Hado and the Message in Water

It wasn't called Hado, but it was included in the popular movie, What the Bleep do We Know?. Dr. Masaru Emoto's experiment with water crystallization, Messages from Water, is now widely known. It proved that water is capable of understanding, assimilating and adjusting to the language of feelings. Our bodies are largely water, so it stands to reason that if our feelings affect a glass or jar of water nearby, they certainly have an effect on the water within us and thus our own health.

I have had my own experiences with Hado. I grew up near salt water, and the first year that I was away from this, my first year in college, when I came home and first smelled the salt water I cried harder than I had ever cried. I was homesick for the water and hadn't even known it.

Then, in the 1980's, hospital waste in the form of needles and vials was being dumped into Long Island Sound, and the waste was washing up on beaches in Connecticut and Westchester with each tide. This almost broke my heart even though I didn't know the strong connection between water and humans known as Hado. I had grown up swimming, fishing and sailing on Long Island Sound every day from the first day of summer vacation until the first day of school. I could not believe that someone had been so disrespectful and made it unusable for children and adults that summer. I used to go almost every evening to the Connecticut shore to let the water know that I still loved it and knew that it had been hurt. The pollution has since been stopped and the Sound has recovered.

This summer my partner, Diana Gubiseh-Ayala, was doing a training. She had prepared many hours for this, yet, when she stood at the podium, she wasn't sure where to start or what to say. She found herself unable to speak. She asked for a glass of water. She knew from Ho'oponopono that water was powerful, but didn't think of Hado at the time. It was totally instinctive.

When the water was given to her, she prayed over the water, telling it "I love you." This was Hado. And then she drank it. After that, her language flowed easily and she was able to speak for over an hour without referring to a note. She easily answered all questions and by the end of the week had one of the highest ratings of all the speakers at the conference.

She credits the water.

Hado Creates Words Which are Vibrations and can be Beautiful or Ugly

Hado is also described as the smallest unit of energy. The two ideograms comprising the word literally mean "wave" and "move." This is exactly what happens when a word is brought close to water. There are waves which create movement and change.

The basic experiment involved taking water, polluted water or clean tap water, and saying to it or writing upon it, both healing words such as "I love you" or "Thank you" and ugly words such as "I hate you" or "You fool". Then when the water is frozen, the crystals are either beautiful or ugly, depending on the words that were spoken or written.

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Dr. Emoto's experiment was also used to make great changes in polluted water, where many people gathered to use Hado and to pray over the water. This was done at Lake Biwa by 350 people, and the foul smell of the water diminished and then left. This had been caused by a water plant for 20 years, and then, after the prayers, that summer the water plant did not appear and the waters remained clean and sweet smelling all summer.

Another famous experiment that has been replicated many times by school children is the experiment with the rice.

Cooked rice is placed in two identical glass jars. The rice is talked to every day. One jar (the same jar every day) is told "Thank you" and the other jar (always the same so label them differently) is told, "You fool". At the end of one month, the results will be striking.

The "Thank you" rice has fermented with a nice malted rice aroma and a light color. The other jar turned black and rotted. The children report the smell as "disgusting beyond description." This experiment obviously involves microbes as well as water. The "Thank you" microbes worked very hard to move the rice toward Miso, whereas the "You Fool" jar produced only a bloom of disadvantageous bacteria which did not produce anything pleasant or edible.

This experiment has also been done with growing seeds. The differences are noticeable in the stems, a microscopic cross section of the stems, and in the leaves they produce, and in their root system. It is clear that the "Thank you" message has an advantageous effect on growing plants, whereas the "You Fool" message has the opposite effect.


I cannot talk about Hado (Japanese) without talking about Ho'oponopono which is Hawaiian. This is similar, but is meant to affect a person's mental health or emotional health rather than water. It works just as miraculously and just as simply.

Dr. Hew Len is the practitioner and master teacher of Ho'oponopono. He successfully used it to cure a hospital for the criminally insane. As he describes it, when you eliminate your "data" by clearing, you are left in a pure and untarnished state he calls "zero". He explains that we came into this world at zero, and then events changed us and the added data has had a deleterious effect.

He explains that we can quickly return to zero by asking Divinity for intervention whenever we have a feeling. "I love you. I'm sorry. Please take this and any similar program which occurred to me or to any of my relatives back to the beginning of time, and burn it in the light. Thank you." For example, if someone cleared for the "You Fool" rice, it is likely that it would have returned to the light, sweet smelling state of the "Thank you" rice.

Dr. Hew Len seeks almost continual "clearing" as I am sure Dr. Emoto would also seek almost continually to be in a state of "love" and gratitude.


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