Legitimate Work at Home Business for You!

Uncovering Pathways

Are you looking for a legitimate work at home business? Hello then. You have come to exactly the right place. Nancy and I wanted to share some information with anyone who might be looking for a way to add to their income, to share information with others, or to fund their retirement. Would you be somewhere in that courageous group? We know some people who retired before their parents did while doing a legitimate work at home business! So, retirement doesn't have to start in your 60's....

Hooray, hooray! Our monthly check is in the mail! This is what makes this a legitimate work at home business. Remember the movie The Secret, and the teacher who talks about checks in the mail? This is one way to do it. Just follow the simple instructions, and you too can have checks in the mail!

We want to tell you a little about Site Build It (SBI). This is a legitimate work at home business that has wide support in the internet field. This is supported by Bob Proctor of The Secret and Steve Pavlina of Personal Development for Smart People. We have discovered that a lot of people start nice websites or blogs, but aren't getting good traffic and don't make any money. We found a way to have the website we wanted, and to make good money that increases every month.

We first discovered SBI because we started noticing the quiet little notice at the bottom of several of our favorite websites. Nancy clicked on the link one day in the fall of 2007 and was interested enough in the presentation to save the link on her desktop. She shared it with me, and I could see that it made sense to have another source of income -- a legitimate work at home business. But we were not webmasters and, we were busy and weren't really looking right then for any more projects. Nancy was finishing a book and I was busy each day with my clients. When would we have time. On weekends, we each have all the errands we couldn't do during the week, gardening and housecleaning to do. When would we have time?

And we had already tried some other legitimate work at home businesses. We had worked for almost a year on a network marketing venture that wasn't bringing in enough income to allow either of us to give up any work, even though this was also a very legitimate work at home business. Believe me, this was not the problem of the business, but totally a problem we were having with the Law of Attraction.

Why We Tried This Out

While Nancy was waiting for her publisher, a colleague said that most best sellers were promoted on their own websites.... Hmmmm. That got us thinking about SBI again. Why not try a legitimate work at home business? As compared with other "multiple streams of income" such as real estate, or another business this is easily affordable. And, SBI is now more affordable than ever because it has holiday specials and can be purchased on a month to month basis! If the price is too high, it's hard to make a profit and then you don't have an affordable or legitimate work at home business. But, with SBI, it's easy to have a legitimate work at home business.

We jumped into the water the last week in April of 2008 and bought our own legitimate work at home business from Site Build It (SBI). There is a 10 day Video that takes you by the hand, step by step. You don't need to buy any new software or learn to do anything on your computer that you don't already know.... Our laptop was broken, and Nancy actually did much of the early writing on the local Library's computer, so you probably don't even need a computer.

As you can gather, we were fledgelings at this process. We now feel more like intermediates after one and a half years. We have spent more time learning and writing about our topic and less time learning how to be a webmaster. Site Build It continues to offer us additional help. (You might have noticed that we only started adding artwork and photos a few months ago. Most SBI'ers start that right off the bat! It's really easy as we discovered.)

You can write an informational site, and sell ad space, or you can connect your readers to good products that you recommend and receive affiliate income. What ever you chose, each of these monetizing models represents a legitimate work at home business.

But, it all starts with an idea. That comes from you. SBI helps you learn how to attract visitors. This is the key to a successful website, and this takes time. Without success, it's not really a legitimate work at home business is it? We would not recommend that to you.

There are other products and websites that will promise that they know exactly what the search engines want. We have bought some packages hoping to do even better, but we shouldn't have spent the money. The search engines change periodically because they are looking for new ways to find real websites that satisfy their visitors, not some gimmicky, slick, pretend info site. They are looking for the legit websites of the work at home entrepreneur. This is why Site Build It sites are in the top 1% of all website.

And, believe us, this is critical. Without traffic, you might as well be sending your relatives letters about your work and your products. Without traffic, you won't have monetizing and without monetizing, you won't have a legitimate work at home business.

We were very motivated because Nancy promised the publisher that she would have a website up by the end of April. He didn't care whether it was a legitimate work at home business or just a website. Either way, that gave us one week to at least have the first page up. Since we had been studying and working with the Law of Attraction and some of the clearing techniques, this was the easiest and, we thought, the most useful for our readers. Once the video told us to start writing pages, we did.

And, we are still writing, and writing. But, believe me when I say, we couldn't have done this in a week without SBI. And now, we have a legitimate work at home business that brings in monthly income. By February 2012, the way it is growing, we expect to have $2500/month income. Wouldn't that be a help to you?

We were listed in Google and Yahoo in a Few Months!

We didn't expect this to take 3 months, only because we hadn't jumped ahead in the "10 day Video". It would have told us that it could take 3 months or more. This is great news. Once you are listed, if you have a good ranking, you'll definitely get more visitors, and some will "click here" when you give them the opportunity. And we began getting visitors right away! For the first six months, our visitors grew by 50% each day. And each visit, they read several pages. Nancy made a graph and it is the perfect upward trending parabola that one would want to see. Without traffic growth, you don't have a legitimate work at home business.

