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For the first year, Mindbridge didn't cover health and the Law of Attraction, but went right to the most popular uses of LOA, wealth or financial abundance and manifestation. This year we will correct that. (Don't forget to go and subscribe so you get the summary ebook, Organic Living We will concentrate this second year on other kinds of abundance such as health, relationships and of course, more on spiritual growth.

We'll start with health, since really nothing else will bring pleasure or joy if one is limited, or worse, suffering physically. And, it seems especially timely since right now in the United States there rages an argument over whether Americans will continue to be the only people in the world with enough doctors and enough hospitals and clinics who don't have general access to health care, or whether they will join the other civilized countries and provide health care for all, which is what we would choose using health and the Law of Attraction.

There is debate as to whether a national health plan will lower the quality of existing health providers, or lower their income. This could not be farther from the truth. Currently, 20% of all Americans do not have health care at all, and many of those who do are relegated to clinics provided by their insurance plan. If the pot of customers were increased by over 20%, this would either mean more business in small communities, or it might mean hiring more providers in larger urban areas.

This debate is also important because prevention is part of President Obama's plan. Prevention is what interests us at Mindbridge because we this is what keeps our readers who use health and the Law of Attraction, healthy. Nutrition, exercise and Chiropractic care are all included in prevention, and not covered by most private for-profit insurers. It is a misnomer to even call our present system a health system. It would be more appropriately called a "sickness" system. (For more on the problems with our present system, see Trends

What is Health?

Health is what we have when we don't have to think about our bodies.... When we are healthy, we can comfortably breathe, move through space, or sit and listen and watch and smell and enjoy all the beauty of our natural surroundings. We can interact with family or friends with complete enjoyment.

Health is connected to the Law of Attraction because, like everything else, it is affected positively and negatively by our beliefs. Those who are afraid of illness and disability, of exertion or climate, of mother earth or her other life forms, will bring about in their lives the thing(s) they most fear. This is done through many pathways, and one of them is epigenetics. It is important to understand the science of epigenetics, because this is a powerful process in health and the Law of Attraction.

Knowledge is power. We will use videos by Dr. Bruce Lipton, master teacher of epigenetics and a spokesperson for the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) to insure that you understand the process of epigenetics. And then, to make sure you are able to favorably use health and the Law of Attraction, we will give you tools, energy therapies. These will enable you to quickly correct any mistaken or dis-empowering beliefs you might have adopted from parents or teachers. We will connect you to these at the end of Epigenetics and Healing Using the Law of Attraction and Energy Psychology. We are sure that you will enjoy this. It is empowering and exciting science by Dr. Bruce Lipton.

Additionally, there is an introduction to epigenetics, called Fractals and Nature's Evolution. In this, Dr. Bruce Lipton explains that we are a community of 50 billion cells. Thank goodness they agreed to be cooperative, or socialistic! Take a look at the pre- epigenetics page, Fractals and Nature's Evolution when you have some time.

And then, come back here. Prayer can also promote health and the Law of Attraction. To use it as a cure-all or longevity promoter, see our other page on the findings of Joseph Murphy. He is one of the early, yet contemporary teachers of the Law of Attraction.

Let's Take a Look at Sinus Health:

When we talk about health and the Law of Attraction, we are talking about physical vibrancy, vitality, energy, strength and functioning.

We heard recently that a common cold remedy, Zicam, is being withdrawn from the market because some who use it suffer loss of sense of smell (anosmia). This would be a break in functioning, although not an illness or disability, but as we have defined, health enables you to fully enjoy your environment, your life. How much less enjoyment would you have walking through a garden if you were not able to take in the various sweet scents of the flowers? And what would a walk be through a mountain forest be if you couldn't smell the pines, and hemlocks, the larch, the junipers and the cedars? When I went away to college, it was the first time I had ever been away from salt water and the various scents of ocean life. When I came home for vacation in November, and was able to once again smell Long Island Sound, tears burst from my eyes. I hadn't even realized that I missed it!

We used this product! But luckily we have also used health and the Law of Attraction and we were inspired to change before we suffered any loss.

Perhaps because we have lived in New York City, we believe that sinus health is important. In any city your nose is constantly bombarded by dust which is an irritant. The constant irritation causes damage to your delicate sinus cavity. This causes phlegm, dripping and throat clearing, sinus blockage, and sometimes earaches and sore throats, or chronic coughs. None of this is ideal.

For optimum health, we would recommend a netty pot, and this is also recommended by Oprah and Dr. Oz we found out recently. We have been using a netty pot for about a year, and all our allergies have been reduced. This was a matter of health and the Law of Attraction that we no longer suffer from sinus infections. We no longer cough, and it had become a serious problem in NYC where allergists sometimes throw up their hands and say, "You're allergic to NY!"

