Loral Langemeier's Live Out Loud, Inc.

Loral Langemeier has produced Live Out Loud, Inc. which is what occurs as a result of knowing about wealth creation, using the Law of Attraction, her training on Building Your Wealth Cycles, and her New Creative Strategic Process (CSP)tm, are systems comprised of metaphors, stories of a lifetime of learning, compelling exercises with diagrams, and practical tools. With these tools, she stimulates your desire and enthusiasm for developing and sustaining financial health, and generating wealth creation. Getting rich now falls into the realm of possibility, no matter what your previous thoughts were about wealth and rich lifestyles. Throughout the course, the collaboration of Ms. Langemeier and Bob Proctor inspire you in the methods by which she and millions of others have garnered RESULTS, i.e., abundance and wealth! You learn what holds you back, how to assess goals for moving forward financially and in other areas of life, how to convert stressful thoughts into mindful activities that get you closer to your financial goals. They provide tools for organizing what is important to sustain a lifestyle of abundance.

Why do we need to know about the wealth creation process?

Do we want to be financially comfortable, live wealthy beyond reason and/or leave a legacy for our families to develop? If we grew up within educational systems that required learning about financial health and wealth creation, say as soon as we learned to talk, then we would know that an important operative in developing wealth resides within the mind. That means that how successful we become in obtaining our financial goals begins as a thought in our minds. Loral Langemeier and Bob Proctor share a process of discovery about the beliefs that hold us back, or that move us forward from achievement of those goals. If you are already financially wealthy from inheritance, winnings, or gifts, you might use the Creative Strategic Process (CSP)tm as insurance for the sustainability of your wealth.

How has Loral Langemeier's Creative Strategic Process (CSP)tm personally helped me? Years before this training, there were a few fortuitous instances where my desire to attain specific financial goals were aided by an uninformed use of the Law of Attraction. The money and other resources came to me to attain or acquire what I wanted or needed. However, I was never able to develop sustainable wealth, although over time, there were substantial resources that could have been used differently, had my vision been clearer, had my Why been better defined, and had I had more knowledge about how I was sabotaging myself by the limiting effect of my thoughts and emotions being unaligned. These were areas where I lacked understanding, and which Loral Langemeier helped me to identify in her training on Building Your Wealth Cycles.