And, the best news is that several of our pages are in the first two pages of Google search! Credit to SBI here. SBI taught us how to choose the best key words and before you save your pages to the website, there is an "analyze it" button. This insures that your page is optimized (the right way) for the search engines. This does not guarantee anything, because Google will also watch your pages over time to see how long humans stay to read, and whether or not they go to other pages in your website.... But, this is more information than you need now. Suffice it to say that SBI helped us from the beginning to be highly ranked in several of our pages.

And, our Alexa ranking is quite good when we compare it to non-SBI sites that have been up much longer! Take a look yourself. Most sites have an Alexa ranking of over 1,000,000. SBI sites are usually in the top 1%. This is a measurement of the number of visitors that have been coming to your site and will, we suspect, affect other things such as advertising.

We will expand this page as we learn more about our business. In the meantime, if you have ever thought about starting your own website, click below. This contains detailed information about other SBI'ers and the "Boss" and the C->T->P->M system that you will easily learn. SBI does not leave you with a half built website, or a website that looks good but has no traffic!

By the way, we found another website dedicated to legitimate work at home business opportunities for people who aren't interested in websites. This was started to help steer you away from the scams that sound good but don't deliver. You can find it at www.home-income-opportunities.com

Do You Read Blogs?

If you are a blogger or a blog reader, this may be of news to you. One of the ways you get news of your website out in the world and build loyal readership, is to write or respond to other's blogs. Every time you do so, if you can link your response back to your website, you will be able to see (using SBI's tools) visitors coming to your website from those inbound links.

In this way, we have built readership from New Zealand, Bulgaria, Seychelles and Singapore as well as Switzerland, Egypt, South Africa and the Netherlands. It is exciting to realize that we are reaching and, perhaps, helping others from all over.

In addition to blogs, there are free directories on the web. They might not send people over to your website, but they improve your Google and Yahoo status because the more inbound links you have, the higher your rankings. This means that they send more people over. Everyday you win! After you start your website, come back here for this. One free tool is available here: Web directories

SBI Forums

Whatever your dreams in life, we wish you good fortune. Don't forget to come back to see how we're doing. We will come back and add to this page when we have more news for you.

-- And, as we promised, we are back with a little bit more news. Almost every week, our Alexa ranking has improved. This is great fun to watch as our numbers are improving by millions!

We didn't tell you about the SBI Forums. These forums cover every conceivable aspect of putting up, maintaining and monetizing a website, as needed by the webmaster. We have gone to the forums for little details and for bigger problems. Always we get well thought out answers, and always when a response is ready there is a note and a link in my email to take me right to the answer.

Thanks to all the SBI siteowners, and Forum monitors who have helped us monetize within six months!

We didn't talk much about affiliate resources:

We promise that you can be listing affiliate resources as soon as your website is up and running. This is a great part of having a website when you intend to have a legitimate work at home business. Not only do we receive monthly checks from Google, we also have a monthly income through affiliate sales of products that we have tried out and recommend. There are two big sources that almost everyone uses, Clickbank and PayDotCom.

Clickbank is well established and professional. They have lots of products that do well for affiliates, but it is not as easy as it first seems. Many, many people have lost a lot of money if they try to use Google Adwords right off the bat. Google can give you a lot of clicks without giving you enough sales to pay for the clicks if you aren't watching carefully. The costs can build very quickly. There are products which will help teach you how to do this but choose carefully and watch your money. We have actually found that with the high page rankings we get using SBI, we don't have to spend money on Google adwords.

A disadvantage to Clickbank is that it can take a long time to be paid, and if you are like us, you want your money available right away for your bills and to pay your affiliates. They pay twice a month, but if you miss one cycle and have to wait a month, they also don't mail checks for two weeks. They also don't send your first check until you have sales using at least two different forms of payment. For example, one Mastercard sale and one Paypal sale. If your first 5 sales are all Visacards you are out of luck. I think we waited two months before we could access our first sales earnings. But, since then, it's been a steady income. This makes our website a legitimate work at home business.

And then some of the directories offer premiere placement for reciprocal links. So Much is one of those directories. They even offer to pay for space for their advertisers.

SoMuch.com: Internet Links Directory

Update: Google advantage

Thanks to Solo Build It, we don't have to spend as much time attending to our website as we used to. We now get a nice Google check each month, just because we have enough readers clicking on Google ads! No one has to buy anything with Google, and we get paid because Google puts appropriate ads on our pages which happen to be of interest to enough of our readers.

So, if you have been thinking about extra income, or building a personal business to support you if something happens to your job or your industry, take a look at Solo Build It. They will teach you how to do it well -- slowly but surely is their motto. And, don't forget: For stories about your new, legitimate work at home business... And, for more information on our recent success, don't miss Manifesting Abundance: Life Lessons