If you have faith…” or “If you believe…”

Step 7 – Be expectant and grateful. Expectation propels you into action and draws you closer to your goals. If you really desire something in your life, such as manifesting money, there are certain steps you must take. For example if you desired to travel to Hawaii for a holiday you would have to decide when you are going, buy a suit case, inquire about tickets, hotels etc. What do you need to do right now if you truly expect your new life?

Gratitude is the other key ingredient, of Law of Attraction and manifesting money or anything else, which is often overlooked by people but absolutely essential if you want to attract anything more into your life.

If you are grateful for what you already have and expect more with the faith that you will have it, your life will be filled with a greater abundance that you now cannot comprehend. You must be grateful for your new life as if you already have it!

There are Law of Attraction conditions of receiving and that is first of all knowing what you want, asking, and then believing you have it already! In less than 30 days and very little effort you will completely alter your focus and bounce out of bed every day with the vision of your new life.

Your life and circumstances will begin to change and you will see miracles start to unfold.

So many writers, as David Schirmer, talk of gratitude. I believe this is the key to achieving the major shift into manifesting money from manifesting poverty. If you would pay attention every day, morning and night, to being grateful for what you have we, at Mindbridge, believe that soon you will be manifesting money at a rate that amazes you!

Remember to Put Yourself into the picture

Mike Dooley warns to put yourself into the picture when you are visualizing your dream. We at Mindbridge-LOA will also remind you to ask for the money to afford your dream! Please watch this video on David Schirmer.

Apparently, David forgot to ask for the money to afford his dreams, and for freedom from the countering beliefs that caused his past difficulties.

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