Epigenetics and Subjective Reality

Epigenetics can be used to heal the symptoms of old age, or any other systemic disorder. Your life is controlled by your beliefs, which is why miracles are so rare. The idea that a mold or a variation of that mold, can cure pneumonia or strep infection would seem miraculous to someone from the 19th century, but we have become accustomed to these "miracles". The idea that "believing you are well" can cure a cancerous tumor in a few minutes might seem miraculous to you, but it is commonplace in the east. Our beliefs are subjective, but what is witnessed by the western doctor, s/he will say is objective. The eastern practitioner has accepted that it is all subjective. The patient who believes will be cured, and the one who doesn't will not.

Subjective Reality and Health:

Subjective reality is what we experience. As Anthony Robbins says, "there is no event that has any meaning but the meaning that you give it". We all easily interpret the activities of other people. "He's so vain." "He's such a dope. Why else would anyone do something like that?" "My boss is only interested in profit." "Politicians are all corrupt." These kind of interpretations would set patterns in our subconscious -- patterns of disdain or hate, irritation or anger. These patterned responses will affect our health through epigenetics. It is the patterned responses which we call experience.

On the other hand, if our responses and interpretations are more like "she's such a gem. How did I find a friend/boss/neighbor like that!" or "thank you for your generosity" or if you have assumptions that people are there to help you out, then these will also set patterns -- patterns of trust and happiness, gratitude and hope for the future. These feelings are also going to affect your health through epigenetics, but this time in a positive way.

Feelings carry an energy or frequency, and this frequency is recorded and replayed by the subconscious. The frequency is healthful, or not, in its effect on us at the cellular level. This effect is epigenetic.

Our bodies either harbor and provide for an illness, or for health. The difference is set originally by our attitude, our beliefs, and our life style -- not by the facts of our lives. Facts are just facts. Our energy is set or changed by our interpretations of those events, not the events themselves. Some may argue that eating a high cholesterol diet is going to cause events such as blocked arteries and heart disease. They will argue that this is fact. You might be one of these believers. However, if the problem were only cholesterol, the blockages would be as much in your arms and legs as around your heart, right? Any doctor will admit that this is not the case. Why do the blockages occur in the arteries leading to your heart?

The bias of western science to believe in objective rather than subjective reality is based on the facts that there is always some change (dis-order) that occurs before an illness, and there is always some evidence left by the "disease". Western scientists love facts that are measurable and recordable. Eastern practitioners have been working with energy or chi. This is not so easy to measure with western instruments but it is easily influenced by attitude and beliefs. Chi can feed a dis-order, or it can feed a return to order. But, acupuncture, Reiki, and EFT cannot cure a dis-order if the patient is angry or shamed or hateful and believing that they deserve the illness or that illness was bound to happen or that their "lousy genes" were the cause.

These days in the US, most disease is epigenetic, from changes controlled by our genetic programs but not necessarily set by heredity. These changes sometimes occur over time, and sometimes happen quickly -- the 33 year old having her first stroke versus the 60 year old having a stoke. In the US, the common dis-abling dis-orders are arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, enlarged hearts and blocked arteries near the heart and the neurological disorders would include Parkinson's, and Alzheimers. These are all caused or cured by epigenetics.

Western science does not really explain why the plaques block the arteries needed by the heart.

What is Epigenetics?

Epigenetics is an observable change in the genetic message which has been caused by some outside influence. This might come from diet changes or attitude/energy/frequency changes.

Our body functions are controlled by our unconscious mind rather than our conscious mind and the memory of the unconscious is millions of times more powerful than the conscious, is detailed and omniscient. If we seek to let go of some weight by dieting, the objective changes in calories or style or type of eating may initially help us to lose weight. But, the subconscious is in charge of our bodies, and remember, it is millions of times more powerful than our conscious mind. If your body images is "fat and sloppy", the unconscious will win the battle and you will fail to let go of the weight you thought you wanted to lose.

On the other hand, if your body image is lean and mean, you can go way off an ideal diet without gaining a lot of weight, and your unconscious will fairly quickly bring you back to your patterned way of eating which has always created a "lean and mean" you. Many have made the change to a low cholesterol diet, and engaged in a regular exercise regimen , only to find that they still have high blood pressure, high cholesterol and artery blockage. Obviously, there is another problem. This should have brought about a positive change in our epigenetics, and it didn't. The body is still causing dis-order.

Dr. Steven Gundry explains that this is a programed genetic response to your age, and your patterned way of eating. In this case, it appears to be a cholesterol problem, but it is a sugar problem. When we eat as if it is late summer or early fall, taking advantage of fruits and seeded vegetables, our bodies believe that we are preparing for a long, cold winter without abundance. Our genes help us prepare for this by storing fat.

We asked before why the plaques occur most in the arteries leading to the heart. Dr. Gundry provides the answer. If we are middle aged or older, our genes protect the young for a hard winter by killing off the elders who unfairly compete for food -- in this case -- us! How are they killing us off? They restrict the blood to the heart until we have a heart attack. Or, they increase swelling around our joints or vertebrae until we can't hunt or forage and die of starvation. Or they store fat and restrict access to the muscles of energy until we die of diabetes or are so overweight that we can't hunt or fish or forage anymore. Or they raise our blood pressure until any activity causes and embolism or a stroke, thus stopping our ability to hunt or fish or forage. This is genetics, not epigenetics, but we can make a change.

Epigenetics can save us. We only need to convince our genes that they do not need to prepare for winter or to save the young from unfairly competing elders, but that it is spring and we are good foragers. We do this by changing to a diet consisting largely of green leafy vegetables and avoiding those with seeds and by avoiding grains and sugars.

The genes will reverse the storage of plaque in the arteries near our hearts, and will stop causing swelling around our joints or vertebrae, and will resume the normal insulin system of making sugar available to our muscles. Health will be quickly resumed, all thanks to epigenetics without the need for medicines.

Back to Subjective Reality:

This has been my experience. I asked in prayerful meditation, how I could be healthy in spite of a necessarily sedentary lifestyle. I came across a video by Dr. Steven Gundry, changed to the diet, and all my symptoms of aging have been reversing.

Now, I believe that any person can be healthy and fit, no matter how old they are. I never believed that it was certain that at a particular age a human would begin to feel pain or to lose their abilities. Therefore, Dr. Gundry's explanation of how and why so many people age made sense to me. And, after trying his way of fooling my genes, I have had complete success.

If you, however, believe that aging is inevitable and accept the American style of aging as your model and respond with impatience and anger when it starts in you, I believe it will continue because that is your belief.

If there was some objective reality rule that we all must feel pain, or have heart disease as we age, then I would too, and this is not my experience. And, you can not say that this is my genetics, because I have already lived to an older age than my father or my grandmother or my older brother. My inherited genetics do not lead to a long life. However, my epigenetics will.

For more on epigenetics and energy, see Epigenetics and the Law of Attraction And for a greater understanding of how Subjective Reality is incorporated in the law of Attraction, no one is better than Robert Collier in explaining The Secret of the Ages