James Arthur Ray, and Harmonic Wealth

James Arthur Ray always speaks with humor and enthusiasm. He takes his subject seriously, but does not take himself too seriously. In Harmonic Wealth, he speaks from his own experience as well as that of clients and other teachers who have proven their skills at manifesting desires. He doesn't leave anything out and doesn't pull any punches. "You must take action as a self-confident co-creator of your own reality whose results are never in doubt." James Arthur Ray quotes Emerson when he says, "If I have lost confidence in myself, I have the universe against me."

Take the challenge and read Harmonic Wealth when you can. In the meantime, enjoy the tidbits below. Best wishes to you.

Challenging truths:

The greatest competition you will ever have is between your disciplined and your undisciplined mind. You must constantly study, understand and immerse yourself in that which brings you value and power, and avoid at all costs anything that weakens you.

Your willpower will never be stronger than your unconscious mind, no matter what. When you pursue greatness, don't expect others to support you. You'll represent the courage, strength and vision they don't yet have.

Be the real you. Whatever is suppressed will be expressed, in later days, in uglier ways.

C students often own the businesses that A and B students work for.

All goals are spiritual goals -- including abundant material wealth and mind-blowing sex.

The five pillars of wealth as explained in Harmonic Wealth are:






Cross training is as valuable in the area of consciousness, as it is physically. As James Arthur Ray says, "Balance is bogus" because it is not possible, but harmony, as in a symphony, is delightful and powerful when used for manifesting desires and building a powerfully satisfying life.

"Energy goes where attention flows" is a law of the Universe. You already have what you value. (See DeMartini's questions that will help you pinpoint what you really are interested in. ) If you look at your life and see what you don't already have, the Universe complies with that too. What we need to do is to turn that thinking around.

Everything is energy. And, James Arthur Ray asserts, we are all connected. If a part of the Pacific Ocean is transported in a bottle to the Kansas City, isn't it still Pacific Ocean? It does not become Mississippi River just because that is now the largest body of water. And, neither do we become separate or independent from the Creative Source when we are born into a finite physical body. In this book, James Arthur Ray seeks to remind us of our unlimited creative powers for manifesting desires.

From Desire to Manifestation:

James Arthur Ray claims that we won't be given any desire that we aren't capable of achieving. He describes the process.

First, we create a spiritual prototype of our dream, and once we have done that it already exists on the spiritual plane.

Second, if you can write it down specifically and describe it either in written form or verbally, you have it on the mental plane.

Third, is the physical. And, James Arthur Ray wants you to see how exciting this is that once you have written it down, you already have manifested your goal on two out of three planes. You are 2/3rds of the way home! Finally, you have to believe. "You have to think, feel and act in accordance with that physical prototype -- no matter what."

This action is critical, because we are making ourselves ready to receive it, but it is not the action that brings about the manifestation. Or, as Mike Dooley would say, we must continue to pitch balls to the Universe so that it can hit the home run on our behalf.

James Explains the Connection between Thoughts, Emotions and Actions

Chaos, Our Friend:

James Arthur Ray uses the work of Ilya Prigogine (Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry) to show that "we grow in direct proportion to the amount of chaos we can sustain and dissipate." (See Bill Harris who has also studied this principle and developed Holosync to help us to grow.) Each time our system is overwhelmed by too much energy coming in and not enough ability to dissipate the old, we are pushed into chaos. This chaos forces the system to adjust, to grow dynamically in order to handle the influx. We need to come to thank the Universe for this stress on the system, because it is this stress that will help us to reorganize at a higher level -- thus increasing our prowess at manifesting desires.

As James Arthur Ray says, it takes a bigger person to earn and handle $1,000,000 than it does to earn and handle $10,000. In the Eastern tradition, the thousand petal lotus which represents enlightenment is always growing in the muck and mire.

The master comes to think of difficulties and challenges to manifesting desires as opportunities rather than as "bad." This is important. This is also stressed by Napoleon Hill, but, I don't think he explains the reason as clearly as does James Arthur Ray. "Your results will always level out to the degree of your growth." Now, every thought that is a wave of manifestation has a certain frequency and amplitude, and it will grow when the returning wave is met by another positive wave being sent out. If it returns to a negative wave of fear or indecision, it will be canceled out.

As we grow internally, we are able to send out waves with more power, and waves that are more consistently positive. James Arthur Ray puts us on notice that we are a reflection of our growth, our consistent habits, feelings and thoughts. He challenges us to take 100% responsibility. (See Ho'opponopono and Joe Vitale if you haven't already done so.)

The bigger your dream, the greater your commitment will have to be. "True mastery is persistence when you don't yet see the light at the end of the tunnel", but you know that it will be there.

