Download Movies at Home

80 million downloadable movies!

In Case You've Ever Thought About Downloading Movies at Home, (80 million downloadable movies!) but didn't want to slow down your computer:

We wanted to tell you about a movie download site. This is currently the number one download site worldwide. (80 million downloadable movies!)

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Why would one site be the most popular worldwide?

<§>Because it is available 24 hours, 7 days a week without slowing down your computer with unwanted advertising or cookies! How does it do this?

<§>Because it's a membership site. See below.

<§>Because more than 80 million downloadable movies are available.

<§>Because it matches download speed to your computer's speed with a simple download of UTorrent. UTorrent takes care of the technical parts that you don't want to bother with, speed and port information. Everything you need to access 80 million downloadable movies.

<§>Because the movie downloads to your computer or DVD diskette, and is then available for limited, legal sharing. There are no time limits as there are with other download sites.

<§>And because this has a 60 day guarantee!! All money refunded if you are not absolutely happy within 60 days.

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There are 3 membership plans.

You can sign up for one year, two years, or join the unlimited plan. Whatever works for you. Savings are unbelievable when compared to Netflicks, Blockbuster or any local video store. Guaranteed!

And, What is Available?

We've been quite pleased. So far we've seen several episodes of our favorite TV shows that we had missed.... These include Numbers, Real Time with Bill Maher, Jon Stewart and Criminal Minds.

The movies we've seen in just a few weeks include Australia, Harvey Milk, Slumdog Millionaire, and the old Robert Redford ski movie, Downhill Racer. Today we're downloading Doubt and Race to Witch Mountain.

At first, we thought that we'd have to be hooked up to our cable and not running much else. Perhaps you thought that too? But we've found that it runs quite quietly in the background even while we're on the wireless.

We have found that there are three things to watch out for. More below.

A Few Suggestion:

Our only recommendation, is that your initial setup is at home. We first downloaded it when we were at the public library on wireless, and realized that the speed and the router information wouldn't be compatible with our home setup.

Also, note that the search utility is well worth using. When you're looking at 80 million titles that are not alphabetized, well, you can imagine it becomes tedious.

Also, there are cryptic notes about the origins of the downloads. Watch this. It's a little like learning to read the real estate ads, and getting to know that wbf means wood burning fireplace.

And, finally, we learned by doing, that if you find several choices for your chosen film or TV show, pick the one with the most "seeds" and the fewest "leeches". -- We don't know exactly what these are, but believe that seeds are incoming and leeches detract from them. It seems to help your speed when downloading.

Now, we are sure you've heard enough, so for more information from the site itself, click here .... downloadable movies

There is absolutely nothing to fear but too many great movies!

without ever worrying about another late fee.....

or ever losing another movie and being charged for something you didn't even like.....

or ever again forgetting to pick up the movie and having nieces or nephews or grandchildren with nothing to do.....

or ever being too late at the video store and missing out on the one movie everyone is home waiting for.....
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