Law of Attraction Secrets and Tools

One of the Law of Attraction secrets is that matter does not exist as such. That which we perceive with our five senses is nothing more than light energy. The concept of substance arose with Aristotle. Eastern cultures were not so indoctrinated and still believe in spirit.

Belief in matter and fear leads to a fear grained dichotomy, and the attempt to accumulate as much as possible in a wrong headed attempt to use the Law of Attraction secrets. The dark matrix, and our own weight, keep us from seeing that our fears of lack, of loss and of impermanence mean nothing. One of the Law of Attraction secrets is that there can be no lack or loss or disease or failure in a world populated by beings who can create from light energy anything they desire. This is the highest of the Law of Attraction secrets.

This leads us to the strength and dangers of brainwave generators.

Fear is a slow vibration, although a powerful one, leading to a dense state that seems very solid. Most of the world population is in this state today. Fear and worry make us unable to manifest at will, or to manifest anything good even accidentally. One of the Law of Attraction secrets is that when in this state we cannot help but manifest more products that produce more fear. We cannot access our higher mind when we are in a low vibratory state. Access to our higher mind is necessary to access Source Consciousness. When in this state, we are barely human, because humans were designed to be co-creators. The Law of Attraction secrets prevent low vibrating individuals from being who we were meant to be. The dark Matrix prevents us from recognizing that we are all Sons of God. It is important to make use of all your tools to get out of such a low vibratory rate.

You must do what makes you happy for the good of yourself, your family and mankind! :) - Not such a hard pill to swallow, is it?

-- What will happen if we amplify the system to a higher vibration? All will benefit, not just the few. The substance of the Universe is vibratory light and Source Consciousness. Therefore, it is state(thought->feelings) and behavior that are important. Gregg Braden and others explain that in a world this size, if only 11% of the population changed their vibratory rate to that of love and empathy, the world would change. Global warming could be stopped. Permanent peace would ensue because it would not be a time of one conflict after another ending, but a time when there were enough people in the world who stopped believing in violence that violence became impossible. This has been proven in many tests.

See Gregg Braden's video proofs on this website - whenever you feel the need for such proof.

In a little while we will teach you how to raise your vibration. But, it is not easy and requires a commitment. You must first understand and accept the dangers of the Law of Attraction secrets.

Welcome to the Matrix: Insights To Reality

In a hologram, every part affects the whole. This is another one of the Law of Attraction secrets. Whatever we are thinking and whatever we believe is manifested. And, it is not just manifested in our life, but across the planet. We are helping to create more of it by believing in it. Edgar Cayce said "Our every thought starts to build reality." We are like spiders spinning a web, every thought starts to build and build.

Many have been engaged in building a web made of fear thoughts and violent thoughts for a while now.

Gerald O'Donnell states firmly that what he calls the dark Matrix was built to be an educational device. The Matrix was designed, like a video game with many, many levels and outcomes, to teach us that violence is not the answer. It was not expected to be needed for such a long time. It has expanded far beyond its original design.

The Matrix: Insights To Reality

Information is key. The Matrix, this illusory reality that we believe in, is simply information -- information that comes from our beliefs. Information is fractiles. The more information, the more fractals are made. Fractals (found on the 4th video down) and chaos theory lead us to the Illuminati who believe in obtaining order out of chaos. We create our reality as we hold beliefs.

What we see with our eyes or hear with our ears is a tiny, tiny frequency range within an infinite energy field with infinite frequency ranges. And, it is likely that it is still in the interests of some to keep people in the dark Matrix, unable to manifest their desires.

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR):

Making Use of the Law of Attraction secrets

to Block Our Evolution

The stated goal of the Council on Foreign Relations is to increase American understanding, but the real purpose is to control American perceptions -- to dominate the political system of each country and to create a world system of financial control in private hands. Making perverse use of the Law of Attraction secrets they seek to dominate the world.

In 1917, thinking to make use of the Law of Attraction secrets, JP Morgan hired some consultants to inform him on the number of papers it would take to control the American Press. He then formed a group known as the Council on Foreign Relations, or CFR. They installed editors at 25 of the major papers to control the product and point of view of those papers. This was their Law of Attraction toolset, influencing the thoughts and dreams of millions of Americans.

