5 Law of Attraction Daily Practices

The Law of Attraction works for everyone, but not everyone reaps the benefits they seek. There are a few daily practices which will set your Law of Attraction attractive index to High Positive. Here are the top daily practices.

Law of Attraction Morning Practices:

    1) It's important to start your day happily. Start each day with gratitude for those things and people that are closest: your bed/bed roll/cot and for whomever you love and for whoever loves you. Native Americans wake at sun rise to give thanks for the creatures of the air, the creatures of the sea, and the creatures of the land. Thank our Creator/One/Source/Divinity/God for mother earth, the sky and the sea as these provide for us every day. Remember to give special thanks for those things that you most enjoy and feel the pleasure that they bring you.

    Remember that the Law of Attraction will attract to you those things that stir you emotionally. Start the day with those things that you are passionate about and you are turning the Law of Attraction index in the direction of desires rather than the direction of regrets.

    2) While you're still in bed, and still a little groggy or sleepy, you are in deep alpha. This is a great time to think about your desire and to visualize you in the successful outcome. Include sound and feelings. Don't spend a lot of time on this. Ten minutes is tops. Five minutes is ok. This is just a quick mind set. Follow it up with a prayer to your Higher Mind to give you an intuitive nudge anytime there is an opportunity for you to move closer to your goal.

Go about your regular day. Pay attention to your feelings and the thoughts that inspire them. Any thought that connects to the past is not from your intuition but from your ego and subconscious programming. During the times before 2012 we will have an opportunity to release old memories and the feelings attached to them. So, when they come up, say hi and let them flow on through you. Don't hold on the the good or the bad. Ideally, you want to stay in the present and you want to focus on what's good and enjoyable in your life.

An intuitive thought will be right in the moment. "Call Grace". "Give George a bigger tip." "Ask Sue to go to lunch with you." "Go for a walk after lunch."

Law of Attraction Practices During the Day

    3) Throughout the day, look for opportunities to send Love and to feel Love rather than distress. The 4th dimension is available to all those who live in the present time and who live in the feelings of Love, Compassion, Joy. These are the feelings that have the highest vibrational frequency.

    During your day, feel the feeling of certainty. Your higher mind is on your side and you are connected to the One/Source/Divinity. Celebrate a feeling of certainty. Also, focus on the feeling of capable. You are big, not small. You have learned a tremendous amount in your life and you have access to whatever other information you will ever need from the collective unconscious.

These feelings will raise your vibrational frequency to one that is very high and that will allow you to manifest great things using the Law of Attraction.

Memories of distress and difficulty, debt or job loss, war or terrorism will plummet your vibrational frequency and solidify your energy at a low level. Low level energy humans are stuck in the 3rd dimension and will not be able to manifest consciously or even to achieve success.

Law of Attraction at the End of the Day

    4) In the evening, or afternoon if you are in Europe or somewhere with a siesta after lunch, think about what you would do if money wasn't an object. This will keep you in touch with your soul's desire.

    Do not turn on the TV or the radio, or wash the dishes or start dinner until you have taken a few minutes for yourself. Charles Haanel emphasizes that "mental control" is the first lesson for use of the Law of Attraction.

This thinking about your "soul's desire" is different from your immediate goal or desire. Your soul's desire is what will power all your manifestations and keep you in the stream of abundance that Abraham speaks about.

    5) The most important practice of all is Daily Meditation. Using binaural beats sets your brain waves quickly to low Alpha or deeper into Theta or Delta or even into Gamma. These states allow you to access your higher mind, or to influence your subconscious. Gamma is the state achieved by experienced meditators from the East who are able to join with the One, and to feel the deepest Compassion and Peace.

    Other systems use guided meditation to help you to learn to use meditation to your advantage for advanced learning or to use meditation to achieve high psychic abilities.

At Mindbridge, we have found that we consistently anticipate what others are going to say. Decisions are made quickly and easily. People who seemed to be out of our lives, and part of our past are asking to come back or inviting us back into theirs. New opportunities are being offered to us several times a week. Our work is greatly enhanced by the insights offered by our higher minds. Even in these difficult times we feel that we are moving forward rapidly and not just holding our own.

But, perhaps the best of all is that we are not affected by the stress or competition or fear being promoted in the outside world. It's not that we feel "above it all" but that our feelings of connection to others and compassion for others helps us to understand why these things are happening. We aren't pulled into those games.

More on Advanced Equipment or Training

Holosync increases your brain cells and connections much as a child's brain grows and expands more quickly than the brain cells are dying. This allows you to solve problems with less and less stress and to see solutions where you weren't able to see solutions before. The longer you use it, the greater the effects will be.

We have been doing Holosync for only two years, and Gerald O'Donnell's ARVRI for only one year. We use some of the practices of Silva Method as well. I can't remember the last time anything frightened me. Frustration or anger lasts a couple of minutes at the most. It's easy to stay in a positive state.

If you can't buy the Holosync right away, get the free sample. This will put you on Bill Harris' mailing list so that when a good sale comes up, you'll be informed. And, Silva Method also has great sales on their CD trainings even though their human trainings might seem costly or distant. Silva has been used by most of the teachers on the original movie, The Secret and there is a reason they were noticed by the producer and writer living on another continent. Take advantage of the assets that are available these days.

I can't recommend Gerald O'Donnell's trainings highly enough. The ARVRI Academy is advanced and moving quickly into the next dimension. If you feel you want advanced psychic training, this is the place for you.

Finally, Andrea Hess is the master of Soul Realignment or learning about your Soul's desire. She can teach you how or go to your Akashic Records for you. This is the most fool proof method for learning about your soul's desire. Getting this right is what will empassion your manifesting for the Law of Attraction and is a key Law of Attraction practice.