Lucid Dreams Allow Control

of the Law of Attraction

No Apologies and No Excuses:

You know what you need to know. It's all in there. Let me just remind you that in a lucid dream, you are in control. This is your dream.

The Law of Attraction will give you what you ask for, and what you expect. -- You may have heard that before. Perhaps you aren't totally sure that it's true. Perhaps you are looking for proof....

We see this on the blog sites all the time. It's so easy to doubt.... You Ego depends on it. Your Ego will cease to exist if you get a lock on the Law of Attraction and become a blissful, spiritual, human being. As in a lucid dream, you will be able to have whatever you chose to have. Your Ego will become unimportant, like your appendix. Therefore, your Ego will fight this in every way that it can.

It's important to have a basic understanding of how to and what is a lucid dream , in order to make all this work. We offer an expert, guest author for your education, Rebecca Turner. She is wonderfully clear and concise. If you are having any troubles with controlling your lucid dreams, she is the person who can help you.

Now, to show the way the Ego works, one guy in a forum yesterday, went all the way back to the early 1900's, when the New Thought was actually new, and Thomas Troward and Wallace Wattles, and Charles Haanel and William Walker Atkinson, and all the rest were being inspired to write about the Law of Attraction, and inspired by each other probably. They didn't call it lucid dreaming, but they all required the user to meditate daily. This blogger found one article, by one skeptic who lived during that period, and then pointed out that shortly afterward there was the Great Depression. In his mind, the skeptic accurately predicted the financial collapse.

My guess, is that those working with New Thought, the Law of Attraction, or lucid dreaming, did not lose money in the crash. Either they had taken their money out early, or they hadn't put it in would be my guess. Those who lost money, expected to lose money. The guy on the blog presented this as proof that the Law of attraction doesn't work.... Funny, heh?

Shall I repeat that? Those who lost money, expected to lose money.

They didn't make a mistake. They didn't get outsmarted or cheated or robbed. They expected to lose money and they did and this was the Law of Attraction in action. And, afterward they felt justified in doubting the Stock Market and in doubting that everyone could be rich.

My grandfather took his money out 3 days before the crash. Almost as soon as he had a doubt about the stock market, he took his money out. He never expected anything bad to befall him. He was a practical man who trusted "his gut", not a philosopher, but he always expected success. His beliefs brought him happiness in every area of his life.

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It's All in Your Head:

Your life is a work of art. No matter what you have in your life right now is an accurate reflection of your beliefs. -- Not your conscious beliefs, but your unconscious beliefs. And here's the rub because our unconscious is a tape recorder that was switched on at birth. I know, it's hardly fair because most of what's in there was put in there by our parents and grandparents or who ever else spent time with us when we were babies. And then, every time what was predicted happened, the tape was validated and the belief was given more power .

Now, a skeptic would say, "See. That's how life works. There is no magic. Life is hard."

Have you heard that one? Life is hard.

Well, that has lots of credibility because when you look around, what do you see? Life is hard.

And, I am here to tell you that, it's all in your head.

If you believed that life is easy, and some do, then life would be easy for you, and when you looked around, life would be easy for others too.

Now, wait a minute. How can life be easy for some and hard for others, yet, both beliefs are validated? Is it because whatever you believe is what you see and you just don't see what doesn't give validation to your beliefs?

No. When I said, Life is hard, I meant that if you believe life is hard, then it really will be hard, and it will be hard for the people who populate your life. This is because of something called by Steve Pavlina, subjective reality, which is very close to lucid dreaming, but done during the day. This is the life we create with our thoughts here on space/time. By A Course in Miracles it's called the false world. By Gerald O'Donnell , it's called the dark Matrix. Eckhart Tolle calls our avatar in this illusion, the egoic mind. But, the egoic mind is not creating the illusion. Our real self in the real world with the One, is creating the illusionary world. The Ego, our avatar, is simply keeping the illusion together.

The terms vary, but they are all saying that your experience of life is totally subjective. How does this work? Think of a dream. In a dream, you are the avatar, and all the characters are characters based on your beliefs of how the world works.

