Fractals and Nature's Evolution

as explained by Dr. Bruce Lipton

Fractals explain all natural phenomenon. Although fractal geometry was theorized at the beginning of the 20th century, it was not until the development of the super computer that we have been able to see the full implications of fractals. Bruce Lipton, cellular biologist, explains in this series of 8 videos, that Darwin's Theory of Evolution was flawed. Mutations are not mistakes or random, but intentional changes brought about by choices made at the cellular level. And, he adds, because of fractal geometry, we can see that the evolution of humanity is a fractal of the evolution of the earth.

This series of videos follows his lecture on the nature of the human cell. We can only do what cells can do, Dr. Lipton explains, because we are made of cells which are protein machines that move. We, at, will summarize this talk by Dr. Bruce Lipton, with little editing and the addition of some information from the Mayan Calendar which closely relates.

Fractal Evolution Part 1

Genetic determinism has taken us in the wrong direction. Our health is determined by perceptions, not genetics. Dr. Lipton will show us how (and keep in mind fractals) a cell is able to perceive and respond much as we are able to do.

Darwin's premise that genetic mutations are random was in error. And, his idea that nature selects the strongest does not hold true. Mutations usually detract from the viability of an organism. Nature eliminates the weakest mutations and doesn't really care about the strongest.

Dr. Bruce Lipton asserts that we desperately need a new theory of evolution. There have been 5 mass extinctions that all but wiped out life on this planet. This coming one, the 6th will occur with the largest planet population by far. And, we don't have much time to get ready.

Part 2

Dr. Lipton starts with a little background on the cell. Each cell has a backbone and the shape is determined by the distribution of positive and negative charges. Proteins can move by changing the charges. They respond to signals from the environment such as energy fields that cause constructive or destructive interference. Such signals cause the backbone to change. A specific stimulus binds to the cell membrane at a specific receptor. When the right signal is present, they work. When the wrong signal is present, they might not work or they might move away. The skin of the cell is the brain of the cell or the mem-brane.

The skin, membrane, is two rows of molecules, mirror image to each other. -- A crystal, but movable. The outside, polar heads are water loving, and the interior, the legs are oil loving lipids. -- Much like a butter sandwich; neither water nor oil objects would easily move through. However, the membrane also has proteins that are called IMP, or integral membrane proteins. These proteins have antennae which are tuned to specific items. If we think of fractals for a moment, these proteins are able to perceive and respond to changes in their environment, just as humans can perceive change and adjust to our environment.

Let's add olives to the butter in the sandwich. When pimentos are in, grape juice added to the bread will not pass through, but when the pimento is absent, the grape juice can pass through the open olive.... In a membrane, proteins change shape, effectively opening the olive. The way that they do this is there are two kinds of proteins, receptors and effectors. The first receives stimulation from the environment, changing the protein gears which allows the second to send the signal into the cell. There is a connector between the two which changes the shape of the effector, allowing the item on the outside to pass into and through the cell.

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Part 3

Together, they have an awareness of the environment (perception) and transduces this perception into response.

Definition of the membrane: This is a liquid crystal, a semi-conductor (because not everything can go through) containing gates and channels.

"A computer chip is a liquid semiconductor with gates and channels...."

Oh, my, all cells are also batteries. On the outside there is a positive potential, and on the inside there is a negative potential.

The cell membrane is a programmable chip, an organic chip, or a carbon chip. A computer has silicon chips, but they produce the same result.

And, why does Dr. Lipton want us to think about our cell membranes as tiny computers and our cells as tiny batteries? We have 50 trillion cells, which produce a great quantity of information.

Part 4

Silva Mind Body Healing

A bit of data is the input-output of the cell. The cell surface, with all the antennas is the keyboard. When an estrogen hits an estrogen receptor.... Whatever is out there types information into the keys.

The nucleus is just a disk. Once the information is downloaded, you can eject the disk. The 3-d image of the cell is the screen.

How many bits of data does our computer handle? Notice this. The proteins that embed are about the same size as the thickness of the membrane, therefore olives can only be added across the surface. The bigger the bread, the more proteins that can be fit across the surface.... My goodness, the bigger the organism, the more awareness it can have....

From Science and Society: Ralph Abraham wrote "Mathematical studies of fractals reveal that the repetitive branching-within-branching structure of a fractal represents the best way to get the most surface area within a three dimensional space -- a crucial property for the human lung for instance."

