Eric Amidi and The Secret Law of Attraction

Dr. Eric Amidi's e-book about The Secret Law of Attraction, called, The Secret Behind the Secret is a clear and simple description of the three parts of our mind and the process we use for manifesting desires. It is a "how to" book with a simple outline. Dr. Eric Amidi's The Secret behind The Secret is his description of how to imprint the subconscious mind so that the manifesting instructions can be sent to the superconscious which is out direct link to the creative forces of the Universe. Indeed, this was left out of the movie, The Secret, yet it was included in Napoleon Hill's book about The Secret Law of Attraction and the psychological-metaphysical system is extensively described in Dr. Hew Len's Ho'oponopono system.

Ho'oponopono is a great clearing system. If you feel that you have limiting beliefs, or that something is holding you back, Dr. Hew Len and Joe Vitale are for the first time allowing their Maui Conference (valued at thousands of $ for participants) videos to be released. Click here for more information! Eric Amidi has written a book that is not as well documented as Dr. Joe Vitale's The Attractor Factor which includes many examples of working with the principles about The Secret Law of Attraction. It is not as straight forward as Mike Dooley's system for Leveraging the Universe which offers a single principle, "Thoughts Become Things" for manifesting desires and working with The Secret Law of Attraction. However, Eric Amidi is concise, uncomplicated and readable, and we found his volume, written in modern English, a welcome addition to our library on The Secret Law of Attraction for manifesting desires.

For more information from Eric Amidi himself. Eric Amidi describes the process of forming an idea, and then an image of what we want in the conscious or middle mind. We then need to impress it on the lower, or unconscious mind. Since the conscious mind is the gatekeeper, its job is to prevent impression on the lower mind. This is a safeguard, or every stray image would become manifested in our lives. Bypassing the gatekeeper is directly addressed in The Secret Behind the Secret.

A shocking scene will create a diversion, but this is normally unplanned, and is not an ideal tactic for manifesting desires as it will likely be costly to us in other ways.

An alternative is to relax so deeply that we put the gatekeeper to sleep, but not our mind. Eric Amidi describes various relaxation methods. We like meditation using Holosync by Centerpointe Research. As it happens, Bill Harris and Centerpointe have put the initial set of CD's on sale right now (February 2009) to make sure the program is available for everyone who will make use of it. This program includes the Awakening Prologue entrainment CD, but also additional Cd's for longevity, focus and concentration, and abundance. Click above and get the special rate and the special promo code number. This may only last as long as the global financial worries, so take a look for yourself, and then come back.

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The Three Parts of Our Mind:

As Eric Amidi describes the three personnas involved in The Secret Law of Attraction:

the middle mind is trapped in time, space and logic, in a web of cause and effect. This is where the Ego resides.

The lower self is powerful, and timeless. It operates without logic or language, in a world of feelings and images. When presented with an image, it can only accept it as NOW and REAL. This is, Dr. Bruce Lipton says, a tape recorder. We explain and use Ho'oponopono to clear old, unhelpful tapes, Ho'oponopono page.

Eric Amidi lists several types of limiting self talk and declares that identity level self talk such as, "I am not young enough" or "I am not...." is the most damaging and "akin to a curse. This is an important caution. And then, a reminder that if you do something you wish you hadn't, don't compound the damage by saying "I shouldn't have...." That statement Eric Amidi assures us is "colossally greater than the damage done by whatever" you did or said. A final warning that if you are living in the past, or thinking a lot about past disappointments or hurts, your lower self, or unconscious, does not understand time and so thinks that these things are happening in the present. In this way we hurt ourselves again, every time we re-member the past.

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The higher self can see the future, and can shape it. It can see an infinite variety of paths for each of us. Based on our desires, it picks the best path, the one that leads most directly to the manifestation of all that we desire. Wayne Dyer says it another way, "The wake does not and can not power the boat." The wake is behind you. Leave it there.


