Law of Attraction Theory: Historical Sources

Writing on the Law of Attraction theory in the United States and Europe predated the movie, The Secret by about a century. The Kabbalah and the Isaiah Scroll both contain instructions about manifesting wealth, peace and happiness and they were written about a millennium earlier. Gregg Braden's book, The Isaiah Effect will help us with the ancient scroll. We will talk more about that when we cover contemporary teachers. At this time, we will limit ourselves to the 20th century writers on Law of Attraction theory.

Whether or not you have read James Allen , Robert Collier, Charles Haanel, Napoleon Hill , John McDonald, and Wallace Wattles , we promise you that reading our comparative summaries of their theory on the Law of Attraction will give you new insights. If you have not read these classics, we can reassure you that our summaries will be enlightening and easier to read than the originals. Their language and syntax is often difficult to decipher, although it is powerful.

Another early author, and member of the New Thought philosophy was William Walker Atkinson. It is apparent from his work that he also had an influence on The Secret and writing on the Law of Attraction.

If you only have time for one summary today, we recommend starting with Robert Collier. His book The Secret of the Ages is possibly the most brilliant of any. He includes almost all the "helpful hints" that have been added by the contemporary teachers and coaches, and he did it almost 90 years ago!

There is one contemporary teacher/coach who has added tactics to his Law of Attraction theory for overcoming doubt and fear. This is important because any doubt or fear will offset your most serious and concentrated visualization. See Mike Dooley if you have a worry that doubt might be holding you back!

Also, seeing the Wallace Wattles link above for a ten minute video on quantum mechanics might help you to understand where the Law of Attraction theory comes from.

The Science of Getting Rich and The Master Key System

These classics by Wallace Wattles and Charles Haanel, both explained the the Law of Attraction theory and were both studied by the producers of the movie, The Secret. Wallace Wattles' wrote:

"There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made...which fills the interspaces of the universe... A thought in this substance produces the thing that is imagined by the thought.... In order to do this, man must pass from the competitive to the creative mind...."
Isn't it extraordinary that in 1910 he was promoting an idea that is identical to that contained in Quantum Physics? One cannot but believe this Law of Attraction theorist when his ideas cover material he could not have known except by using his connection to the universal mind.

How, you might ask, does the quote above about a substance producing a thing that is imagined by thought, align with Quantum Physics? Bohr's experiments showed that whatever the observer expected was what was seen in the test tube. Those observers who expected to see waves, saw waves, and those who expected to see particles saw particles.

But, Quantum physics is also illustrated in Law of Attraction Theory when he states that we must move from the competitive to the creative mind. While we focus on "beating the other guy" we are simply creating more "other guys" to beat. It is far better to create something new.

He continued:

"Man can remain upon the creative plane only by uniting himself with the Formless Intelligence through a deep and continuous feeling of gratitude. Man must form a clear and definite mental image of the things he wishes to have, to do, or to become....Man must be active.... and he must do every day all that can be done that day, taking care to do each act in a successful manner."
These three ideas will be reiterated by contemporary teachers.

And, a contemporary of Wattles, Charles Haanel gave us a 24 week course on the Law of Attraction theory. The intent was minutely and specifically instructional but he also included theory, history and predictions.

"The whole world is on the eve of a new consciousness, a new power and a new realization of the resources within the self. The last century saw the most magnificent material progress in history. The present century will produce the greatest progress in mental and spiritual power."
And, he quoted Sir Ambrose Fleming who said,
"In its ultimate essence, energy may be incomprehensible by us except as an exhibition of the direct operation of that which we call Mind or Will."

We are at the beginning of a new century as they were. Can we find an equivalent hopefulness in the Law of Attraction theory? Several teachers will help us with this spiritual path. Neale Donald Walsch, Gregg Braden, Eckhart Tolle and Bill Harris point to the possibility of a new beginning.

Haanel continued. "You will see that we are at the dawn of a new day; that the possibilities are so wonderful, so fascinating, so limitless as to be almost bewildering. A century ago any man with an aeroplane or even a Gatling gun could have annihilated a wholearmy equipped with the implements of warfare then in use. So it is at present. Any man with a knowledge of the possibilities contained in the Master Key has an inconceivable advantage over the multitude." And today there are growing numbers of students of the Law of Attraction theory.

Thought Experiments

The experiments with the power of thought in the late 90's, have proven that crime can be reduced by 25% in major metropolitan areas by using meditation. Although we are warned by Wattles not to use this power to influence another person, when a large group meditates on peace, it has an effect on even the largest metropolitan areas. We will cover this more when we explore the findings of our contemporary teachers. We have the evidence and still we doubt.

Wattles, Haanel, and our contemporary teachers are in agreement that we are already in possession of this power. Will we use learn to use our power for the good of our communities and our families? Haanel quotes Frederick Elias Andrews who helps us with this. "When a thought of anger, jealousy, fear or worry creeps in, just start your affirmation going. The way to fight darkness is with light -- the way to fight cold is with heat -- the way to overcome evil is with good. For myself, I could never find help in denials. Affirm the good and the bad will vanish."

We hope that you enjoy the full summaries. Just click on the links that interest you. If there is something you don't see in our Table of Contents, use the Google Search below. We wish you well in this exciting exploration of the Law of Attraction and New Thought.

The Essenes were aware and trained in the Laws of the Universe and most historians are now acknowledging that Jesus get his training from the Essenes. If you would like to read about the connection of Jesus and

Law of Attraction Theory, go here.

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