3 Law of Attraction Techniques to Help You Succeed

We are offering 3 Law of Attraction techniques because too often we fail to manifest what we intend. Periodically, we feel we should offer techniques to our readers that will help you to avoid failure and achieve success. The Law of Attraction always works when we use our higher mind to send the message, but we are human beings with a divided mind. This is why we sometimes need to use Law of Attraction techniques. The ego was created to help us keep track of space and time on Earth. The ego was never part of Source/Divinity/God, and thus will die with our body. It is limited and afraid and only knows what it has learned during our lifetime. Do you see why the Law of Attraction sometimes fails?

When we imagine or visualize with our egoic mind, we will always fail. This mind is not connected to Source/Divinity/God, or the Divine Matrix or Wallace Wattles “thinking stuff”. The egoic mind is puny, afraid, hungry and competitive. It can only seek to have more than your neighbor because it has no imagination or intuition. The egoic mind cannot evolve to a higher level than you have reached previously. It can only desire what it sees that other people have. This is the reason that we often fail in using the Law of Attraction for money or prestige. Wallace Wattles repeatedly warned us against competition. He knew that any competitive drive was always a sign of the ego.

Our higher minds, on the other hand, are always connected to Source/Divinity/God. The higher mind translates any dreams, or desires that correspond with our soul’s desire to evolve for the higher good of all. This translation reaches the Divine Matrix in a manner that allows for instant manifestation because Source/Divinity/God is always seeking to evolve. Any desire to evolve will bring quick assistance from the Law of Attraction.

Gaining Control of Your Life: Technique # 1

Do you ever feel your life is out of control and going downhill? Do you worry that fate seems to be against you, or God and that the Law of Attraction is working against you? It is possible to turn things around because you are the creator, but it will take some mental work on your part. I have studied this for several years. You too can learn the Law of Attraction techniques once I show you how.

Nothing has gone wrong. This is the first idea of which you must get control. You are the creator and your higher mind is seeking your attention and your trust when you are robbed, or your investments crumble or take a dive, or you are fired for no reason. We have found, and you will find, that as soon as you accept that you created the fiasco because you are a powerful creator, the crisis disappears. Other investments increase or your item is recovered, or you are offered a better job. The Law of Attraction techniques we will teach you will insure your success.

We have a constant connection through our higher minds, to the Creator who allowed us to incarnate on earth. Wallace Wattles speaks of the “thinking stuff” and Gregg Braden refers to the Divine Matrix. The Course in Miracles refers to “the Kingdom”. We will refer to our higher mind when we speak of the side of our mind that connects with the stuff, the matrix or the kingdom.

Our higher mind is continually aware of our soul’s desire. This was chosen and written before we were incarnated or born. We are always being guided in that direction. Sometimes we decide to ignore these nudges. If we are going in a totally wrong direction, things might go very wrong as our higher mind will give us an opportunity to re-think our direction. This is when the Hicks speak of going against the current. No Law of Attraction techniques will help when you are ignoring your soul's desire.

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When we are going with the current, or toward our soul’s desire, life is generally easier for us. It might not be comfortable or peaceful. This trip to planet Earth is a trip to a theme park or an amusement park and in keeping with the amusement park it will include excitement and death defying experiences. This is an opportunity to experience life as a human. Our true identities are not limited in any way, but our time on earth is. Experiencing limitations can be uncomfortable, as a ride on a roller coaster can be uncomfortable, but exciting.

The first of the Law of Attraction techniques is to accept that we have created whatever we see or experience, and that it is all for our highest good.

When We Feel Limited? Technique # 2

We are unlimited spiritual beings. This is the second idea we must embrace. You are an unlimited creator as your father is. Any limitation you see is false. Your ego will constantly attempt to convince you that your life is limited, and your time is limited and your space is limited and your connections are limited and your abilities are limited and your intellect is limited and your resources are limited.

None of the above is true. You and I are unlimited as we have direct access to “the thinking stuff” or the “divine matrix” and are still part of the Kingdom. The ego, however, does not know of the Kingdom or our Source/Creator because the ego is here to keep our avatar, our human body, connected to time and earth. The higher mind is sometimes hidden under the concerns of the ego. This can be remedied using Law of Attraction techniques.

Do not fall into the false beliefs of the ego. There was never any separation from the Father. There are no actual limitations. The Course in Miracles and Busting Loose from the Money Game both provide trainings to disabuse you of the beliefs provided by your ego. Ho’oponopono provides a fast correction to false beliefs.

Once we accept that we are unlimited creators, Sons of God, and have created everything in our lives, miracles will begin to happen. Our fortunes and our bank accounts will improve for no reason. Our enemies will lose their power and our fears will drop away. This leads us to our second Law of Attraction technique.

The second of the Law of Attraction techniques is to begin to see that we never separated from Source/Divinity.

When We Feel Alone or Misunderstood? Technique # 3

This is the final challenge. Since we have created everything and everyone in our lives, aren’t we actually alone? This is not what we seek when we use the Law of Attraction techniques.

We are always one with Source/Creator and with his other creations. We were created to allow Source an experience as limited and separate. This is but an illusion. We are forever and always connected to all the trillions of “separate” identities created by Source. Source creates from love, beauty and energy and we always have access to unlimited love, beauty and energy.

The challenge once again is to close our eyes to the vision created by the ego whose job it is to create the illusion of separateness. This idea of separation is the grossest falsehood ever perpetrated on mankind. We never left the Garden. We never walked away from God/Source/Creator. Plants, and animals never doubt that there is enough. Man is the only creature who anticipates his own deprivation and eventual death.

The third of the Law of Attraction techniques is to breathe in the love and energy constantly available from Source/Divinity/God with every breath, and to exhale the weakness, fear and other mistruths generated by our ego.

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