The Secret Law of Attraction Challenges

There are articles, blogs and friends challenging the Law of Attraction, and there are life challenges when manifesting money. If you were raised in the United States, you probably did not have access in your home to Eastern philosophy or meditation. We, Americans are a practical lot. Manifesting money using the Law of Attraction would not have been a serious topic in most homes when I was growing up, although people around us were making plenty.

If anyone had told me that being positive and happy would bring me abundance, a few years ago, I would have smiled politely and would not have thought much more about it. My father used to talk about the benefits of a positive attitude, but I think we both believed that it had to be combined with hard work. He also used to say, that success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration, just to give you an idea of where he stood. He did not believe in miracles. As Gregg Braden points out, the divine matrix will only respond to what we believe about manifesting money.

So, what happened to change my position? A few years ago, I was broke. I had a job I loved, but with a tiny salary. A friend discovered Murphy and bought his books on the Law of Attraction and manifesting. He spoke from a Christian point of view, but he seemed to be telling the truth when I thought about people I knew and my own experiences in life. Those who were successful had a dream, and were positive more often than not.

My friend, Sandra, had also studied hypnosis. We knew that the unconscious only works with pictures or positive messages. It made sense to us to tell our unconscious, "We will have the money we need to pay the rent" rather than, "I think I'm going to have trouble paying the rent." More recently I have learned to feel happy at the idea of paying the rent.... Sandra worked with those seeking to lower their weight and taught them to say, "I can let go of ____ pounds" rather than saying "I am going to lose _____ pounds." She explained that if you tell your unconscious that you have lost something, it is going to try to find it again for you.

And, this is challenge number one.

Understanding sometimes must precede belief. Are we talking about your unconscious, or a Universal Law known as the Law of Attraction? At that time, I thought it was our unconscious.

It doesn't seem to matter what your focus is. It can work for you either way. Eckhard Tolle and Neil Donald Walsch focus more on our spirit, and our relationship to god and our unconscious. Mike Dooley and Joe Vitale focus more on getting it right with the Law of Attraction. Jesus said, "Ask and ye shall receive." What he actually said in the unabridged Bible is "Be surrounded or enveloped by your desire so that your joy can be full." -- Be full of joy as if these things have already happened. This is the recommendation of Joe Vitale, Mike Dooley, Jack Canfield and so many others that you have to think there is some validity in it. This is how we activate the Law of Attraction.

So, you don't have to worry about whether it is your unconscious that makes it work, or the Universal Law of Attraction. Just be as full of joy as you possibly can, over the success of your dream.

Yet, this is Challenge number two.

How can we believe and be happy about something that hasn't happened, and we don't think is likely to happen? There's the crux of the problem, the likelihood of manifestation or change.

This is the reason that Bob Proctor and Bob Doyle suggest that we first work on manifesting something easy, such as a cup of coffee.

We, at Mindbridge, are going to change the rules of manifesting through the Law of Attraction, a bit. Mike Dooley and Joe Vitale want you to visualize for 10 minutes, once a day with as many details as you can muster, because the details give you the emotional response necessary to power the manifestation. Jack Canfield wants you to dress the part and have a celebration party -- because the celebration, as if it has already happened, gives you the opportunity to feel the joy of already having it.

And, why is this important? It's important because the divine matrix understands the languge of the heart. As Eric Amidi and Dr. Hew Len say, the conscious brain must impress upon the subconscious or lower mind the dream to be manifested, and then the Super conscious or higher mind will prepare and send the manifestation off to the creator. This is activating the Law of Attraction.

As Gregg Braden points out, whether manifesting money or something else, in terms of Chakras the upper 3 or intellectual chakras formuate the vision. The lower, earthy chakras powers it with feeling, and they meet in the heart chakra which sends the dream off to the divine matrix for creation. This is activating the Law of Attraction.

Now, to get back to our challenge when using the Law of Attraction for manifesting money: how can we believe and be happy about something that hasn't yet happened? Let's first be happy about what has already happened. Let's be grateful and appreciative about what we already have in our lives. If you had something to eat today, and if you have a roof over your head, let's be grateful about that. If you have transportation to work, or if you have a job, let's be grateful about that. If there are people in your life who you love, or who love you, there's another reason to be grateful. This will activate the Law of Attraction for you.

Be grateful now for what you have, and next we will work on the other things you would like in your life by using the Law of Attraction.

Challenge number three:

What goal is ideal for manifesting, or manifesting money when using the Law of Attraction?

Joe Vitale suggests that you pick a goal that is exciting, and a little frightening.

Anthony Robbins agrees when he says, "I don't know about you, but paying the bills doesn't get my motor running." Here is the crux. Unless your goal is worth manifesting, it is going to be tough to generate enough emotional force to get it launched out into the divine matrix. On the other hand, if it is not believable to you, it isn't going anywhere either.

Let's slip in something that will feel really great to the gratitude list above:

If you have a job in a company, let's picture you in a better position.

If you have friends you have a great time with, let's manifest 2 new friends and time to spend with them.

If you already have a home, let's picture a specific improvement in your home.

Get the idea? Let's just make a little better the things that we already can believe in. Give it a try.


1) picture the new or addition with as much detail as you can,

2) put yourself in the picture,

3) feel the feelings of having it now

4) and send it off.

Simple. And, then, tomorrow, let's do it again.


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