Heart Healthy Diet

I first discovered this heart healthy diet when it was recommended by Anthony Robbins a couple of weeks ago on Twitter. It was developed by a heart surgeon,

Dr. Steven Gundry who explains it thoroughly and describes its benefits.

As a social worker, every day I hear people complaining about their heart problems, their arthritis, their asthma and allergies, their high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Many have diabetes or are pre-diabetic. Many have depression, or are BiPolar, and don't want to get out of bed or leave their apartments. In some areas of the country, as many children in a class have ADHD as don't.

New immigrants don't have to be here long before they develop problems similar to so many Americans. I have been wondering what is it that is making Americans fall apart?

It has to be something that is common to many Americans. This would be diet, habits and/or TV. I have been asking for answers in my meditations, and the Law of Attraction connected me with Dr. Steven Gundry, and his heart healthy diet.

Changes in Diet Bring about Epigenetic Changes.

Would you change your eating pattern and habits if you knew that it would, by itself without gimmicks or need for additional exercise, create a healthy heart, lower your blood pressure, lower your bad LDL cholesterol and improve your good HDL cholesterol, open up your clogged arteries and veins? What if I told you that it would also correct diabetes, reverse arthritis and Alzheimer's Disease, and was likely to reverse Parkinson's as well?

We are talking about epigenetics as we have discussed in this section when talking about Bruce Lipton's findings. We are talking about genetic changes at the cellular level stemming from our diet and lifestyle.

The fastest, easiest way to create epigenetic change is with diet. Each day, all day long, your cells need to be fed or fueled and oxygenated. Their wastes need to be carted away so those systems need to be clean and energized. A good diet would be a heart healthy diet which would make all these cells and their systems function optimally and happily.

Our systems are all dependent on and quickly affected by what you consume. If you are consuming foods that make these cells feel happy, nurtured and optimally energized, they will be happy and perform well. If you are not, they will not. As you have over 50 to 70 trillion cells, you will be made unhappy if you do not take good care of them.

Dr. Gundry dramatically describes the epigenetic changes from a bad diet as turning on the "killer cells". He explains that if my cells decide that I am a "poor example of humanity" the killer cells are turned on to destroy me, thus preserving the human race. His solution is to change to a heart healthy diet.

It is no accident then, that many of the people I see on a day to day basis, have multiple life limiting and life threatening conditions and come in with bags of medicines they take which aren't helping.

How did Dr. Gundry discover the Heart Healthy Diet?

Dr. Gundry was a surgeon who corrected sick hearts by doing bypasses or inserting shunts. He was known for taking on the most difficult, hopeless patients and did not believe in supplements. One day a patient arrived with his angiogram asking for help. This patient had been all over the country and no surgeon would operate because his heart and arterial system was so compromised. Dr. Gundry explained there was no artery open enough for a shunt and no place to put a bypass.

The patient asked him to do another angiogram, explaining that he had lost 40 pounds in the month and was taking supplements from a health food store. Dr. Gundry was very skeptical until he looked at the new angiogram. His arteries had opened up 50%, which was, at that point, unheard of.

After operating, Dr. Gundry asked to look at the supplements and found that many were those he had been using to preserve a heart waiting for transplant, or to revive a formerly dead heart. Dr, Gundry asked about the diet as well, and was reminded of a research paper he had written years earlier on human evolution. This was the root of his heart healthy diet.

He went back to look at the paper, and developed a diet. He put himself on the diet and quickly discovered that his cholesterol ratio, his blood pressure and his weight began to show improvements. He put his staff of nurses on the same diet and they too began to show the same improvements, and one who was diabetic had to lower her insulin until she eliminated it entirely.

What is the Heart Healthy Diet?

The heart healthy diet optimizes those nutrients in a diet which are needed for health and minimizes or eliminates those which are not. Dr. Gundry is able to do this because he has studied the evolutionary effects of various nutrients.

A big change in human eating habits occurred in the early 1900's when enriched flour was developed by the Swiss. This flour, white flour without wheat germ or fiber, raises the blood sugar of a human faster than 4 teaspoons of sugar. Our bread, pasta and baked products cause our insulin system to go into a panic every time we ingest any of these products. This is the opposite of a heart healthy diet. In a normally operating system, insulin is given the task of stimulating the cells to use glucagon. However, in an overwhelmed or sick system cells become insulin resistant and prevent cells from accessing the glucagon energy system. Glucagon or sugar is then converted to fat.

Humans were not meant to operate on this fuel, processed flour. We were also not meant to run on monocot sugar, or corn sugar. We share this with our big ape counterparts. A male gorilla eats 16 pounds of greens each day, and he has 3% body fat. He does not have high blood pressure or heart disease, or cancer. He consumes an abundant supply of phyto nutrient rich plant products and did the game we used to consume when it was available.

Prior to the 1900's, the meat and fish that Americans ate, also had these phyto nutrients stored in the flesh and fat of healthy animals, but recently, fish are farmed and fed grains, as are pigs and cattle. Cattle is also fed chocolate or any other sweet that will fatten them quickly. These animals are digested by our bodies as grain/corn/sugar, with a smattering of protein, but without the nutrients they once offered.

Indigenous people and people in northern Canada still consume an original diet which is low in sugars but high in protein and sometimes, as in the case of those Eskimo or Inuit people who are still living their traditional life style, high in healthy (wild) animal fat. They are without the heart disease we have come to expect from a high fat diet. Those who have moved into the cities and buy groceries from the local store are suffering from diabetes and alcoholism and heart disease. Sugars, grains and carbohydrates cause us to release insulin. Dr. Gundry notes that insulin acts like miracle grow and stimulates abnormal cellular growth. He noticed that arthritis patients also had heart disease and skin tags and intestinal polyps and were pre-diabetic if not already diabetic.

Dr. Gundry's diet, a heart healthy diet, emphasizes phyto nurtrient rich plant products and de-emphasizes corn fed protein products (beef, pork, and farmed fish) and or sugar or high fructose sugar containing products, as well as any products made from processed flour. He asked us simply, to eliminate all white foods.

Fruit is the Creator's gift to any creature who has to prepare for a winter long fast. This is how the bears prepare for hibernation, and how humans were designed to prepare for our long fast. Our genes tell us to consume fruit, but this is one cause of our belly fat and increase in LDL cholesterol and triglycerides.

These genetic attractions to sugar, and fruit once were healthy choices. Today the signal that we need to prepare for a 7 months fast, is killing us. We don't need to fatten up, and we don't need to become insulin resistant and we don't need to store cholesterol. Persistent eating in this way activates our "killer genes" More about this in subsequent articles.

Dr. Gundry's heart healthy diet not only corrects the conditions leading to heart disease, it also turns off the "killer genes" and allows us to regain our general health. More on Heart healthy diet and Epigenetics .....