James Allen's As A Man Thinketh

A great influence in the field of personal development and human evolution was James Allen, a writer of early 19th Century England. Allen was inspired by his "meditations and life experiences," and wrote more than 20 works before he died at age 48. He wrote about the power of thought as a means of achievement of one's dreams. His works have inspired some of our best known writers and practitioners of personal development and human evolution, and are widely read around the globe even today. James Allen writes that even in his time, thought was the vehicle via which people who understood this power could bring to life their hopes and dreams for abundance.

In James Allen's As a Man Thinketh, he elaborately describes and encourages one to "dig deep into the mine of his soul" for the truth of who he is, and what his capacities are, by becoming mindful of every experience. It is within all those human experiences, "even the most trivial," that you will find self-knowledge. Once acquired, understood, "cultivated" and internalized, that self-knowledge will propel one toward one's goals. "Circumstance does not make the man; it reveals him to himself," states Allen. In those revelations Allen states one will find all of the barriers to realizing all of the wealth, all of the abundance, all of the dreams for this lifetime, than they could ever imagine. He writes that man "is the sole author of his condition."

James Allen in As a Man Thinketh, also states that for better or worse, our thoughts have power over the health of our mind and body. Each thought has its own energy. It grows according to whether it is a positive thought or a negative thought. The positive thoughts can become the energetic basis upon which we manifest good and desired outcomes, inwardlyand outwardly. In the same fashion, negative thoughts will manifest as the energetic basis upon which will become chaos in our health and disorder and illness in our bodies. Every energy source requires an outlet.