Manifesting Abundance by Letting Go

Manifesting abundance is not accomplished by traditional means. We are taught that if we work hard, do what we're told, and are careful to save our money, we will become rich. This is the essence of the money game, or the Ego game. We are not our Ego. We are spiritual beings. It is easy to forget this as our Ego is ceaselessly trying to connect us to the earth and this space-time existence.

But, when we meditate, do the workbook lessons from A Course in Miracles, or connect with Divinity through Ho'oponopono, we are able to remember that we are spiritual beings here to play, to manifest, and to experience. Life is meant to be a joy. We will have challenges and these are not intended to defeat us but to lift us to a higher level. As Anthony Robbins says, "Problems are inevitable, but suffering is optional."

How does one avoid suffering?

I have a cold today, and am doing what I can to skip the suffering. Buddha said that we suffer when we try to hold on to something or an idea that is not existing in the moment. At this time, I don't have comfort or stability in my head. My nose is running and I have a headache. Yet, when I accept that, realizing that my nose is working just fine to clear itself, I am less uncomfortable.

And, here I am, sitting in a perfectly comfortable library where I am not being bothered by anyone. The temperature is comfortable and the air is dry even though outside it is humid and hot. This is also reality.

Accepting reality is promoted by Byron Katie in her method. It is also related to the Sedona Method of letting go once you realize you can decide to keep the feeling, to dive into it and feel the misery, or you can decide to let it go. The funny thing is that reality is not what you thought it was. Manifesting abundance is not promoted for the earthbound, but for the more spiritual humans. It takes courage and heart to let go of the old rules.

Manifesting Abundance This Week

Financially, I have had some wonderful manifestations this week. One of my affiliates deposited the biggest check in PayPal since January 2010. Google has doubled the amount it sends on a monthly basis. And, I asked one of my mortgage lenders last week if I could, from now on, pay 1/2 of this past year’s monthly payment -- she said, "sure." Now, I did expect Google to double, but I was pleasantly surprised by the affiliate payment and stunned that the mortgage lender would so easily agree to changing the terms. This was manifesting abundance. This would not have happened if I was still playing the money game by the traditional rules.

I am new to this. I have always been able to manifest opportunities and people in my life, access to wonderful places and toys, but I haven't been good at manifesting financial wealth. The book, Busting Loose from the Money Game distinguishes between Phase I and Phase II. Phase I is where we all are before we realize that we are creating our reality. In Phase I we still play the game believing that there are rules we have to follow and that when we play by those rules we will be successful.

In Phase II, we are not dependant on these rules we previously accepted. This is where we get good at manifesting abundance. We are not dependent on a good job or working hard. In Phase II we simply do what brings us pleasure, and we are given what we expect and desire.

Be Happy at Your Work

This is hard to understand when still in Phase I. In Phase I, we expect that we have to be a lawyer or a doctor or a businessman to make money. But, if you think about it, there is no profession that prevents abundance as long as someone is truly happy at their work. Mike Dooley explains that as you master where you are, you will be able to move forward into manifesting abundance.

Mike Dooley tells a story about a computer technician who was recruited from England to work for a US computer company which closed when the tech bubble burst. His family wanted to stay in the US because his children were enjoying their school and he wanted to take care of his family. He took the only job he could get, busing tables at a local restaurant. In less than a year, he was manager, and in another 6 months, he was a regional manager earning more than he would have been earning with his previous computer company. As Mike Dooley says, "Master where you are."

We might add here, that not only do we master where we are, but we must find a way to be happy. Without happiness, we will be mastering misery and manifesting misery. Whatever we are feeling, and believing, we will be manifesting.

In the past, I have thought that manifesting took time. I have since discovered that it only takes time when that is your belief. Once you realize that the Universe can take care of it all, quickly and in the most powerful way, then you will be able to manifest almost at will. This is where Joe Vitale warns that the Universe likes speed. Once you are manifesting at this level, you will have to be able to shift directions and trust that the Universe will have your back.

At this level, there is no playing it safe, so you should thoroughly enjoy whatever you are doing.

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