Ho'oponopono and Self Identity

We have talked about Ho'oponopono (or hooponopono) throughout this website. This is an updated version of an ancient Hawaiian problem solving process which included repentance, forgiveness and transmutation. Self Identity, through Ho'oponopono, was developed by Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona, and is taught now by Ihaleakala Hew Len, Ph.D..

We have referred to it as either a clearing tool or a problem solving method. Both are correct. When we started doing Ho'oponopono, honestly, we did it on a trial basis. It was hard for us to understand, much less to accept, that we are 100% responsible for everything that occurs in our lives. Surely there are other people in our environment that share responsibility for some effects?

Yet, there was all this evidence that began to build. First, we did Ho'oponopono on the highway when it was crowded/blocked/jammed, and we would still get to work on time. Then, we tried it when we would be in a negotiation, and it worked like a charm. It also worked when dealing with corporations. I would be talking with someone on the phone who was clearly telling me that what I wanted them to do was against their policy and not possible, and after 3 silent Ho'oponopono's, they were giving me what I wanted.

These simple things are not mind boggling, we know. And, they could be coincidence. But, when it works everyday, for all sorts of things, one begins to be convinced.

Dr. Hew Len explains that there are three parts of the mind. The Super Conscious mind is connected to the cosmos, to Divinity, to the original creative intelligence or to the Infinite and Divine Intelligence. The soul includes both the Conscious and the Subconscious mind. When we come into this world, we come from the Void. Our identity originated in the Void. To return to our Self Identity, we must work to regain the Void. We do this by clearing away our memories, our habitual ways and our automatic responses. Ho'oponopono is a petition to Divine Intelligence to clear or transmute our memories to the light or to the void.

Eckhart Tolle talks about these memories, especially negative memories in a different way. He refers to them as "the Pain Body" , and more neutral memories as the Ego. Once we regain our Self Identity in the Void, we are open to Divine inspiration through our Super Conscious mind. This requires continual clearing through Ho'oponopono. The Void is the common ground of all Self Identities, Dr. Hew Len explains. It is the "indestructible and timeless foundation of the entire cosmos."

The Ho'oponopono Process:

Thomas Troward would say, this is our connection to the Cosmic Mind. The Cosmic Mind has two parts, the Substantive Being and the Active Power. The first is all Love, Light, Power, Beauty and Joy and the second is Universal Spirit which supplies motion and flow. Once we are connected to these, we are in harmony with conscious reality creation. When we are full of memories and acting unconsciously from these memories, we are creating reality, but unconsciously. In order to correct this, we seek Self Identity through Ho'oponopono.

Our Conscious Mind initiates the Ho'oponopono petition to transmute the memories to the light or to the void. It acknowledges 100% responsibility for the problem at hand. If you have trouble with this, go back to the article on Reality Creation and re-read the section Awareness, or do what we did. Just experiment. Try it out. As you begin to experience the effect of Ho'oponopono, it will be apparent that we are 100% responsible. If we were not 100% responsible, then our Ho'oponopono would not have the tremendous effect that it has.

Once the petition has been initiated, Conscious mind accepts that the problem is memories replaying in the Subconscious mind. The petition moves down to Subconscious mind. This movement, stirs up memories for transmutation. The petition moves up from Subconscious mind to Super Conscious mind.

The Super Conscious mind reviews the petition, making any needed changes. The petition is then sent along to Divine Intelligence for consideration. Divine Intelligence then sends transmuting energy down through Super Conscious mind, through Conscious mind to Subconscious mind. The memories causing the problem are neutralized and released.

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Memories never rest and they never sleep. Incessant cleansing is needed to regain Self Identity. Until the Conscious mind is awakened, it is unaware of the gift of Self Identity, which is inspiration and, as Dr. Hew Len says, "Wealth beyond all understanding." Dr. Hew Len goes further, stating that the physical world we experience is either an expression of memories replaying, or inspirations taking place in the soul of Self Identity. Once the state of Self Identity is changed, the state of the physical world is changed.

The process contains four parts and two accessories.

1) "I love you." This is for the memories. Use this again and again because even if you are not conscious of problems, it will help to clear those memories and allow a clear channel of inspiration to flow from Divine Intelligence.

2) "I'm sorry." This is your acknowledgement of responsibility for having created or accumulated or accepted the memories replaying and causing trouble.

3) "Please forgive me." This is a subsequent petition for having caused the trouble.

4) Request that the memories be transmuted and neutralized and released. This is the province of Divine Intelligence. This is followed by a "thank you."

The Effect:

We have mentioned some of the effects we have experienced, but Dr. Hew Len worked on the inmates of a prison for the insane, and these results were miraculous. He treated them without meeting with the inmates as a therapist. He reviewed their charts, and when he had a feeling about them, he cleaned on it. The first results were that staff felt less threatened and vulnerable. The patients/inmates needed less drugs and restraints were less frequent. Then some started to get better. They were allowed some outdoor recreation time which hadn't been happening, and eventually, all but one recovered their mental health.

Dr. Hew Len accepted 100% responsibility and worked only on his feelings, asked for his own clearing and transmutation of his own memories and one by one the patients recovered. (If this is hard for you to believe and you would like to peek in on a conference with both Dr. Hew Len and Joe Vitale....) As Dr. Hew Len said to Joe Vitale, did you ever know a mental health worker who had mentally healthy patients? Wouldn't it be obvious that the common denominator is the therapist? If the therapist regains his or her Self Identity, his or her patients will recover as well.

An additional benefit of the therapist's clearing is inspired work. And, this will work for any relationship, family or business, car on the highway, or potential customers. Joe Vitale uses it on his books, and has found that the books he ignored did not do as well as the books he "loved." Once he does Ho'oponopono and sends love and apologies off to his less attended books, their sales pick up.

We wish you great fortune and Self Identity. As you read more on the work of Eckhart Tolle, you will see a relationship between Tolle's ego seeking drama, and Hew Len's memories in the Subconscious.

As Dr. Hew Len says, "Clear, clear clear and go back to port -- the Void from which we all came." You can see him teach an all weekend conference in Hawaii with Dr. Joe Vitale. If you truly want to be cleaned of all past negativity, this is Self Identity through Ho'oponopono.