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We all need Law of Attraction coaching and mastermind groups to achieve optimum success through conscious use of the Law of Attraction. In this section, we will provide the most inspirational articles for your use, as written by the original author.

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Featured Author

Paul J. Meyer

Paul J. Meyer is considered by many to be the founder of today’s personal development industry, and a Law of Attraction coach. He was the first to condense books and record them on LP records and then on cassettes. Only after age 70 did he begin to write books. Many of the secrets to his success using the Law of Attraction, attitude, perseverance and motivation are in his 24 Keys book. He is still writing today. From his collection, we have chosen:

Attitude is Everything. In Mr. Meyer's words, "Early in my insurance career I recruited some incredibly gifted and talented people, but as I used to say, 'He looks good in uniform, but he can’t bat.'” This explains the importance of attitude in success. This is Law of Attraction coaching.

Who's in Charge of Your Brain? Mr. Meyer asks: "Are you careening off course? Falling short of your goals? Your brain literally contains a mind of its own! And its programming determines exactly what you will receive in life." This gives you some strategy for changing your programming. This is Law of Attraction coaching.

Making Personal Motivation Work for You Mr. Meyer says, "Doesn’t it seem that some people attract success, wealth, and recognition with little effort, while others reach those goals with the greatest difficulty – or not at all? Consider this: the power, capacity, and developed skill to achieve outstanding success actually comes from within these individuals.

Pay attention because this is Law of Attraction coaching. Personal motivation, the ability to motivate yourself to accomplishment, starts and ends within you. Learn to make personal motivation work for YOU!" This is a step by step to make use of your unconscious to put the Law of Attraction into effect. This is Law of Attraction coaching.

Featured Author

Guy Finley

Guy Finley started as a rock musician working with Neil Diamond. He traveled extensively in India and other parts of the Far East and then worked for many years with author and Christian mystic, Vernon Howard (The Mystic Path to Cosmic Power, The Power of the Supermind), who would have a profound influence on him. It was Vernon Howard who, just before his death, encouraged Guy to write his first book.

He was looking for answers and he found them. He profoundly believes in human growth. "The only mistake that we can make as human beings is to be asleep, unaware of ourselves," states American author Guy Finley." Given that our lack of awareness is at the root of all our problems, our only solution lies in an increasingly sharpened perception of what we are."

Mindbridge will begin a series of articles by Guy Finley. The first of these is Conflict Guy believes "We are eagles that have been conditioned to think that we are cuckoo birds. The proof of that is that we would never feel this feeling of dissatisfaction that we experience by being caged if our deeper nature were not to fly and be free."

And, Guy has another article, on Dreams. After all, Dreams are what we use for the Law of Attraction. Dreams are how we know what it is we want to strive for. So, when you have a chance, go to Dreams. It's a short piece, I know. We've been finding more for you. We have lately learned about Gerald O'Donnell, and Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing (which can be using the Law of Attraction). This is very exciting in this context because you don't have to fall asleep to be in Theta or Delta, and you can have an experienced guide right with you to help you. If you are interested in this go to Gerald O'Donnell. This really is Law of Attraction coaching. Go and listen to one of his free samples, or look at his free pdf.

And, quite a few of the teachers who are highlighted here, are also coaches. If you have some more time see -- Manifesting Desires. For more insight and Law of Attraction coaching, please see --