Today, CFR members include the ruling establishment in the US. News reporters help to make news. Tom Brokaw, Barbara Walters, Ruppert Murdock, CNN.... Powerful corps also become members. Disney, and Thomas Murphy of ABC join. AOL joins with Time Warner. They were studied by Professor Carol Quigley in the 1960's and their intention to dominate the world economy and political systems was clear. You know that they have to know the Law of Attraction secrets. See the video below.

Why is it that we stopped developing new philosophical ideas in the early 1900's? In 1900 At the World's Fair in Paris, the first International Congress of Electricity was held. That is where Russian Constantin Perskyi made the first known use of the word "television." In the 1920's, the first picture was transmitted, but this was not something available to the public.

The excitement about television generated by the 1939 World's Fair carried the interest in television through WWII when development of the medium took a back seat.

During the war, there was a philosophical growth. Existentialism was born, pushing New Thought aside until recently. Although thinkers developed these ideas for a while, interest died out and it is not much talked about today. Existentialism assumes we are best when we struggle against our nature. Mankind is best when challenging itself to improve, yet knowing perfection is not possible. This evolved out of the war, an attempt to understand how fascism (greed) had grown to allow industry to become more important than human beings, and the French Resistance which proved that men could be heroic and self sacrificing.

Yet, Existentialism had a dark view of man's nature, because it grew out of the fractiles, the information, provided within the dark Matrix. This is no addition to the Law of Attraction secrets.

Mind Control

By the time the war was over a period of intense domestic industrial growth took place. Between 1945 and 1948 the number of commercial television stations grew from 9 to 48 and the number of cities having commercial service went from 8 to 23. At first TV waves were transmitted by microwave along a series of towers and if you weren't near a major city, you didn't have very good reception. It was not until the 1960's that the cable market made good reception possible for everyone. Until then, print media was still the major source of news.

The News media today is a major purveyor of information fractiles, which leads us to chaos theory. Through the 50's and early 60's, news was a small part of TV fare. With the growth of 24 hour news, we have an incessant stream of tragedy, war, loss, destruction and conflict in our homes and, often, workplaces as well. How can we overcome the feelings generated by such news?

Are you ready yet to take back your minds? Are you ready to raise your vibratory rate and choose personal growth over remaining among the cogs, thus making good use of the Law of Attraction secrets?

Turn off your TV's, at least some of the time if you can't turn them off entirely, and put down your newspapers. Haven't we complained for years that none of the news is good news? Keep in mind that whether our thoughts are positive or negative, the Law of Attraction secrets tell us that our dominant visualizations will be produced. The more thoughts with emotional content that are directed by media, the less control we, as human beings have on our futures and the more the media is able to control our changing reality.

Turn off your TV's and choose any movies very carefully. Have you noticed how difficult it is to find movies that aren't about violence or disaster, even if they are about overcoming violence and disaster? Why aren't there any musicals being made anymore? Or adult comedies like the old Thin Man? Who is making use of the Law of Attraction secrets, you or ....

When you are in a happy, loving state, you are capable of manifesting your choices on a grand scale. This is fact. This is the Law of Attraction effect.

The power of thought control is one of the Law of Attraction secrets. Charles Haanel and Wallace Wattles, James Allen and Robert Collier all explained how important thought control is in order to effectively use of the Law of Attraction. They recommended that you have a room to yourself where you can go to meditate. They could never have suspected that within 20 years inventions would be discovered that would be in almost every room of every home and used to control the thoughts and feelings of most of the industrialized world.

Take your TV's out of your bedroom. When you are sleeping, your subconscious mind has no gate-keeper because the conscious mind is asleep. If you fall asleep with the TV on, whatever programming continues without your awareness is directly imprinting your subconscious which directly communicates with your higher mind visions for manifestation. This is one of the Law of Attraction secrets spoken of by Eric Amidi.

You might remind us that The Secret is newly released as a major film and book after a period of being suppressed. Does that mean that we are free again to explore and to expand on New Thought? Remember that the Law of Attraction secrets were uncovered and widely studied in the early 1900's as New Thought. See both the Historical Theory and New Thought sections of this website. One film and one book is pitifully little when compared with 80 years of suppression or lack of interest.

The Law of Attraction, despite the popularity of The Secret, and in spite of the support of modern physicists, is still considered by the general public to be largely fantasy and unscientific. However, if you are not caught up in skepticism, and are willing to overcome this dis-belief, there are tools that will enhance your ability to be successful at whatever you choose.