The Winning Attitude:

James Arthur Ray says, as many have said before him, "Winners take the action that others won't." He quotes Dan Millman, the author and ex-Olympic gymnast who used to get up at 4 am to work out before school, "Discipline brings excellence and excellence brings freedom."

You will be asked to pay in advance for your future wealth, harmony and joy. Time is the commodity to be spent or invested on manifesting desires. We would like to emphasize this, because when you are feeling frustrated that the Law of Attraction is not working, you need to remember that time is a commodity to be spent or invested and you will be asked to pay in advance for your future wealth.

"Wealthy people know their limits and don't waste precious time trying to become proficient at something that someone else could do twice as fast and more effectively," James Arthur Ray explains. If you have a goal of earning $500,000 a year, that translates to $2024 per day or $253 per hour. James is clear. You can't afford to do your own gardening or house cleaning or laundering!

You might be feeling that you can't afford to hire someone else. You can change this fairly quickly. Abraham Maslow and Anthony Robbins also talk about deficiency needs versus growth needs. Deficiency needs are a moving away from what you have and don't want, whereas growth needs come from fullness, and a desire to express that fullness, that potential of human beings. Although both individuals might appear to be doing the same thing, one is in a state of disharmony and the other is in a state of harmony. This harmony, as in Harmonic Wealth will bring about a winning attitude, and success with the Law of Attraction. This is the way, the direction on which you want to focus your attention. Neil Donald Walsch would say that one is operating out of fear and the other out of love.

Giving 100% Toward Mastery of whatever you are doing:

Mike Dooley and James Arthur Ray agree that whether you are in the job of your dreams, or not, you will not progress unless you are giving 100%, your best, toward mastering your present position.

Success is an inner game. Everything is energy and vibration. When you are vibrating at your peak, be it as a mail boy or as the top salesman, or the creative director, James Arthur Ray says "the Universe will kick you out of your nest so you can fly."

Success is more about Service:

Give more to get more, and become more to give more.

Give 10 times the value of what you ask for.

What are the small things you can do that will be perceived as high value? Which are Relationship building?

Put Down the Weights and Evolve:

If you are carrying any weights or dumbbells from an old relationship, an ex-boss who sidelined your career or a lousy parent, put them down. Carrying them saps your energy and holds you back. Forgiveness is the gift you give yourself.

For those of us who don't need a boss or an ex to make you feel terrible about yourself, getting caught up in "shoulds" is a similar path. All that connection to the past can only serve to hold you back.

James Arthur Ray tells us that Bell's theorem, developed by physicist J.S. Bell, posits that any two particles that have ever interacted and that were ever connected tend to stay connected. They will continue to have an immediate impact on each other across space. How many fragments of you are connected elsewhere? Start the healing by choosing to be whole and healed.

Altered states can help move you through your own evolution, and James Arthur Ray is not talking about psychoactive substances. Love and sex will put you in an altered state. Meditation is an altered state, as is profound gratitude. Many of the astronauts have claimed this experience as an intense tie to Earth when they looked down. A near death experience can provide an altered view as well as an altered state. This is not uncommon.

After an altered state experience, individuals might feel an increased or a new reverence for nature. Another might realize that the variations in race, sex and political or religious differences offer a richness rather than a threat to their lives. Or, someone might come to realize beyond a shadow of a doubt that nothing is separate, and that your fate has always been "interdependent with the fate of the world."

In several trainings, James Arthur Ray talks about the two common spiritual paths, that of the Eastern traditions, which seeks to fly, sometimes at cost to the physical body, and that of the indigenous people who stay connected to the earth and to their physical being. At Mindbridge, we prefer the indigenous solution.

And, by the way, the common denominator among those around the world who live the longest is to eat less food. Research suggests that if you reduce your food intake by 30%, you will extend your life by 30%.

For a Longer and More Comfortable Life, Change the Way You Eat!

Anthony Robbins also makes the recommendation of taking care of your physical being by paying attention to what you feed it. If your body is producing mucus, toxins and poisons and wants to get rid of them, let it go!

The human body, James Arthur Ray says, do better in a slightly alkaline environment. We know that asthma is aggravated by an acidic environment. 38% of Americans get cancer and "most doctors agree that cancer thrives in an oxygen-deprived environment. Cells with a higher pH (more alkaline) are higher in oxygen.

Alkaline-forming foods:

Apples, apricots, bananas, berries, cantaloupe, cherries, dates, figs, grapes, grapefruit, oranges, peaches, pears, strawberries, tangerines, watermelon, wheat grass, most edible grasses and their juices, sprouts, grains and beans, fresh cucumbers, spinach, celery, watercress, garlic, cayenne pepper, endive, green beans, cabbage, lettuce, red cabbage, fresh peas, horseradish, parsley, cilantro, lime, fresh lemon, tomato, green pepper, eggplant, avocado, jicama, rhubarb, Lima beans, fresh soybeans, baking soda, sea salt, seaweed, asparagus, Brazil nuts, artichokes, raw sweet potato, almonds, hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds and sesame seeds.

