Law of Attraction explained by teachers of Science and the Spirit

We see the Law of Attraction explained in this section by science and spiritual leaders. You and I are applying the law of attraction every time we have a thought or a feeling, a wish or a doubt, a good dream or a bad dream. In this section, the teachers of science and the spirit help us to imagine and feel our connection with each other and with the creative source so that we can believe that our manifesting is all for the good. This is the Law of Attraction explained. These include Michael Beckwith, Gregg Braden, Hale Dwoskin, Bill Harris, Ben Johnson, Denis Waitley, Neale Donald Walsch, Fred Alan Wolf and Wayne Dyer, all of whom we will be discussing individually in the linked sections. It is important to read their individual pages to have a complete picture of the Law of Attraction explained.

As a preface, I'd like to talk about a belief that is so common you probably don't even think of it as one of your beliefs. You might take it as "gospel." Classically, scientists and the spiritual leaders would not be grouped together, since they were not of one mind about "truth". This goes back to the split between Plato and Aristotle, Plato's student. Plato believed that there was a spiritual world from which we came, but that as long as we were in the physical world our perception and our memories of the real would be distorted or clouded. This, he believed, was a motivating force behind many artists and statesmen who struggled to recreate the mis-remembered beauty and harmony of their pre-birth, perfect world. Aristotle taught that there is no world outside our senses and what is measurable. Many scientists still see their world this way but Fred Alan Wolf believes that quantum physics increasingly supports Plato so that both groups are exploring non-visible realms. In the world of Aristotle, the Law of Attraction could not be explained. This is a sticking point for many. If this has been a belief of yours it might be helpful to focus some reading time on quantum physics.

Quantum Physics

Every atom in each cell in our body is making decisions and choices, moving toward the good if we are healthy in mind and spirit, or the not so good if we are thinking unhealthy thoughts. This is well explained by Dr. Bruce Lipton , a cellular biologist. Fred Alan Wolf, a physicist explains. "The one mind (of which we are conscious) does not normally deal with atomic realities. In fact, it deals only with atomic minds, and it deals with what has been created by the choices made by the atomic minds. It acts as a data-saver."

This, he explains, is the reason we often know the answer before we have time to think about a problem. This model would provide an explanation for the phenomenon of insight where we "just had a feeling" about something.

Dr. Wolf continues. "Imagine your one mind as the chief of your central nervous system. Picture your individual atomic minds as agents acting independently. By summing up the experiences of the atomic minds, the one mind makes up its mind, and this is Law of Attraction explained. It literally creates a one-mindedness. In doing this automatically, it transforms new experiences into old experiences and creates habits." This is great when our experiences are reasonably enhancing. It might also explain the maladaptive changes to the brain of a child surviving child abuse.

Always positive, Wolf continues. "And just imagine, if this idea is correct, that consciousness is able to sense things on an atomic scale. The possibility is mind boggling. It means that new or novel events can be accepted at the atomic level, the level where potential reality becomes reality." (If you have not yet seen the movie What the Bleep Do We Know? this would be a good time because this also is Law of Attraction explained. It explores possibilities that are not outside of scientific possibilities, but are certainly beyond most of our present belief systems. See the link near the end of our Beginner's Page.) We have all heard the old expression, "as above, so below." Could it be we are so many independent atomic minds held together and monitored by the one mind of the creative source and the collective unconscious? Is this the Law of Attraction explained?

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Eckhart Tolle suggests that we spend time each day connecting with the life force, or the feeling of being alive in each part of our body. Even, he suggests, if all we can sense is a tingling in our toes the first day, this will help us to see that we are something more than the chatter of our brains.


Dr. Ben Johnson (of the movie, The Secret) and Dr. Alex Lloyd, two other scientists, have founded that has helped many people heal from life threatening illnesses. Dr. Johnson himself was diagnosed with Lew Gehrig's disease, but after 6 weeks he was symptom free and is still symptom free many years later. The program is based on healing the unconscious stressors which are sabotaging one's health. Our body knows exactly how to maintain or restore health if we are not flooding it with poisonous thoughts or ideas. If you are one who believes that they might have unconscious or automatic negative thoughts (ANTs) that are sabotaging your health, success or happiness, continue to the next level to learn more about their work. This process is also the Law of Attraction explained.

