Autism Causes Seem to be Epigenetic

We have not talked about autism causes before. In Epigenetics and Healing we talked about growth versus protection, and the changes they cause at the nuclear level. Just to remind you because that was a lot of information, a cell can either move toward something nutritious, or move away from something toxic. It cannot do both at the same time. Our body as a whole does only what our cells can do. We are either in a healing/growing mode, or in a protective mode. When we are in a protective mode, systems that don't contribute to protection are shut down. If this lasts for a while, our bodies are very conservative and epigenetic changes will occur.

Autism causes symptoms that are varied and difficult. This is why it is referred to as a spectrum disorder. It seems that the brain stem is different from normal brain stems. This reduces the child's ability to visually interpret the data in his environment. This is a very specific change. It affects his ability to respond appropriately to people, events or virtually any stimuli. Autism causes difficulties in 3 key areas:

  1. communication

  2. social interaction

  3. behavior
    1. Sometimes the symptoms seem to reverse if the child incurs a high fever, because the brain stem is affected by the fever. This is further evidence that the brain stem has been affected

      I work with children, infants to three years old, and there is nothing more devastating to a family than autism. And, since no one is absolutely clear about the autism causes, no one can clearly see how to cure anyone on the spectrum. Yet, we have some ideas about autism causes, and some tools that will possibly help.

      What's always shut down when we are stressed and our protective systems are activated?

        - Our immune system

        - Our reproductive system (cause of the rise in male erectile dysfunction)

        - Our cellular reproduction which keeps us young by replacing old or worn out cells

        - and our cognitive functions.

      Autism causes seem to be connected to a maternal stress during pregnancy, such as a bout with influenza. There is also the suspicion that mercury or other environmental toxins or cleaning agents might be contributing to the rise in autism. How does this contribute to autism causes? There is also a question of why more boys are affected than girls. No one has an answer yet. For more on the many ideas and theories about autism causes and symptoms, go to the Mayo Clinic. We will be focusing on epigenetics as a main autism cause.

      The locus coeruleus-noradrenergic (LC-NA) system, an area that processes sensory information in the brain stem also secretes most of the brain's noradrenaline, the neurotransmitter that is released during stress, when "flight" or "fight" responses are aroused. Drs. Purpura and Mehler hypothesize that the autism causes are dysregulations caused by environmental, genetic and epigenetic factors. The fetal brain is particularly vulnerable during the latter stages of prenatal development.

      Other stressors such as hurricanes and tropical storms also seem to be among the autism causes.

      Three Antidotes for the Stress Diseases or Dysregulations:

      As Dr. Bruce Lipton says, love is the best antidote for stress. However, sometimes it seems as if love is not enough. Maryanne Williamson recently did a piece explaining that sometimes the Ego blocks love. She tells us to stay in a loving place, but what is the best way to do that when things around us seem to be going astray?

      Meditation with Holosync will reduce stress in a parent or child, and since it is a graduated program, it will continue to reduce stress in increasing amounts for as long as you use the program. At Mindbridge, Inc., we have been using Holosync for 1.5 years, and have had increasingly good results. (We would also recommend this to pregnant women, since stress seems to have a correlation as one of the autism causes.)

      We had a question about using Holosync for autistic children since we know that other children enjoy it. Bill Harris of Centerpointe Research got back to me regarding this, and he said that no formal study has been done with autistic children, although many families have reported having success with using Holosync to relieve autistic symptoms. He has offered to provide Holosync to any group working with autistic children who would be able to do a formal study. We will soon make that happen. In the meantime, give it a go yourself!

      Guided meditation that impresses good messages into your unconscious (when you are in deep Alpha, Theta or Delta). For this we use Gerald O'Donnell's Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing because these programs take you from novice to expert manifestor in 6 weeks. Being an expert manifestor means that your vibrations are high, and you are often in a state allowing you to fully experience your present circumstances with clarity, insight, confidence and pleasure. At the same time, you are able to step easily into the spiritual realm to unite with the One/Source/Divinity/God. Again, enhancing thoughts reduce stress, which is a family symptom that autism causes.