Meditation provides the techniques necessary to control our thoughts. There are many guided meditation programs, if you haven't studied on your own, but our current favorite is that of Gerald O'Donnell because he is not only skilled at quieting your conscious mind, but he also leads you to that quiet, loving, blissful place conscious of the One/Source/Divine Matrix.

We are so much more aware that any negative thoughts, fearful thoughts, anxious thoughts can affect not only our lives, but the world, that we urge you to only use tools that will help you to overcome the worries of your ego. Gerald also uses binaural beats which ensures the process.

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Steps to Manifesting:

Step One is to Take Control, meaning, to take control of your middle mind. The best way we know to take control is to meditate, but you also need to know how to clear the old instructions and Sedona Method is effective.

Step Two is to Relax and clear your middle mind.

Step Three is to impress your lower self. To do this, make a movie theatre of your conscious or middle mind (as Dr. Joe Vitale also suggests), and use all the senses you can muster because your job here is to make a lasting emotional impact on your subconscious mind. This accelerates The Secret Law of Attraction.

Step Four is to Contact your Higher Self. For this to work, you must believe that there is a creative source for your higher self to contact. Involve this self when the middle and lower selves are in alignment, and Miracles occur in The Secret Law of Attraction!

Eric Amidi gives us more cautions or warnings, or reminders in the last section which are always helpful when seeking to make use of The Secret Law of Attraction.

Letting go is important because to hold on to something or to attach to something is to impress the lower self with scarcity. Since the lower self will provide us with more of what we "feel" about, this is not to our benefit.

Giving and receiving are synonymous to the lower self. When we give, we signal our abundance to our lower self, and we put the Law of Attraction in operation. Being happy and impressing the lower mind with happiness is important because the Law of Karma puts the Law of Least Effort into operation for manifesting desires and using The Secret Law of Attraction.

When inspired to action, move on your intuition. This is the mechanism through which your higher self contacts you with answers. What feels good will help you to harmonize with abundance. It will change your vibratory rate. This is further explained by Dr. Amidi. Dr. Amidi, a scientist, explains the bio-psycho mechanism for manifestation.

James Arthur Ray in Harmonic Wealth goes into detail about our part. He explains what we need to know to attract inspiration and what we need to do once we have it.

Napoleon Hill said that we should have one goal at a time, we should write down our plan to achieve that goal, and when that goal is achieved, go on to the next goal. Eric Amidi takes a stronger position and warns us to visualize only one goal. To have more than one goal during a visualization, he says, makes the lower mind confused. The first goal, Dr. Amidi warns us, is canceled by the second. The example he gives is that you might want a house and a great relationship. This would be normal. Yet, he warns us to pick one first before going on to the second, or at the least to have separate visualizations.

This is not a common warning. Canfield clearly suggests that you should visualize the life that you want in order to change the RAS (Reticular Activating System) to notice previously unnoticed opportunities. "If" Canfield says, "you give your brain a $10,000 problem, it will come up with a $10,000 solution, but if you give it a $1,000,000 problem, it will come up with a $1,000,000 solution." And this, we think at Mindbridge is the issue. As James Arthur Ray says, a $1,000,000 income "requires a bigger person" than a $10,000 income.

To visualize the $1,000,000 and believe that it is in the present rather than the future is necessary. This requires a great deal of belief if you have previously never earned more than $50,000 in a year.

And, as Dr. Eric Amidi would tell us, for the lower mind to prepare you with the knowledge and skills necessary to have success with $1,000,000 will take a longer time than to prepare you for $10,000. This will require persistence since you will then have to maintain your faith and the belief that it is already yours for a longer period. Dr. Eric Amidi would recommend, starting with a goal that is both believable and reachable. After your first success, the second will be easier, and so forth.

Yet, Joe Vitale and Anthony Robbins will both encourage you to pick a goal that excites and challenges you. Joe is very clear that it should be a little scary. Anthony Robbins says that it should get your motor running. We leave it to you.

All in all, Dr. Eric Amidi's ebook, The Secret Behind the Secret is a helpful and clear book on the The Secret Law of Attraction