Finally, we have Denis Waitley in his own category. He is one of the most elegant of the personal development speakers. In his words, "Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude." He clearly has his finger on the pulse of the Law of Attraction. His assurance leads us to wonder about clearing whatever negativity might sometimes follow us and block our progress.

We would like to offer a connection to a website that will teach you about the Fourth Way. The Fourth Way is a philosophical and psychological system of ideas introduced to the West by G.I Gurdjieff, in the beginning of the 20st century which is when Wallace Wattles and Charles Haanel were explaining the Law of Attraction to us. This system is used to attain what is called in the many traditions of the world, “Enlightenment”. It draws from many esoteric sources, but it is a complete system in itself and can be used to answer that ancient question that has been around as long as there are Human Beings; “Who am I?”, or “Why am I here?”

It is called the Fourth Way because the people that walk it are in the midst of life; they have jobs and families, as opposed to the 3 traditional ways that require special circumstances. These traditional 3 ways were always known, especially in the East, as the way of the “Fakir” the way of the “Monk” and the way of the “Yogi”.

Sometimes a slightly different slant offered by similar material can give you the clue that you need to make everything work. The website can be a great help!

Law of Attraction explained by Teachers with Clearing Tools

Michael Beckwith states clearly, "Happiness is generated from the inside." But, this is not the case for all of us. Many struggle with former beliefs or current difficulties. These next teachers have keys for opening the possibilities and for making the Law of Attraction work to our benefit and to help with Law of Attraction explained.

If we are methodically visualizing (Denis Waitley) our most ideal job, and our unconscious is telling us that "we can't have that" or "we don't deserve that" or "we aren't smart enough for that" then there is no way we are able to manifest that job no matter how we have the Law of Attraction explained.

Byron Katie's Work and Lester Levenson's work which was passed on as Hale Dwoskin's The Sedona Method is a wonderful aide in correcting negativity in our conscious thoughts and feelings which we realize is important once we have had the Law of Attraction explained. (For those Eckhart Tolle readers, the Sedona Method also helps to clear our ego of egoistic positive emotions as well.) We will go more deeply into this work, but for now it is enough to know that Dwoskin helps us to release wants for approval, control, safety and separation which, he says, are the 4 key wants. These, in Dwoskin's words, "form the core of all limitation. When we release these wants, we can have what we desire and stay motivated. In the process, we simply let go of our sense of deprivation and lacking." This is so powerful because the feelings of lack and deprivation actually prevent manifestation of what we think we are projecting or visualizing. The Universe will attend to these feelings which carry so much emotional impact, and provide us with more deprivation and lack. In the words of Michael Beckwith, creative "Energy flows where attention goes." This is a major piece of the Law of Attraction explained.

Another teacher who presents clearing tools through his program, and explains each one, is Bob Doyle . We have found that his program (which is now on sale for the platinum edition which includes all his programs and materials) is the best at clearing limiting beliefs and providing "how to" information.

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We will feel more successful at applying the Law of Attraction when we have also let go of fear. This is the province of Neale Donald Walsch. We recommend all his Conversations with God for empowering you to release fear. Neale Donald Walsch reduces the motivations of all our decisions as a "choice between love and fear." At this time, I leave you to simply ponder that. We will go into more detail when we cover his work specifically. We have learned from the masters that once we have the Law of Attraction explained it is not complicated. Simply stay in a positive frame of mind, they tell us and quickly move out of negative feelings into positive emotions and work toward your goal. We all have known a time when this was not as easy as they make it sound. Having the tools of The Sedona Method and Conversations with God makes it easier.

We wouldn't want to leave out our own

The Slow Guy Always Wins on the One Lane Highway , a clearing novel because our Ego is less defensive of fiction than non-fiction. Just scroll down and you'll find each chapter, placed one by one as a monthly ongoing series.

We have placed other fiction there as well. Check in periodically, and you will find additions. Each one is positive and inspiring, designed to upgrade your Ego/unconscious.

This is the secret behind the secret, as explained so well by

Eric Amidi.

Another clearing tool, not mentioned in the movie, The Secret is Ho'oponopono . This has been available for a while, but Joe Vitale made it famous. It is also carefully explained in the novel we just mentioned, The Slow Guy Always Wins on the One Lane Highway.