      And, then, for extreme need such as diabetes or cancer, we absolutely recommend The Healing Codes. This program as developed by Dr. Alex Loyd and Dr. Ben Johnson, is the only effective program for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Lou Gehrig's disease. It has cured depression that did not respond to any medications. But, please, don't take our word for it. I wouldn't if I had a serious disease or if someone close to me did. Go to their site and see what you think.

      They may not have a code for autism, but they do have an effective code for depression which is another effect that autism causes in a family.

      And the final cure for stress and a person in the protective mode is Psych-K. This is the child of Robert Williams, and was developed 20 years ago. We will let Rob teach this to you himself in the videos to follow.

      This is not a cure, as those we just discussed, but a way to change your filter. Remember that Dr. Bruce Lipton talked about the filters that shape your perceptions and beliefs? Rob Williams has found a way that enables you to learn what your filters are, and then to change them. This is a way to consciously communicate with your unconscious! Once we can do this, we can change our epigenetics, and perhaps, reverse the autism causes.

      Rob Williams Part 1

      The Psychology of Change


      Psych-K is an easy tool to change beliefs.

      It is based on left-right brain integration. Reducing resistance to a new idea allows it be be internalized easily. Internalizing positive, hopeful messages reduces stress. This will stop epigenetic changes which are some of the autism causes.

      Psych-K was born out of Rob Williams frustration at messing up a flyer on kinesthesiology. He asked the question: "If you don't want me to do this, what do you want me to do?"

      The answer came in the form of inspired pictures. This turned out to be Psych-K. He used it with clients, and saw good results. Then he put it in classrooms.

      Rob Williams had spent time in the corporate world with a "good" job, but his soul was hurting and, in terms of Bruce Lipton, he was circling the wagons even though it was a well paid job.

      1. Perception controls behavior,
      2. Perception controls the genes
      3. Perception rewrites genes
      4. Perception rewrite behavior

      Rob Williams say that Perception is Awareness Shaped by Belief.

      Beliefs are conclusions derived from information and/or experience. Beliefs can be both conscious and subconscious. Prior to Psych-K, we had no way of knowing what our subconscious beliefs were.

      Information might be what you receive sitting on a jury. Experience would be your first experience with a candle.

      Every part of our lives are determined by our belief systems.

      Because of our filters, we can not perceive anything without the effect of our filters. Unfortunately, we now have "learned" that autism is treatable but incurable. If autism causes are epigenetic, then it is not incurable!

      Beliefs affect:

      1. Self-Esteem
      2. Relationships
      3. Prosperity
      4. Job Performance
      5. Mental Health
      6. Physical Health
      7. Spiritual Outlook
      and more...

      Joy and growth versus fear? Which would you choose if you had a choice? And, you do have a choice!

      Part 2 with Robert Williams

      The Psychology of Change


      Growth vs. Protection:

      I can Messages as a Child

      I can Experiences as an Adult

      I can't Messages as a Child

      I can't Experiences as an Adult

      Childhood Programming becomes OurHabits of Perception and Behavior

      More positive messages from your parents will generally set you up for a good life.

      Even if we have negative filters, they are changeable whether we use meditation, hypnosis, NLP or Psych-K.

      Habits happen outside of our conscious control. Habits are self-reinforcing cycles of belief and perception.

      A two year old experiencing a candle flame for the first time, up front close and personally, experiences pain. He will afterward have a specific perception. Experience shapes perception. Perception creates beliefs. Beliefs reinforce perception. Perception shapes experience. Experience reinforces beliefs. Beliefs create epigenetic changes, and remember, epigenetic changes create dysregulations, such as diabetes and is likely one or more of the autism causes.

      How do you break a non-generative cycle?

      Change how you perceive the environment and you in the environment, you will change how others perceive you in the environment.

      You have two minds:

      How many times have you tried to change your mind, only to find out that your mind has a mind of its own?

        - getting in shape

        - making a New Year's resolution

        - try to quit smoking

        - said you'd stop procrastinating

      Conscious Mind:

      Volitional- Sets Goals and Judges Results

        ... Likes to try new things

        - Thinks abstractly

        - Short term memory (20 seconds)

        - Time based

        - 1 to 3 events can be tracked at one time or 2,000 bits of information per second

      Subconscious Mind:

      Habitual - Monitors operations of the body e.g. Motor, heart rate, digestion, etc...Its basic purpose is to keep you alive.