When a person's sinus cavities are constantly attacked by dust, chemicals, gases, molds, mildews and pollens, they become chronically irritated, chronically swollen and chronically discharge mucus. Even when using health and the Law of Attraction, you will discover that this chronic condition, (moist and warm) is the perfect host for a bacterial infection. Washing out these pollutants with a netty pot clears and shrinks and cools the sinus membranes. This is as effective as a long swim in the ocean, and far more available to most of us year round. We started using it once a day, and now only need it every few days or when we are around an allergen when making use of health and the Law of Attraction.

We no longer cough and have not had a cold since we started using it. Once, I had those tickly, sneazy, sore throat and clogged sinus feelings that usually lead to a bad cold. I used the netty pot that evening, and the next morning my nose was completely normal again. No cold developed!

Let's focus on Intestinal Health:

This is another common area of ill health for Americans. We all know that we eat too much prepared food and too much fried food even though we might be choosing health and the Law of Attraction. Not so commonly known is that we eat too much dairy from animals who are sick from hormones, and we eat too much meat from animals who are sick from corn feed.

The video below by The Wall Street Journal, compares beef being raised for profit on a mixture of corn, potato chips and M&M's and others being grass fed. It is less frightening than the full length film King Corn which follows.

More about the controversial King Corn with a preview is here:

One of the most disturbing parts is that since the stomach of the cow/steer is not built for corn, they often suffer and sometimes die from holes in their stomachs. This would not prevent their meat from being butchered and sold. You would not go near this meat when using health and the Law of Attraction and your natural inspiration.

Corn is a wonderful food that was developed by Native Americans, but it was never meant to be a total diet. A nutritionist and Chiropracter, Dr. Nane Cheung who understands health and the Law of Attraction, suggested that we avoid sugar, white flour and corn syrup for a while. Pay attention the next time you are in a grocery store. We have found it very difficult to buy items that don't have corn syrup in them.

Applesauce -- simple and you would expect that sweetening with apples is enough. No. Most applesauces have corn syrup or high fructose corn syrup added. Mott's does have a "natural" version that does not include corn syrup.

Maple Syrup -- again, a product with an obvious source one would think. Not so. Most maple syrups have none or very little actual maple sugar in them. We have had the most success with Canadian brands, although there are some from the North East US.

If corn is a good food, why would we feel the need to avoid corn products? As you have probably noticed, when corn is eaten, it goes through the human body fairly quickly. This roughage, or high fiber and high water content vegetable, is helpful in our intestines to insure that we don't develop any hard or dry blockage. Corn also contains, in its complete form, amino acids or protein building blocks. However, corn syrup without the corn kernal is an intense sugar that feeds the harmful bacteria in our intestines, rather than the helpful bacteria.

Probiotics is the generic name for all the helpful bacteria which thrive in an acidic environment. These include Lactobacillus acidophilus. (The second part of the name means acid-loving.) After antibiotics, diarrhea, or cleansing, it is important to replace the bacteria lost. Without them, the remaining fungal yeast, Candida,(candida albicans, candidas, candidia) will proliferate.

Once Candida is established in your system, it is very difficult to get rid of even when using health and the Law of Attraction. Enterococcus Faecalis will eat it, but it is not common in most probiotics. Other bacteria simply competes with the Candida. As your balance changes, you will suffer an increase or decrease in symptoms, but will never be free unless you can add enough Enterococcus Faecalis to your gut where the Candida proliferates.

See a recommended website if Candida is a concern.

And, A Focus on Fitness and Weight:

The Law of Attraction has a huge effect on fitness and weight, and vice versa. It is difficult to "allow" wealth to come in to your life if you are feeling like a schlub. You can't generate the energy that you need, the vibrations, for effective manifesting. You won't feel like going out and socializing and how can the Universe introduce you to people if you are avoiding them because you feel unattractive? Don't you see how health and the Law of Attraction are intertwined.

For downloads of the Law of Attraction secrets, click on link to the right. We recommend all these readings!

Age has nothing to do with it. Yes, we generally tend to gain 10 pounds or so as we age, and I was no exception, but this is not necessary if you pay more attention to what you eat and keep your body operating efficiently. My brother is a professional whose job is sometimes very physical, and he works with men and women who are much younger. He has to keep fit to stay ahead of them. He told me a while ago that you can be just as fit or fitter at 50 years old, as anyone is at 20 years old. The difference is that you get out of shape faster and it takes longer to get back into shape. This too is health and the Law of Attraction.

So, what we need to do is to stay in shape as we age.

A brief story about myself. At 47 years old, I made it my mission to get back into the best shape I had ever been in using health and the Law of Attraction. At the time, I lived in Manhattan, on the Upper West Side and a friend gave me a bike so I started to bike to and from work. This is a very nice residential area of New York City (featured in the clearing novel, The Slow Guy Always Wins on the One Lane Highway.) The point here, is that it's uphill from everywhere else. So, in the morning, when you're fresh and rested and want to get to work that way, it's downhill. I used to get to work without breaking a sweat! Perfect. No need to change or to clean up. At work I had energy to burn and was clear headed. I didn't forget anything. Did I mention that the bike was a gift? This was health and the Law of Attraction.

