Manifesting Desires Taught By Master Teachers of the Law of Attraction

Our lives are filled with infinite possibilities, and responsibilities, which makes manifesting desires in all areas of our lives either a pinata or a time bomb. We will have the help of all the teachers of the Law of Attraction who don't fit into the financial, spiritual or scientific realms. Each has their own particular point of view and their own special persona, and each will add another clue in our in-depth look at manifesting desires and deepening your understanding of the Law of Attraction .

One of the oldest teachers, not of the Law of Attraction, or even of manifesting desires, but a teacher of Truth said:

The Tao is like a well:

used but never used up.

It is like the eternal void:

filled with infinite possibilities.

It is hidden but always present.

I don't know who gave birth to it.

It is older than God.

Click here to find the rest of the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu, 6th century China. There is much scientific evidence now, that the Universe is filled with a plasma. This plasma is filled with undifferentiated atomic particles, free electrons, and it is a great electrical conductor. Does this not sound like the Tao, or like Wattles ,
There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made and which, in it original state, permeates, penetrates, and fills the interspaces of the universe.

Abraham Hicks, is a spirit speaking to us through Esther Hicks. They have been teaching us about manifesting desires for longer than any of the other contemporary teachers. Rhonda Byrne went to them to learn more about the Law of Attraction when she was planning her movie The Secret. The Hicks were not surprised. They had been fanning the flames of interest, manifesting desires and raising awareness of the Law of Attraction for 20 years. As Abraham says, "Words do not teach, but words do stimulate thought and thought is attractive. All thoughts are powerful magnets attracting the same unto them." The Hicks believe that Rhonda and they were pulled together in this way. Abraham talks about the stream of life. "There is a stream of well being and when you allow yourself to be in it, you feel good and when you are pinching it off a bit, you don't feel so good." The Hicks try to flow with the stream rather than fighting against it. Life and manifesting desires will work more easily when we are going with the stream.

The Hicks have been providing such naturally comfortable, high quality education without any feel of "get rich quick" high pressure sales. Mike Dooley and Jack Canfield join in that style of manifesting with ease, and joy and help students advance their personal development without any implied threat or warnings. Their instructions do need to be carefully heeded to avoid the common pitfalls when manifesting desires. A mentor once said to me, "When you are teaching a complicated procedure, try to give instructions that will cover more than one item on your list." Both Dooley ( and Jack Canfield are masters at making the process of manifesting desires sound less complicated and more natural than many other teachers are able to do, but as with many poets, you have to attend to every word.

When Mike Dooley says that "The how is the province of the Universe" and you should concentrate "on your goal, without attaching," he covers several items. He always orients you in the present, as does Canfield ( he suggests that you play the part and have the celebration party right now. This is important because your unconscious will only transmit a request to the Universe when it is a present request. They both have you focus on the joyful feelings generated by the attainment of the goal and this works well since both your unconscious and the Universe (or creative source), respond most quickly to manifesting desires that come with feeling. They also help you to "let go" and let the Universe do its job of making thought become thing. Letting go lets the Universe know that you have trust and confidence that it will do its job. When we try to figure out how we are going to get the money or the car or the job or the partner, we are sending a strong signal to our unconscious and the Universe that we don't trust them. This does not work any better with these spiritual partners than it would work with a human partner. Letting go of attachment is another subtle key to manifesting desires. To visualize a new house, you might imagine a particular house with which you are familiar. Since the Universe always knows the fastest, most direct path to your goal, although you imagined a house on the Maine bluffs, a short commute from your newspaper job, it might be that a house in Southern California is available across the street from your new office after you are hired to write a screen play for George Clooney about his father, the newsman. Not only will we have to let go of our attachment to Maine, but also to the east coast, and to your job. The initial element of that manifestation might be to respond to an advertisement about a screenplay that looks interesting to you. The second step might be to go to California to meet with whoever placed the ad. Both will take time, and the second will also require a financial investment on our part. If we are tight with funds, it might be that we will discover a very cheap flight, or someone we know will offer us a ticket that they can't use, but neither will manifest if we are stubbornly holding back out of fear or attachment. We will not be able to manifest our desires until we can absolutely trust in the process and let go of fear, and attachment to specific things, or to the logic of our conscious minds.

