Epigenetics and Healing Using the Law of Attraction and Energy Psychology

Epigenetics is the study of chemical changes to a gene that do not alter the DNA structure of the gene. As Dr. Bruce Lipton will explain, they are caused by perceptions (of the gene) or beliefs (of the patient). At Mindbridge-LOA, we believe that the Law of Attraction gives you power over your own life. Even so, we sometimes have trouble letting go of the old ideas, taught to us by our parents. Have these worried you in the past?

"Don't go out in the rain. You'll get sick."

"Don't eat that, a bug (fly or roach) was on it. You'll get sick."

"Don't get your feet wet..."

"Don't stay up too late..."

"Don't sit in that draft..."

"Don't use a public toilet..."

"Don't let that dog lick your face..."

And, did you get sick?

Some people do these things anyway, and don't get sick. Their beliefs are different, and so this doesn't affect their epigenetics. Today, we want to look at these exceptions. Let's look at both, the people who get sick, and those who don't. Dr.Bruce Lipton has spent a lifetime studying cells. One of the things he noticed was that when he took a "sick cancer" cell from a "sick" body, and put it in a healthy medium, the cell recovered quickly and behaved normally. Now, what is that about?

So, cast aside all your past "beliefs" and let's look again at health. Epigenetics has a lot to teach us about beliefs.

This is new health, with tremendous implications for healing. Throw out your old ideas about germs and virus'. We have new diseases which show that the idea of something from the outside invading your body is not where the danger is.

HIV has an outside agent, but the problem is inside. The host body opens the faucet and starts flushing out the T-Cells down the drain. Cancer sometimes has outside irritants which seem to sow cancer in a neighborhood, as it did in New York State's toxic "Love Canal". At other times, it "clearly" is genetic. Clearly? Not according to Dr. Bruce Lipton who will teach us about epigenetics.

It is believed by Dr. Arturas Petronis, senior scientist in the Krembil Family Epigenetic Laboratory at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), and his team that epigenetics were the cause of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. As he explained, we have not understood the cause of major psychosis before. Other scientists believe there are epigenetics involved in changes in the brain stem that explain autism.

Diabetes has no outside cause, although a life style of fast food and corn syrup seems to coincide with more cases of diabetes than other life styles. Why do some thyroids or kidneys or livers stop working properly, while others just keep chugging? Yesterday, a friend was talking about a man who was 101 years old, and was going to recommend his austere, raw diet, when another friend said that her aunt just passed away at 105 years old. She ate ice cream and drank coffee or tea every day of her life. (Epigenetics?)

And, then there are all the diseases where the victim is tired. Celiac disease from gluten and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which still has no known cause. Again, why is it that some people with the same life styles, in the same family, don't get sick? The Law of Attraction comes to mind. Can epigenetics explain this?

We aren't talking about these disorders to frighten you, because there is new science which will help! We just don't have to be ill anymore and we find this very exciting. First, let's look at Dr. Bruce Lipton's explanation of epigenetics and then we'll look at the solution.

We will look at three programs that will help you change your beliefs and perceptions. Because, after learning from Dr. Bruce Lipton, that your health is 95% in your control, you might still feel a little helpless over your epigenetics. How many of us have made that New Year's resolution that we didn't keep? We knew that it would be the "right" thing to do, and still, we didn't do it. How many marriages break down in frustration, anger and disappointment? That is another example of how we can make a firm commitment with passion and the support of our family and community and still not keep it. After watching Dr. Bruce Lipton, we will come back and help you with three ways to keep your commitments from now on for the rest of your life.

Law of Attraction talk radio.... Bruce Lipton and Biology of Belief (which is the study of epigenetics.)

or below, video with Robyn...

Our thoughts create matter.

Epigenetics is the new field, meaning "control above the genes". DNA is controlled by signals from outside the cells and energetic messages emerging from positive and negative thoughts, not by inheritance or genes. We are no longer victims.

Genes are blueprints and can be "on" or "off" and can be changed by feelings just as blueprints can be changed by the "contractor". In our case, the nervous system is the contractor.

This is what keeps living cells alive and able to adapt to changing circumstances.

Since we have the power to change our minds, we absolutely can change our genes, and it's called epigenetics. This allows us to heal ourselves and explains the placebo effect. It also explains that negative beliefs can make us sick.

This started when Dr. Lipton worked with stem cells and was before he had studied epigenetics. He found that genetically identical cells could grow differently when placed in different mediums. One would become muscle cells, and another would become fat cells. This differed from contemporary education which would have stated that genetics determined the fate of the cell, not the environment!

Cells are controlled by their (mem)branes. Each has an antenna that picks up a transmission from outside itself. This led Dr. Bruce Lipton to realize that "his" broadcast was from outside himself. Therefore, he wouldn't die with his cells!

Diabetes is a lifestyle disease as is heart disease. We are responsible for these diseases. We are victims of our belief system, not our genetics.

6 parts Biology of Perception Follows.

Part One:

9:48 minutes....

Knowledge is power, and lack of knowledge creates lack of power. If your family has a history of cancer, and you believe that genetics controls your biology, then you have no power to change your biology. This will change when you realize that you have all the power -- epigenetics is based on your beliefs!

Part Two:

10 minutes....

A cell is made up of proteins, just as any machine is made up of mechanical parts. The shape of the protein is determined by the sequence of amino acids.

Now, a body made of amino acids/proteins, is like a statue. It has no life. Where does the life come from?