The Law of Attraction Toolset:

For downloads of the Law of Attraction secrets, click on link to the right. We recommend all these readings!

Mind control is the main element in the Law of Attraction secrets arsenal of the enemy. It must then be our major defense and offense as well.

The first speaker in the video above on the Matrix, is David Lynch, filmmaker, writer, director and producer. At that same talk to students in California, he says

that Maharishi says that negativity is like darkness. Darkness isn't anything. You don't have to fight it. Turn on the light and darkness goes away, no problem. Negativity is the seeds of war. All the good we can do for our fellow man. All the good we can do for the environment is beautiful. Yet, let's work together to turn on the light of unity. Turn up the light with a peace greeting group. Let's see if negativity goes away like the darkness goes away in the light.

How does he propose to turn up the light? With Transcendental Meditation (TM) as was developed by Maharishi. David is using the Law of Attraction secrets to build a foundation that will help to support any University student who wants to learn TM.

We have two recommendations that will enhance your meditation. Both are well researched and tested. We use and recommend both.

One develops your brain over a period of time. This is Bill Harris' Centerpointe Research's Holosync. Holosync is a graduated system of brain entrainment, delivering immediately improved meditation. It strengthens over time, allowing your mind time to develop with a minimum of side effects. There are some wonderful side effects: on the mental side -- improved memory, insight and creativity, and on the emotional side -- an improved ability to tolerate and resolve difficulty in one's life.

Resistance to change or growth, Centerpointe teaches us, causes pain. Thus, their graduated system builds mental strength over time. Bill Harris explains that those who were involved in the development of the Holosync system suffered when they tried to advance too quickly. This might be in the form of flu like symptoms, or an allergic reaction, or more like arthritic pain or muscle tightness. The system now accommodates most users very comfortably for years. They have a blog and phone support for whatever questions any customer might have. Holosync cd's are music and bi aural beats without any verbal instruction. Your style of meditation, whether TI or Yoga or Buddhist, will be determined by your previous meditation experience.

Holosync is safe and well documented. This has been around for a while and those users who respond to the monthly blogs report to being happier and healthier since they started the Holosync system. It is one of the best restorer of health for anyone (including students) who is constantly feeling pressured or stressed.

The other system is Gerald O'Donnell's Remote Viewing (RV) and Remote Influencing (RI) training is a fabulous Law of Attraction tool, revealing most of the Law of Attraction secrets. We started this after we had been using Holosync for a little over a year. It is a rapidly graduated program that takes, Gerald recommends, 6 weeks. It is fast! This is the downhill course, whereas Holosync is the cross country version. We were glad that we already had some "conditioning" with Holosync.

Gerald, as your mountain guide, is there with you all the time, helping you avoid the slippery slopes. Even before you start the training CD's, he has provided several informational CD's that explain the Law of Attraction, the dark Matrix, and your connection to Source Consciousness or the One. Once you start the training CD's, his verbal instructions are embedded into every lesson. He guides you with a reassuring voice into a deep meditation and visualization. He keeps you in a positive state, often an almost blissful or euphoric state.

This is an advanced course and not for those lightly dabbling in the Law of Attraction. These trainings absolutely bring about an altered consciousness if used correctly as instructed and should only be used in a safe place. Alternatively, Holosync can be used comfortably while on a break at work. Once the RV or RI training CD's are completed and the student is secure in being able to control the visits to Theta and Delta levels of deep mind, sub-conscious and soul levels, he has provided voiceless Theta and Delta bi aural beat brain entrainment CD's for our continued work.

If the terms Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing put you off because that is not what you think you are looking for, you might want to stay with the Centerpointe program. However, do not think that using the Law of Attraction is different from remote influencing. Remote influencing is exactly what you are doing when you are visualizing an abundant future and hoping that the Creative Source will hear your prayer.

If you have had any doubt about your ability to manifest, or if you would like to accelerate your progress, Gerald O'Donnell will give you a quick leg up.

Other secrets and tools can be found at

Manifest Money. Or, if you would rather review the formula for consciously activating the Law of Attraction, then our formula page will do it for you. Finally, we have another page that is short and sweet and has some gems of truth that might be just what you need to activate your conscious Co-Creation.