        ... It prefers the Familiar

        - Thinks literally

        - Long term memory, stores experiences, attitudes, values, learnings

        - Present tense only

        - Thousands of events (4 billions bits of information processed per second) can be tracked at once

      The old techniques were affirmations or making a commitment. It worked maybe 20% of the time. We were talking to the wrong part of the brain.

      Part Three with Rob Williams

      The Psychology of Change:

      9:47 minutes

      The subconscious mind does the driving for us so that we can have a conversation while driving the car. It is constantly monitoring both information that you are aware of, and information that is shielded from you by your conscious brain. We want to point out that although the conscious brain of the autistic child is not able to communicate, the subconscious is likely picking up all sorts of information. And, your subconscious might even know the truth about which autism causes can be changed in your environment.

      Its easier to change habits when you engage the subconscious mind because it controls the physical body (muscles) is the storehouse for beliefs and habits.

      Muscle testing (a la Psych-K) is one easy way to communicate with the subconscious mind. You are looking for

        - True-false conflict detector;

        - Like-dislike is a stress testor;

        - Yes-No(communication system)

      Have them stand with eyes open, facing front and chin parallel to floor, not down; eyes focused down and you say "be strong" before pressing. This was learned from NLP. You have to remind the arm that it is connected to the thoughts and at this time, it should be strong.

      Part Four with Rob Williams

      The Psychology of Change:

      9:50 minutes

      Stand next to the person's arm and put your hand on the wrist, your thumb down, fingers up. Put one hand on shoulder and press down. Then press down on the arm to check the strength.

      The true false question can just be to have the person say their name, and then to say a wrong name. "My name is _____". When there is no conflict, the electrical signal is strong. When there is conflict, the electrical system is interrupted and weakened.

      Stress is something you like or something you don't like. He said, can be a food or a person. Let her get into the feeling, and then say, Be strong and you can feel whether the thing is a stressor or not.

      A question for communication would be to repeat the word "yes" or "no" for a change. Now, this physical manipulation will be difficult with most autistic children, however, Rob Williams was questioned in different languages successfully, because his unconscious understands all languages. Therefore, a parent's unconscious understands what is going on with an autistic child even when the parent's conscious mind is confused.

      To know what the autism causes are with your child, and how to help, ask your unconscious.

      Just press hard enough to tell whether the muscle locks in place or unlocks.

      Part Five with Rob Williams

      The Psychology of Change:

      9:40 minutes

      Sometimes a person will test strong to everything or weak to everything and there are some changes possible.

      Two Hemispheres of the brain:

      Left Brain:

      1. Logic
      2. Words
      3. Parts
      4. Order/control

      Right Brain:

      1. Emotions
      2. Pictures
      3. Whole- Synthesize rather than analyze
      4. Spontaneous/free

      When you get stressed, the Corpus Colosseun shuts down and you go into your favorite hemisphere to solve the situation. This is habitual. Ideally, you want both open. As you can see from the way they specialize, autism causes a child to work mainly from the right side. Any adult concerned about autistic causes of emotional outbreaks or confusion, needs to have access to both sides of his brain.

      The Mind is not the Brain:

      Mind is energy that interpenetrates the brain and body. ie photons of light held in an electromagnetic field.

      The brain is the gray matter inside your cranium. It's like the CPU chip in a computer.

      Part Six with Rob Williams

      The Psychology of Change:

      9:45 minutes

      This video describes as an example, the curing of agoraphobia in a woman. She had been in a car with her mom, and her mom threatened to put her out of the car if she didn't behave. The girl didn't and the mom, in the plains of mid west, put her out and drove down the road a little ways.

      Then the girl started to have a fear of going out in open places.

      In one session, Psych-K worked, even though they both didn't believe it.

        - Changing old behaviors is as easy as changing new ones.

        - Changing thought patterns is not painful.

        - You do not need to consciously know the thought pattern.

