Law of Attraction hypnosis

The Law of Attraction, like miracles, is totally dependent on your beliefs. This creates a problem. What are your beliefs? And, if one of your beliefs is that you don’t believe in the Law of Attraction, how do you change those beliefs? Hypnosis works. And, what is the Law of Attraction hypnosis?

The Law of Attraction hypnosis is a technique that will allow us to change our subconscious to make it more compatible with the Law of Attraction. There are many forms of hypnosis, yet most require either an expert hypnotist, or a brainwave entrainment tool. We will teach you a technique for Law of Attraction hypnosis that does not require more than a few minutes of study, and a few minutes of a friend or partner.

Steps to change any belief

Psych-K is the child of Rob Williams. He developed it when he was looking for a way to correct misperceptions or negative beliefs held by the unconscious, since most blocks and unhappiness come from negative self talk. We have found it to be both simple and to give immediate relief. This is our Law of Attraction hypnosis. Steps to Change:

  1. Establish communication with the subconscious mind. It's no more difficult than going to your hard drive.
  2. Pre-test the desired belief statement.
  3. Get permission and commitment to change the belief using the Psych-K balance.
  4. Do the balance.
  5. Post-test the belief statement.
  6. Celebrate the change.

    Common "I Can't" Messages that subvert the Law of Attraction:

      - You'll never amount to anything

      - You're worthless

      - You're not smart enough

      - No matter how hard you try it's never good enough

      - Money is hard to come by and hard to keep

      - You don't deserve to succeed

      - No one will ever love you

      - You're going to get cancer, because it's genetic.

      - __________ is going to take advantage of you.

      - It takes money to make money.

    What if you could change anything on this list to something from the next list?


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    I Can Messages to be imprinted using Law of Attraction hypnosis:

      I can accomplish anything I choose.- I am a worthy and valuable person

      - I am intelligent and capable

      - I do my best and that is more than good enough

      - I can attract money into my life and use it wisely

      - I deserve happiness and success in my life

      - I love myself and I am loved by others

      - My beliefs control my genes and I control my beliefs.

      - Money comes to me easily and effortlessly, waking and sleeping.

      - I am a money magnet.

      - The Universe is conspiring to do me good today.

    You can accomplish desired change using Psych-K techniques, which we will specifically use for the Law of Attraction hypnosis. Try out your favorite statement from above to see whether the statement is believed. State "Be strong". Have the participant say the statement and check using kinesiology. Our first goal is to get her to focus on being strong to the statement. Kinesiology is a way to check a statement by checking muscle strength while saying the statement. When a statement is true and believed by the unconscious, the body’s electrical system is clear and transmission impulse is strong. When a statement is false, or not believed by the unconscious, electrical impulses will be haphazard, interrupted and weak. The muscles will seem to be weak and unable to resist pressure. We will correct this for our Law of Attraction hypnosis, using the Psych-K balance.

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    When you find a false (or disbelieved statement) that you want to reverse as in the Law of Attraction hypnosis, get permission from the unconscious to do the balance and make the change: Ask the recipient('s unconscious)"It is safe and appropriate for name to balance for the goal now." (Always give the unconscious positive statements to respond to.)"All parts and systems are ready, willing and able to balance for this goal using my new direction balance." Check using kinesiology to insure that the unconscious is in agreement.

    The balance is the unconscious changing to adapt the new belief. This takes only minutes. You might, for example, have trouble believing that some treatment will work to correct autism or arthritis. You can do the balance to bring your belief system or your unconscious into agreement with your conscious beliefs. Do the balance: Sit down. Crossing any ankle or wrist changes the electrical field in your body. Every joint has a chakra. Your mind, whether conscious, super conscious or unconscious, all work electrically. So, any change will be electrical. This is the trick of Psych-K. The “balance” is balancing the electrical field for change. Name is asked to hold her right arm out and cross her ankles, either way doesn't matter. He tests to see if that arm is strong. Not so strong, so she is asked to cross her ankles the opposite way.

    Her subconscious is telling you that this way is the optimal electrical crossing to make this new belief happen. Then he asks her to cross her wrists, left over right. He checks the two arms for strength. First one crossing, and then the other way. When they agree on which feels stronger she interlinks her fingers to lock her wrists in that position.

    Then repeat this process with the ankles. See which electrical crossing gives more strength. Check this using both arms as one (since the fingers are interlinked.)

    Once you are in the best electrical configuration, you are ready for the balance. Sit quietly and silently restate the statement while inviting any resistance or voices in. You are saying the statement to the resistance until it changes. The subconscious knows how the body needs to be configured to make the change. This usually takes from 3 to 6 minutes.

    Finally, using whole brain integration, you make the affirming statement without internal argument. The balance is interrupting the cycle of over identifying with left brain or right brain, insuring that both your logical left brain and your creative right brain are in agreement.

    Usually it takes 2 to 5 minutes to edit the documents on a person’s hard drive.

    Finish with, "This process is complete" so get strong if you can.Then stand and make the statement again, testing muscle strength. This should confirm your belief that there is not longer any internal argument to the statement.

    For more on Psych-K, see Psych-K


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