Either in the morning, or at night, I also worked out in the gym downstairs from where I worked. In the morning, it was about a half an hour (needed time to shower and change) and at night, it was about an hour, because then I'd get on my bike to go home. I considered it playtime. I did not have a fitness trainer, but would just try out equipment and soon see where I was strong and where I was weak. My plan was to improve the weak areas, and I did.

By the way, I should mention that the gym membership, usually $500/year, was free for us. I negotiated on behalf of the Native Americans we worked with, and they gave us 10 free memberships. This was health and the Law of Attraction.

Then, the bike ride home was uphill. This was when I was tired and wanted to get home fast because I was hungry. I had to work the hills, time the lights to keep my momentum, and always, avoid the cars who aren't paying attention to bike riders. This was a great cardio and large muscle workout, stop and go, up hill almost the whole way. I had to hit the shower the minute I got home, but I slept like a baby those days. Relaxed and without a single anxious thought.

Did we mention that regular exercise is one of the best anxiety reducers known to modern man?

How you eat is also more important as you head into your late 30's and 40's. As a child, you were told to eat your vegetables, and it probably didn't matter all that much as long as you didn't eat too much pasta and white rice or sweets. Once you get into your 30's and 40's, and intend health using the Law of Attraction, you really have to substitute fruit for baked sweets on most days. Increase your vegetables, beans and nuts and decrease baked carbs (pasta, potato, bread).

The best, best, best explanation of why we gain weight as we get older, and the most effective diet for anyone over the age of 30 can be found at Heart Healthy Diet;

And, eat more than 3 times a day. This is of key importance to health and the Law of Attraction. If your body thinks that you are starving it (as in diet) it will shut down and decrease the calories it consumes. This is not what you want. This is the trouble with most diets. As soon as you lose the weight you wanted to lose, and go back to eating normally, you will gain back more weight than you lost. You have to go counter intuitively and consume calories throughout the day. Your body will then feel the abundance, and your metabolism will increase and you will consume more calories during the day.

(John Grey and James Arthur Ray pay a lot of attention to eating right using health and the Law of Attraction.)

How did I consume food all day long and not gain weight? Eat apples. Snack on apples or nuts and seeds. We're not talking about donuts here! Eat carrot sticks (careful, they are high in natural sugar, so eat a few and stop.) Eat celery sticks that you keep in your refrigerator, as much as you want. Watermelon, or any melon is wonderful. Have at least one snack between breakfast and lunch, and another in the afternoon before dinner. This will keep your body feeling fueled and well supplied, as well as adding wonderful fiber for your gut.

Drink water. I am not going to tell you how to do this. I couldn't drink plain water except when I was exercising ever, and New York water is one of the best tasting waters in the world. As a child, I had to add at least 30% juice of some kind. As a young adult I drank black coffee all day long. This is not good, but I won't belabor it because I did it and lived to tell about it.

And now, if you're still with me, I'll tell you the surprise. I lost so much weight during this period, that I had to keep visiting the tailor to take my clothes in. I went from a size 16, to a size 8 or 10 depending on the item, and I did this gradually in about a 9 month period without any stretch marks, or hanging or sagging. I was tight. I was fit. My skin looked great. This was using health and the Law of Attraction to maximize my energy and vibrational frequency, or is it vice-versa? Sometimes it's hard to know where change starts.

And, the next summer, 17 months after I started to get into shape from 27 years as a couch potato, I rode from NYC to the end of Cape Cod, Provincetown, and after a week long vacation, rode my bike home.

We will be back to this shortly, but we have another page already up, for health and the Law of Attraction, the Fastest Weight Loss Diet if you are interested in changing your weight and don't forget that it can be important when using health and the Law of Attraction. Remember, think of it as "letting go" of weight rather than "losing" in case you would like to change in that direction. The idea of "losing" runs against your instincts and your unconscious will always try to regain anything that you have "lost"....

Mental and Emotional Health are Keys to the Law of Attraction

It's too easy to think of health and the Law of Attraction as determinants of physical health. Yet, after you read and watch Epigenetics as explained by Dr. Bruce Lipton, you will see that your mental and emotional states affect your physical health.

We have already written about anger management strategies and the law of attraction. This lays the groundwork for resolving family stress through appropriate anger management strategies, as well as for building your healthy resources and personal ability to cope with stress.

To go beyond resolving anger, and all the way to BLISS is the real key to raising your vibrational rate for success using health and the Law of Attraction. To find out more about improving your health by following your bliss.

On a more positive note, we have a new page on building self esteem in children. We hope that this will help you stay on the more positive side of parenting. We are focusing on the positive emotional vibrations, and tips to help your children stay there. These is the vibrational scale set by David Hawkins, in Power vs Force, and calibrates people's emotions from 20 to 1000. More on this can be found here in Gregg Braden's Shift of the Ages.


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