Follow Your Bliss and Manifest Money!

We hear that if you follow your bliss the Law of Attraction will always bring you what you desire. This is not always good news. You may have to wait until your darkest hour, when there is nothing left to save, before you recognize who you are and what you want to do with the rest of your life. This was true for most of the masters. But what if, even then, you don't know how to find or follow your bliss?

There is a certain liberation in being at the bottom. Alcoholics call it, "hitting bottom" and that is when they seek help. Up until that point, they are doing "ok". At their bottoms they have to face "reality" that they are not where they want to be, or following their bliss. This is when it is easiest to seek help.

But, if we're talking about financial bottom, this is when it is the most difficult to ask for help. We should really start some Abundance Anonymous groups! Because when your Law of Attraction money manifesting is busted, there isn't anywhere to go for help. How then do we follow our bliss?

Clearly Defined Goals

Many, many (probably all) business and self improvement writers will tell you that the biggest cause of "failure" is a poorly defined or an undefined goal. Now, you might ask how one defines a goal if you aren't sure how to follow your bliss? They will tell you that a study of a Harvard graduating class showed that those who had written goals (10%) earned more than the rest of the class all together. Haven't you heard that one? They were great at following their bliss and manifesting money and didn't you hope that you could be like them? I did. I immediately made up my first goal list.

I have attended to the Law of Attraction. My problem was that I always know what I'm working on at this time, or this year, or for next year. And, it's been many different things through my life. You know the line from the Frank Sinatra song, That's Life?

"I've been a puppet, a pauper, a pirate, a poet, a pawn and a king; I've been up and down and over and out and I know one thing; Each time I find myself flat on my faceI pick myself up and get back in the race"

When I've been the poet, I've been able to follow my bliss, but it can get lonely when you follow your bliss alone. So, then I become the puppet, working as an employee, with colleagues and a social life, and this seems to be an improvement, for a while.

I've been through these transitions a few times. How about you? Did you always know what you wanted to be or do? If you don't have that clear passion from childhood (or shortly thereafter) it can be difficult to set clear goals for money manifesting or to follow your bliss!

Follow Your Bliss, ah, From a Strong Foundation

Follow you bliss. It's so easy to say that. This is the crux of the problem if you haven't got all you hoped for and you have been positive, positive, positive for a year or more. At least, this was my root. I had things that I liked doing, and related things that I thought would be lucrative, and I had things that I thought were important and valuable. This root had grown a tree with many branches and no trunk.

When you follow your bliss, consistently, you have both strong roots and a good strong trunk. The Law of Attraction knows what to bring you. It knows how to help.

I had goals for all of my activities. I included all in my life. I was trusting the Universe to inspire me and I was following every inspiration. And, I was patient. Yet, I was barely paying the bills. I trusted the Universe. I would get to the end of the money with $1 left, or $1.15 or so. Sometimes, it would all be change.

Napoleon Hill teaches us that we have to treat abundance as a lover, so I was appreciating every cent I earned or saved or found. I never walked past a penny on the ground without picking it up, and I would say, "Thank you." Sometimes it was more. At a baseball game with donated tickets and a group of teenagers, I had no money. The Universe gave me $5 as I walked from the bathroom back to my seat. This was what I needed for gas the next day. I was very grateful. It was an affirmation for "follow your bliss."

And, if anyone offered me work, I never, well, seldom turned it down. I had my ideas about what I would do, and what I wouldn't. For example, I wouldn't take a full time job unless it paid a lot, a lot of money, and none during this period were offered that fit that category. I really didn't want to work full time. I wanted to write. Now, this was more and more apparent as time wore on. Little by little, the other things I did for money seemed to drift away. I was getting curious. (We don't get "worried" at this level. We know better.)

How was the Universe going to turn this around for me, and how was it going to do it?

Then, I was offered part time (check) temporary (check) work that would pay a bill or two. Now, I had worked for this employer before and had, for the most part, enjoyed it. But, it was hard work and left me exhausted at the end of the day.

I had to meditate on it because I was torn between letting the Universe know that I appreciated it's effort on my behalf, and saying no because it wasn't what I really wanted to be doing. And, then, when I knew that I was going to say "no" and why, I sent the email.

I said "no", "No" and "NO" because the employer kept emailing me back with another reason for me to say "yes." I had never done this in my life. I had never fought so hard to follow my bliss and stay out of work. And, when someone asked a favor, "as a friend" I had never said no. But, this was not a friend. This was an employer-friend and I wanted to follow my bliss.

And, with each email, it became clearer that this was not what I wanted to be doing because there were other things that I did want to be doing and I wouldn't be able to do them if I took the job.

The Universe Takes You to the Next Level of Play

And then, the Universe opened up on a whole new level. This was like passing the test in a video game. All I had done was make the decision to follow my own advice. I had decided, in the meditation, to follow your bliss!

That afternoon I was offered jobs that paid far more, required far less time, and would be far more satisfying.

Whooo Hooo! That's what it means to follow your bliss and to have clear goals. It means saying "no" to the things that are not on your list. Saying "no" to the offerings that you don't want forces the Universe to change her offerings. She will then offer things that are closer to what you do want.

And, be happy! Be grateful for every positive change in your life and don't forget to follow your bliss.

Are You Wondering How I Learned to Follow My Bliss?

It has been Bob Doyle's program, Wealth Beyond Reason, that has helped me to put all the pieces together so that I could have the courage to follow my bliss. Beforehand, I had fallen into the state of waiting for the abundance. This is the wrong place and possibly the worst place to be.

The logical material in Doyle's program helped me to put my logical ego at rest. He even suggests having a talk with it and asking it to back off for a few weeks. This seemed to be a big help. But, meanwhile, the new material just keeps coming so you are never without something great to read or to listen to.

And, although I have used Holosync for a few years and will absolutely continue to use it, and credit it with much of my growth, I think that the sound effects with binaural beats that come with the program are fabulous. Anyone would be able to concentrate like a pro with this program. Follow your bliss!

Thank you, Bob Doyle!