        -Insight has nothing to do with change because you're dealing with the subconscious mind, not the conscious mind for changing beliefs.

      A teacher I know described working with a family who had one autistic child. It was difficult for them to admit this, as it is for many families. Yet, most families give in and accept help. This family did not do that and continued to believe that the child was getting better, although autism causes regression in children, and their child was less and less able to communicate, and less and less able to interact socially each year. The teacher ran into the mom with her son a few years later, and the child was in a wheelchair since he was now too big for a stroller. The parent smiled when she saw my friend and said, "Oh, we have been talking and thinking about you. Can't you see how much better he is?"

      This was a matter of perception and belief. To anyone else, the child was worse. To these parents, the child was better....

      Steps to Change:

      1. Establish communication with the subconscious mind. It's no more difficult than going to your hard drive.
      2. Pre-test the desired belief statement.
      3. Get permission and commitment to change the belief using the Psych-K balance.
      4. Do the balance.
      5. Post test the belief statement.
      6. Celebrate the change.

      Common "I Can't" Messages:

        - You'll never amount to anything

        - You're worthless

        - You're not smart enough

        - No matter how hard you try it's never good enough

        - Money is hard to come by and hard to keep

        - You don't deserve to succeed

        - No one will ever love you

        - You're going to get cancer, because it's genetic.

      What if you could change anything on this list to something from the next list?

      I Can Messages:

        - I can accomplish anything I choose.

        - I am a worthy and valuable person

        - I am intelligent and capable

        - I do my best and that is good enough

        - I can attract money into my life and use it wisely

        - I deserve happiness and success in my life

        - I love myself and I am loved by others

        - My beliefs control my genes and I control my beliefs.

        - Money comes to me easily and effortlessly, waking and sleeping.

      You can using Psych-K techniques. Try out to see whether the statement is believed. State "Be strong". Have the participant say the statement and check using kinesthesiology.

      Goal is to get her to focus on being strong to the statement.

      Get permission from the unconscious to do the balance and make the change:

        Say to the recipient('s unconscious)"It is safe and appropriate for Karen to be balance for the goal now." (Always give the unconscious positive statements to respond to.)"All parts and systems are ready, willing and able to balance for this goal using my new direction balance."

      The balance is the unconscious changing to adapt the new belief. This takes only minutes. You might, for example, have trouble believing that some treatment will work to correct autism causes. You can do the balance to bring your belief system or your unconscious into agreement with your conscious beliefs.

      Do the balance:Sit down.Crossing any ankle or wrist changes the electrical field in your body.

      Karen is asked to hold her right arm out and cross her ankles, either way doesn't matter. He tests to see if that arm is strong. Not so strong, so she is asked to cross her ankles the opposite way.

      Her subconscious is telling you that this way is the optimal crossing to make this new belief happen. Then he asks her to cross her wrists, left over right. He checks the two arms for strength. First one crossing, and then the other way. When they agree on which feels stronger....

      Then interlace fingers in that configuration. Then repeat this process with the ankles. See which one gives more strength.

      Silently restate the statement while inviting any resistance or voices in. You are saying the statement to the resistance until it changes. The subconscious knows how the body needs to be configured to make the change.

      Finally, the simple affirming the statement is using whole brain integration. The balance is interrupting the cycle of over identifying with left brain or right brain.

      Usually this takes 2 to 5 minutes for the belief to change, to edit the documents on her hard drive.

      "This process is complete" so get strong if you can.

      Then stand and make the statement again, testing muscle strength.

      Part Seven with Rob Williams

      The Psychology of Change:

      In this last section, Rob and his test subject discuss the effect of the balancing.

      Part Eight with Rob Williams

      The Psychology of Change:

      We have been doing this almost nightly since we discovered it. It is enormously freeing to be able to communicate with our unconscious'. It is so valuable to be able to remove the veils that keep us locked in a less than optimal place.

      We believe this will be helpful to anyone with any blocks, worries or fears. Get rid of your blocks! Free your family of any stress that any syndrome or disease or autism causes. Balance all the positive statements and resolutions so that your unconscious is on board with your conscious brain. Change habits fast to those you want!