This uses fractal geometry. Euclidian Geometry goes from 0 dimensions to 3 dimensions allowing for only whole numbers.

Crumbling a paper, Lipton explains, causes it to go from 2 dimensions to 2.5. If you cut it anywhere, it's not really more than 2 dimensions, but it is also is no longer relegated to 2 dimensions. You can't make anything in nature using Euclidian geometry. Nature responds to fractal geometry. Plants are fractals. Trees are fractals. Crystals are fractals.

Part 5

In a fractal like the Mandlebrot set, whether you go deeper into it or come out of it, the Mandlebrot shape/set keeps repeating.

This is how a fractal works. You start with one equation, and add some chaos. For example, on the surface of of a circle, make another circle half the size. Repeat. (Here comes a little chaos....) On each third circle, if a coin comes up heads, make the circle a little to the left of center. If the coin comes up tales, make the circle a little to the right of center.

This is fractal geometry, and everything in nature is made this way. When you repeat this equation hundreds of thousands of times, you get something like the Mandlebrot Set.

Do you remember the Rosetta Stone that helped archeologists to learn the meanings of Egyptian Hieroglyphics? The bottom was Greek, a story about kings and queens. The middle was Demotic a modern version of Egyptian, and it told the same story. The top was Hieroglyphics. We made the logical leap that it also told the same story and it allowed us to learn how to read Hieroglyphics. -- As above, so below.

Now, look at biology. On the bottom, we have the cell. In the middle, we have Humans. Above, we have civilization. The principles of life at the bottom are the same as are needed at the top. According to the principle of fractal geometry, the story of the evolution of life progresses in the same way from the cell to the human to the final evolution of civilization.

We are destroying our planet because we have no plan to sustain the planet!

We each are a civilization of 50 trillion cells. They are able to share energy, to support each other and to take care of each other. If single celled units have the sense to work together for the greater good of all, then how is it that so many humans have difficulty in seeing this?

Eckhart Tolle would say that it's the ego. The ego always wants us to feel separate and alone.

Part 6

The images in fractals repeat themselves over time. Let us look at the history of the earth as a fractal repeating itself.

The zone where waves and particles meet is the chaos zone -- the interface where they interact. The earth is a particle. The waves are the non linear waves of the solar system. At the surface, before there was life, there was only inorganic chemistry. Inorganic items do not want to change. They will stay as they are for as long as they can.

When pigments evolved, they were able to trap energy from the sun and use the inorganic material, to make organic chemistry. -- We are energized earth and we don't want to stay still.

Once the inorganic chemistry was added to the earth, the photons hit the earth and didn't just radiate back any longer. They were trapped in the inorganic matrix of the earth. This is where life occurs. We physically came from the planet (mother earth) and energetically came from the sun (father sun).

The egg is the earth that we came from, and the sperm simply adds the information. Phospholipids are self assembling. At first, the proteins were just rambling all over. When phospholipids started to come together, they caught proteins.

If you put bacteria in a membrane, they will form another organism called a euchariotic cell.

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As human civilization evolves, it will have similar characteristics to the evolution of the earth. The fish were first and lived only in water. Amphibians took the water with them to the land. (This was agricultural stage of humans where we learned to irrigate. ) Reptiles are almost like machines. Their tongues and their eyes, flick, flick, flick.... When the environment was flush and stable they did fine. This was the start of the machine age.

In the Mayan Calendar, this was the Planetary Cycle which ran from 1755 to 1999. It is a cycle of industry and power, starting with industry and ending with power. Human consciousness was aimed at power. The next cycle, starting January 5th, 1999, is the Galactic Consciousness cycle. This period is about Ethics. The power train is getting its Ethics put in.

Part 7

Dinosaurs, are like lizards, but as their size increases and they need more muscles they still need only one nerve impulse. When the environment changed, they didn't have enough awareness to handle the changes in the environment. Awareness is brain, and body is administration. As they got bigger, there was an imbalance. -- Small awareness and massive administration.

We are now in a dinosaur period. What is the fuel that is fueling the civilization today? Fossil fuel.

What was next on the earth? Birds followed the dinosaurs. Wilbur and Orvil Wright started our bird evolution. The fullest expression of this was the landing on the moon. The icon of the earth picture from the moon changed society. We became aware of the finiteness of the earth.