Bill Harris ' work at Centerpointe Research is using Holosync audio technology and meditation,and we believe this is the epitome of expanding and synchronizing your brain, now sometimes called, brainwave entrainment. This has been shown to create dramatic improvements in mental, emotional and spiritual health. Centerpointe's is a graduated system of increasing strength to be used over a period of time. We will talk more about it later, but this system increases your tolerance and stamina for jumping hurdles (stressors such as frustration, disappointment, delay, loss) and the creativity with which you are able to work around them, which, according to Napoleon Hill are two of the keys of success. This is necessary information for the Law of Attraction explained. Bill's book, Thresholds of the Mind details their work clearly and carefully. Look here if you are curious about brainwave entrainment before going to other web sites without documentation or recommendation.

Why do I suggest this? Because Bill is one of the good guys. An initial trial form of Holosync is available without requiring your credit card information. -- Isn't that a true trial for once? His work is documented and the results are clearly evident on his blog page where users of Holosync talk about the changes in their lives due to meditating with Holosync. Take a look for yourself. Let me know what you think on our "Contact Us" page.

The New Thought–Ancient Wisdom movement

The New Thought–Ancient Wisdom movement is an output of Law of Attraction explaining why Michael Beckwith is optimistic. He believes that "happiness is self generated." He says that "Each day I write in my 'Impossibility Journal'. In Lewis Carroll’s 'Alice in Wonderland', there is a line where the Queen says, 'You have to believe at least six impossible things before breakfast.' So I will write down six impossible things before I leave the house." He encourages us to reach beyond our comfort zone in the attached video.

To achieve them we would need the Law of Attraction explained. Beckwith continues: "Universal law states 'ask and you shall receive.' As you ask that question, the universe will begin to tell you how you can practice. Isn't this is the Law of Attraction explained? You will have a revelation inside. You will have new ideas flowing to you — inspiration, enthusiasm and high thoughts ... and your life will change." Beckwith's Agape seeks to help spiritual seekers to create a world that works for everyone.

As God says, in Neale Donald Walsch 's Conversations with God series, God says that our bodies were meant to last forever. "The soul re-minds you. The mind creates new cells out of its continuing thought about 'who you are'! Every cell of your body changes every several years. You are -- quite literally -- not the same person you were a few years ago." Thoughts of anger, illness or despair cause negatively built cells to be produced. Thoughts of love, happiness, and generosity cause healthy, beautiful cells to be produced. "Careful of what you think...." And isn't this too, is the law of attraction explained?

One can't leave out Dr. Wayne Dyer. He has evolved over the years and has always had his finger on the pulse of any new thought or ideas. I don't even believe I have to say much about him, because even if you had never heard the Law of Attraction explained, or of any alternative spirituality to Christianity, you have still probably heard of Dr. Wayne Dyer.

Gregg Braden (The Isaiah Effect), former earth science and computer expert has traveled to the old, sacred places on the globe, and studied the ancient texts to find his answers. He no longer needs the Law of Attraction explained. We will discuss his journey and the prophecies he pieced together in the next section. In contrast to Michael, he worries that warlike thinking has become part of our culture and we will need to completely rethink the way we have approached conflict in the past. Both science and ancient philosophy "remind us that there can be no 'us and them'.... Prayer is an act of redefining the foundation of hate, ethnic violence and war"....As we stand in the "doorway to the 21st century the survival of our species may actually depend upon our ability to marry our inner and outer sciences.... Transcending science, religion, and mystic tradition, the Essenes suggest that it is during this time in history through the use of our lost science of prayer and prophecy, that healing comes to all beings, those formed and unformed and that peace prevails in all worlds." Surely this is the Law of Attraction explained. "It is during our lifetime that the people of earth will know all the secrets of the 'angels in heaven'."

These messages are for all of us, particularly after we have understood the Law of Attraction. Prophets from the past have suggested that one-tenth of one percent of humanity, working together in a unified effort, may shift the consciousness of the entire world. That would be roughly 3/4ths of the population of Los Angeles. Other studies show that this might be optimal, but as few as the square root of one percent of the population might be enough. This is just under eight thousand people. This is feasible with the use of the World Wide Web. Wouldn't this be a worthwhile project for our new skills once we fully grasp the

Law of Attraction explained?

The Video with Marrianne Williamson will offer you a connection to Heal the World

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