Acid-forming foods:

Pork, veal, beef, sausages, bacon, turkey, chicken, ocean fish, eggs, white bread, white rice, white biscuits, shrimp, lobster, crab, pastries, cakes, pasta, macaroni and cheese, sugar, corn syrup, artificial sweetener, popped corn, liquor, wine, beer, coffee, sweetened fruit juice, milk, ketchup, mayonnaise, prepared mustard, most microwaved foods, most canned foods, all fried foods, ice cream, pudding, jam, jelly, all candy, packaged snack foods, peanuts, cashews, walnuts, chocolate, cola, and all soft drinks.

James Arthur Ray refers to coffee as a hot mug of battery acid! He recommends organic coffee, and adds that decaf is worse than regular coffee because of the chemicals needed to take out the caffeine. Also, espresso is alkaline and drip is acid.

And, James Arthur Ray points out that any carbonated drink creates acid in your body and kills critical enzymes. Here is a statistic for you, it takes 32 glasses of pure water to neutralize the acidity of one glass of cola with a pH of 2.8 -- phosphoric acid! Your body cannot rest while it is working to metabolize caffeine or phosphoric acid.

Water is necessary to keep your cells looking like grapes rather than like raisins. James Arthur Ray recommends, from his research, 1.5 liters of pure water a day per 100 pounds of body weight.

Gary Null has been teaching and studying nutrition for as long as any living nutritionist. Please attend to this video on the noxious chemicals formed by eating common, everyday foods, and the micro and phyto chemicals that our bodies desperately need but are starving for.


When Your House is in Order, You can Attend to the Spirit:

James Arthur Ray tells a story about a spiritual teacher, who, as an aspiring student approached his teacher the first time. He asked the way to enlightenment and the teacher replied, "Lose 20 pounds and get a job. Then come talk to me."

James Arthur Ray teaches wholeness. He lets us know that spirituality is a very personal quest that we each need to pursue on a daily basis for ourselves. However, he is also clear that if we are also involved in mastering our physical and mental selves, our financial and relational selves, we are guaranteed "dominion over all realms."

There is no "out there" out there. The old question about the tree is answered differently today. The question, "If a tree falls in the woods, and there's no one there to hear it, does it make a sound?" When I was a child, we used to argue about waves. Are waves ever "sound" waves if there is no ear attached to a brain that interprets the wave as sound. Today, a quantum physicist would tell you that without an observer, there is no tree, there is only energy and the potential for a tree.

And so, today's spiritual guide will tell you that God wants for you, whatever you want for you. You are the co creator of your reality. (See Neale Donald Walsch )

James Arthur Ray recommends that when we engage in our spiritual quest, we stop comparing ourselves to others. This will smooth our path. Separateness and difference are only illusions that muddle our insight.

We will tell one more story of James Arthur Ray, but before we do that, we recommend that you obtain, buy, or borrow a copy of this book for your own study. We hope that we have whetted your appetite for Harmonic Wealth. We would like to thank James Arthur Ray for all that he has taught us through his lectures, video teachings, and this book, and apologize for any time we might have used his information without giving him credit. This is difficult to do because we have integrated so much from him, into our own thinking.


James Arthur Ray tells a story of his visiting the Temple of Khnum in Egypt. Khnum was one of the earliest, James tells us, of the Egyptian Gods. His name translates into "builder". James visited each section of the temple that used to hold an altar and was feeling a building of energy inside himself. It was the eve of his birthday, and he was wondering how to use this flow of energy that he felt shooting up his spine.

When he heard feet approaching, he had a thought that he was trespassing and about to be caught and would be asked to leave the ancient site. Yet, when he looked up, he saw a traditionally dressed Muslim approaching. The man was speaking a language James didn't understand yet when their eyes connected he knelt in front of James and held out his hands saying in a rough accent, "Prayer."

James Arthur Ray held out his hands and they joined in yogic breath. Tears began to flow down James' face and the strong energy he had felt continued. He recognized that this brother was from a religious tradition so very different from that James had grown up with, yet beyond their religions, they were both people -- citizens of the human race. In that moment, James only "wanted to unite with the whole planet. As above, so below."

After some time, they stood and the man held out his arms to embrace. He asked "What country?" and James answered "America."

"You Christian?" he asked, and then James says he seemed to shake the thought away. We can only wonder what myriads of prejudices were just wiped away by James Arthur Ray. "No matter. Good man."