On earth, mammals followed birds. Mammals are nurturers, and we, the meek, took over. Reptiles are conscious and live for the moment. Mammals are self-conscious and live for the future.

George Bush was reptilian. The Iraq war is an example. They were not able to look 6 weeks ahead to anticipate what might happen. This was the end of the Mayan calendars' power consciousness period.

This planet is going through changes and those of us who are the meek, the mammals, the caretakers who are prepared to make changes and to be involved with others will insure survival. Our time will come. We will not survive with reptilian thinking! The Galactic Consciousness Cycle of the Mayan Calendar explained by Gregg Braden as part of the shift will insure that only those who are putting Ethics and galactic consciousness ahead of power will move forward easily and comfortably.

Again, using fractals, we can look at the earth as a cell and we are perception units, proteins, in the surface of the cell. If we do it right, the cell will survive.

Using a liver cell as an example. 99% of a liver cell is the same. The nuclei is different because that is where the genes are. On the surface of the cell, are self receptors. If you take those receptors off, then you can put that cell into any other human, or into a mouse and it won't be rejected. So, the nucleus is not what signals another cell with identity, it is the self receptors on the surface of the cell.

Part 8

So, here's the question: If the only part of the cell that determines the individual from whom it was taken are the antennae, the self receptors, then can't we say that they are the self?

These antennas are what determine where that cell is accepted.... They read the environmental signal in a way that is unique to me.

Heart and lung donor recipients begin to express the identity of the person who was the donor. How does this happen? The self receptors maintain the broadcast of the person who died. Some donors have become vegetarian. Others have become smokers. One donor was able to identify the killer of the person who donated her heart to her!

It is not that donor cells have suddenly outnumbered the recipients cells. We are television sets who live in our antennae. We are a broadcast. The recipient is suddenly tuned to two stations.

Just as Dr. Bruce Lipton was beginning to get a hold on the idea that he was a broadcast, his cells challenged him. "If you were just a spirit, how would you know what a sunset looks like? What does love feel like?"

He had to adjust his idea. The physical body is a device to sense the world. The cells take that information and translate it into something we can understand. Our antenna send the impulses into our brains which converts it into something we can understand. It is energy which is translated.

God, in Conversations with God says that we are spiritual beings and God allowed us to come here to this world of time and space, to experience ourselves as separate from God. Yet, A Course in Miracles says that we have never left God. The idea that we are here, and not there, is a false idea. Dr. Bruce Lipton seems to have found the way this is done as he continues....

He says that if we eliminate our limiting beliefs we can create anything we want right here. (If you are ready to eliminate these limitations right now, see our Ho'oponopono page.) Those individual receptors, blue or red or green, are a narrow frequency of the white light, which is God. When we put all the frequencies together, we have white light. If we take even one single person and don't include them, we cannot have white light which is the totality of the entire spectrum. Every human is a necessary cell in that organism.

The Mayan Calendar explains that after Ethics have replaced power in human consciousness, we will be ready for the final cycle which starts in 2012. This will be the Universal Cycle. In this period we will be able to meet our galactic neighbors, we will see the end of manufactured lack, consciousness will surpass technology and we will evolve to conscious co-creation of existence and experience.

Bruce Lipton asks and answers, "What do you want from here on? Skip worrying about the past and who did what to whom.... We each are a necessary part of the One."

Appendix discussion with Alan Steinfeld:

We are bustling communities of 50 trillion cells which came together to create a more efficient organism.

We are also one cell among 6 billion who might come together to share information and awareness to create one living organism called humanity. We will then be working in a coherent fashion. The synergy of awareness will be the equivalent of taking one amoeba and comparing it to a human.

The fractal is the cell. We are all based on the same fundamental unit. The multicellular unit is the human who is a reiteration of a cell. We have no new functions that are not already in a cell.

When we come together to make a wholeness, then humanity will complete the evolution of the earth. The earth will then, with a voice of unity, be able to speak with other Ones.

This is not the end of evolutionary thought for Dr. Bruce Lipton, but only the beginning. He takes the idea of cellular autonomy, and thinks some more about the function of the cell mem-brain. Since the nucleus is no longer needed after the cell is formed, what really causes mutation or change at the cellular and then the systems level?

This is the next part of the story. This is epigenetics