Life is movement. The proteins move/change shape when charged molecules (signals) bind with them, letting them attract or repel the opposite side of the protein. Digestion is simply a binding and ripping apart of another molecule.

Part 3

9:56 minutes

Muscles change shape (contracts) when calcium signal is added. It is relaxed when the calcium is taken away.

The brain of the cell is the structure that controls the signals. In this case, it is the membrane, or the skin. The membrane contains 3 layers. The nucleus is the pattern or blueprint file cabinet for the cell. It is not needed until new proteins are needed.

The cell membrane responds to the environment. Without an environment, the cell does not respond and has no life.

There are many, many different proteins on the surface of a cell, but there are two categories, receptors and effectors. The receptors have antennae which read the environment. Some react to histamine and prepare your for an allergic reaction.

Receptors receive signals. (In the human organism, the receptors are our eyes, ears, etc..) Receptors are like olives. When the signal comes in, the shape changes, a secondary signal in the cell binds to the receptor cell and opens the effector or activates the effector. This cell is activated so a signal molecule can move into the cell. This appropriately controls the activity of the cell.

Part 4

9:48 minutes

This is perception. The cell perceives a change in the environment and controls behavior.

If the effector is an enzyme when activated, then it will do its work.

Now, if the secondary signal protein is not present, the DNA will know how to make a new one.

Part 5

10 minutes

What causes the gene to be activated?

A signal from the environment signals the activation of the gene. 50% of the nucleus is DNA and 50% is protein. For 50 years, geneticists were throwing away the protein, which was the control.

The protein forms a sleeve around the DNA. We need to add a signal to read the DNA. Once there is a signal, regulatory protein is activated, exposing gene, the DNA is revealed and can replicate. The RNA copies the DNA and makes a protein.

When cancer genes are covered up, what is the signal protein that uncovers it? Perception of the signal.

If I am in a stressful environment, and I don't have the protein to respond to that stress, what happens?

John Cairns tells us about "adaptive", environmentally directed, rather than "random" mutation.

Part Six

10 minutes

Evolutionary adaptations are the same in every test.

Perception is belief, and this may be right or wrong, but it is capable of changing your genes. The genes that do this are genetic engineering genes. If you believe you live in a toxic environment, genetic engineering genes will be activated.

95% of cancer has no genetic link. 95% of cancer is from a perception that activates the genetic engineering genes. Usually, our use of genetic engineering genes is negative because we had what we needed at birth.

This is really important to our epigenetics.

There are two classes of programs (cells) in our body. One class is for growth (and reproduction) and the other is for protection.

If a cell is put in a petri dish. Cells move toward nutrition or positive signals, and cells move away from negative signals or toxins. Cells cannot move forward and backward at the same time. They have to make a decision.

The more protection we think we need, the more we limit our own growth.

We are made of 50 to 70 trillion cells. The most important growth promoting signal in a cell today is LOVE, not nutrition.

Those children growing in eastern European orphanages who don't receive love are shutting down. They grow 30% less, and often develop retardation or autism even though they receive adequate nutrition. This is epigenetics working in high speed. Many of these children fail to thrive and die before they are more than a few years old.

There are two shapes determined by the pituitary gland.

Part 7

8:52 minutes

The vicera are for growth, and the muscles and bones are for protection. The hormones produced by the pituitary send the blood to the muscles rather than to the vicera.

The immune system is for things that get under your skin. This is not needed when you are running from a lion. Adrenalin and the stress hormones will shut down your immune system as well because it used energy that is needed for the muscles and bones.

When you are in fight or flight, do you use your logic and thinking in your cognitive brain or your reflex lizard brain? THe same stress hormones constrict the blood vessels in your cognitive brain and open them up in your reflex brain.

When you hit a difficult question in a test, you feel a tingling which is sending blood to your muscles, and removing it from your logical thinking brain. Then the next question is an easy one, and you still can't think of it because of the changes in your brain.

The normal adrenalin levels in this environment are historically high. Every day, 24 hour news tells us to be afraid, be very, very afraid.

The body is like a camera. A perception is picked up by the camera, and a complimentary copy is made. The image is sent to the nucleus and the cell will make a physical copy of what is seen. Beliefs are like filters that affect the image the camera sees.

Our parents give us our filters based on their beliefs of life. Life has everything in it, but we will only see what our filters allow us to see.

Diet Affects the Activation of Health or Killer Genes:

Keeping yourself stress free is important, but we also adversely affect our epigenetics when we eat in a way that activates our killer genes. For more on diet, please go to epigenetics and the Healthy Heart Diet

Filters Can be Changed

What can we do about these filters if they are causing us trouble? There are three solutions that work with your energy. After all, what are beliefs but energy transmissions based on data? Changing your beliefs, will change your epigenetics.

1) EFT or Energy Meridian Therapy. This has many advocates. The most complete and comprehensive source offers free training. Garry Craig offers the training and ezine at Gary Craig

Watch the new EFT video

2) The Healing Codes. This is another energy therapy, developed by Dr. Alex Loyd and now taught as well by Dr. Ben Johnson, of the movie, The Secret. This therapy works especially well on some previously incurable diseases! Changing this belief is changing your epigenetics as well.

3) Psych-K, was developed by Rob Williams as the outcome measure for psychological therapy. He had been taught, when studying psychology, that "being in therapy is good for our patients." This went against the grain for a former businessman who wanted solutions to goals and objectives. But, I'll let him explain it himself as he does so well on a page to follow shortly. Meanwhile, understand that changing beliefs is changing epigenetics.

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