Art of Allowing : Law of Attraction 202

An Advanced Course for Mindbridge Passageway

The Art of Allowing is what Coaches Agree is your Major Obstacle to Using the Law of Attraction

The following material is new because we are finally explaining the most difficult part of manifesting, the Art of Allowing. There has been the source of resistance for years because we are in a low Matrix which isn't very creative. (Gerald O'Donnell explains this very well if you are interested.) And, coaches haven't had a way to make it go away for you. Bob Doyle comes closest to our mind, because he is very clear in describing how he thought and believed himself into a millionaire.


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The key he explains, is to internalize the concept that you have unlimited funds and resources. He describes, in his course Wealth Beyond Reason, cooking dinner one night. He thought as he was cooking, that he could serve absolutely anything he chose because money was no object.... He let that concept sit at the bottom of every thought, and he felt a new relaxation. He describes feeling unhurried and unstressed, because money was no longer an object he needed to consider. He explains that when we can internalize that feeling and that conceptual point of view, that we will have become millionaires. This feeling is the art of allowing.

As we have described before, when the thought comes down into the heart area and joins with the feeling coming up from the gut, then we have a perfect prayer which will be answered.

The basic beginner steps to the Law of Attraction are:

1 Visualize

2 Ask

3 Art of Allowing

1 Visualize

The first is a pretty natural process. You have probably done it successfully many times. You have a desire, say for a house of your own, and then you begin to imagine it. You might picture a ranch with a full media center, or a 3 story colonial with a butler's kitchen and a living room with a fireplace. You picture your family in your house, and then you might go out and begin to look at some available houses with the help of a realtor.

At this point, you are able to get the feel of such a house,and when you look out the window you have successfully put yourself in the picture. You might dream about it, and have conversations with your partner or child in the house. This shows mastery of visualization.

2 Ask

This is also a natural process and easy even for a child. This is the prayer. You take the mental thought of the house, and the gut feeling of how wonderful it will be for you and your family once you are in the house, and those two meet in your heart center. The two energise your heart center and a prayer is sent out to the Universe, to Creator, to Source for co-creation of your house.

3 Art of Allowing

This is actually easier for a child because this is the part where you BELIEVE that it is done. This belief is the art of allowing.

Often adults have a mental tennis match that must be resolved before their manifestation is allowed into their lives. During this process our dream will be held in escrow.

"I deserve happiness and abundance." "No you don't."

"I am a master manifestor." "No you're not."

"I am wealthy." "No you're not."

"I am thin and healthy." "Not a chance."

"I can have, be or do whatever I want." "You're dreaming."

"I am a money magnet." "Don't be ridiculous."

Obviously, if the second character wins, your dream will never come out of escrow because that mental participant does not believe in the Law of Attraction and cannot engage in the art of allowing. How do we empower the first character, and who are they?

The Two Parts of Your Mind/Identity

The second character is your temporal and finite Ego, whose job it is to keep you connected to earth/time. Ego doesn't know about the spiritual part of life and only intellectually understands objective reality. Ego believes that there are things outside your control. Ego believes that you have to work hard and have enough luck to succeed, but has no clue that you can create your own luck.

The first character in the match is your everlasting and omnipotent spirit, soul or Higher Mind. This character is still connected to the One/Divinity/Creator and knows very well that everything is possible through co-creation. This character understands Subjective Reality and takes 100% responsibility for your life.

Jesus said that it is "harder for a wealthy man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven then it is for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle." This is because the wealthy man has usually identified with his successful Ego, and has too much pride invested to let that go. If all are capable of creation, than his success isn't any big thing is it?

When you can identify with Divinity, and accept that all humans are co-creators, accept that you have created everything in your life with your thoughts, and accept that we are all one, then you are in the ballpark where conscious manifestations can happen. This is the art of allowing when you accept your ability to create, as well as that of the maintenance man at the local McDonalds. It is a great gift from the One, but it is a gift given to anyone who has compassion for all and trust in Divinity.

This is the void (without ego's stories) which is something we understood and remembered when we first were incarnated. Starting with our first day on earth/time, we began to cover up the truth with the data our senses sent to our unconscious recorder. All this is false evidence appearing real. All this garbage must be let go in a supreme act of faith in order for you to become a conscious manifestor.

See why we say that it is the hardest part.

How do We Clear the Data?

Thanks to Dr. Hew Len, we have Ho'oponopono. We have described this in several other pages. In the briefest form, Ho'oponopono is a prayer in which we reiterate our connection with the One/Divinity/Source, (I love you) and then ask that our data, our old programs, be removed. In A Course in Miracles, we would ask the Holy Spirit to intervene and remove our false beliefs.

Dr. Hew Len explains that we need constant clearing in order to stay in the void.

For more on this topic, we have another article on the Art of Allowing