Bill Harris and Centerpointe Research Institute

Bill Harris is one of the teachers in the movie, The Secret, the author of Threshold of the Mind, and one of the founders of Centerpointe Research Institute. Holosync, their main product, is a brainwave entrainment system that is used during meditation. In addition to an incredibly deep meditation, you will be so relaxed each time you use it that you won't need to employ any relaxation techniques.

Have you ever wanted to be able to focus and concentrate at will, or to be able to meditate deeply, only to find yourself too distracted? Have you been working on a project and needed that great idea, and it wouldn't come, or you sit down to write that novel you've been wanting to write and you can't remember any of the great ideas you used to have? Or, do you work or live in such a stressful environment that you find yourself frustrated or in a rage too much of the time?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Holosync is for you. The details are well explained in the book, Thresholds of the Mind. In a few pages, I cannot do justice to Bill's thoughtful, concise and beautifully explained ideas, but I can at least introduce some important ideas and refer you to the website of Centerpointe Research, and Bill Harris which gives an excellent introduction. See the connection below which offers a free sample if you are interested. Holosync was developed based on research by Gerald Oster in 1973, which described how binaural beat patterns were created when two different frequencies were introduced, one to the left ear and another to the right ear. The beat pattern produced was found to be equal to the difference between the two frequencies. Harris and his team began exploring this phenomenon and found that beneficial changes in the brain could be predicted and produced. They further developed a product that would increase in strength and benefit over time.

Bill Harris' website explains that these beneficial byproducts include a better balance between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, less stressful Beta frequencies and a better balance of Alpha, Theta and Delta brain frequencies, and finally the brain produces more relaxing endorphins and rejuvenating human growth hormone. It does this because the brainwave entrainment stresses the brain, encouraging an increase in neural growth, strengthening and enhancing the link between the two hemispheres, and increasing the threshold for subsequent stress.


Bill Harris explains that a threshold is a limit best recognized when it is exceeded. The resulting chaos provides an opportunity to change and grow because the old system cannot handle further input from the environment.

When we are stressed, pushed, agitated, frustrated or annoyed, we have only three general ways to get past this. Without change or evolution, we can:

Dissipate Energy by angry yelling, talking or crying, or doing physical exercise.

Block Energy or prevent energy from entering the system through depression, illness or isolation.

Distract Ourselves through heavy TV watching, or video games, use of Alcohol or Drugs, or engaging the mind with reading

Ilya Prigogine in, 1977, noticed that although mechanical systems predictably breakdown and have specific limits in efficiency, open systems or living systems tend to increase in order and efficiency! This seemed to counter the Law of Entropy of the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics and won a Nobel Prize for Prigogine.

Thus, chaos is the friend of the living system, as long as there is an ability and a willingness to evolve. The living system not only dissipates entropy into the environment, but it reorganizes at a higher level. This is where Holosync helps. Used daily, it stresses the brain, causing new neural pathways to be built.

As Bill Harris says in his book, "using Holosync creates the ability to view things from a higher spot on the mountain -- one allowing you to consciously make new and more resourceful choices."

Conscious Living

According to Bill Harris, as a child grows and experiences life, s/he develops an Internal Map of Reality. This map contains memories and the rules of behavior, values, beliefs, decision making strategies and language that has been learned during that life.

A person who has learned early in life that the world is a scary place builds a map whose central purpose is to keep him safe. Bill Harris asserts that such a map would contain large blackened areas with monsters and burning pits. Another person who experienced only minimal distress would have fewer dark areas and perhaps some scattered thunder storms. In order to move off the preset map, a person must be willing to let go of the familiar self and trust in the process of change.

Change is not comfortable, no matter how friendly your map, and seldom happens without some pain or chaos to inspire it. The Reactor is a role Bill Harris speaks about specifically, that carries with it a great deal of pain.

There are situations where we have to react such as when a fire breaks out in the walls of a building, and we have to get children out. There is a part of you that is absolutely automatic and present in any crisis. This part reacts instantly.

Any person living as The Reactor is in a perpetual state of fight or flight. One friend described a brother as someone who "should have lived with the dinosaurs". She was describing a Reactor, living during a time when the constant adrenalin and the quick life or death response would have been useful. In modern times, this too often results in angry flashes and outbursts that push family and friends away, not to mention the resulting stress related diseases. As Bill Harris describes, they have triggers that activate fear and anger. Something happens, and without thinking, they lash out.

Their toggle switch is almost always in the "on" position. "Afterwards," he explains, "we are horrified to see what we have done in response to a minor frustration and sometimes we are privately shaken...."

This is living in an unconscious way, at the end of that spectrum where there are the most darkened areas. Present circumstances activate old wounds, making us feel pushed into those black areas with the monsters and fire. Events take us over and we become effect rather than cause, never sure why or when we will have an emotional reaction. (Emotional reactions can ruin conscious manifesting.)

Once started, on the road to consciousness, the easiest way is to take the role of the witness and watch it happen without any attachment to any stage or feeling. Watch the emotions flare, yet keep still.

As you can imagine, standing outside yourself and observing what is happening with curiosity and interest while your temper is raging, is not easy. Holosync makes it possible. After using Holosync, daily, the changes in our brains already are changing our Maps of Reality because the areas that used to be blackened are now, much to our surprise, sprouting regrowth. The toggle switch has been turned off and the triggers are hidden in the closet where they are not so easily set off.

Conscious living, Bill Harris explains, involves resiliency. This is living without set rules. Each situation is unique. There is no map making decisions for you. You are fully present and accountable for everything you do. Since Holosync has given us a full brain to work with, decisions come quickly and easily. We are able to access our unconscious, which ensures that our whole brains are "of one mind."