You can probably believe that it's all in your head when you are dreaming. Now take that to another level. Your life is the same, but it is a lucid dream. Your life is being dreamed by Source Consciousness/the Divine Matrix/Creator/God, in partnership with you. This is the Law of Attraction, the dream we are dreaming with Source.

When you are in a deep sleep, the real you is able to enter Theta without your egoic personna. This is where you program, re-program, or verify your unconscious, and then you are able to enter Delta, where you send off your predictions for your life to the One/Creator/God or where you receive vital information needed for your success.

As easily as you can change events in a lucid dream, you can change your reality. You just need to change the beliefs embedded in your subconscious. This is what we do when we decide to fly in a dream. We are changing our beliefs.

Lucid Dreaming:

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In a lucid dream, we are dreaming, but we are also conscious that we are in a dream. This is exactly how A Course in Miracles describes our life. There is the real life, where we are spiritual beings, and real. Then there is the false life where we mistakenly believe we have separated from God, where we are held in a time/space box. This is our dream life. This life is where we believe our ego is us, our avatar. The Bible says that Adam went into a deep sleep and never woke up. Ergo, we children of Adam, are characters in a dream. Our egos are our avatars. But, we are not our egos.

When we change this to a lucid dream, we will be able to affect the circumstances and our reactions.

So many people question the Law of Attraction because it is not working as they want it to work. They are visualizing abundance, and they are still receiving something less than that. The don't realize that they are in a lucid dream.

So, they try to improve on their visualizations. They add color and sound. They pump up the light and feel happy.

But, when the visualization is over, they question whether or not they did it right. They wonder why "it never works" or why "it seldom works." And, when they dream at night, they have nightmares about bills and collection letters, or losing their job or their partner.

What can we do?

We can control our dreams. We can learn to lucid dream. We can tell our unconscious/Holy Spirit to wake us up, especially when things start to go wrong.

Then, when we are aware that our thoughts are taking us in a direction we don't want to follow to the end, we take control. We can change our beliefs.

This is when we need to visualize. Picture the wondrous result, rather than the dire one we seem headed for. Picture the joy and the abundance in the present, and don't allow anything that might make that seem to be false to come to mind.

Jack Finney wrote a book called, Time and Again which has as a premise that one can time travel if you take on the clothing and the food and fill your apartment with the furniture and accoutrements and pictures and newspapers of the period you wish be in. This works, the book poses, because you eventually convince your logical (conscious, egoic) mind that you are really living in this other time.

What is this, but another way to alter your mind, to change your dream?

As many of the Law of Attraction masters suggest, you have to believe in your visualization. You have to believe that God/Creator/Source Consciousness/Divine Matrix will respond to your visualization and give you what you want....

Did I trip you up there, or did you catch it? God will never give you what you want, but will always leave you wanting. God will only give you what you choose, or what you intend -- what you believe already.

When Jack Finney's character became an avatar in another time period, he could walk out of the apartment building into the other time. Before he "became" a character in that time period, he was stuck in his own. He had to change his beliefs, as do you.

When you know that it is true, it will happen for you. This is the Law of Attraction.

If you have had trouble with controlling your thoughts in the past, or suspect that you might have limiting beliefs, then the most reliable way to correct this is available to Mindbridge readers....

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Tools that Can Help:

We have talked about these before, and will keep talking about them because we believe so strongly that they offer unparalleled help. Holosync is available from Centerpointe Research. It is used by almost every successful master of the Law of Attraction. There is a reason for this. It works. It will help you to control your fears, and to control your dreams.

Also, if you have time to speed this up even more, try Gerald O'Donnell's guided meditation program called ARVRI, Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing. If you are thinking that you just want to learn to use the Law of Attraction, and don't want to become a psychic or learn to influence others, stop for a moment. Calm down. In Remote Viewing he teaches you to connect with your unconscious in Theta. His guidance reprograms your unconscious to beliefs that are synchronous with receiving good things from the Law of Attraction. In Remote Influencing, he teaches you how to correctly send intentions off to the Divine Matrix....

So, get on with your lucid dreaming, and enjoy your life.

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Need I say more?