Belief in the power and beneficence of the Universe is another important element. Jack Canfield's teacher used to announce that every day the Universe was "conspiring to do him good." If you believe that, you might want to join us in a Mindbridge challenge. We are allowing the Universe to give us money. Want to join us? Click Here

Our Philosophy and our Values are Revealed by Our Actions

In The Master Key System, Charles Haanel speaks of the conscious brain as the Gatekeeper. The unconscious is the powerhouse, manifesting agent and we have to be careful that it is impressed only with the specific thoughts and emotions when we are preparing for manifesting desires. The first step to manifesting desires is to know what we want. John DeMartini offers a series of questions that simplifies this step:

1. How do you fill your space?

2. How do you spend your time?

3. How do you spend your energy?

4. How do you spend your $?

5. Where are you most disciplined, reliable and focused?

6. Where are you most organized and ordered?

7. What do you dream about at night? ?

8. What is your internal dialogue about?

9. In a social situation, what conversations do you seek out?

10. What do you emotionally react to?

11 What are your goals?

12. What are you most inspired or moved by?

DeMartini tells a story of talking to a friend late one night. She is not interested in conversation, pleading exhaustion. He answers that is too bad since he has access to a private jet leaving for Paris in 2 hours and he had wondered if she would be interested in joining him for 2 weeks. They would be put up at the finest hotel and she would have the opportunity to shop at the most elegant clothing shops in the world and eat every night at fine restaurants. In his story, she flew out of bed, fully energized and alert.

We can see that she is inspired by the idea of 2 weeks in Paris and suspect that she has time, energy and $ available for shopping in Paris. It would seem that she is disciplined and will be organized in her preparations for the trip.

How do you spend your time? You are now studying the Laws of the Universe rather than watching TV or playing a video game. This also takes energy and focus. We are trying to save you dollars and time by covering the teachings of most of the great teachers. The questions, 5 through 12 will help you home in on your greatest passion, interest or goal. Some of you might want to understand the connection to spirit as the goal, and others might want to improve opportunities for their children and others might want to be able to travel to all the great cities. Whatever it is, be honest with yourself. This is crucial in manifesting your desires because if you don't get it right, your unconscious brain will not align with your conscious brain and they will cancel each other out or so weaken the request that nothing will manifest.

If you would like to see a video of Dr. DeMartini, click below:

Dr. John DeMartini has explained the connection between values, manifesting desires and the Law of Attraction. Eric Amidi 's e-book, The Secret Behind the Secret provides a clear and concise description of the mechanism behind manifesting desires.

Marie Diamond's Feng Shue website will help us to analyze how we fill our space. We can then use this information to help determine our values and to correct the energy in our environment in case it has been blocking us from manifesting desires. We have found Marie's site to provide a wealth of information. You don't have to become an expert to heed simple and straight forward directions such as, "Don't sleep in a room with a mirror or TV facing the bed without first covering the face."

Supportive Energies

John Gray is not only the author of Men are from Mars and Women are From Venus, but he is a trained healer. He has 30 years experience with meditation and 9 years as a celibate apprentice monk.

This is a lengthy video. It's 45 minutes, but John Gray covers healing, natural energies and natural healing. He teaches that pain is blocked energy. Adding enough energy to the body to clear the block heals the pain.

James Arthur Ray is another teacher with many years exploring spiritual disciplines. Both men seem to have access to boundless energy and enthusiasm and will help us become great at manifesting desires. John Grey in an audio interview claims that spiritual learning has rapidly accelerated in the last three years. What took him 30 years to learn, he is now able to teach his students in one day.

In one day they are able to learn how to gather enough energy form natural sources to provide the healing energy to those who need it. We have included John in this general section rather than in the Science and Spirit section because his message, as is that of James Arthur Ray, is about manifesting desires in all areas of your life. Both men know what it is to have deep spiritual roots and both have chosen to have lives that are abundant and fulfilling in all areas. James Arthur Ray is focusing his energies now on his Harmonic Wealth book and training.

Last but not least, are Lisa Nichols and Bob Doyle, who are also not exactly generalists. Bob Doyle is a master at manifesting desires, Bob Doyle seeks to help his members achieve Wealth Beyond Reason, but neither Bob nor Lisa is just talking about financial wealth. Rhonda Byrne was his student before she developed her movie, The Secret and she certainly learned to manifest desires and included all areas in her film.

Lisa Nichols specializes in self image and self concept, which is so necessary when manifesting desires. If we believe, deep down, that we are not deserving of wealth, peace and happiness, the Universe will give us exactly what we believe we deserve. Lisa has traveled this road herself and is the understanding tour guide for both teens and adults.

We hope you enjoy the coming pages about manifesting desires as we continue to add to this web site. Thank you for your patience.